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Proton Preve Promotion August 2014

Promotion: Proton Preve (Hari Raya Promotion) Categories: Price Discount + Free Gifts Period: 1 August 2014 – 1 September 2014 Dealer: En Ihsan (019-3559448) Price Quotation: Click here for full price list Proton Promotion August 2014 Preve Premium  RM 3,000 +… Continue reading

Proton Preve Promotion June 2014

  Promotion: Proton Preve (Hari Raya Promotion) Period: 1 June 2014 – 1 July 2014 Dealer: En Ihsan (019-3559448) Price Quotation: Click here for full price list Proton Promotion June 2014 Preve Executive  RM 2,000 Rebate + MY Free… Continue reading

Proton Preve | Proton Promotion September 2013

We are giving away rebate up to RM 4,000 as well as our special free gifts for a brand new Proton Preve. The free gifts are listed on our quotation at http://mybestcardealer.com/quotation Here… Continue reading

Proton – Car Loan Interest Rate

Car loan interest seems to be unchanged for the past couple of months. However, it would be good for us to update the rates here on our blog as we received so many… Continue reading

Customer Album 2012 – Updated

Check out our latest customer album in 2012: Click here

Proton Preve

Proton Preve has been out for few months and we could see that this model has flooded the streets in Malaysia. At this point, if anyone is interested in the Proton Preve Executive,… Continue reading

Which car model that I can get before Hari Raya

Many of you are curious if you can get a new car before Hari Raya. Here we have compiled a list of car models which you can get before Hari Raya based on… Continue reading

Proton Preve R3 Bodykit

We found this ad as a good news for our Proton Preve lovers. Finally there is a bodykit available in the market that you can grab from the shelves. Proton is having promotion… Continue reading

Proton Preve Promotion

Hi all, low interest rate promotion for Proton Preve is still going on. The interest that we can get for you is as low as 2.68% for 9 years. Isn’t that impressive? However,… Continue reading

Proton Preve Modified

Here’s another creative artwork done by our friend here to the new Proton Preve. It has the touch of Honda Civic, and this is so far the best design we have seen. Simply… Continue reading