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Car Loan Interest Rate 2012

Model Car Loan Interest Rate as of 1/9/2012 Perodua 2.78% – 2.90% Proton 2.60% – 2.90% Honda 2.38% – 2.60% Toyota 2.40% – 2.60% The rates stated above are offered by our bank… Continue reading

Which car model that I can get before Hari Raya

Many of you are curious if you can get a new car before Hari Raya. Here we have compiled a list of car models which you can get before Hari Raya based on… Continue reading

Graduate Scheme : Car Loan Interest Rate 2012

Good news for our young fresh graduates! Our bank panel is now offering lower car loan interest rate for graduate scheme (skim graduasi) starting from June 2012. The interest rates are categorized as… Continue reading

Car Loan Interest Rate 2012 : Update

Malaysia Car Loan Interest Rate 2012 (Updated on May 24, 2012): Below are the ranges of interest rates applicable to each car brand in Semenanjung Malaysia (new model). These rates are listed based… Continue reading

Dealer Contact Lists

We have updated our dealer contact lists. A few names have been removed due to the intention to focus on selling cars which have greater market segment and higher potential growth. As part… Continue reading

Toyota Promotion : Low Interest

Great news to our Toyota buyers! The car loan interest rate is now offered from 2.48% (by most banks).  This is the lowest rate we have seen for the past few years and… Continue reading