Proton Preve

Proton Preve price, specifications, colour options and video can be found on this page. Kindly let us know if you would like to get a quotation from #mybestcardealer. Contact our representative at 019-3559448 for more information.

3 Variants of Proton Preve:
3 model Proton preve:

No Model Engine – Transmission
1 Executive MT 1.6 IAFM+ 5-Speed MT
2 Executive CV 1.6 IAFM+ 6-Speed CVT
3 Premuim CVT 1.6 CFE 7-Speed CVT

Proton Preve Colour Options:
Warna pilihan:

No Color Availability
1 Fire Red
2 Genetic Silver
3 Elegant Brown
4 Blue Lagoon
5 Tranquility Black
5 Solid White

Proton Preve Fire Red :

Proton Preve Genetic Silver :

Proton Preve Elegant Brown :

Proton Preve Blue Lagoon :

Proton Preve Tranquility Black :
New Proton Preve Price List:
Senarai Harga Proton Preve:

Model Transmission OTR Price
Preve Executive (S) Manual RM 58,471
Preve Executive (M) Manual RM 58,921
Preve Executive (S) CVT RM 61,471
Preve Executive (M) CVT RM 61,921
Preve Premium (S) CVT RM 72,390
Preve Premium (M) CVT RM 72,840

Contact our Proton representative to find out more about this model and the number to dial is 019-3559448.