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411 comments on “Used Cars

  1. 1. I want to trade in my car- iswara lmst (2004) . my car loan will settled in nov 2011. i’ve paid rm451 per month..how much the value of my car now?
    .i’m planning to buy vios spec E (AT-non metallic). If i pay down payment 10%, how much should i pay per month if i want to make a loan for 9 years?

  2. saya nak beli mitsubishi lancer 2007 second hand dgn harga 85k..bank mana offer interest rate paling rendah?..kalau boleh tak nak bayar downpayment…gaji lebih kurang 3400..boleh dpt tak?

  3. good day,i want to sell my produa rusa please advice what is the price for this produa

  4. Hi…
    Saya nk jual kereta wira aeroback 1.5 manual 2002 pada kawan saya…berapa maximun loan yg kawan saya dapat jika gaji bulanan dia lebih dari RM2000 dan tiada hutang lain.bank mana yg akan offer jumlah loan tertinggi dan interest paling kurang.

    • Hi, maximum loan yang boleh dilakukan juga bergantung kepada harga pasaran kereta tersebut dan lebih elok bagi pihak tuan menghubungi mana-mana pihak bank yang lebih dalam mempunyai maklumat tentang hal ini.

  5. can i know interest rate for buy secondhand car? ei. saga blm. thanks.

  6. I want to sell my car Naza Citra, 2006 – what is the market price now, can u e mail to me.

  7. hi i want to sell my honda civic 1.8 2007. Accident free and about 95k mileage. what is the market price if i just want to sell it and not trade in? thanks

  8. I planning to hv a midzise sedan next month. Between brand new Sonata 2.0 HIGH SPEC and 2nd hand Accord 2.0 vtiL (2008/2009), which more worth to be brought. Tq.

    • We have no clue on what is the current market price of 2nd hand (2008-2009) Accord going to be. The condition of the 2nd hand car could be an issue that you might want to think about. It’s very rare to find 2nd hand Honda Accord with 2-3 years old and most of the people of bought this car would keep it for a quite long time unless they want to upgrade. The interest for brand new car is always lower than 2nd hand and we’ve test drive the new Hyundai Sonata, it was perfect! There’s a lot more to think if you are comparing the new and the second hand cars. Engine quality, car performance, comfortableness etc.

  9. Hai, i’m interested to buy a new car with my monthly salary is RM1500. What would be ur suggestions? Thanx.

  10. Hi,

    currently i have kelisa LE yr 2002. I’m in dilemma to trade in the car or just buy another car for family use. I’m comfortable to pay the monthly payment range RM500. What car would be your recommendation? New or used car? Thank you

    • If I were you, I would maintain the old car because the market value of the car quite low. If you are willing to pay around RM 500, you might want to consider buying a car from range RM 40-50k. Perodua Myvi, Proton Saga, Perodua viva could be your options.

  11. HI,
    I am using Hyundai Accent 1.5 and I bought it in November 2009. I am planning to change my car and my car second hand value are very low. In fact, I am still owing with the bank around rm48k and I was informed that my car market value is rm36k.

    Need your advice in order to change new car as well as selling my current car in good deal.Thanks

  12. Hi, I have a Satria Neo 2008 car and I would like to trade in for a used car. What are the procedures like? Please advise.


  13. Hi, I wish to trade-in my Kia Rio 2004. May I know the best price that i can get? Thank you.

  14. i’m planning to trade in my wira 1.5(m) 2005 PGH**** colour green bank another 20k to get new persona 1.6H-Line with 10% deposit and 7years term. Location penang.

  15. Hi .. I am intending to buy a used car between RM 80000- RM 90000. Its either the Honda accord 2.4 or camry 2.4 ( between 5-6 yrs old). I am working in Singapore and my basic is more than 10k malaysia ringgit. just would like to know that can i get a 9 yr loan and what will the interest be like?

    • Yes you can, and different bank would give you different approval, its better for you to survey the rates. The current rate for a new car is around 2.7% and you should expect the rate to be 2.7+(1.5-2)% interest rate.

  16. Hi, i’m planning to trade-in my 2004 Saga LMST 1.3(M) (mileage 105km) for a new Vios J(A). I am government employee and earning ~RM2,000 nett. My questions:
    (1) How much is the trade -in value?
    (2) Am I eligible for a Vios J (A), and if not what are other car options?
    (3) How much is the monthly instalment, for a 7-year /9-year period?

    Many thanks.

  17. Hi there, I’m Haniff..

    I wish to buy second hand honda civic or altis 1.8 2008 with 50k loan , what the best interest rate i can get if loan for 5 – 7 years… TQ

  18. i am just wondering, i want to buy a new car but i am still left with 6 years installment to pay. If i were to sell the car, do they revise the loan that i have applied because it wll be ridiculous if i still have to settle the outstanding when i am planning to buy a new car.
    Please advice

    • This thing works like this, if you still have the outstanding balance of the loan, you take the difference of that with the market value of the car. If the market value of your car is much less than the outstanding balance, you have to pay the difference. Which model of cars that you are interested in?

      • i am interested to get either a vios, city or civic but was just wondering..

        actually very unfair for bank to charge us so high interest n that we have to still settle it even though we plan to sell the car earlier than the settlement of installment.. they should just count for the years the loan us and impose a rm1k up o 3k penalty charges would be good enough.. haha anyway it is just a personal opinion..

  19. sy nak trade in gen2 kepada vios,,,,full settlement pada bank 36K,,mcm mana nk selesaikannya

  20. jika wira aeroback tahun 2002 (owner ke 2)…
    dibeli pada 5 tahun lps..
    bape anggaran harga trade in?
    adakah berbaloi jika saya beli kereta yg baru?

    • Boleh dapatkan maklumat settlement/ baki hutang kereta tersebut? Kami khuatiri harga pasaran kereta tersebut lebih rendah berbanding baki hutang saudari. Apakah kereta yang saudari berminat?

      • jika wira aeroback tahun 2002 (owner ke 2)…
        dibeli pada 5 tahun lps..
        bape anggaran harga trade in?
        adakah berbaloi jika saya beli kereta yg baru?

        sy pon rase mcm tu…
        sy minat saga blm/fl…

  21. sy pon rase mcm tu…
    sy minat saga blm/fl…

  22. Hi there, i have a manual 850cc Viva ( 2008 model) and i wish to trade it in for another car/sell it off and get a new car. Could you please let me know how much will i get for my car. It has done about 30,000km now. Please advise. Thanks

    • Hi Shireen, the car is almost 3-4 years old and it’s pretty new. Can you please check the settlement/outstanding balance of your loan? We just want to compare it with the market value and you may need to add some money to pay the difference if the market value is lower than the outstanding balance.

  23. nak lego my civic ek …enjin b18cr,spec 99,kaler biru impreza,mugen muffler 2.3,momo race steering,red small carpet type r,adjustable mugen front ,rg for rear,asking price 40k ,,still may nego..boleh jual tak u rase..

  24. Hi. .Gaji kasar saya rm2400/bln.saya telah memiliki sebuah kereta honda jazz dengan bayaran bulanan rm775/bln.saya ingin membeli sebuah lagi kereta terpakai dengan harga rm65k-70k model mitsubishi airtrek 03.adakah bank akan memberi pinjaman utk kerta ke-2 saya berdasarkan bayaran kereta pertama saya?.adakah susah aau senang utk bank memberi loan utk kereta ke -2?.atau dapatkan personal loan utk beli kereta kedua? Tetapi kalau boleh saya tak nak ambil personal loan kerana interest yg lebih tinggi berbanding interest loan kereta.tempoh pembayaran untuk personal loan juga lebih pendek hayatnya berbanding loan kereta. . . Jadi apa yg perlu saya buat?saya tak nak trade in kereta honda jazz saya kerana kereta tersebut akan diberi kepada adik saya.proses tukar namatidak dapat dilakukan kerana kereta tersebut masih baru dalam 1 1/2 tahun sahaja.tq.

    • Hi, berdasarkan maklumat yang diberikan, memang sukar untuk bank memberikan kelulusan tanpa penukaran pinjaman sekarang ini ke atas nama adik tuan. Pinjaman peribadi juga tidak disyorkan kerana interest rate nya yang tinggi dan boleh menyebabkan kerugian yang banyak disitu.

  25. salam,
    1. saya konfius, berapa had umur untuk loan non-local car 15thn/17thn?
    2. saya (23thn) masih belajar sepenuh masa&part time dan bercadang nak beli honda civic ej9 tahun 2000. boleh ke buat loan? tq

  26. maksud saya honda civic tahun 2000 masih boleh buat loan dgn bank at least 6 tahun? sebab nissan sentra tahun 2001 masih boleh loan sampi 7 tahun.. boleh pakai skim graduan ke utk kes saya nie? tq

  27. Looking for a 2nd hand Viva 660 Manual Shift.

  28. Currently i work as sales exec with 1800 basic + 900 fix allowance , i want to buy proton saga flx, is it possible to get full loan ??

  29. Hai..saya ingin bertanya,jika saya nak trade in kete viva850 tahun 2008 dgn baki bank rm23000, adakah saya perlu membayar balik kpd bank berdasarkan 2nd value harga pasaran kete tersebut.gaji kasar sy rm1800 n i wish 2 have suzuki swift 2nd hand tahun 2005.adakah monthly salary i can affort to buy that car?if i wish to buy brand new car (swift), senang tak for bank nak bagi loan?1 more question, kereta apa yang berpatutan for gaji yang banyak tu?tq

  30. I wanted to get a car.Can b able pay monthly –Rm500-Rm700.Any suggestion?

  31. hi..saya nak tanya interest bagi (used car) terkini oktober 2011 untuk kereta jenis proton wira,kancil dengan kenari..saya juga berhasrat untuk membeli antara model kereta tersebut..saya bekerja sendiri jadi perlu akaun bank..berapakah sepatutnya simpanan keluar masuk untuk saya berjaya mendapatkan loan jika loan tersebut tanpa penjamin..harap dapat membentu,terima kasih..
    tambah sikit model kereta (used Car) tu antara tahun 2003-2005..berapa interest yang terkini

  32. Hi,

    Do you sell perodua kenari auto (used car)? preferably made in 2005 or later. How much downpayment to be made and what is the amount for monthly installment for 3 years and 5 years?

  33. hi
    saya mencari kereta second vios dalam harga 40k-50k.tahun 2004.sini ade stock ke?

  34. hi sir, we don’t really sell used cars and we only have them when people trade in their cars. Currently we don’t have your preferred model. Sorry about that.

  35. kereta : exora (juNE 2010)
    loan : 75k ,ikat 10 tahun bank rakyat
    montly : Rm880 (sudah bayar 16 bulan)

    berapa anggaran cash saya kena bayar kalau nak jual @ trade-in?

    harap dapat membantu

  36. hi, saya ada toyota vios j spec tp dah tukar rim g spec, baru pakai setahun, saya nak jual sbb nak pakai kereta lagi murah eg:- viva. berbaloi tak?

    • Sangat tidak berbaloi kerana market value kereta second hand amat rendah dan lebih2 lagi kereta saudari masih baru dan hutang amat tinggi. Jika saudari ingin jual semula, berkemungkinan cik perlu bayar baki hutang dengan pihak bank. Unless cik boleh carik direct buyer dan jual kereta itu dengan harga yang lebih tinggi. Harap ia membantu.

  37. let say if anyone interested, can refinance tak? i dont have much knowledge pasal kereta2 trade in.. hopefully you can help. :)

  38. i’m looking for second hand nissan navara SE, how much i can get it and best % rate i can get?

  39. Hi.im interested to secondhand waja car years 2001(price around :rm24000).my salry around rm2000 per month(still do not have any loan) and i just work about 6 month already..
    1)can i get a full loan for 7 years?
    2)if can,how much is the interest?

  40. hi,im interested in waja years 2001 prize 22-25k
    >salary 2000+
    1)can i get full loan?
    2)if can,much is the interest?


  41. I just want to trade in two cars for cash… one is Toyota Corolla 1997 SEG Auto (RM21,500) and one is 2004 Kelisa Manual 1.0GX (RM18,000). Any car dealer just take the cars instead?
    Call me 018 7191089 if anyone willing to, thanks ;-)

  42. hai, saya nak trade in saga BLM 1.3cc MT tahun 2009 kepada vios trd atau honda city. berapa harga kereta? berapa downpayment kalo range bulanan 700?

    • Hi Ct, berape baki hutang kereta tersebut? Kami khuatiri market value kereta anda lebih rendah daripada baki hutang anda dan menyebabkan anda perlu membayar beza tersebut kepada bank. Honda city tiada stock dan kena tunggu 6 bulan.

      Jika TRD – (RM 90,819) – Down payment RM 30k, bayaran bulanan anda berada dalam lingkungan RM 695.

  43. sy nk beli sebuah kereta.persoalannye skrg ni,sy ade 2 plhn samada nk bli kereta terpakai ataupn baru.utk kereta terpakai,pilihannye adlh Honda Civic EJ thn 1997.hrge die letak RM34k.yg pasti,sy xblh nk buat full loan lah utk kereta ni sbb dh lbh 10thn.btl?klu di calculate byrn bulanannye,rsenye dh lbh kurng bayaran bulanan kereta baru.jd,sy nk tnye pendapat samada better bli kereta baru ke atau 2nd hand?gaji bulanan sy RM1400

  44. saya nak tanya, kalau dberi dua pilihan, samada beli kereta terpakai nissan R34 2.4 2003-04 RM130.000+ atau kereta baru polo gti 1.4 RM132000+. mana satu lebih berbaloi termasuk dari segi insurance n kepuasan

    • Kalau ada duit lebih, boleh ambil nissan. Maintenance cost kereta sport car terpakai ni lain macam sebenarnya dan takda warranty. Kalau angkat polo gti, kurang2 mesti dapat free service or warranty and less maintenance cost untuk beberape tahun selepas beli. Hubungi kami jika berminat untuk mendapatkan polo baru di 019-3559448.

  45. Hi, i wish to sell my Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0, 2008… Price at 85K, negotiable.. Selling coz just got company car..

  46. hi..saya ada2 soalan.

    1..saya nk jual kereta kelisa MT 2002..masih ada hutang bank dlm 12K. berapa value skrg?

    2..sy sedang buat pilihan untk MPV.. new peugeot 5008 atau new honda stream rsz?

    • Kami hanya mempunyai dealer Honda, dan bukan peugeot. Honda stream perlu dibuat tempahan dan lebih elok jika tuan dapat menghubungi pihak kami jika tuan berminat untuk membeli kereta ini. Hubungi kami di 019-3559448 untuk maklumat lanjut.

      • TK atas respon tuan. Utk tempahan perlu ke bayar booking? Amount? Ada sumber yg sy dpt tau company kereta tak boleh ambil duit booking dah skrg atas arahan kerajaan.. deposit pun hanya boleh diambil setelah kereta sampai..

        Jika booking telah dibayar, dan sekiranya kereta tersebut tak jadi beli..adakah duit booking akan dipulangkan 100%?

  47. saya nk jual kereta kelisa MT 2002..masih ada hutang bank dlm 12K. berapa value skrg?

  48. sy nak tanye , kerete terpakai yang berharga 7k-10k masih boleh dibeli melalui pinjaman atau tidak ?

  49. Hi, can i know What is the minimum car down payment for used car now?? thanks..

  50. Hi..
    Saya berumur 31 tahun dan tidak pernah ada rekod pinjaman dgn mana2 bank..Termasuk juga kredit kad..Kini saya bercadang utk membeli sebuah kereta Honda City yg berharga 73k..(second hand).Dan saya hanya loan sekitar 58k memandangkan saya bersedia utk membayar downpayment sbyk 15k..Gaji basic saya RM1869(bersih)+Fixed Allowance RM500..Bolehkah saudara beritahu saya apa masalah saya disini utk mendapat loan?Terima Kasih..

    • Interest used car amat tinggi dan memandangkan gaji basic anda yang rendah, bank mungkin tidak akan memberikan kelulusan. Mungkin anda perlu menyediakan penjamin untuk mendapatkan kelulusan dengan lebih mudah.

  51. hey there…
    i just want to ask whether can u recommend me a car that monthly payment is only for rm450…

    • Are you planning to pay any down payment? The car should be below RM 40k and its either you get Proton Saga or Perodua Viva. Kindly let us know whats your preference and do contact us if you need further assistance.

  52. at least for the down payment i can pay around 1or2k only…because im currently still working in contract and my basic is only for RM1600 + allowance = RM2300 a month or more than that? Is it ok for me to buy a car with that such of my salary?

  53. hi there,

    i have savvy yr 2006 and still paying monthly 450/- until the next two yrs.What worrying me is the market value is much lower than the loan balance.Is there any possibly for me to get at least 7k if i trade in my car to pay the downpayment for either exora bold or new avanza or any MPV.At first i’m so interested to Alza, but spacewise,it’s about the same like Savvy.My budget is around 700k n below per month.Pls advise.

    • Hi lily, why dont you get the new version of Proton Exora? However, the monthly will be around RM 810+ if the loan is around RM 70k. In term of the trade in value, we can check it for you but we need you to call us and provide us more details about the car.

    • hi lily. have u sold ur savvy? if it is not, what is d lowest price u may offer? I’m keen 2 find a savvy for my daily ride. tq. sukhoisu30mkm18 at ya hoo . co m

  54. Saya ada kembara auto tahun 2001.Loan 9 tahun, baki loan lagi 4 tahun 7 bulan. Bulanan 312.Mase saye beli dulu interest dia 4.9%.
    Saya nak trade in kereta ni dan berminat nak beli persona B line.Boleh tolong explain prosedur2nya?

    • Hi Min, pihak kami boleh membantu dan cuma pihak kami khuatiri baki kereta tersebut masih tinggi berbanding harga pasaran kereta tersebut dan menyebabkan saudari perlu membayar perbezaan tersebut. Lebih baik untuk saudari mendapatkan maklumat tentang baki hutang kereta tersebut terlebih dahulu.

  55. Hi..
    saya dalam perancangan untuk membeli kereta pertama saya. gaji saya 3k sebulan. saya baru 2 bulan bekerja di sebuah syarikat. adakah saya layak untuk memohon full loan untuk membeli myvi 1.3 exi premium? TQ..

  56. hi..
    salam,soalan saya kali ni pula mewakili seorang sahabat saya yang tidak memiliki apa-apa kelulusan diploma ataupun ijazah. Adakah sahabat saya ini juga layak utk memohon full loan bagi model myvi 1.3 premium EXi? Gaji bersih beliau ialah RM3000 sbulan dan baru 2 bulan bekerja dengan sebuah syarikat. Mohon cadangan bernas suadara..

    • Pihak bank juga akan melihat tentang status dan jenis pekerjaan beliau sebelum memberikan sebarang kelulusan. Jika beliau baru sahaja bekerja, berkemungkinan beliau perlu menyediakan guarantor. Sila hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448 untuk maklumat lanjut.

  57. salamm…nk thu market kereta wira second,mcm maner??kereta wira 1.5gli (m) thun 2004

    • Wasalam, tuan boleh menghubungi pihak bank dan menanyakan tentang maximum loan yang boleh dilakukan untuk model kereta terebut. Jika tuan ingin mendapatkan anggaran harga jual (harga trade in), anda boleh lihat purata harga model ini di mudah.my dan menolak anggaran RM 5k daripada jumlah harga tersebut.

  58. salam.sy nk trade in vios j tahun 2008 dengan lancer gt dalam hrga rm82k kebawah.berapa ansurannya jika downpementnye 10%

  59. hi.. basic salary rm1200++ elaun rm400.. budget down payment rm3000.. boleh tak sye njk beli kereta vios 2nd hand harga dlm lingkungan (rm59k ke 65k). boleh berikan nasihat dan penerangan…plz..

  60. i want to buy a used car which the principle cost rm29,000..i can afford downpayment rm5,000..and i have a guarantor..i have a diploma..and i am studying in degree now..can u kindly tell me what is the maximum loan interest rate for myvi 1.3 2006? can i get 108 repayment months? thank u very much..

    • Hi, the maximum loan you can do is around 7 years only and how are you supposed to pay the loan if you aren’t working?

      • my father give me rm1000 per month..and im not studying in city environment so..i think i can afford to pay it if the installment per month below rm400..so if there ANY chance for me to get through this?if not its ok then..tq

  61. hi,
    sy ada saga blm 1.3 auto metalik,thn 2008..loan 9 thn dan ada lg 5 thn nk settle,bulanan rm452..kalau nk trade in agak2 market value skrg brp?

  62. Hi I am thinking of getting a 2nd hand Honda city year 2008 at 55k. I am planning to pay around 25k of down payment and take a 30k loan for 5 years. What is the interest rate for used car now? Is it advisable to go for 2nd hand or new car? I have thought of buying new car but the price around this is only for p1 or p2. Are there any other alternatives? Thanks.

    • Hi Anna, it is advisable to go for 2nd hand car if you know the owner of the car. At least the owner would tell you the exact condition of the car and you’d know what to repair if it breaks down. The interest rate for 2nd hand car is also high which is around 4.0%. If you get the new one, the interest rate is around 2.55% only. Kindly use our monthly installment calculator at http://mybestcardealer.com

  63. Hello,
    ok i just started working with a basic rm2500. I am thinking of buying a second hand car with the price not more than rm70k. For the down payment i could provide rm10k. I need some suggestions on the car that i could afford. What i have in mind are second hand cars from naza kia forte and mazda 2. Could you advise me on picking which model and suggest any any other models that seems reasonable and affordable for me.
    (p.s: no models from proton and perodua ;))

    • Hi Ayman, why don’t you just a buy a new vios? Around RM 76k and some discount. The issue here is the interest rate. For a used car, the interest may be around 3.8-4.0% and for the new vios, you can get as low as 2.55%. This would make no difference of buying a new car or used car with slightly lower price. IF you are interested, give us a call. We’d give you some recommendation of other cars as well. Yeah, not proton or perodua if you like. :)

      • The thing is my sister is using vios so i would really like some other models so that she wont say im copying her. Anyways i would keep on searching and do some survey. I would definately give you guys a call later. Thanks.

  64. hello sir.

    i just buy my proton satria last year 2011, full loan at RHB bank. i already use it for the past 7 month. because i help my brother to loan it. now, he is outstation for 3 year. so i want to trade in it to new myvi 1.3EZ (A). so i want to ask you, whether my proton satria can be trade in with new myvi?

    • We don’t think you want to do it. It would be hard for you to resell the satria due to the fact that the outstanding loan must be way greater than the market value of the car. Then, you would have to top up the difference if it is true.

  65. i wanna buy a new car , i am working in genting now , basic 1500 , incentif 300 , other allowance add up every month got roughly 2500 -2800 after epf duduction . fresh grad

    - so wanna get a new proton persona, or second hand proton saga or satria neo .
    -documents ready
    - have some late payments on my edu loan but just cleared it ..
    email me or reply me here

    • Hi wu, there’s only B-Line persona available in the market. The production for the other model has been discontinued and if you are interested, just give us a call. If you are required to provide a guarantor, would that be a problem for you? The reason is because your basic salary is quite low compared to your total monthly income. But we can try and submit your documents to the bank for the loan process. Is that okay?

  66. hai.. berminat tak beli hoda crv 2011 baru pakai tak sampai setahun. tak pernah accident…

  67. Hi,
    saya ingin jual naza citra-2.0 auto yang dibeli pada tahun 2007(januari).bayaran bulanan yang saya bayar sekarang ialah 848. saya ingin membeli toyota innova -2.0 Auto. gaji bulanan saya ialah 5000 dan gaji bersih saya ialah 2500. berapakah nilai semasa naza citra saya sekiranya saya jual sekarang? utk pengetahuan pihak tuan, saya adalah kakitangan kerajaan.

    • Hi Shirley, pihak kami menggalakkan agar saudari menghubungi kami untuk berbincang mengenai harga trade in. Beberapa soalan perlu pihak kami tanyakan untuk mendapatkan maklumat yang lebih tepat. Mengenai loan Toyota Innova, pihak kami mencadangkan agar saudari membuat joint income loan untuk mendapatkan kelulusan pinjaman dengan lebih mudah.

  68. ingin tahu interest rate kereta terpakai…kereta tahun 2001…

  69. hi..sy berminat utk membeli nissan sentra 1.5 manual tahun 2001-2004..berapakah anggaran harga dan jikalau ada stok kereta ini sila email sy harga beserta gambar..tq

  70. saya ada persona baru wwd, pakai 3 bulan,kalau nak jual ada untung ke

    • Hi ejump, anda akan mengalami kerugian yang sangat besar kerana harga value yang jatuh dengan mendadak. Walaupun saudara dapat menjual nya dengan mencari direct buyer, baki hutang tersebut akan tetap lebih tinggi. Disarankan agar tuan menyimpan kereta itu dalam 2-3 tahun lagi.

  71. bole tak nak trade in kereta viva 1.0 tahun 2008 tapi ade hutang lagi 5 tahun,boleh bagi tau boleh ke tak?untung ke rugi?kalau boleh berapa harga yang saya boleh dapat untuk ambik kereta baru? tq.

    • Boleh trade in, tetapi pihak kami perlukan maklumat lanjut tentang baki hutang kereta tersebut. Jika boleh, hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448 untuk mendapatkan harga anggaran kerana pihak kami tidak akan meletakkan harga di dalam blog ini.

      Terima kasih.

  72. berapa rate interest bagi vios 2nd tahun 2008 around 60k
    let me know bape fix salary yg layak utk beli kereta tersebut if DP around 8-10k

  73. Salam..nak tanye..kalo sy nak buat joint incime dgn isteri sye dapt x? Isteri sye keje swasta tp xde payslip..just ade payment baucer je.Gaji bersih dalam RM1100.sye keje kerajaan dgn gaji bersih rm577….ingat nak loan waja 2001 1.6 manual dalam rm16000.lepas x ye?

  74. Hi,
    I would like to let go my waja1.6 auto,year 2008.
    The car is very good condition.
    May i know the market value for this car?

  75. saya nak beli nissan latio hatchback tahun 2008-2009. Brape interest rate untuk keta ni?brapa thun loan bole lpas?brape % loan lpas kalau my basic salary 3k.xde komitment ap2 lagi ngan bank..PTPTN ade la..:)

  76. sy cadang beli myvi 1.3ezi premium auto,gaji bersih rm1600,ada x mana bank boleh buat full loan

    • Hi inn, bank islam menawarkan pakej full loan dibawah skim graduan. Jika inn berminat, pihak kami boleh dapatkan pinjaman untuk inn tanpa sebarang masalah. Interest rate nya adalah 3.1%, tinggi sedikit berbanding rate normal. Hubungi En Ihsan di 019-3559448 untuk mendapatkan maklumat lanjut.

  77. Hi,I wan to sell my proton wira aeroback 1.3 2002,can I know how much i can get and if i trade in also .And i want to know if I want tender no plate kl no-131,about how much i can get it.Thank you

  78. Hi alvin, we need to double check with our used car dealer panels. It should be around 8-10k depending on the condition and transmission. Yes you can tender 131 but the price is hard to be estimated. the price will be disclosed during the tender and it is set by JPJ. If you would like to get the number, we would ask a deposit around RM 800-1000

  79. hi,
    I want to sell my proton saga auto 2009 no full spec.
    Monthly i pay for rm440 for the loan period of 9yrs , already pay for 37months.
    May i know around how much balance i need pay to bank?
    What is the current trade in price for 2009 proton saga?

  80. I want to buy a second hand car. My budget is around RM25k
    Not too old, maybe 2008 onwards. what can I get ?
    Can I get a MyVi.
    I prefer auto transmittion

  81. hai..sye berminat dgn toyota vios tetapi sye mahu yang 2nd..so boleh tahu harga,dwn pyment,interest..basic 2200 + elaun + comisyen boleh dapat around 3500..and how about loan?

    • Hi dania, phak kami tidak menjual second hand. Jika dania berminat untuk dpatkan toyota vios baru, pihak kami boleh bantu. Lagipun interest rate untuk kereta baru sgt rendah berbanding kereta lama. Kalau berminat, Vios J baru ada discount RM 1,888. Maintenance pon tidak perlu risau kerana ia kereta baru. Jika dania berminat untuk membeli dengan pihak kami, sila hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448.

  82. Hai. Saya iza. Saya bekerja di koperasi bank bahagian loan dan basic saya rendah. Cuma rm600 sebulan. Tiada payslip. Tiada epf. Tapi saya juga ada komisen jika ada kes yg lulus. Saya berumur 19. Dan saya terfikir nak keluar kereta second hand. Boleh ke saya buat loan dengan gaji yang rendah ni? Dah boleh ke encik bagi sedikit advise untuk masalah saya ni. Thanks..

    • Hi Iza, iza perlu dapatkan penjamin utk mendapatkan kelulusan bank kerana basic saudari yang tidak memenuhi syarat. Jika Iza boleh dapatkan ibu/bapa/adik beradik sebagai penjamin, ia amat membantu anda.

  83. Wanna to ask, got any myvi se (2nd hand 2010 or 2011)? budget below rm42k

    How many years (max) installment for the second hand myvi? 7 or 9 years? how about the interest rate for 2nd hand myvi?

    Thanks in advanced

  84. roslan
    vw polo tsi. Berapakah interest rate bagi kereta baru, loan 60k?

  85. saya nak tanya..berapa harga kereta proton saga blm tahun 2008 secondhand?

  86. hi..Saya ingin kpastian..tunang saya umur 23thn ingin membeli honda jazz 2nd around RM45K.. d/pymnt RM10K.. gji basic tunang saya sbln RM1650 tolak KWSP & SOCSO RM1450..Plus, dia ada wat part time almost 1 yrs di ofis saya gji sbln around RM500.
    So agak2 senang lulus x loan tunang saya? boleh x loan d buat tanpa penjamin atau saya sebagai tunang dia menjadi penjamin. kalo bole xnk mggunakan penjamin..

  87. selamat petang saya ucapkan pada tuan..

    saya ingin bertanya tentang pembelian kereta 2nd hand.saya berminat untuk membeli kereta toyota altis 1.8 G tahun 2002 dengan harga RM43k..gaji bersih saya adalah sebanyak RM1450..Down Payment saya nak bayar sebanyak RM 5k.boleh ke bank luluskan pinjaman kereta dengan gaji saya sebanyak itu?dan andai kata x boleh saya nak join income dengan isteri saya,gaji dia dalam rm1300.saya sgt berterima kasih kalau tuan sudi menjawab pertanyaan saya..TK

  88. Hai, petang,

    Saya ingin bertanya, Gaji saya bersih RM 3900 per month + 500 elaun, saya masih belum miliki kereta sendiri kerana menggunakan kenderaan syarikat. Saya ingin membeli 2nd hand Mitsubishi lancer harga RM 85K – 95K. komitmen saya dengan maybank loan rumah RM 900 permonth. Layakkah saya untuk membeli lancer tersebut? Thnks.

  89. Hi Joned, tiada masalah. Gaji anda memang layak.

  90. Berapakah interest rate bagi myvi se 1.5 auto baru? downpayment 10k.

  91. Hi there,

    i and my bro would like to buy a second hand Waja and Wira. Waja made of year 2004 manual and wira made of year 2005 auto. could you pls tell me how much the interest will be and which bank i could get the lowest?

    thank you.

  92. selamat petang saya ucapkan pada tuan..

    saya ingin bertanya tentang pembelian kereta 2nd hand.saya berminat untuk membeli kereta Mitsubishi Lancer GT tahun 08/09 dengan harga RM75-85K..gaji bersih saya adalah sebanyak RM1450..Down Payment saya nak bayar sebanyak RM 15-20K. boleh ke bank luluskan pinjaman kereta dengan gaji saya sebanyak itu? dan Berapakah interest rate paling murah yang boley dapat?

    • Hi hafiz, hafix kena dapatkan penjamin kerana mx loan yang boleh dibuat adalah dalam range RM 30-40k sahaja berdasarkan gaji bersih tersebut.

  93. hi i hav a perodua myvi se 2010, loan for 9 years, paid for 24months. can i trade in or im still gonna lose money? thanks

  94. brapa harga trade in bagi satria neo 1.6 full spec 2006..kereta sudah habis byar

  95. which is the best deal,,sell the car for money or trade in

  96. My salary is RM6k after deductions. Should I go for a Honda Accord or a Kia Forte SX ? Is my salary is eligible for segment D cars like Accord?

    • It depends on your financial commitment. If you are willing to spend more than RM 1,600 and above for a car, it is really your choice. Honda Accord is a good car though but the spare part and maintenance could be more expensive. Anyhow, give us a call if you are interested to get any of these 2 models.

  97. salam.
    saya bercadang beli nissan vanette 2nd 2004, berapa interest rate bank , tempoh pinjaman yang dikenakan, kadar insuran, ?

  98. Saya nak tolak Waja 1.6 (A) tahun 2004….takda loan.
    Berapa boleh dapat?

  99. Nak beli waja Auto second…kalo ada kaler putih…
    loan 7 tahun bulan2 dlm 300-400…ley dpt x?

  100. Hello Sir,

    I wanna trade n my Hyundai Accent 2005 GLS Auto, Blue Black with new Proton Preve AUTO. The problem now, the current market for my car way below my settlement amount. I took 9 years loan back in 2008 with balance currently at RM24K. Could you please help me? I have no other commitment on CCRIS and zero listed via CTOS. My pay around RM3K monthly and worked in foreign bank as executive in KL. Please response. Thank you.

    • Hi faz, we need to check with our used car panels. We will compare the price with 3 of our used car panels and get the best price for you. However, the deal is, you have to contact us first so that we know that you are serious about this. Give me a call at 019-3559448

  101. Any idea how much 2nd hand proton gen 2 auto 1.3(5/6 years)? Can get full loan from bank? 0 downpayment. Gaji bersih around 1.5k. Thanks in advanced.

  102. How much 2nd hand gen 2 loan rate ?

  103. hi i am looking for proton wira for less than 10K if possible with good condition (serius buyer). Pls contact me at 0714161931 or email me at cjmicroe@gmail.com

  104. pagi,sy nak trade in my vios spec E tahun 2010…berapa harga pasaran skrg eh?? help me..

  105. Ello, saye nak tnye sket..basic salary saye 3.5k..tade commitment..saya confius samada nak amik kete baru or 2nd…if amik yg baru cth myvi 1.5 SE 56k (0 DP)..bulan2 rm650…kalau amik myvi 1.3 tahun 2006 dlm 27k (2k DP) bulan2 dlm rm350..kalau ikutkan gaji mmg mampu amik kete baru…tapi ape suggestion tuan tentang kete 2nd ni…n perlu ke saya beli 1st car as a new car which saye akan jual lepas 3 o 4 tahun nanti…saya pn tak nak hutang byk2 kepada bank…harap dpt membantu…thx :)

    • Ello wan, ia bergantung kepada cita rasa you wan. Jika tuan tidak ingin risau tentang keadaan kereta, tuan boleh ambil 2nd hand. Jika tuan perlu tahu iaitu interest rate bagi used car is high. Kalau wan dapat kereta baru, kurang maintenance cost dan juga rasa pon lebih baik. Jika wan berminat, wan boleh call kami di 019-3559448.

  106. Hi…nak tanya berapa market price proton wira 1.5 SE tahun 2005 kalau nak jual or trade in? Loan 9 tahun, tinggal lagi 2 tahun

  107. i want to trade in my iswara ’96 auto and use it as a d/payment. how much you could offer? looks old but still in good condition (especially air con).

  108. vios 2006@2007 ade x??harga lam 50k kebawah…dan bulanan xlebeh dr 600..

  109. Saya nak jual neo november 2011. Boleh tau x berate harga pasaran untuk kete ni? Warna silver.

  110. Hi. Saya nak beli sebuah kereta 2nd hand BMW E46 318i (tahun 2000), beharga RM48800. Basic gaji saya RM1500. Campur tolak EPF jadi RM15++. Saya boleh bayar down payment sebanyak RM5000. Boleh kah saya membeli kereta tersebut?

  111. Hi ,
    I have Kelisa EZ (Auto) 2005 – silver colour, monthly paid RM478, and 2 more year to be done.If I would like to trade in my car, how much it can be sold? If I would like to buy Kelisa Limited Edition. Do you think it is worth it? And how much for Kelisa LE (used/new, 2005 onwards preferrable,yellow) currently?
    Btw, my basic is RM2000++. Tq…

  112. HI there,
    I would like to ask…I own a Proton Wira SE 2004 n still have RM 17k loan with bank. Im planning to trade in my car n buy a second hand Honda City. Whats my car market value right now n whats the interest rate for the second hand Honda City. can i get a trade in without down payment or get a full loan maybe?

  113. hi.. basic salary RM 1650 budget down payment rm5000.. boleh tak sye njk beli kereta vios 2nd hand harga dlm lingkungan (rm51k ). boleh berikan nasihat dan peneranganā€¦plz

  114. hi.saya nk beli toyota vios 2003.hrge brape skrg?interest rate plak cmne?gaji basic 2.3k.net 2.7k.tq in advance

  115. Hi, i’ve got toyota vios J (manual) year manufacturer 2009. Already fully converted with G spec i.e. change engine to Auto, rear disc, air bag both, radio controller at steering.. how much u can offer me? plan to buy new city type S.

  116. i nk trade in waja 1.6 manual thun 2003, nk angkat honda city thyn 2004/05 dgn anggaran rm35k, basic+elaun+tnt+ot=rm2300-personal loan=rm1500… maxloan bpe thun leh buat utk model 2004/05? how much monthly?

  117. hi, salam.. saya baru beli kerete myvi SE 1.5 (auto) dec 2011.. saya bercadang utk menukar kereta honda city yg baru .. berapa agaknya kereta myvi saya tu dapat dijual semula??

  118. Hai ,
    Saya ada Myvi keluaran Feb/2011,
    Dh pakai smpai sekarang.. Bulanan kereta RM560, tapi sekarang saya berminat nak pakai proton persona.. Agak2 tuan, bole x saya trade in ?

  119. Hai ,
    Saya ada Myvi keluaran Feb/2011,
    Dh pakai smpai sekarang.. Bulanan kereta RM560, tapi sekarang saya berminat nak pakai proton persona second hand.. Agak2 tuan, bole x saya trade in ?

  120. hye,
    im using a wira 1.5 m sedan 2006. can i know what is the market value for me to sell my vehicle. besides that can i know what is the interest rate for toyota camry year 2007/08. which will the best bank to apply loan?

  121. hi i just bought new suzuki glx (mileage less than 200km) with bank loan 40k.what if i want to trade in my car for a 2nd vw polo with rm85k?isit a good idea to do so?whats the procedure and how much i need to pay monthly?(currently installment rm560 per month).Thanks


  123. saya ingin membeli nissan serena c24 tahun 2003 dgn harga rm45,000 jikalau cash kepada pemilik tetapi.bolehkah saya reloan balik kenderaan ini?bolehkah buat pengiraan untuk kereta ini bersama interest bg thun ini….sya nk tahu berapa sya byr sebulan

  124. Hi, saya ada kemusykilan.
    Sy punya kawan dh xnak kereta dia, dia nak beli kereta lain. Loan ada dlm 5 tahun lg la, jadi daripada dia membazir dgn biarkan kereta tu ditarik, saya berhajat la nak ambil pakai kereta tu memandangkan sy pun terdesak nak pakai kereta (maksud sy tukar nama apa semua tu la).
    Saya punya gaji tak tinggi, RM1000 shj, jadi kalau nak buat loan beli kereta baru pun mesti tak lepas, kan?

    Ok, sy punya kemusykilan ialah, katakanlah saya ambil personal loan dalam RM20k untuk settlekan kereta itu pastu terus tukar nama.

    Ada keburukan tak kalau sy buat mcm tu??? Betul ke personal loan ni, interest dia lebih tinggi berbanding interest loan kereta? Bukan jimat ke buat cara ni?

  125. Which interest rate is higher? Personal bank loan or from 2nd hand car dealer?

  126. Gaji bersih saya RM4200, saya nak mnta pendapat untuk kereta yg sesuai saya beli. Saya bminat dgn kereta honda. Mungkin used cars spt civic 1.7, jazz 2004 dan toyota vios 1.5. Minta penerangan kerana ini pembelian pertama saya. Trima kaseh daun keladi.

  127. hi, my car just got stolen around 3 months ago. Myvi basic standard 2009. my loan settlement with bank is rm35k, and my sum insured is rm35k. Is it possible that insurance will pay all the sum insured money to bank so i dont owe bank anything? And im looking for second hand sentra or accent years 2000-2005, for 10-15k..Possible?

  128. slm. saya ada kereta lancer gt feb/2010…bulanan rm1300. ingat nak trade in. ambil hyundai tucson 2nd, rm100k..apa pendapat tuan? banyak x saya rugi nnt??? tq

  129. Hi
    I want to trade in my vios 2004 e. Standard and accident free. How much you will take to trade in for new Ford Fiesta?

    Kindly email me the price


  130. Salam. Saya nak tanya, sy nak jual Suzuki Swift 1.5 tahun 2008, accident free mileage 85k. Nak tolak kereta untuk beli rumah, dan mahu cari kereta kelisa. Boleh tanya harga kete ni skrg dn rugi ke kalo jual sbb loan ngan bank blum habis(9tahun)

  131. Salam. saya ingat nk trade in kereta Persona 1.6 (A) 2008 & Kancil 660 (M) 2009. sbb igt nak ambik Alza or Ezora AT. Persona 9 years n Kancil 7 years. free accident. rugi tak kalau trade in?tqvmia

    • Wsalam, agak rugi kalau mahu trade in kedua-dua nya. Kami sarankan tuan jual satu kereta Persona and maintain kereta kancil in case you perlukan utk pergi ke tempat berjarak dekat. Jika you berminat, you boleh hubungi kami di 019-3559448 dan kami akan bantu you utk memilih Perodua Alza atau Proton Exora.

  132. hi! I want to sell my Hyundai sonata 2005, 2.4 , high spec, Can u plz give me an estimate price of that. thanks

  133. Slm, saya nak jual myvi 1.0 tahun 2005 dan nak beli city i-dsi 2006. Berapakah harga tertinggi untuk myvi saya? Apakah komen anda dari segi penjimatan petrol dan penyelenggaraan i-dsi?


  134. hai..berapa current bank interest rate untuk myvi 2nd..? saya nak jual kepada adik saya..

  135. salam..
    sy ade civic es 1.7 2005, dah pakai dlm 4 taun..outstanding bank ade lg 48k..dlm mudah average harga market skrg ni dlm 54-55k..bile check fullsettlement calculator dlm 42k..
    nak ty kalu dpt cr direct buyer boleh ke untung dlm +-15k..? mcm ne kalu buyer tu xleh cash, kne wat loan bank..ade care ker…
    1 lg kalo gaji dlm 3.8k bole ker pakai kereta unreg dalam harga 115k..

    • Wasalam, you boleh cuba apply loan dahulu jika you tidak confident yang loan you akan lepas. Berkenaan dengan kereta tuan, you boleh carik direct buyer and contact mana-mana pegawai bank yang menguruskan bahagian loan kereta.

  136. Salam.. saya ada dengar2 yang harga kereta akan turun tahun depan..encik ada dengar tak rumours tu?..hehe. then ada yang tambah kata,kereta harga akan turun,tapi interest loan kereta plak akan naik…

  137. edi here .
    so just want to know . see i want to buy this second integra type r car which cost 75k . with a dp of 30k . is it okay if i make a loan . how much is the interest ?

  138. i nak tolak my waja 1.6 2001 , sudah habis bayar with new paint body , new rims and everything . berapa agaknya boleh dapat ya ?

  139. salam..isteri sy nk beli honda city yg baru tp myvi s.e (2008) dia masih berbaki 21000..sy bercadang utk beli dari isteri sy supaya dia boleh buat d.p lebih..ataupun sy hanya perlu sambung bayar..yg mana lebih baik..supaya kami x rugi..boleh bg quotation utk city..sy tinggal di taiping, perak

  140. salam, saya berminat dgn Toyota Wish facelift 1.8 2009 dan nak trade in kereta Naza Citra GS 2007 . Gaji bersih RM 2000, agak2 loan bleh lepas tak untk beli kereta ni tanpa downpayment?

  141. Toyota wish tu harga RM140k otr , kalau joint gaji isteri bersih RM4500, adakah saya layak mndapat full loan? Bank mana yg boleh bagi full loan?

  142. sy nk trade in kreta persona elegence 2011 dgn nissan almera..dealer suh sy tmbh 6k..xrugi ker tu…pm sy admin..tq

  143. ehh silap sy beli mei 2010…

  144. sy nk trade in kreta persona elegence 2010 dgn nissan almera..dealer suh sy tmbh 6k..sb hutang sy masi de 40k …xrugi ker tu…pm sy admin..tq

  145. husband saya basic rm1700,basic sy rm900,n husband sy ada hutang loan rm4000 kat cimb bln2 bayar rm250, selama 2taon,kereta kitaowg da habis bayar kereta satria 1.6 secondhand nak tnye lepas x kalu kitaorg nak beli alza?

  146. saya nak tanye sket.sy ade kete waja tahun 2002 dan balance loan ngan bank ade 17k..if sy nak trade in kete tue cmner yer.tq

  147. salam..sy nk trade in kete saga blm(A) tahun 2009.bulanan sy byr rm475 (klu x silap sy wat utk 9 thn full loan ngan bank rakyat).sy plan nk beli nissan almera VL (A)…brape sy patut byr bulan2(termasuk downpayment)..rugi x or sy kene tggu lg setahun ke br trade in?

  148. hi saya nk cari kereta yg bulan2x rm 500-550 second hand pon xpe.. kalau boleh zero down payment..

  149. if sy dh wat full setelment kete tu brape harga market skrang klu sy nk jual?

  150. Hi! Im interested in buying used small car like kancil, viva or myvi or any other brand like chevorlet spark, kia picanto…is there any availability?

  151. sy nak beli kete seken rx-8 n nak trade in waja 2002, loan ade lg dlm 12k. boleh tlg cri rx-8 bwh 65k x, bulan2 brape kene byr kalo rx-8 dlm taun 2007.

  152. Hi, I have proton savy 2006 manual car which i would like to sell it for the best price. what is the demand for Proton myvi in the market ?

  153. hye.. sy nak tanya tentang toyota wish 2nd.. gaji sy rm 2200 dan ada diploma. boleh sy buat pinjaman atas skim graduasi…? sy sudah dua tahun pengalaman kerja. tq

  154. hi.. im owning a satria gti 2001 and would like to sell it. What is the current market value of the car? The outstanding balance is around RM22k

  155. Hi..!! I’m planning to get brand new KIA K5 Optima until my uncle offered me jis Accord M Type 2.4 full spec for RM 125 (which is below market price). I’ve test drive both cars. Accord is in very good conition as the previous user is my aunty. Milage 50**** K below. Of course K5 have all the cool features compare to Accord which look a bit ordinary. What will be your suggestion for me..?? Should I go for K5 as my initial plan or Accord.?

    • Sorry I forgot to mention that monthly pymt for brand new K5 and Accord (2011) will be almost the same RM14**.

      • Hi Rauf, please note that Honda has always higher resell value but you need to know that the interest rate for 2nd hand car is much higher and you might lose a lot on that. If you choose to get K5, the maintenance is roughly about the same but the market value and spare part is not as promising as honda brand. It depends on which criteria you are looking at.

  156. salam tuan..nak bertanya.,gaji saya bersih 2.2k..tiada apa2 komitmen sebarang loan atau kredit kad..agaknya bank lulus tak if saya nak buat full loan untuk kereta 2nd berharga 70-90k?atau tuan boleh bg sy nilai kereta(2nd atau baru) yg layak dengan gaji saya..terima kasih

    • Hi Ata, mungkin agak sukar utk dapatkan loan bagi used car dalam range harga itu kerana interest nya yang sangat tinggi. Kalau you berminat utk ambil used car, better you ambil harga kereta dalam range 60k ke bawah. Kalau you berminat dengan model baru, kami boleh cuba dapatkan Vios J baru kalau you berminat.

  157. Hi. I am the owner of Satria Gti, years 2000. Plan to sell this car. Is still can do a loan for a new buyer?

    Many thanks.

  158. admin,
    sya nk dptkan info viva auto dan viva elite metalic 2ndhand. boleh dpt 0 dpayment / full loan ke? if yes, monthly dlm brape? years?


  159. Hi.

    If i want trade in my neo black colour,manual 2009(b-line), how much the price?

  160. hi,i would like to buy toyota hilux vnt..my basic salary is rm2.5k…and i would like to go for full loan with low interest rate..any suggestion which bank should i go?and for your info,up untill now i only work for 8 months..

  161. I was wondering whether you have any representative in Penang? Also if i would buy cars from you if you are in KL, how is the claims of warranty if it happens?

  162. Do you provide loan for blacklist individual, i’m interested to buy any proton cars which are below than 10K ( PROTON SAVVY 2006). WHAT SHOULD I DO AND HOW LONG THE TERM

  163. Ingin membeli toyota wish rm120.000..basic salary rm 1500 .. Boleh ke wife jadi penjamin atau pun joint income..

  164. saya nak tanya interest rate bagi kereta terpakai berapa. saya berminat membeli suzuki swift terpakai. gaji bersih saya setelah ditolak semua hutang adalah rm2700. saya ingin membuat downpayment sebanyak 20k.

  165. Bolehkah penyata pendapatan tambahan i.e overtime pay membantu untuk dapatkan pembiayaan jika gaji bersih tidak memadai?

  166. saya nk beli sebuah lancer glx tahun 2005,boleh kah saya membuat full loan utk kereta tersebut?

  167. Assalamualaikum.

    Saya berminat nak membeli kereta baru. Gaji skrg RM2500. Saya berminat dgn Civic & Vios. Masalah saya skrg, nama saya tersenarai dlm AKPK. Adakah benar jika nama dlm AKPK tidak boleh membeli kereta atau membuat pinjaman?

  168. saya nak tanya ada ke jual kereta second auto range dlm rm5000??

  169. any car suggest ? my monthly payment around 400-500

  170. saya nak beli lancer glx tahun 2005.bolehkah saya membuat full loan untuk kereta tersebut?

  171. I want to buy myvi basic 1.3
    my basic salary is Rm1100…is that possible for me to loan a car?

  172. Hi,
    gaji kasar sy 6000 n after deduct tax, epf, zakat, rumah, personal loan, viva utk bapak and tabung haji, tinggal lebih kurang 1900 je. wife sy pulak gross around 4100 n bersih around 3800. dia ada suzuki swift 2009. kitorg nk upgrade to a bigger car n our option is optima k5. is it a wise option since we have a baby now n swift is too small. should we do joint loan or maintain this old car or what…any suggestion

  173. hi my best car dealer,

    saya ingin trade-in Saga BLM B line auto 2008 (fullsattlement RM20300) dengan viva 850 secondhand,gaji RM850/goverment servant….bole ker?

  174. HI..sy nak trade in kerera saga blm(A) 2008.baki loan sy dlm 23K. Brspe market value tuk kete ni, adakah sy perlu tambah?.sy cadang nk beli almera V.

  175. ada kereta unser x?…mau trade in dgn Iswara…

  176. wira aeroback 2002 – if trade in is how much now.. and what is the maximum age to make loan?

  177. Saya ada kereta myvi yang dibeli pada oktober 2011..harga myvi termasuk interest ialah rm59000 lbh.. saya baru bayar sekitar 17 bulan..saya loan 9 tahun bulanan rm549..saya cadang nak trade in dengan second hand persona yang berharga kira2 36k…gaji bersih saya rm1660….gaji bersih isteri rm1360..masih layakkah saya untuk trade in mayvi saya dengan persona tersebut? thanks bro…

  178. ada tak vios 2006 second hand…Basic salary saya 1300…kalau D/P 15k boleh lepas tak??

  179. i want to ask…how much is the interest rate for used car (viva 2008) if i want full loan?

  180. hi, i want to ask for a salary like 3k i m thinking to get a 2nd hand myvi, how many months of repayment would you recommend? is it wise to get a 2nd hand myvi than brand new myvi? i budgeted around 400 – 500 per month. appreciate your advise.

    • Hi there, we have emailed you our answer. If you know the owner of the 2nd hand car, you should be fine. Otherwise, more down side of buying 2nd hand car in term of condition as well as higher interest rate.

  181. saya nak jual kereta naza citra tahun 2009 blh saya tau market price skarang berapa

  182. kalo sy nk beli swift,harga dalam 45k. lepast tak ngan gaji bersih rm1780..thankz 4 answer…used car bole 0% DP..??

  183. Hello good day!
    I wish to ask your suggestion on buying between Nissan Murano 06′ 2.5 or the 05′ BMW 525i (E60) in terms of cost of maintenance and the resell value for the next 5 years. Which is better? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Raj, the value of 2nd hand car has depreciated crazily, and selling it later in the future might not affect the resale value by that much. However, comparing these two models, BMW would have higher maintenance cost.

  184. Assalam,

    proton persona (A) B-line Tahun 2009
    ikat 9 tahun
    dah bayar lebih kurang 4 tahun
    monthly 595 – bayar 600

    Proton Persona Elegence (A) B-line Tahun 2011
    Ikat 7 Tahun
    Dah Bayar lebih kurang 1 tahun 6 Bulan
    Monthly 714 – bayar 720

    Tolong kirakan antara salah satu kereta diatas yang mana boleh trade in dgn vios..(cuma tanya je, kalau boleh trade in, boleh la..kalau tak boleh pun tak apa :-) )

    salary 3.5k per month

  185. Salam.. Nak bertanya dan meminta pendapat ckit.. Saya bercadang untuk menbelikereta terpakai honda city model tahun 2005. So, berapa ye market bagi kereta honda city model 2005 and berapakah interest terkini utk kereta terpakai ini? Gaji bersih saya around rm2100..

  186. halo, if salary rm1600 can I buy 2nd hand vios(1st version) that between 30-40k ?
    I’ve wira (manual) 1.6. Can trade in?

  187. hi, saya nk beli kereta kia picanto tahun 2007. nk buat loan 16k. bank mana yg menawarkan interest rate paling rendah?

  188. salam saya nk tya..saya ada waja thun 2003 hutang still dlm 11k.nk amik mpv mana yg sesuai bajet bulanan dlam 500 ke 600..saya keja gov wife swasta basic saya 1200 wife income sbulan 3k.agak-agak ble lepas x kalo amik alza,exora atau wish second..mohon bantuan dari tuan.

  189. trade in persona 2011 ke naza citra 2010.
    sbb nak pakai mpv. tunjukkan jalan.

  190. Helo, i am from Kota Kinabalu. i hav Persona Elegance H Line red color, bought June 2010, for 7 years installment, RM820 mthly. If i wanna sell it or trade in it for brand new Viva 850 aiming for installments over 5 years to cut down mthly commitment would it be alright? Bcos i am told by some Viva is not safe. But i am looking at it with 2 air bags, not so bad la, though it is without ABS n etc…tq

  191. Hello,
    currently I have Proton Wira auto (97), I want to buy new car Perouda Alza.
    I want to do Trade in and apply Loan. I am a Foreigner. So I would like to know Down payment, loan percentage, interest rate. My salary is 6000RM.

  192. I have a Satria Neo CPS 1.6 (A) 2009 to sell. Any idea whats the price for it now?

  193. I wud like to trade in naza citra 2007, still got RM33,000 total outstanding. Becoz of fuel consumption & spacious, need to buy New Nissan Serena S Hybrid. what is the first step shud i do..& wat is the lowest interest rate for nissan serena the bank can offer. Do you think is worth it?

  194. Salam encik,

    saya nak trade in kereta bmw 525-i saya dengan kereta perodua kenari 2nd,
    brape total amount yg perlu saya sediakan ye untuk dptkan kenari tu?
    kereta saya lg 2 tahun habis bayar.

  195. if i wanna trade in proton gen2 m/t year 2004 ,how much trade in & what the procedure?

  196. Hello if i want to look for vw polo 2nd hand wif my salary rm1.4 izzit applicable?

  197. Saudara,
    Saya berminat untuk membeli sebuah Estima 2.4 tahun 2003/2004.Harga antara RM80k-100k.Pendapatan kasar adalah 4.2k dengan loan rumah Rm 400.
    Adakah saya layak untuk loan kenderaan tersebut dan pada kadar 7/9 tahun dan d/payment 10%?

  198. saudara,,gaji bersih sy rm 2200..bujang dan slip gaji masih bersih ..kereta ape yg sesuai sy beli dan kereta second atau baru? cdangan plizz..

  199. Hello, I wanna sell my kia forte ex 2010 (A). how much is the price?

  200. hai, sy nak tanya pendapat, macamana kalo sy nak trade in persona 2012 untuk ambil alza s?market persona skg macamane n brape dp?thanks

  201. I nak jual kereta saga BLM tahun 2008, auto. You ambil tak?

  202. Hi, I would like to purchase a 2012 Kia Forte for RM 70000. Which bank offers the lowest interest rate and if i have no commitments except for credit card and my salary is RM 3600 and if i put RM 5000 deposit will my loan pass?

  203. hi nak tanya…im fresh grad baru dpt kerja n my basic rm 2400 n allowance rm300..
    saya nak beli honda city 2009 boleh ke dpt loan..and can i know current market price for second hand honda city 2009 n 2010 n the intrest rate… thxxx alot

  204. Hi..
    Bole tak saya nk ambil honda jazz 2003 dalam range 14k.gaji bersih dalam lingkungan 1500++.is that possible?.thnks..

  205. Salam,

    Macamana saya nak trade in Toyota Vios 1.5 (2011) dengan honda jazz hybrid? FYI, Kereta Toyota Vios tue dah habis bayar. Berbaloi ke saya tukar dengan Honda Jazz Hybrid?

    • Wasalam, berbaloi dari segi jimat minyak tetapi mungkin you hanya rugi pada market value bagi Vios tersebut. Bergantung kepada saudari. Toyota Vios pon agak jimat minyak nya. Sila hubungi kami di 019-3559448 jika berminat.

  206. Saudara,

    Saya berminat untuk mencari mpv estima 2.4 .Antara bandingan harga toyota estima 2.4 (2004/2005) di KL atau Selangor dengan Melaka atau N.Sembilan mana yang lebih rendah?
    Harap dapat info yang positif dan jika ada cadangan dari pihak saudara.
    Terima kasih

  207. Salam,

    nk tanya boleh? tak pasti ni ruang yg sesuai ke tak utk tanya soalan ni tapi sy dh x tau nk tnya siapa. Myvi SE saya dibeli pada December 2009. Tahun 2012, kereta tu accident. Saya claim total lost sebab rosak teruk. casis lari. Saya nak tahu pendapat encik, berapa market value kereta saya masa tahun 2012 tu? Market value ikut tahun yg accident tu kan, and bukannya tahun ni, kan? Claim saya ni belum settle sampai skrg. Saya tak nak kena tipu dgn org insuran tu bila dia offer rendah sgt. Jadi saya nk tahu berapa market value yg sesuai utk kereta saya tu. Harap dpt bantu. terima kasih.

  208. Hai. Jika sy nak trade in flx cvt baru beli bulan 12/2013. 45k masa beli. Rugi tak kalau baru pakai dan nak trade in dgn jazz hybrid ? Sbb sy kurang berminat dgn saga. Tq

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