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Update: Car Loan Interest Rate

Model Interest Grad Scheme Local Cars From 2.90% 3.20% Non-Local Cars From 2.55% 3.20% The rates listed below may not be the same elsewhere. Our rates here are based on the average rates… Continue reading

Proton Satria Neo – Discontinued

Proton has stopped the production of Proton Satria Neo and no more stock is available in the market. After discontinuing this model, do you think Proton would have a replacement for it in… Continue reading

Discussion Board – Post your questions here!

Hi My Followers, do you have a facebook account? If you do, that’d be awesome because we have a new discussion board on our facebook fan page that can be used by y’all.… Continue reading

Proton Saga FLX – Good value for money!

Proton Saga FLX got its name after several improvements were made to this model. It started as Saga BLM, and the name was changed to Saga FL before the letter X was added… Continue reading

Proton Saga FLX – Monthly Installment

After the recent drop in the interest rate for a local car, the monthly installment has seen to be much lower than usual. Below is the monthly installment for Proton Saga FLX @… Continue reading

Proton Inspira – Low Down Payment

With RM 4,000 discount taken off from Proton Inspira’s price tag, the monthly installment of this model will be as follow: (Calculation is made based on 3.2% interest rate) Model Price D/payment 7… Continue reading

Proton Saga FLX – CVT Transmission

The new CVT transmission is now used by the latest version of Proton Saga, which is FLX version. With this upgrade, the new proton saga prices increased by almost RM 1,000, depending on… Continue reading

Proton Inspira Promotion

We are offering two different promotions (July) for a brand new Proton Inspira. To be eligible for this promotion, your car must be registered before July 31st and our only advice for you… Continue reading

Proton Inspira Promotion

Proton has advertised its special promotion for its newest model, Proton Inspira. Low interest rate – 2.33% 5 years FREE Service 5 years Warranty These are definitely worth to get, find out about… Continue reading

Proton Saga FL 1.6

The new 1.6-L variant comes with an automatic transmission and a price tag of RM 46,549.