June Promotion: Car Discount + Gifts

We are having mid year sales for popular car models in Malaysia. Below is the discount promotion for each model:

Model Discount Promotion 2013
Honda City RM 3,000 + MY free gifts
Honda Civic RM 2,000 + MY free gifts
Toyota Vios * RM 8,000 + MY free gifts
Naza Forte 1.6 RM 2,500 + Free bodykit + MY free gifts
Kia Rio Free bodykit + MY free gifts
Proton Preve RM 3,500 + MY free gifts
Proton Persona RM 1,300 + MY free gifts
Nissan Almera RM 3,000 + MY free gifts
Ford Fiesta RM 4,000 + MY free gifts
Perodua Myvi RM 350 + MY free gifts

For any inquiries, please contact En Ihsan at 019-3559448. You can download the price quotation for each of the model stated above at http://mybestcardealer.com/quotation

Required documents for loan:

  1. Copy of IC
  2. Copy of License
  3. Copy of Pay Slips (3 months)
  4. Copy of Bank Statements (3 months)
  5. Copy of Degree/diploma (For graduates only)
  6. Copy of Job Offer Letter (For graduates only)

You can email us your documents at admin@mybestcardealer.com