Car Loan Interest Rate | 2013 New Car

percent symbolThinking about buying a new car but still in dilemma? Here is an important advice for you. Guess what, interest rate for car loan is expected to go up next month. By how much? We do not know yet. That is what we have been told last week by our bank panels.

This is not a joke, alright guys?  The interest does make a huge difference! It may not look obvious on monthly installment, but it can be seen clearly in your total amount of loan.

The actual interest that you pay to the bank is: Loan x Interest Rate (%) x Loan Period (In years).

If you are looking for full loan, it can be arranged! The rate for 100% loan is 2.88% for non-local cars and 2.98% for local cars (Perodua & Proton). Call our dealer at 019-3559448 for more information. Submit your application within these few weeks to enjoy the lowest interest rate.