Honda CRZ

While people were having a good time at their home this weekend, we made a visit to Honda Showroom in Sungai Besi to view the fairly new hybrid car, Honda CR-Z. One of our dealers was hunting for a brand new car which is priced in between RM 90-120k and Honda CR-Z was part of the list. The car is amazingly beautiful, especially the red color. We can’t get our eyes off from that model when we were there. Below are some of the pictures taken during the visit:

At the moment, only manual version of CR-Z is available in the market but the auto version is expected to arrive in Malaysia at the end June 2012. The OTR price (inclusive of insurance) for Honda CRZ Manual is RM 115,014. If 10% down payment is paid up front, the monthly payment should be roughly around RM 1,1++ for 9 years. One big thing that we really like about this model is the combination of its fuel consumption and performance. You can reach up to 1,000 km with full tank, can you not believe that? If money is not an issue, y’all will definitely see this model everywhere in Malaysia! Why can’t we get this car with a cheaper price?

Anyways, if anyone of you are planning to purchase any Honda cars, just give us a call at 019-355948. We would entertain you like a King/Queen. Cheers!