Honda City Facelift MMC 2012

The new Honda City Facelift 2012 is finally here and it is now available for booking. The first batch may come in around May or June 2012, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 019-3559448.

Honda City 2012 Front View:
Pandangan Hadapan Honda City 2012:

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44 comments on “Honda City Facelift MMC 2012

  1. cool! how much is this car roughly??

  2. may or june get the car is it for penisular malaysia? If its East malaysia will be more late?

  3. do you know the price roughly ??

  4. Any photo showing the differences in the interior part of city? Thanks a lot.

  5. the car is about to launch on MAY or JUNE ?? many dealers told me around JUNE but you say it is around MAY ???

  6. yes i get 1..i get my car aroung june..

  7. which color suits the best for this model?ive made the booking yet x seeing the real spec

  8. Getting my car in July.. what a long wait

  9. How about the interior design?is it just the same or got any difference?

  10. I got seing new honda city with sunroof if not mistaken in india market picture.so, why this coming new facelift does not has that feature as well?

  11. When the new version of honda city will be launched instead of facelift model?

  12. What is the different current model with new model???

  13. facelift ni ada version modulo tak?

  14. i just booked new model of of honda city yesterday..cant wait!! the new version got sparkling brown color but i choose the sexy white..

  15. Does the new 2012 face-lifted Honda City come with cruise control? If yes, I am interested. I am thinking of tafetta white as well.

  16. unfortunately there is no more water proof seat with this new model..arghhhhhh

  17. hi Mybestcardealer.com
    you did provide the comparison between the current city model and the new facelift exterior features, but do u hv pics for interior features in the new city? im sure the new potential buyers out there are all waiting for it….tQ…

  18. the new facelift got Sunroof?

  19. Hello,
    Is it true that this new city facelift has added feature which contributes to the increament of the price? I booked one for me and expected to get it somewhere in end of June/July and the salesman told me that they added VSA (vehicle stability assist) and the price increased by 2K the most. Need clarification :S

  20. mmg cun ngat..i dr bulan 3 da booked yg ni..almost same price with the current city.. love it..can’t wait anymore..LOL

  21. Already booked new City at early April and probably get on June. Need to add about 2k from current city price.

  22. HI, is there any news when is the honda city facelift will be launched? i heard in june 2012 till now no launching news is it will be delayed? i already booked in april.

  23. 24th of June… as mentioned by a dealer in Kuching…

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