Proton Persona R – Picture Leaked

Source: Funtasticko

Finally, we have a clear snapshot of Proton Persona R or its famous name, Proton Tuah. The rear view is quite simple but the performance of this car is something you don’t want to know. What we heard is that, this model will come with 7 Speed with a Turbo engine, but only for the Auto Transmission model. Amazing isn’t? If you think the current Persona is fast, this is waaaaaaay faster! It also comes with a paddle shift for the high spec variant.

Based on a legit source, we were told that this model will be priced around RM 65,000 to RM 75,000. With the current interest rate, you could get it for RM 683 – RM 788. However, there’s no confirmation has been made and we have to wait until next month to get the real information.