Honda Stock – October 2011

Last Call !! Last Call !!

Honda is having a rough year coping with the Mother Nature. First it was earthquake in Japan, and now flooding in Thailand. The car production in the South East Asia was slowed immediately after the incident. Distribution of the auto parts to the neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia are stopped consecutively.

After discussing with our two representatives from Honda in KL areas, we are told that the waiting period for any new Honda car may take up to 6 months, except for CBU model i.e Insight. Ridiculous isn’t? If you live near KL and Selangor, we have ready stock for the following models:

Model Quantity
Honda City Type S (1-White)
Honda Civic 1.8 (2-Black, 2-Grey) 2.0 (1-Grey)
Honda Accord 2.0 (1-Metal, 3-White, Black-2)
Honda Insight Many stocks (all colors)

Call us at 019-3559448 for booking. The longer you wait to call us, the longer you have to wait for the new stock to come in.