Perodua Viva – Monthly Installment

Model Transmission Price 7 years 9 years Grad Scheme
660 Bx (S) Manual RM24,900 RM321 RM262 RM296
660 Bx (M) Manual RM25,300 RM326 RM266 RM301
660 Ex (S) Manual RM28,500 RM367 RM299 RM339
660 Ex (M) Manual RM28,900 RM373 RM304 RM344
850 (S) Manual RM32,720 RM422 RM344 RM390
850 (M) Manual RM33,120 RM427 RM348 RM394
1.0 Standard (S) Auto RM36,750 RM474 RM386 RM438
1.0 Standard (M) Auto RM37,150 RM479 RM390 RM443
1.0 Elite Standard (M) Manual RM37,850 RM488 RM398 RM451
1.0 Elite Standard (S) Manual RM38,250 RM493 RM402 RM456
1.0 Elite Standard (S) Auto RM40,850 RM527 RM429 RM487
1.0 Elite Standard (M) Auto RM41,250 RM532 RM433 RM492
1.0 Elite Exclusive (S) Auto RM41,950 RM541 RM441 RM500
1.0 Elite Exclusive (S) Auto RM42,350 RM546 RM445 RM505
1.0 Elite Premium (S) Auto RM44,850 RM578 RM471 RM535
1.0 Elite Premium (M) Auto RM45,250 RM583 RM476 RM540

PS: Monthly Installment calculations above are based on 10% down payment under 7 years and 9 years tenure with 2.9% interest, and 0% down payment under the grad scheme (9 years) with 3.2% interest.