Proton Saga FLX – Good value for money!

Proton Saga FLX got its name after several improvements were made to this model. It started as Saga BLM, and the name was changed to Saga FL before the letter X was added at the end of the word FL. The name changed for reasons. Proton has made huge steps in trying to increase the quality of their products. With decades of experience in the automotive industry, and with current goals of getting into the Global market, Proton has been trying to emphasize on the their Research and Development (RND) team to meet these goals.

With great quality controls of the products, we had experienced ourselves the differences between FLX model and the other previous models. The improvements are astonishing especially on the handling, performance parts, as well as the design. While maintaining the brand quality, Proton offers a very reasonable price to this model, marking RM 38,148 as the starting price. Never look down on this model as it has the newest CVT transmission technology that improves the driving experiences. Many of our FLX customers are satisfied with their new rides and thanks to Proton for making this happen. Click here to view FLX monthly installment. Ready stock is available, and get your car within a week or two.