Interest Rate – Read This!

We are so curious about this.

We got so many questions regarding the interest rate for local cars and non local cars, but do you know that we have provided this information on the “Interest Rate” tab. The current interest rates for both local and non-local are as follow:

Local Cars : From 2.9% (Perodua & Proton)
Non Local Cars : From 2.7% (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Naza, Kia, etc)

And many people have asked us why the interest rates that are provided here lower than the rate offered by the other dealers. Hmmm. Almost everyday we got the this same question. Some of them actually went out and did survey from showroom to showroom to find out about this while we have been reminding them that the lowest rate is this, this and this. Then later, they purchase with the other dealers that provide higher interest rate. Our first question, why in the world you want to pay higher interest rate when you can get it cheaper with us? After a while, we thought that maybe they feel that we are providing false information. Does cheaper things always mean scams to you? Rugi la.

One thing for sure, the interest rates for different people are different. Why? First is probably because of your basic salary is different. Second, you financial commitment could be higher. Third, your bank statement may not have a nice flow of money in and out. Forth, you may not have enough savings as others. Fifth? Your age is around 20+ and you’re financially unstable. Sixth, your job status is not permanent. Hey, all of these matter you know.

Remember, if you are applying for a GRADUATE scheme, the interest are much higher than the one we provided above (almost 1% higher). These rates will be determined by the banks, not us for sure and they will determine the rate based on your eligibility mentioned above. The interest rate could be slightly higher or lower by plus minus 0.1% to 0.2%. I.e from 2.7% to 2.8%. Even when you’re doing the calculation, the monthly installment only change for at most 10 bucks a month, but why bother so much?

Before we forget, one last reminder for you all that different banks would also offer different rates. Locations also matter! The rates we’ve shown above only works with our bank panels and our services are located within Selangor and Kuala Lumpur only. The interest rate are more likely to be different if you are living in different location.

The BEST and ONLY solution for you to find out the exact interest rate that you will be charged, is to provide us your documents for us to submit to the bank. Easy as that, without having to look at your documents, it is almost impossible to tell you the exact interest rate that you’ll get. Send to our email at IF and ONLY IF you’re are interested to purchase from our team. Hopefully you guys this last paragraph. LOL

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