Perodua Myvi 1.5 cc – Booking Now!

Spyshots pictures of Perodua Myvi have proved us that this 1.5 model appears much better in design and performance. Many have argued with the prices offered for this newer model, compared to the 1.3 Elegance model. The price for this model is said to be more reasonable, which falls between RM 57,000-RM62,000. However, that’s a lame issue. Here, there’s an interesting news that we want to share with you all. Believe it or not, the total units available prior to the launching date for this 1.5 model is said to be 1,500 units! Who’s the lucky one who will get the car early? We bet you know yourself. Whoever makes an early booking, the person will get the car as early as possible. Be one of those people who will get the car early by making an early booking! Spread this news to others who might be interested in this model, why not?