Car Loan Interest Rate – Malaysia

This is the latest car loan rates in Malaysia! Last Updated on April 7th, 2010!

Latest Interest Rate (from)
Car Maker 5 years 7 years 9 years
Proton 3.30% 3.40% 3.50%
Perodua 3.30% 3.40% 3.50%
Honda 2.60% 2.65% 2.65%
Toyota 2.60% 2.65% 2.65%
Hyundai 2.60% 2.65% 2.65%
Naza Kia 2.60% 2.65% 2.65%

The interest rates are subjected to change without prior notice.

The above rates are the lowest rates possible for different car makers. Kindly note that these rates excludes any specific promotion on each car model. Please be advised that if your financial conditions do not meet the bank requirements, the interest rate could be higher than the rates listed above.