Cars – Current Stock

Some of you might not know this, but it is something good to be shared.

Most of the car makers not just in Malaysia, but all around the world, now share the same issue of not having enough supply of their car parts and components. This is mainly due to the Tsunami that hit Japan recently. Whichever companies that is dealing and depending on Japan as a main provider of the car parts and components, such as Perodua, Toyota, etc is facing a serious issue. Not that the supply of the components are stopped completely, but the future productions and the supplying process become slower.

As a result, the waiting (car delivery) period  for every new car will be longer. The future car stocks will be affected negatively if the demand remains constant. However, if you are one of the car buyers, it is always good for you to make a plan in advance. Making an early booking might be one of them. Should you need further consultation from our representative regarding the car stock/inventory, feel free to contact us at 019-3559448. We are here to provide you the best service we could offer.

Have a great day!