Lowest Car Loan Rates for Proton and Perodua

Hi All,

Surprisingly, you can get your car loan rate as low as 3.65% for 9 years from RHB Bank! However, there’s something that you, as a buyer, need to understand. It’s not “easy” to get your loan approved under this promotion unless you have a very strong document. Down payment? Yes, the bank will be looking at it.

Please submit your documents to us before asking us if you are eligible for it. We will then forward them to the bank for you!! We can’t promise or say anything without looking at your documents.

Again, 3.65% for 9 years! It applies to all Proton and Perodua models. On my previous entry, I did mention that the interest rate is offered for selected model only and that’s offered by a different bank which is Maybank! Just so you don’t get confused!

Take Care!