Jom beli kereta sekarang!

This is a common question asked by our customers when it comes to end of year season. There are two important points that we should keep in mind before purchasing a new car anytime during this season. These include the level of interest rate and the amount of discounts applied. Every year, as predicted, car sales will drop off slowly when the calendar starts to hit the month of November and December. Most of the car buyers would think that the market value of their cars will be slightly higher if they purchase at the beginning of the following year. That’s totally undeniable but these issues have been addressed by most banks and car companies. These two market players in the auto industry will provide more incentives to the consumer in order to maintain their sales. In fact, the current interest rates for imported cars fall in between 2.7-3.2% compared to 3.5-3.9% (during mid year season) for 9 years tenure. Not only that, you will also hear promotions being advertised here, there and everywhere around you. These low interest rates and discount promotions are the two things that would compensate the car buyers upfront. Therefore, there’s no big difference of buying cars now or later (at the beginning of the year) by having other variables (economic growth factors) constant. Always be a smart consumer!