Proton Inspira is ready for booking!

Preferably to our proton fans!

Here are pictures taken from during the launching event of new Proton Inspira. Proton is aiming for 1600 units to be sold each month and we bet the number would be higher, considering the new outstanding appearance of the rebadged car. This model is expected to replace Waja CPS model that has been currently phased out. This model is positioned in the C-segment and the price falls between the range of RM 79,888 to RM 95,800. This model has to compete with other existing products in the market such as Honda City, Toyota Vios and Naza Forte which have been the best car selling throughout the year.


By looking at the same product line, Mitsubishi sellers would have to face some issue right now. They might have a problem selling the Mitsubishi Lancer GT model because of the fact that the price is extremely higher than this proton model which starts from RM120,980. RM 40,000 difference is really a big number and people might switch the preference after all. Stay tuned with the upcoming news about this model! If you are interested to purchase this model, you are advised to make an early booking (before mid November) in order to get the 2 years service promotion by Proton. If you need further information, feel free to contact us at 019-3559448.