The rich gets richer

Proton Waja Replacement 2010 (Front View)

Don’t you agree with the topic? Believe it or not, having well paid salary and good record of bank statements allow certain individuals to get lower interest rates for their car loans. However, this applies only to imported cars buyers exp, Toyota and Honda. The rates, surprisingly, can drop as low as 3.15% compared to the normal rate which is 3.5% for 9 years term.

The common question that you should avoid from asking your dealer is your eligibility of getting lower interest rates. There’s a procedure that you need to go through and as you know, the rates are determined by the banks but not the dealer. You do not need to survey all over the place just to get the lowest interest rates if you are reading this entry. Just prepare your documents and send it to us. Without knowing your basic salary and your financial status, there’s no way we could help to answer your question. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at