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Can’t find the lowest interest rates? Here’s the answer.

Firstly, please check your eligibility:

  1. BPA application – For employees of Government Departments and GLC’s that provides Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA scheme).
  2. Non BPA – For employees of organizations that DO NOT participate Biro Perkhimatan Angkasa Scheme.

For Non BPA, here’s the term and conditions:

  1. Malaysian citizen with minimum age of 21 years old.
  2. Government not exceeding 58 years old on the completion of the loan.
  3. Permanently employed with more than 6 months working experience.
  4. Employees of…
  • Main board KLSE Listed Co. and its  subsidaries
  • Government linked co and its subsidaries
  • Government linked co. that DO NOT provide BPA scheme
  • Private hospitals
  • Private higher learning institutions (IPTS)
  • New employed “professionals” with total working experience of 6 months.
Perodua BPA 4-6 years 3.70%
7-10 years 3.60%
Non-BPA 4-6 years 3.75%
7-10 years 3.65%
Proton BPA 4-10 years 3.60-3.75%
Non-BPA 4-9 years 3.60-3.75%




BPA 4-10 years 2.90-3.25%
Non-BPA 4-9 years 2.95-3.50%

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