RM500 increase in Proton Saga Prices?


Customer X: Hi, I would like to purchase a new Proton Saga, can you give a full price list of this model?

Salesman: Yes, sure. Here is the full price list. Click here: PRICE LIST

Customer X: Wow, why there are differences in prices from last week?

Salesman: Proton has increased RM500 for each Proton Saga model.

Customer X: Is it true?

Salesman: Yes, it has been confirmed on Monday 1/02/10.

Customer X: Is there any cash rebate promotions available for this model?

Salesman: This is an interesting question, why would Proton give you a discount while they are raising the car prices?

Customer X: Yes, now it makes sense.

Salesman: However, you are able to receive our free gifts if you purchase any cars with us.

Customer X: Are you sure?

Salesman: Definitely, that’s our fixed promotion. Please click here: PROMOTIONS

Customer X: Thank you, salesman.