Honda City For Sale 2010

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while that we have not mentioned about Honda City news and updates. The good news is, if you are thinking about buying this car now, you are probably lucky because the interest rate on this car has dropped a little from 3.25-3.50% to 2.9-3.25% (Updated on Jan 1/1/10). Although the Honda stock runs a bit slow these couple of months, we still get a pretty good number of buyers for this model. We believe that this is one of the top best selling cars in Malaysia and that’s one of the reasons why the buyers have to wait 2-3 months for their cars.

If you are interested to make a purchase, please follow these following steps:

1. Choose a model and color. (Grade S or E)

2. Find out how much down-payment you want to make. (At least RM3,000)

3. Calculate your monthly installment.

Click here:

4. Make sure, your basic salary is at least RM 2,500 (Government employee) and RM 3,000 (Private employee) but preferably (above RM 3,000)

5. If your salary doesn’t meet the requirement, there are two alternatives. Find a guarantor or make a joint-income loan (if you are married).

6. Make sure, you make an early booking, every single day is counted.

7. Please allow 2-3 months of car delivery after your booking has been made.

8. Contact us if you need any further information.

Email: admin@mybestcardealer[dot]com