Proton Saga BLM

Hi everyone,

Best Model of the Year 2009.

It’s only been a year since the new Saga began, but it has already won the 2009 Frost & Sullivan award for the Best Model of the Year. An award that recoginizes market growth, leadership in product innovation, and continuous improvement. And because it is you who inspire us to create award-winning vehicles like the Saga, we thank you.

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Model: Proton SAGA 1.3cc and 1.6cc
Transmission: Manual/Auto

B-LINE (Solid) B-LINE (Metallic) M-LINE (Solid) M-LINE (Metallic) 1.6cc B-Line (Solid)
Model Manual Auto Manual Auto Manual Auto Manual Auto Manual
Price (OTR) RM 36,048 RM 39,048 RM 36,498 RM 39,498 RM 38,548 RM 41,048 RM 38,998 RM 41,498 RM 39,000

Monthly Installment:

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Latest Interest Rate: (Proton)

1)  3.5%  (5 years)

2)  3.65% (7 years)

3)  3.75% (9 years)

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