August 09 Promotion!

We are trying to provide you the best promotions if you purchase any vehicles from us. Our current promotions are made based on our previous customers’ recommendations. Some models of cars, for example, Toyota and Honda may have their own monthly promotions. They may vary from month to month and customers are encouraged to contact us to get the latest information.

Our Best Promotions:

  1. Full tank oil
  2. Touch n Go card
  3. Tinted Voucher RM 300
  4. Car Vacuum
  5. CD Case
  6. Sand Blasting
  7. Service Voucher
  8. Towing Service
  9. Steering lock
  10. Road Tax Sticker
  11. Car Shampoo
  12. Waxing Sponge
  13. Neck Pillow
  14. Tire Wax
  15. Blind spot mirror
  16. Cash Rebate (May vary)
  17. Bodykit and spoiler sold at cost price

Note that: This promotion applies to all customers on August 1st, 2009.

NSR Motor Traders

Last updated on Friday, 4:35 PM, 24/07/09.