Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios Price List 2012:
Senarai Harga Toyota Vios 2012:

Model Transmission OTR Price 7 years 9 years
Vios J (S) Manual RM 72,404 910 738
Vios J (M) Manual RM 73,200 920 746
Vios J (S) Auto RM 76,504 962 780
Vios J (M) Auto RM 77,300 972 788
Vios E (S) Auto RM 81,504 1025 831
Vios E (M) Auto RM 82,300 1035 839
Vios G S) Auto RM 86,543 1088 882
Vios G (M) Auto RM 87,313 1098 890
Vios G Lmt (S) Auto RM 88,817 1117 905
Vios G Lmt (M) Auto RM 89,613 1127 913
Vios TRD (S) Auto RM 91,217 1147 930
Vios TRD (M) Auto RM 92,013 1157 938


* Calculations are based on 10% down payment and interest rate of 2.55%. Please contact our Toyota Authorized Dealer at 019-3559448 to find out the latest discount or promotion (if any).

* We also supply original TRD body kit at a very reasonable price. Contact us for more information about this. The body kit is fully painted with original color, no worries.

Toyota Vios TRD :

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  1. may i know when is the new model for 2012 ?

  2. when is the new vios model for 2012 launching??

  3. is thr any promotion for vios model??

    • Which variant? Give us a call directly at 019-3559448 so that we can negotiate on the promotion. Also let us know the amount of down payment you are willing to make so that we can send you a proper quotation.

  4. vios j auto-solid,,deposit 10%..

  5. hi, if i wanna pay 15k downpayment for vios j(A) solid..how much is the monthly payment??is there any promotion for vios right now, like discounts, etc?

  6. Hi, wanna buy Toyota Vios for my first car. Can u give me a quotation? my salary is about rm1900, can give rm1k for dp.. thanks ya!

  7. can i book first and take out on july for model J? and wht`s the promotion on june?

  8. I am looking at the Vios models. Do you have any fantastic offers available? Purchase option is 1)cash 2) finance-40K or 50K term 5yrs. If I am a retired, no income…can I still be eligible for finance. Considering purchase of car for my son . How long for delivery?

    • Hi anna, sorry for the delay and yes we do have special offer for model J and model G limited. The other models have a little discount + free gifts. Delivery may only take 2-3 weeks if you are okay. Do you have a pension/income every month? Give us a call at 019-3559448 so that we can set an appointment to discuss further about this.

  9. hello bro,
    sy kje hong leong bank,skrg still under probation period,salary RM2300 nett. So,blh x provide list documents & ppe yg diperlukan utk angkat VIOS J.?..D/P mmg min 10% ke?..tq

    • Hi amer, yes we can try to get the loan for you. All you need to give us is the copy of your IC, license, pay slips (3 months) and bank statements (3 months). Minimum down payment is 0% but we won’t recommend you to pay that low as you would have a hard time getting the loan approval. We have a special discount for Vios J this month, make a booking before the 31st of may to get the discount!

  10. Vios E (M)
    D/p rm15000
    enlighten me wth discount offer and monthly installment…

  11. vios J (M)
    D/P 12k
    email me your promotions/discount for June.

  12. Please let me know your June/July promotion for vios J. Thanks

  13. Hi there…can i know how much i need to loan from if i’m trading in a kembara year 2003 (90% condition) + RM10k???
    Wish to get vios E (M) spec…kindly let me know…thanks a lot…

  14. Hi. can u give me the current promotion for Vios G and E (Auto + Metallic). If dp is 10k then how much will be the monthly payment? My current basic salary is 4k.

  15. plz send new model vios lower spec price…

  16. Vios J (M)
    Deposit 5K

  17. vios J (M) Auto,deposit 10%, please email me your promotion /discount for this June. Thx.

  18. hai…sy nk bayar dp rm15k untuk vios J METALIC MONTHLY berapa?

  19. vios J (M) Manual
    D/P 12k
    email me your promotions/discount for June.

  20. hello my basic salary not in range 2500 – 3K, but plus OT get 2500- 3000, so i decide to get my dream car new honda city or secondhand toyota caldina, so can i get loan with 10% down payment, car price below than 90K

  21. You need to have a guarantor in order to get the loan amount.

  22. vios j auto… dp 15k…

  23. Cn u send me vios J(m) quotation? Wat is the promotion this month?

  24. Hi dealer, can i have J(m) quotation? What is the promotion of this month? my basic is 3k, so can i get full loan for this?

  25. vios J (M) A
    email me your promotions/discount for June.

  26. I am interested to purchase toyota vios J spec, with 10% down payment. My salary is RM2, 500. I also wish to get loan. Is it possible? Email me promotion discount for June please.

  27. Hi,

    Can i know the latest promotion for vios G limited and TRD?
    What is the interest rate?

  28. hi…nak beli yios TRD as my 1st card. basic is RM 2600 + 300 allowance with 10% dp

  29. hi…nak beli vios TRD as my 1st car. basic is RM 2600 + 300 allowance with 10% dp

  30. hi, may i know what is the basic salary to buy this car, i mean vios..

  31. berapa harga utk vios manual spec vios?
    bulanan utk vios berapa harga?
    kalau bayar 10% downpayment tue mcm mana??
    new bew net salary rm 1600.new bie..

  32. Hi, kindly send me the quotation for Vios. Planning to get for myself VIOS E or G…is that any promotions? Thanks

  33. Hi. Please quote the best deal / promotion for Vios J specs, Manual gear & Metallic paint. I’m interested for both the single airbag (old model) or the two airbag (new model) please.
    1.) Please indicate the interest rate per year for RM5k to RM10k’s down-payment, for 5 or 7 years’ loan tenure,
    2.) Please indicate the waiting time too.

    Many Thanks.

  34. hi there, pls quote me vios j & e (auto) specs best price include discount. dp rm10k, salary basic rm3k per month

  35. saya kerja dengan keluarga mentua. gaji bulanan saya masukkan ke akaun bank saya dalam 2.8k – 3.5k sebulan(pada satu tarikh). kemudian cashflow ada la, sebab nak pakai utk modal lain.tp,macm mna pgiraan gaji bersih saya pada bnk statement sy?. bg memudah kan sy aply loan bdasarkan kelayakan gaji bersih. purata gaji berdasarkan apa ya?. saya cuba buat pengiraan sendiri,mungkin gaji bersih sy 2.5k sebulan.jika nk aply loan vios, DP 10k-15k. bolehkah?. dan sy ada komitment viva January 2011, atas nama isteri(tp kmi kerja sekali). xblh joint income kan?. kalau nak trade in viva,masih rugi ,sbbkne topup kan?. blh bantu.. tq

  36. Hi, can u pls quote me Vios J Specs, Deposit 10K, 9 year installment ? Pls email me promotion discount for July.

  37. hi…..i looking for vios j(a)…dep 10K.my age is 49. Can i get loan for 7yrs? pls email promo for jun and july.tq.

  38. Hi. I’ve been setting my eye on Vios G(A). Could you pls send me any info regards to buying one? Could also have discussion via my email crazeplatinum@gmail.com.

  39. Hi Mybestcardealer.com, read from fast motoring there will be a slight upgrades for all the current vios specs. any specific date for it? is there any 100% loan available? thanks.

    • That was for J spec for not mistaken. Toyota added a few items on the model which spike the price by 1k Plus. You can apply 100% loan under graduate scheme. Do call us for more info at 019-3559448. Thanks Tay!

  40. I own a Honda City i-dsi year 2003, no more outstanding, no accident. Planning to take Vios G Limited or TRD. How’s the trade in price like for my Honda.

    For 9 yrs financing, what’s the installment like for both vios options with 10% down payment.

  41. Admin..
    Berminat untuk vios G limited dan ade bebrapa soalan :
    1) nk trade in viva850cc 2009. Adakah berbaloi atau sy perlu tambah?
    2) klu kate sy nk 0% DP, boleh ke? Sebb sy slps loan lulus sy akan byr utk setahun punye installment. Mane satu yg lebih baik. Samada letak DP atau buat payment utk stahun?
    3) sy kerj bertaraf kontrak di institusi kewangan dgn gaji basic 2500 dan komisen jualan lbih kurg 5000 sbulan
    4) kly admin boleh tlg guide sy utk quotation dan berikan idea di atas soalan2 sy di atas


  42. hi there, pls quote me vios j & e (auto) specs best price include discount. dp rm10k, salary basic rm3k per month.

  43. Please email me the Quotation for Manual Vios J (S &M), compare what is the different.
    May I know the current interest rate?

    10% Down payment , 9 years instalment.


  44. Please send me the quotation for Auto Vios G S&M
    10% down, 7 years installment

  45. Hi,
    my basic salary is rm2.5k.
    can you send me quotation for vios J (s&m)
    can i have full load and 0%dp??

  46. hye may i know interest rate of vios E auto metalic

    • We can get around 2.4-2.6% depending on your eligibility and the bank you choose. Kindly call us if you need further assistance. You can purchase from our Toyota Dealer if you are interested. Thanks.

  47. Hi Admin,

    I planned nak beli vios dgn trade in Gen2. Gen2 Spec : GEN 2 1.6 (A), Black, year : 2006, keupayaan enjin : 1597 S.P, 9 years Loan , Tarikh beli : 05:05:2006.
    Loan outstanding = RM 24,750…. I looking for Vios E or TRD…. how much admin blh ambil Gen2? Am i still need to pay the downpayemnt for Vios?

    • Wasalam Asya, the market value for your gen2 is really low as compared to your current outstanding balance. Our used car panels can only offer you around RM 17k and, that would mean that you have to pay 7k+ to trade in the car.

  48. Noted with thanks , Admin. Will follow up with you again once I sold the gen2..

  49. can i know monthly payment if i want vios TRD or vios J (M) auto with dp rm 10k or 15k.. And can u give me the spec for all vios model? thx u..

  50. Hello.. I plan to buy Vios J (S) Auto OR Vios J (M) Auto . Let’s say if i pay 10K as a D/P. How much my monthly payment would be??? My salary is 2K+++. I plan to take it by end of September or beginning of October 2012. Tq.

  51. Hi, citernye sebelum ni ada beli kereta (honda jazz 2003)di atas nama saya dan kereta tu adik ipar saya pakai…. Dan bayaran tak brp cantik dan sekarang saya dah ambil balik dan saya nak trade in dan ambil kereta vios G limited…. Berapa monthly dan adakah saya boleh berbuat begitu…..

  52. Salam MBCD. kalau saya nak trade in Myvi 1.3A 2009 saya untuk Vios J A. Berapa yang perlu saya tambah lagi?


  53. salam, please send quo. for 0 downpayment and for 9 yr loan..im interest to buy through student loan by government programme..please send the interest rate as well..thank you.


  55. Hi, i’m planning to buy 2nd hand Toyota Vios (A) J type with downpayment of 19k and 9 years loan. Can you suggest me the best interest rate and banks that can provide me the loan? My basic salary is RM3.4k and my nett salary would be RM2.95k monthly.

  56. Hi,want to take a look at TRD (Non-Metallic) as my 1st car. Im interest to buy through student loan by government programme since I juz got a job offer with RM12k dp for 9 yr loan. Please send the interest rate as well..thank you.

  57. salam sy nk mintak quotation utk vios j auto and vios e auto plus bodykit trd dengan d/p rm20k bpe monthly. tq

  58. hi can i have a quotation for vios J auto, my basic 3k dp around 3500..thanks..really need it badly

  59. Hi, can i have a quotation for vios E.. and my basic is 3.1k and can provide dp around 10K.

  60. wht is the maximum rebate i can get for vios j (auto)

  61. salam, tlg send quotation utk vios j auto ….basic sy 2500, gov servant and d/p 10%

  62. Hi,I plan to buy Vios J (S) Auto OR Vios J (M) Auto . Let’s say if i pay 20K as a D/P. if want 4 years,How much my monthly payment ?how about the interest rate? Thanks.

  63. hai, saya baru bekerja 4 bulan gaji 1900 dan teringin beli vios J d/p 7000? ada rebate x? and boleh x kalau saya nk tukar audio n streng vios J kepada TRD spec??

  64. i nk vios J auto (M).. d/p 20k.. so monthly i kne byar bpe?

  65. Hye sy nk tye klu I nk ambil vios G metallic dengan downpayment 13k how much monthly..another one if I want to vios J metallic with downpayment 7k how much monthly..can u send both of quotation I want to compare..then I want to know about Toyota skim..I mean Toyota skim loan.. Send all this to my email mizz_zna@yahoo.com

  66. My basic is rm2500 n have any commission..

  67. how much is it price for original TRD body kit?

  68. Hi MY!
    can u send me quotation for vios J At Solid…basic salary 2300 no other commitment..10% dp..planning to get a new car after hari raya..thanks!

    • Hi fadly, previously we have sent you the quotation for Myvi. As part of our recommendation, it would be much better if you take the myvi compared to this model. In term of maintenance cost, myvi is a lot cheaper. You have to take into account the road tax, insurance, maintenance and etc. We have sent you the quotation for your reference. Let us know if you have made your decision. Thanks!

  69. Any promotion for Vios G or G Limited? What is the best interest rate offered? Can you email me more details?

  70. hello..i’m interested in buying vios E (M or S)..just start working a few months ago..basic salary 2.8k + allowances = 3.1k..if i put around 3k for downpayment,how much would be the installment? how much current interest rate could u best offered?please enlighten

    • hi there, based on your employment status, you are eligible to apply for the grad scheme loan only since you are paying less than 10% down payment and you have worked less than a year. The interest should be roughly around 2.88% offered by bank Islam. That’s the lowest interest offered for this scheme. Kindly prepare the documents needed so that we can proceed with the loan application process.

  71. halo hai .. Good Afternoon
    im interested in buying Vios TRD (M) /Vios TRD (s). my salary (basic+ allowances) around 2.5k. how much downpayment i should be paid ? how much would be the installment? how much current interest rate could u best offered? please mail your reply to me asap thanks

  72. Hi, My name is Asyraf..my basic salary is 4K and I would like to purchase Vios TRD as my first car. is it possible for me to pay RM3k as a downpayment if I would like to purchase for Vios TRD? Thanks

    • Salam Asyraf, yes you can pay the 3k down payment. Since you are paying less than 10%, you should apply for the graduate scheme. How long have you been working?

      • just recently..about 3 months plus..how to apply for graduate scheme?

      • Should you be interested to proceed with the loan application process, kindly prepare the following documents:

        Copy of IC
        Copy of License
        Copy of Bank Statements (3 months)
        Copy of Pay Slips (3 months)
        Copy of Degree/diploma slip

        Please check your email for more information.

  73. Hi, i would like to have vios j metallic auto.. My monthly salary range is between rm 3k-rm 5k.. The problem is previously, i have a bad record in ccriss due to credit cards outstanding and have made the full settlement last month. The question is how long do i have to wait if i am about to apply the car lloan.. ( with 10% deposit) if i want to trade in wif wira se 1.5- 2006, do i have to pay any top up? Tq

    • Hi Ted, what’s the loan balance for the wira? As for the credit card issue, we need to double check if your name has been cleared. Kindly give us a call at 019-3559448 for any questions. thanks!

  74. Hi sir, any promotion during merdeka day till end of this year, i m planning to buy vios j version metalic, i can pay ten percent deposit, may i get the quotation sending to my email? N plz stated the free gifts which wil be given while purchase, thank you.

  75. hai, saya berminat dgn toyota vios j auto.. skrg ni sy ade myvi se 2010 nak trade in bole x? atau pun sy tunggu cukup 3 tahun myvi tu pastu sy byr d/p sbyk 10k.. gaji sy dlm 2300

  76. hi im afiq..

    basic 3k.. br kerja 3 bln.. vios j at brape skang? kalau bole nk byr monthly 700.. xde promotion ke? nk tau yg sampai hujung taun ni mane tau ade promotion.. down payment 10%.. interest?

    email afiq_beckham7@yahoo.com

  77. hai…apa beza vios J, E dan G ? kalau saya dp 20k berapa monthly agak2? pls email me the quotation…

  78. Hi.. I am foreigner from india working in KL..would like to purchase toyota vios.. my salary is 6000 RM.. Is there any chance of purchasing with out any downpayment or please let me know wat would be the minumum downpayment..

  79. hi, i just wanna ask, if i got diploma, can i buy t0y0ta vi0s with full l0an? Then what price a m0nth by 9years? TQ

  80. Trade in wira aeroback se auto 2004, berapa ye…

  81. Hi,
    I am planing to buy vios G spec. My basic salary is RM3K and down payment is RM20K. Can you please provide the quotation and interest rate for me. Any promotion for this month?

  82. Dear dealer ,I wan to ask this month does vios j spec give any promotion……i would to pay the down payment for 10k….Can you please provide the quotation and interest rate for me?Thank you

  83. Salam

    Saya bercadang untuk mendapatkan Vios J(M) dengan tambahan TRD Suspension, DVD-AVX dan aerokit package dengan jumlah nilai RM 79,388. Berapakah nilai minimum D/P yang boleh dibayar dan sekiranya saya ingin dptkan RM 0 D/P, berapakah nilai interest yang dikenakan?

    Saya memiliki Saga BLM (M) M-line keluaran Dec 2008 dengan baki hutang RM 22,500. Berapakah nilai used car panel anda boleh ambil jika saya ingin trade-in?Saya baru 27tahun, government staff dengan gaji kasar RM 5,272 dan bersih sekitar RM3,400. Rekod CTOS bersih.

    • Wasalam, jika you nak ambil 0% interest, mungkin dalam lingkungan 2.8-2.9% bergantung kepada kelayakan. Jika you berminat, kami boleh cuba apply loan untuk you terdahulu and jika lulus, kita boleh proceed. Email kami dokumen seperti berikut:

      Copy of IC
      Copy of License
      Copy of bank statements (3 months)
      Copy of Pay slips (3 months)

  84. Hi,

    Need your suggestion. actually this is my first car so need more advice so that i can make a right decision. huhu..

    which one is more suit with me based on my salary?
    monthly salary is about 3k, but after minus with cashflow, it becomes 2.5k only.
    if i paid 10k for DP, how much for the monthly payment ya? loan for 9 years.

    can u provide me the quotation, please?

    p/s : and one more thing,am still confuse between myvi extreme and vios..which one is better in term of fuelconsumption and everything la..and if can, dould u please advise me on this oso? huuu

    Thanks so much ya..

    • Both models are good in fuel consumption. In term of quality, of course vios is much more reliable. The market value is better and the maintenance should be slightly higher for the vios. Kindly check your email for more info. Thanks!

  85. saya berminat nk beli toyota vios1.5 j(A)..saya bekerja di arab saudi.gaji saya rm10k…layak x nk byr 10%..jika iye boleh beritahu apa dokumen nk disediakan

  86. hello…saya norjiha.
    i berminat untuk membeli kereta toyota vios 1.5j(A).
    im gov. servant..gaji bersih after deduction is RM1650.00
    Is it possible my loan will aprrovedt o buy this car?

  87. I am interested to purchase toyota vios J spec, with 10% down payment. My salary is RM2, 800. I also wish to get loan. Is it possible? What the min salary requirement?

  88. Salam…hi…
    Interested of buying vios j (M)…monthly salary 3k….dp around 10-15k….how much would it be for the monthly installments?gov staff…
    how much do I hv to pay if I would like my monthly payment around rm600 to 650?
    Do send me the quotation plz….
    Tqvm admin

  89. Hi, i need some suggestion, i want to change my myvi 1.3A (08/2009) to vios 1.5E or G. may i know how the loan rate and any promotion now, and can i trade-in my car for u? My monthly salary around 3.5K after deduction EPF. Thanks.

  90. hi i wanted to buy vios j (A) with rm5000 downpayment..hw much it will be monthly..

  91. hi..if gaji kasar RM 2,400 untuk 0 downpayment for toyota vios 1.5E auto berapa bulanan nye kena bayar?? sila hantar kan quotation…Thank you.

  92. salam, hi.. i would like to buy vios J spec (Metalic). My basic salary is RM2600. is it possible to get a loan? and my dp would be around RM8k. pls revert to me your quotation asap. thanks

  93. hi, i’m trading my perodua myvi (full spec, year 2006) still under loan with bank rakyat.
    planning to get new vios (auto). please advice and send me the quotation.

    Basic salary 3500 ++ (permanent and gov servant) and wanted to switch to other bank (currently paying bnk rakyat for the myvi about 570++ per month).

  94. how much is the monthly payment if i pay 15k as downpayment..?kindly send me the quotation please..

  95. Hi , may i know how much the monthly installment if i would like to get vios J(A) with 0% DP or perhaps 5% DP? my basic salary is rm2200 and nett salary pymt monthly around rm2700. kindly assist me. thanks.

  96. hi…sy bminat dgn vios e/g…kalo sy nk genapkn monthly rm800, dp brape?intrest brape ye?tq…

  97. Hi.
    i’m Nurul.
    i keep my eye on Vios E. if i put a d/p of 15k or 20k, how much is the monthly installment?
    let say, my basic salary is 2.5k.
    please quot me the detail.

  98. Hi,

    I’m interesting on buy Vios G(M). I would like to know what is the latest promotion.
    What is the lowest DP and how much is interest rate for fresh graduate?

    Please quote me the detail.

  99. I’m interesting on buy Vios G(M). I would like to know what is the latest promotion.
    What is the lowest DP and how much is interest rate for fresh graduate? How much need? can send me a quatation? thanks alot…..

  100. Hi.

    I’m interesting on buy Vios E. if i put a d/p of 10k or 12k , how much is the monthly installment?
    my basic salary is 2.3k.
    please quot me the detail.

  101. Hi.. i’m just finish my study on jan 2012, and i have start working on feb untill now. I’m thinking to buy Vios J (S) Auto using graduate plan with RM0 d/p,my salary are about RM2145.00 + allowance RM150 only.did i still can buy it?. can u give me quotation regarding this matter..thanks..

  102. quote toyota vios type E (M) & j (M)-downpymt rm20k, installment ? please give quotation

  103. Hi. i’m looking for Toyota Vios 1.5J Auto Facelift (White). Kindly provide me the quotation. May I have the latest details on the promotion for Vios 1.5J Metallic?

  104. Hi. i’m looking for Toyota Vios 1.5J Auto.Kindly provide me the quotation. May I have the latest details on the promotion for Vios 1.5J Metallic?may i trade in my myvi 2004..balace loan around rm31 for 108 months.

  105. May I know the difference of the Toyota vios model, there seem to be a lot model, my salary is around rm6000 and be able to pay Down payment around 30k, how much is the installment for 5 years and how much is the interest rate, is there any promotion for Toyota vios

  106. as salam, plan nak beli vios J (auto)..gaji bersih after deduction RM2.1k..jika d/p RM 10k..adakah permohonan loan boleh lepas?

  107. Saya ingin menjual Toyota Vios 2nd Hand Type E 1.5 AT White RM 61,000 Milage 67,000. Sangat berbaloi untuk dibeli. Tidak pernah kemalangan,tiada masalah.0177313101

  108. hello, sy bru bercadang hendak beli toyota vios 2012 pada awak. send me quotation for all model. klu ada brochure pamphlet pn send.
    apa maksud vios e (m) dan Vios e (s). s&m tu apa maksudnya?
    apa ciri2 @ klebihan vios e berbanding vios j, berbaloi ke beli e? thanks

  109. 0o0o0oo.. m=metalic s=solid.. huhu

  110. Saya nak beli vios trd (s) auto,ikat 9 tahun,kalau deposit saya 10 k,bulan2 berapa sya kena byr?

  111. hi… i am shahir… if i pay 10 k for vios j auto solid… can you email qoutation for me.. tq my salary is 2700 tq

  112. Vios 1.5j (s) auto qoutation pls plus current prpmotion..tq

  113. HI, i m looking for vios 1.5J (AT), how much is that and how about the loan interest and bank? thanks. please send me the quotation…thanks. my salary is rm2k. is it ok for me to get the loan? i will pay 10% installment

  114. Hi, I am looking for vios trd. Working for almost 2years. Basic + allowance + ot = 5.5k~6k. Deposit around 10k. Plan to get car on feb ’13. Can u send me the quotation?

  115. Hi, I want to know the price for this new toyota vios. My basic salary is RM3500 and planned downpayment is RM10,000. Please send me the full details. Tq :)

  116. I am looking for Toyota Vios G limited , I hear there are year end discounts , Can you let me know the best price thats possible.

  117. Hi, I am looking for Toyota Vios TRD (S), dp about 16k. My net income / month rm1.9k. Can u calculate for me the possible amount for 9yr loan and interest details. TQ

  118. Hi there. My salary/m0nth is around 2.5k and just graduated last oct. I’ve planed to take vios j(manual). Is there any scheme available for graduated student? If not, can i apply for loan with dp around 5k? planned to buy on january 2013. please email me any related info/prom0ti0n. Thanx

  119. Hi! Want to know if you still have trd stock for this year end promotion? Heard that trd already out of stock. Want to purchase with 11k downpayment if u still have stock.

  120. Hi! my current salary is 2400, graduated almost 3 years ago. is it possible for me to use the graduate scheme loan for vios.

  121. I am looking for Toyota Vios G (M), I hear there are year end discounts , Can you let me know the best price thats possible.

  122. Hi, can you send me regarding the vios dec promotion?

    • Hi Evelyn, it is too late to get Dec’s promotion. In your case, it would be better to get the 2013 stock which has a greater resell value. There is no big difference. Which model are you planning to get? Please check your email.

  123. Salam,

    Saya En. Ahmad bekerja di Pulau Pinang.Saya berminat dengan Toyota Vios (J) A/T. Basic Gaji + Fixed allowance approximately RM3K per month.

    1)Boleh attachkan promosi terkini yer? Sertakan sekali untuk yang spec M/T.
    2)Dengan d/payment 10% berapa installment per month? Saya nak buat tambahan body kit TRD sekali. macam mana ye?
    3)Any free gift?hehehe
    4)Kalau saya beli di mybestcardealer macam mana saya nak buat maintenance after sale? Setahu saya UMW Toyota menyediakan SC yang terbanyak di seluruh Malaysia. Boleh ke saya walk in ke sana @ macam mana?


  124. Sy plan nk pki vios j auto d/p lm 5000 bln2 brpe

  125. hi can i get full loan for vios j spec auto

  126. Hi,
    I am looking for Vios J, heard there are special price for year 2013. What is the difference between the coming new model Vios ?

  127. Hi,
    I want to seek ur adivice,
    Firsy i am really love Vios so i plan to change to this new car in 2013.
    My salary about rm2300 after deduct socso n whatsoever.
    So do u think i am able to get this model? N could u advise me which model?
    How about the payment if i will take 9yrs?
    Thank you

  128. Aslmkm wbt dan salam 1malaysia. Im interested in getting Vios TRD. So roughly if i provide dp let say RM9K, would it be able for me to have my monthly installment at RM800? if not, how much it require? Could you provide the details by referring to 2.5% rate since im working in a bank. (psstt.. why should i pick vios rather than city since they’re both very temptation to choose. Your advise would be pretty much help). Thank you.

    • Wasalam, it would be much better to take Vios if you are looking for a very good fuel efficiency car and with low cost maintenance. If you go for Toyota Vios, you have to do service for each 10,000 km, whereas Honda City is 5,000 km. This only applies if you go to the service center (warranty purposes). Why don’t you get a lower model and get a TRD bodykit? We think that TRD is over-priced.

  129. Hi there,

    I am interested in vios. I would prefer a low monthly repayment. So, I was thinking of the J Auto. Appreciate your best price. In addition, could you explain to me on the Toyota Financing plan. Is it worth to take? since I pay low amount

  130. when will vios 2013 launched in malaysia, thking to change my car in this year

  131. Plz email me for TRD & G SERIES installment with my current salary basic is rm2K..tq..

  132. Hi, can i have J(m) auto quotation? What is the promotion of this month? started working less thn 2 months n my basic is 2.5k plus allowences will b 3700k, if zero dp, wht would b the monthly instlmnt? i’m applicable for fresh grads scheme n gov loan. which 1 is better? i’m a gov servnt, how can i use the gov loan i mean wht r the precedurs n how much i need to pay monthly?

  133. hi.. i’m a teacher, would like to own vios j (a) as my 1st car . my basic salary is rm2550. i’ve know idea of purchasing a car. could u email me d quotation if i want 2 pay rm15k 4 d d/payment. do u hv any idea of d best car loan?

  134. HI,Nk tanya ya…started working less thn 6 months n my basic is rm1600 plus allowences will b 2100, i,m interest for the vios j-M…..hw abt the interest …and the monthly payment..for 7 or 9 years..thank you

  135. i,m able to pay 5k as d/p….

  136. Hi…I would like to own vios trd as my 1st car,my income is rm3500++,dp is around rm10k-rm15k,can I know what is the monthly installment for 7 years?Am I able to own the car?

  137. hi..potential buyer here..please help me to enlighten all the Q below, thanks!

    1. what is the different between Vios G (S) and Vios G (M)?since the price diff around rm1k only

    2. are both type vios above equipped with same specs, abs,disc brakes, airbag etc2?

    3.what is the interest rate for new vios G spec for this year?

    4.what is the interest rate for second hand vios G spec (year 2004-2005)?

    5. i am planning to get a vios (preferably G specs), but my budget for monthly installment is below rm400, with 10k d/p..is that ok for me to go for 8-9 years old vios, or should i just buy J specs instead?


  138. can i request a quotation for Vios J ? without any down payment? TQ.

  139. Can u quote for me quotation for vios J M/T metalic with/without downpayment?tq

  140. Hi.. Would like 2 know..if my basic is 2.2k plus allowanes around 2.6k..am i eligible.to buy vios? I plan to trade in my persona 1.6 manual yr 2010..how much do i ned to pay for dp n monthly installment?

  141. hi sy bercadang nk trade in myvi 1.3m 2009 sy dan ambil vios. gaji sy dlm rm2800. sy nk tau brp dp sy kna byr adakah boleh dpt O dp. tolg email sy tq

  142. hi I would like to know whether if my basic is RM 3,000 and after statutory deductions, my net pay is RM 26++ and I provide a downpayment of RM 20,000, I meet the minimum requirement to purchase a toyota vios (E) or (G) auto, naza forte SX auto, nissan almera VL or honda city E? Would I even need a guarantor? I have no monthly commitments at the moment like housing, car, personal or study loan. I do have a credit card but I always pay in full and on time every month.

    I was told that it’s harder to get approval for car loans now because of BNM’s net salary requirement (used to be gross).

    I’m seriously thinking about a replacement for my ageing proton wira sedan auto 1.5.


    Basically, what’s the maximum price of a car I can purchase based on the information I’ve given above? RM 85,000?RM 90,000? RM 95,000?Also, what’s the rate at the moment for foreign cars from say Maybank? 3%? 2.8%?

  143. Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure when the new Vios will be launched here but hopefully it’ll be by mid this year and the price will be in the Almera and City range. I’m told that the new Forte will be >RM 100,000 so it’s out of my range.I also hope maintenance won’t be a big headache like my Wira.

  144. hy dealer….brpe harga body trd sportivo 2013??pls email saya..muhammad_ym90@ymail.com

  145. HI..kalau saya bayar downpayment RM 4k..how much should i pay monthly for Vios J (S) auto?

  146. hai..nk tny psl side skirt vios g-limited ori, ada tak?

  147. Hi there, i am interested to change car either vios J/E (Auto) metallic. Planning to trade in my car – Honda City 2005 with good condition (leather sit), still paying installment about RM30,000 as i bought it second hand. May i know how much i still need to pay if i change to new Vios? Will you help to absorb my current car installment?

    Besides, heard that there’s new Vios coming in this late of year. Is there any promotion for current old batch? Any recommendation if i shall wait for new car version by end of year?

    Thanks for reply. :)

    • It really depends on your personal preference. Are you willing to wait? Do you like the current model or previous model? The interest rate is likely to increase next month and it may be better to buy now.

      At the moment, there is a discount of RM 1,000 rebate (J model) and RM 2,000 rebate for (E model) and both of them comes with free gifts. Get your quotation at http://mybestcardealer.com/quotation

  148. Hi my income is rm2k/month, i hav asb loan total 100k n also ada simpanan asb rm89k, komitmen sebulan asb loan rm600+-, kreta loan rm404/month…so saya cadang nk bagi kreta lama adik sambung loan tanpa tukar nama klu boleh, kira2 boleh tak saya beli vios type e auto…n brapa perlu downpament n instalmnt p/month yg sesuai utk saya.?

  149. Hello dealer, i’m looking a car..that one definitely a vios.
    But I’m not sure if affordable to pay the installment.
    And I’m still thinking if you have any suggestions for me?

  150. I m now looking for vios auto (j). Currently did u have any promotion for this old model as 2013 new model will launch soon. Thank you

  151. i’m interested with vios. my basic salary is 3400. i would like to know the monthly installment if the tenure is 9 years with 3000 down payment. thanks. or any other suggestion from an expert like u guys. thanks

  152. Pls call me am interested in purchasing vios asap. Could i have the quotation on the price list for 2013 edition.Tks

  153. Pls leave me an email note on my request placed,tks

  154. Hi,

    Need your help. Can a applicant with monthly rm3.5k but without driving license, got a gurantor to take Vios J manual/auto.

    2nd question,

    Im working at SG with salary SGD3050 monthly, a guarantor without license. Can?
    Pls quote me vios j mt/at

  155. hi.. want to purchase my first car.. interested with model vios G (s)..with basis salary 2k..can i opt for full loan..and is there any promotion..tq

  156. Hi. I wanna ask, My basic is rm2000, and my name already used for another car. I wanna get Toyota vios if possible G spec. I can give about rm20 k as deposit. Can i get loan without guarantor and how much the monthly? thanx admin

  157. hi there.

    saya berminat membeli vios g.
    dgn downpayment 5k.
    berapa lowest interest boleh dapat?
    gaji 3.3k.
    ada branch di johor tak?
    ada ready stock atau kena tunggu berapa lama?


  158. Hi my basic salary is rm2550…can I get full loan for vios 1.5e auto.thanks

  159. Hi, what is the net price for E spec auto?….include what gift,thx

  160. Pls send me the quotation for vios model..are there any discount

  161. What is the best price for Vios E(AT)? I’m from Penang.

  162. hai,,,saya berminat dengan toyota vios J (S) auto….berapa downpayment?saya goverment servant….gaji around rm 2500…kalau boleh bulanan saya nak under rm 750…boleh tak??rebate berapa yer??

  163. hi..saya berminat dgn Vios Trd. Gaji saya rm3k.kalau rm0 d/p, brp sy kena byr utk sebln slama 9 thn?..tq

  164. Salam.. sya boyz dr penang. berminat membeli vios j auto dlm awal bln july 2013. so, brape harga (on the road price) , brape (RM) diskaun ditawarkan n what free gift can i get.. Thanks

  165. Hi, may i know what the current promotion for VIOS E/G?
    heard that there was rebate of 10k to clear stock?
    may i know what the different between E and G and what the price?
    Normally how much is the interest rate?

  166. Hi,
    Can i know the promotion now for vios 1.5 e & J, in auto and manual?


  167. Hi,
    I am interested to buy the new vios. May i know when will it come out? I am interested to buy the highest spec.
    Downpayment = more than 50%
    Monthly Salary is 4.5k

    Maybe you can quote me 1st. I am planning to buy in September. That is why i am asking now so that i no need to wait very long.


  168. Hi there,

    im interested in Vios J/E auto.. my salary is rm2690, currently my father used my name to buy his car (honda city) and i have a personal loan from RHB with monthly of rm404. am i elligible to get full loan? If not, how much d/payment should i pay? plus i hope that monthly payment wont go beyond rm800..

  169. hi.. vios j auto.. dp rm18k..

  170. hi..basic salary saya rm2400. sy brminat nak beli vios & nak trade in kereta iswara aeroback SE (silver) year 2003. boleh suggestkn type mana yg sesuai utk sy.

  171. Kindly advise me for vios 1.5 E…salary around rm3k+..0 dpayment..for 9 yrs loan..how much d monthly installment?

  172. Hi, can you send me a quotation of VIOS 2013? budget and all price and monthly payment. Thanks

  173. Hi, Can you send me quotation of vios 2013 E at spec? my basic salary rm 3340

  174. Hi there, my basic salary is RM3k. Considering Vios TRD / Vios G Auto with RM3k d/p. Can you please help me with the quotation for both Vios TRD and Vios G with 7 and 9 years bank loan?

  175. hi..can you sent me quotation for vios 2012..is that any promotion right now? pls give me the cheapest price and the highest discount to me…my salary RM3k above…thanks

  176. saya brminat utk model vios 2013 , Boleh bagi qoutation dan dp yg perlu sy bayar serta any promotion for new model .

  177. HI admin.
    Saya berminat nak dapatkan vios model baru 2013.
    Bagaimana caranya?

  178. Hi, can you send me a quotation for VIOS 2013? budget and all price and monthly payment. Any promotion for new car? Basic salary 2800. Thanks

  179. hi, tlg hntrkn quotation utk vios 2013 and brpe d/pyment yg prlu sy byar

  180. klau 5ribu boleh?

  181. Hi, i really interested with TRD vios model and the new model of Vios, can u email me ur promotion price for this two type of models plus, what a diffrences of type J@A?my income is RM28++.please email me ASAP.tq.

  182. i’m expat, please email me promotion price for new vios

  183. hi..i am lily from private sector.. my salary rm 3500 monthly.. i would like to asking you about the new vios 2013 version.. i plan to trade in my car MYVi(2007) to get the vios.. is it my salary can approve to get this car..? and can u give me the roughly monthly payment for me.

  184. whats your best price for vios 1.5J auto? is there a discount for year end, any special offer if cash payment

  185. Hi..interested to buy the new model vios trd. I want to trade in my older version. Can I know how much is the value?
    Details : vios trd year 2013
    White colour

  186. HI there..

    Is it possible to get the latest promo and the quotation?
    I’m earning approx 4800 and am looking for a new car to replace my aging Proton.


  187. Salam.. is it possible for me to use normal loan if I want to pay half from 10% down payment as required?

  188. haii…
    i’m a teacher, with basic salary rm 2222 + allowance=rm3371….juz working 6 months…interested to buy Vios TRD with 8k downpayment…how much monthly installments??

  189. what else details you need?

  190. Salam Tuan,
    Mohon pandangan tuan

    Basic Gaji rm 1150 + fix allowance rm 240..
    Guranto ( ayah,gaji bersih rm 2000)

    Soalan saya kalau berdasarkan pengalaman tuan,
    Possible tak untuk bank approve loan rm 62000 untuk 2nd kereta vios E spec tahun 2012? Juga berapa anggaran interest rate 2nd untuk vios?

  191. Still got promotion? Im interested with new TRD Suportivo…

  192. hello. saya bercadang nak beli kereta baru. ingin minta pendapat mybestcardealer. which is the most u prefer? vios J or mitsubishi attrage. and I am fresh graduate. the lowest interest that u suggest. and boleh x kalau nak buat full loan untuk vios J atau mitsubishi attrage? thank you so much.

  193. Salam tuan….
    Tuan ada jual vios 2nd hand x?boleh email kn sy harga…sgt2 hendak membeli vios 2nd hand…

  194. Hello, I’m interested in buying the new Toyota Vios or Honda Civic 1.8/Hybrid with 0% downpayment and 100% loan. My salary is 4.5k, been working for 5yrs but buying a car for the 1st time under my name. Is this possible? Can I still apply for the graduate scheme? :p do u have to be a recent graduate? it doesnt say in the T&C. Please email me more info pls and price list if available for the models. TQ!

  195. hi i would like to ask .do you have the latest version of vios ?
    how much will it be the quotations ?

  196. can you send me quotation for vios and city including current promotion/rebate, i’m thinking of buying one of those. thank you

  197. My basic salary is around RM1800. Is it possible for me to get loan for Vios E/Vios J auto? Or I need to have guarantor?

  198. Hi I like to change my car..Proton pesona 2007 to vios is it possible..

  199. Hi. I interested a having new model for Vios E Spec. My current salary is RM1600 but i would like to get my husband as guarantor. He monthly salary around 2k++ (Basic+intensive). On that combine salary, can i get a loan approval. Can u give an advise. TQVM.

  200. salam,

    hi, i’m would like to trade my perodua myvi SE spec, year 2010,still under loan with maybank with balance around 28k.

    I’m planning to get new edition vios J @ E(metallic)

    please advice and send me the quotation.

    gross salary 4500++ (permanent and gov servant) and wanted to switch to other bank (currently paying maybank for the myvi about 605+ per month).


  201. Hai… wanna find Toyota Vios J Auto.. still have any promotion for this time? I’m from Government sector.. I want to know quotation for this car.. need guarantors if from government sector? Coz my basic is 1687 not included other allowance and OT… for D/P can I give rm2k..

  202. HI, just would like to know whether do you deal for cars in labuan as well?

  203. I Need To Know Monthly Payment For Downpayment 15K

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