Honda City Facelift

The new Honda City Facelift 2012 is now available for booking. The first batch will come in around May or June 2012 and give us a call at 019-3559448 for more information. Old version is still available until May 2012, so hurry up. Free tinted and get a cash rebate promotion is still available for the old version. Call us immediately for booking.

Honda City 2012 Price:
Harga Honda City 2012:

Model Transmission OTR Price 7 years 9 years
Honda City S Auto RM 85,980 1081 876
Honda City E Auto RM 90,980 1144 927

The monthly installment is calculated based on 10% down payment and interest rate of 2.48%. The rate is subjected to change depending on the customer’s eligibility and bank’s approval.

170 comments on “Honda City Facelift

  1. ada modulo version?

  2. Any discount for the new facelift? This recently there are some case bout Honda city being stole, was afraid on this. Heard they said they have duplicated the maste key it is true? I’m interest on city

  3. Hello,if I want to book this Honda facelift..what is amout for booking fees?when exactly can get from now?can I directly book from you.tq..

  4. hai..
    I’. working as Gov. staff. Just wanna know, how much the cash rebate promotion i can get for honda city 1.5 E in white color? And i’m planning to trade in my husband’s, honda sm4, year 1993, change to 2.2cc with it’s unclaim NCD. I’ll be his guarantor. Any showroom honda city to sell? My basic salary+allowance is RM 4300. After deduct Angkasa and income tax, RM2461. Increasing of basic salary+allowance in July 2012 to RM4500. Can u email me the quotation.

  5. Hi Ct Fiza, we have 2 stocks left. Kindly call us at 019-3559448. We need to know the amount of down payment you are willing to pay so that we can send you the quotation. Thanks.

  6. I’ll make rm10k for my downpayment.

  7. I would like to get new Honda city facelift , will pay downpayment of RM 15k to 20k plus trade in my 1.3 Myvi manual (year 2007, Oct). Pls send me quotation . Thanks

  8. hi have kia spectra novus year 2006…..want to trade in with this new Honda facelift….
    how much u trade in and how much deposit need to pay for Honda Facelift…send me quote…

  9. Hai…i would like to get new Honda City Facelift,. If i pay full payment, how long its take i get the car?

  10. hey.. which bank can i get 2.38% interest for Honda city

  11. i bought a Myvi 1.3 Ez in july 2007 without downpayment for 10 years repayment period. now i would like to trade in my Myvi for new facelift honda city. i am a teacher and i am willing to pay 20K for downpayment..can u plss e-mail me the qoutation..tq

    • We are just curious on the outstanding balance of your car loan. Please check with the bank first as you may need to top up some money if the outstanding loan is higher than the market value. Thanks!

  12. Pls email me the quatation, down payment RM20,000.

  13. Hi,
    I stay in penang . Interested in the new city facelift Grade E.
    with monthly rm850 -white colour-penang plate. What would be the d/p like and able to get 2.35 interest rate?

  14. Kindly use our monthly calculator to find out your exact monthly installment based on your budget: http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/

  15. how much to trade in Honda City i-dsi manufacture 2003 (register Jan 2004)? any want to know how much is the affordability ration can get the car loan? total commitment of 30% of gross income or others?

    • Hi KS, it is actually 30% of your net income, preferably RM 2,500 and above. If you would like to trade in, kindly call us directly at our number 019-3559448. We can also send you the quotation if you are interested. Thanks!

  16. Hai do u still have old version of honda city 1.5 e (white color). If so, can u send a quotation with 10% down payment and 0 down payment if available. Many thanks.

  17. Im planning on buying a new honda city grade s (10% downpayment) with basic salary rm1200 + allowance(rm2900-rm3800) am i eligible to apply for it?

    • Wasalam alif, due to your low basic salary, you may need to provide a guarantor. What is your job title? Is it based on commission? Do you have any documentation stating the allowance/commission in your job offer letter? how long have you been working? Thanks!

  18. Hi, may i know now interest rate?
    if i want buy City S, 10% down payment-9years, monthly instalment how many ?

    • Hi there, the interest is around 2.3-2.4% depending on your eligibility. Kindly check your email for more information on the monthly installment Thanks!

  19. Hi, would like to know if you have any special offer/discount currently for either model. Looking to put up a DP of RM40-50k.

  20. Hi, may i know monthly installment honda city S ? how about the interest rate ? kindly give me quotation , 10% dp with 9 years ?

  21. with basic salary rm2500 + allowance(rm200) am i eligible to apply for it?

  22. hai, saya berminat dengan honda city s spec dengan downpayment 15k loan 9 tahun, saya nak trade in kereta iswara aeroback (2006) loan masih ade 3 tahun, berapakah bulanan untuk honda city?

  23. Hi im planning to trade in my wife proton saga 1.3 year 2007 and buy hondacity facelift
    E spec dow payment 10k ,can u give me the qoutation

  24. Good Day

    I’m planning to buy this car as soon as possible. I’m fresh graduated and now my basic salary is around 2.5k.. boley sent quotation x? N one more thing ada x promotion utk fresh graduated? Plan dp 10%..

    Thank you

    • hi nicky, we have sent you the details. Please make sure you prepare the required documents and please let us know if you have any further questions.

  25. Basic salary + allowance 3.9k. Dpayment 10k.9years loan.PM me payment rate.

  26. Hi,

    If i’am a gov serv. basic salary rm2190 + allowance (rm800). Eligible or not to get honda city s?

  27. my basic is 1.3k,private working and i have my own sister to b my guarantor.she’s working in TNB as an executive manager.do i eligible to get City S with 3k as downpayment ? kindly forward ur quotations to me a.s.a.p . thanks bro .

  28. Salam… Can i know what is the besttttt rebate i can get for city if i buy it within this month or this year.. Would appreciate if u can leave a feedback at mevsnothing@yahoo.com

  29. Hi my basic salary is 3000..am i eligible to get honda city grade s under graduate scheme? Hope you can provide me more details on this.

  30. Pm me wat rebate can i get if purchase within this year?

  31. I saw that we can get 0.88% intesrest for honda..if im buying honda civic / honda city can i get that 0.88% interest for 9 years loan with 10%downpayment? Do pm me the details.thanks

  32. I saw promotion that we can get 0.88% intrest for honda..if im intrested honda city can i get that 0.88% interest for 9 years loan with 10%downpayment? pls pm me the details ASAP.thanks

  33. salam..kalau saya keje gov gaji 2.4k plus income sewa rumah with agreement 1.3k..bolehkah dapat loan? tq

  34. add info: i want to pay 10k d/p, 9 years, buy this year

  35. saya chambering student di firma guaman dgn elaun bulanan lebih kurang RM2k.sy sudah berkahwin,suami kakitangan kerajaan dgn basic income RM2800+allowance jd RM3700.blh tak sy joint income dgn husband utk beli honda city guna normal loan ataupn blh tak sy apply guna graduate scheme.tlg emailkan quotation.TQ.

  36. Hi, saya bercadang nak beli honda city dengan trade-in Saga BLM 1.3 ML (tahun beli Feb 2008), kerja Gov-bersih RM 2900/month + side income RM 2000/month. Cadang d/p RM 6500. Berapa monthly untuk 9 tahun.?

    • Hi Sha, boleh email admin baki hutang kereta Proton Saga tersebut? Kami genapkan down payment 10% utk kemudahan. Sila hubungi kami di 019-3559448 jika you berminat untuk mengetahui maklumat tentang trade in value.

  37. Hi i would like to know honda city’s E interest rate & the best promotion u can offer please. downpayment rm10k. thanks!!!

  38. hai..sy bercadang nk beli honda city dan trade in saga blm year 2009. bole sy dptkan quotation??tq

  39. hi admin, just now i know ur blog..very helpful…anyway..i ade kelisa 2003 manual n dah abis bayar..nak trade in with city model E, so can u gift ur quot. n free gift..my kelisa is now at perak…

  40. Hai, can you email me the quotation for city grade s not the fl one and if there any cash rebates? , dp 10% and 0% dp for 9 years.. Really interested in buying one..

  41. Hi, my salary 2500 + 850 (allowance 850) gov staff, if i want to buy honda city type S, d/payment 25K, buy this month..can you pm me rebate and the best possible interest rate that i can get..do pm me asap..thanx..

  42. Hello,could you please get me the quotation for Honda S and E as if my downpayment is 20k, and for 7 and 9 years? as salary is around 3000+/month. TY

  43. Salam admin..

    Untuk honda city type E, boleh ke dapat full loan. Tq.

  44. Salam admin..gaji bersih sy rm1, 950.00 sahaja. sy berminat dengan Honda city..layak atau tidak utk dpt full loan.

  45. Am working with govt. Salary + allowance= Rm 7000. Net income Rm 4,800, after minus loan for house+ existing govt car loan. Am I eligible for 100% car loan? Intesreted with Honda city. Kindly advice.

  46. Hi, pls send me a quotation of Honda City E spec. Pls let me know what is the best promotion & interest rate if I’m going for 7 or 9 yrs instalment with 10% downpayment.

  47. slm admin
    sekdr brtanya ttp masih bingung mmilih sama ada rush @ city …klu dwnpymnt rm 30000 utk 7 thn , bln brp ? typ e

  48. admin, nk tanya for honda city v spec + modulo kit/ latest jazz s spec brapa monthly?..down payment rm 20k?..

  49. hi, can you email me on the promotion details? 0.88% is fixed or not?
    i would like to purchase City Grade E, 9yrs with deposit of 10k…

  50. salam,

    Tuan, ade apa2 promotion utk City buat masa skrng x? income sy rm2200 shj…

  51. Salam, any promotion for Honda City sempena CNY? Kindly email me the quotation (City E with 10% dep). thanks

  52. Hi gaji bersih saya rm3500 campur overtime dan part time job boleh dapat rm4500. Kalau saya nak model honda city E, dengan deposit rm3000 possible tak? tq

  53. Berminat city atau civic…mohon quotation

  54. Im interested with honda city new facelift grade e,give best rate for 9 years and interest below 2.5% and i would like to pay 10% downpayment, this will be my first car n im government servant got salary 2700 nett after deduction.any promotion or rebate?

  55. berminat,honda city new facelift grade e..trade in proton gen2 2004 manual..
    emailkan angaran yea tq.

  56. Hi,
    Im intersted to buy this new one. Can you send the quotation to my email. thanks

  57. I’m having trouble deciding between naza kia forte, nissan almera, hyundai elantra,kia rio, honda city and toyota vios. I’m told that although kia may have nicer designs now thanks to their German designer (Shreyer), the resale value is low and spare parts are expensive as compared to the Japanese brands I mentioned earlier.

    I can provide about RM 20,000-25,000 downpayment and I have no monthly financial commitments (housing loan, study loan, car loan, personal loans etc) but I don’t know what to replace my existing car with (proton wira 1.5 auto 2002 model). I also don’t have any outstanding balance on my credit cards.

    Of the brands I mentioned along with say Ford Fiesta, which is ‘cheaper’ to maintain (after sales, spare parts etc).If possible, I’d like to avoid Vios because it’s too common where I live.

    Hope you can give me your honest opinion. I plan to get a new car sometime this year.

    Thank you.

    • Hi there, we would always recommend our buyer to purchase a brand new Vios and that’s probably why you can see more of this model on the road. It has better fuel efficiency, great resale value, and low maintenance cost.

  58. Salam. Boleh send quotation, if nak bayar dp 20k & gaji net 2.3k sahaja so far. TQ.

  59. good afternoon . im kisha can u send me quotation for Honda city E . My net pay will 2.5k (basic+ allowences) above per month .deposit m possible to make 15k

  60. salam,

    Kalau muka dlm 4K untuk city S 2012 then monthly brapa ya?any promotions for car 2012?

  61. Hi…im fresh grad currently working, interested in honda city e spec. Salary 3.2k. Possible to get full loan? Can I get the quotation?

  62. can i tradein with myvi 2011 manual?cn give some direction..

  63. i will contact you after office our,,can u giv me quatation on honda city…

  64. Hi my basic salary RM3K interested to buy honda city s, can make full loan up to 9 years? would like to trade in kancil 860 year 2005, pls send a quo’n to my email sizuka_020400@yahoo.com thx

  65. Hi my name is Rizal, i interested in buying Honda City but i want it to come in Modulo Body kit, I work as teacher and i can put RM 40000 as the down payment. My basis salary around RM 3000. Can you sent my the quotation for this type of car and if possible i want the car to have reverse camera too.. TQ

  66. Salam Tuan, City model VA dah kuar blom ye?

  67. i’m still study..interested in honda city ..can i get full loan
    can i get the quotation for further detailed?

  68. My basic salary is 3100 + allowance 750,do i eligible to get a Honda City E spec?what is the promotion for honda city on june?

  69. Hi , i am interested in Honda City S, any discount for that? kindly send me quotation, thanks. i would like to buy it under my company name.

  70. Hi admin, My daughter’s basic salary is RM 1200 + allow = RM 2600. Is she eligible for 75% – 80% loan? I have a 2002 Hyundai Matrix 1.8 GLS (A) . How much is the value for trade in ?

  71. Not possible. Is there any other ways? eg lower loan ?

  72. Hi, i am asking if i qualify to get honda city E+ spec with below statement.
    Monthly income 3100, down payment 15000.

  73. I want the S model. My salary is 4.2K but I would like a full loan for 9 years. Am I eligible to purchase?

  74. Salam. sy berminat dgn city E. Basic gaji rm2.6k. nk trade in dgn kancil 850 dan berapa minimum dpayment? Pls quot. tq

  75. Saya berminat untuk beli honda city gred E.. sanggup bayar down payment dalam 20k.. berapa sekurang2nya gaji yang diperlukan untuk approve loan.. dan kalau boleh ke guna penjamin kalau gaji tak cukup syarat.. tq.. ahm2480@yahoo.com

  76. Hi I would like to purchase honda city s, how much s the price and discount given
    is insurance included

  77. Hi,saya ada send e-mail untuk u,
    give me a quote for car Honda Civic Type R

  78. Hi Admin. My wife is a school teacher. Currently her salary is RM3000 (as at Aug 2013). Her salary will be adjusted/backdated somewhere on October 2013 to rm3200 (due to delay in processing July 2013 salary). Currently she have personal loan amounting Rm800/month and credit card installment around rm300/month. Did she eligible for Honda City E spec?

  79. what is the requirement to be guarantor? Did the guarantor need to fullfil the same eligibility requirement?

  80. Hi admin.
    Am I entitle for 0 d/p for Honda city? Current car perodua viva 850 manual with balance loan 15K. Basic salary 3.6K. Is there any disc% for this model?


  81. Salam,
    Saya berminat Honda facelift ..Honda City E. (Beri sekali quotation Honda City S)
    My Downpayment RM 20,000.00. My basic salary RM 3000.00. How much my instalment per month bagi 7 tahun?
    Boleh beri quotation hari ini?…Tlg email ke azridaazri@yahoo.com.
    Tqs a lot.

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