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My Best Car Dealer Main Representative
Name : En Ihsan
Phone : 019-3559448
Fax No : 03-90582906
Experience :  > 10 years
Showroom : Kuala lumpur and Selangor

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Every day is a new beginning for us at My Best Car Dealer. We have always been aware of the hassle involved with purchasing ones first car, the dealer, the negotiation and traveling from show room to show room. To address these issues, we designed and launched this website on April 9th, 2009. We are now revolved around the total customer satisfaction and experience. Our team’s primary goal is to provide you the customer with all the services that you would get by going to the car showroom but without the headache and all are done from the comfort of your computer seat. Our sales team has been in business for more than five years and we have sold over 3500 vehicles (Last updated on January 11) to our satisfied customers. Our customer is the only reason we are here. Thank you for choosing us.

Meet our friendly, talented, skilled and qualified car representatives

Note that:They are authorized dealers/salesmen/representatives from different companies and they must have 5 years of experience in selling cars to be our representatives. Any emails/updates/marketing ads are monitored by our administrative officer.

No Car Makes Main Authorized Dealers 2nd Authorized Dealers
1 Kia En. Juraimi -
2 Honda En. Awie Cassie
3 Toyota En. Hazli -
4 Nissan En. Qalif -
5 Proton En. Ihsan En Asri
6 Perodua En. Ihsan -

Interested to get a financing for your used car?

Call our financial advisor, Alin at 019-3788398 to arrange the loan for you. We can help you in getting the lowest interest rate in the market given our expertise and wide range networking with few bank panels. We have been in the industry for more than a decade and the experiences we have are definitely invaluable to you.


Our blog

Selling new cars is our core business and this blog is designed for us to share with you the latest car news, information and promotion.

We are here to serve you the best service we can offer:

  • Quick loan approval guarantee.
  • Stocks are available on demand.
  • Set an appointment near you.
  • Around the clock consultation.
  • Cash rebate. (varies).
  • Low interest rate.
  • Better deals with trade ins.
  • Free consultation, no charge applied!
  • Cut your phone bills, contact us via email.
  • Free gifts and promotions are excessive.
  • Our friendly services.
  • Our great promotions.
  • Offer 0 down-payment.
  • Prompt services and endless support.
  • We are always here for your assistance.

Feel free to contact us if you need any additional information.


352 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Assalamualaikum, saya Saha dari CIMB Bank (Auto Finance), saya ingin menjadikan pihak tuan dan rakan sebagai rakan kerjasama dalam urusan jual beli kereta. Saya ingin melibatkan dalam bahagian pinjaman kenderaan. Jika pihak tuan ingin bantuan dalam apa jua pekara dalam hal pinjaman di CIMB, pihak tuan boleh menghubungi saya. Tuan boleh hubungi saya di 019-3574349. Dengan ini.. pihak saya dapat juga membantu meningkatkan jualan pihak tuan. Terima Kasih.

  2. i have enquiry about toyota (vios) and honda (city)price….any 0 % down payment?and can trade in by produa (viva)?only 1 year ago..

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Can you provide us the outstanding balance of your Perodua Viva loan? If the balance is still high, you would probably need to pay a lot of money to get rid of the car. Email us the details, your gross salary and the specific model of your Perodua Viva. Thanks.

  3. salam,

    i have enquiry about toyota avanza 1.5 auto.could u plz sent someone to explanation me asap.


  4. Any promotion offer for MyVi? Please contact me at 0102263955, call me Mr Kong

  5. salam,
    do u have any stocks for GEN2 CPS Hi-LINE (MT) ? im prefer FIRE RED color. It doesn’t matter if the car is 2010 stock. And wanna know how much the disc for this model. TQ

    • There’s no stock available for this model but you can apply for the car loan first. It’s easier and faster that way. And you’ll get your car as soon as the stock becomes available. The discount for Gen2 is RM2,500 for this month and it is subjected to change. Please contact us for further information.

  6. Hi,

    Can i know what is the promo for Proton Persona at the moment? And which bank give the best interest rate for car loan for 9 years?

    Thank you

  7. Salam

    I’m interested in buying Honda Civic 1.8L..what is the interest at this moment. I also want to trade in my vios G spec 2009 and the outstanding balance around 66k.

    • Wasalam,

      Please submit your documents to us if you are interested. If you have time, you can always meet our Honda representative by calling us at 019-3559448. We can further discuss about the trade in value of the car during the meeting. Thank you.

  8. hi. If i wanna buy Hyundai i10, RM45,000 and loan RM30,000, how much is the interest rate for 9 yrs? Any promotion now for 1st time buyer?

  9. interested in viva elite basic auto,salary around 3.2k nett,can i apply without down payment?any advice and suggestion?

    • Hi Lucaz,

      You have a pretty high salary and you should not have a problem paying less than 10% down payment. If you are trying to apply for a full loan, we need to submit your documents to the bank and we’ll see from there if you are eligible for it. Contact me directly at 019-3559448 for more information. Our Perodua showroom is at Sri Petaling.

  10. Hi,

    May I know what’s the interest rate for new Myvi car loan of RM30k with 5-year repayment?


    • The normal rate is 3.2% but it seems to us that you’ve better financial records and you may expect lower interest rates. It really depends though. Submit your documents to us and then you’ll know the exact rates.

  11. I am from Sabah. I am looking at Toyota Rush for RM92K, downpayment for RM30K, what is the best rate you could offer for 5 year term car loan?

  12. Hi, you have a very informative site here. I am 60 years old and would like to trade in a Perdana executive(registered in 03/11/2003) millage 250000 km for a Toyota Prius in Penang , market price of $139900 . I am still working and earning o k.I want to apply for a $60000 loan My 2 questions are what would be the resale or trade in value of the Perdana and and the estimated interest rate for a loan of 60000 over 3 years.
    Thank you
    & keep it up

    • Hi Nathan,

      Before we proceed to answer your question, we are sorry to inform you that our services are limited to Selangor and Kuala Lumpur areas only and the trade in value will be different if you want to compare with our price and the used car dealers from your place. The interest rate I would say will be lower than 2.7%, depending on your financial documents, but you can use 2.7% as a good approximation. Calculate your monthly installment at our page {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/}.

      • Thank you for the prompt reply
        what would be the agak agak resale or trade in value of the Perdana executive registered in( 03/11/2003) millage 250000 km

  13. i wanna make car loan but other then this brand. can i?

  14. salam encik ihsan,

    nama saya harris, saya berminat nak trade in myvi standard isteri saya beli pada tahun 2006 dgn myvi baru 2011, masalahnya isteri saya tak berkerja and saya bekerja bergajikan rm5500 tapi saya ader blacklist…….boleh ke saya beli kereta tapi ambil kakak saya as guarantor….harap encik ihsan boleh tolong terima kasih salam

  15. Good day Admin,
    I’m graduated and just want to have my first car this year. My question, will I get the 2009 Honda city (S grade lower spec) or 1.6SX Kia Forte if my monthly commitment will be RM500~RM600/mth ??
    FYI..I have no yet home loan, car loan or other. Just have a steady account.
    My salary is RM2,500/mth

    • Are you talking about the 2009 Honda City and 2009 Kia Forte? We arent really sure about the price of these used models.

      • I also in the middle to chose whether I can purchased NEW or USED car with my expected commitment range RM550~RM700 per month seems graduate can have 10yrs of tenure. Can you help me to solve this dilemma? My only expected model is 2009 Honda City( which ever New or Used) and Kia Forte(just want a New one)..so please help me and if your team applicable to supply which ever above model I would go for it. Thanks,really appreciates.

      • If you want to use the grad scheme, you can only buy a new car, not used. However, your expected commitment is not enough to afford buying either new Honda City or Naza Forte. If you are willing to pay around 800+, you should get the lowest spec of Naza Forte. The interest rate for any new cars is much lower than the used cars, but since you’re using grad scheme, your interest should be around 3.5% (+-) depending on your document.

  16. If you want to use the grad scheme, you can only buy a new car, not used. However, your expected commitment is not enough to afford buying either new Honda City or Naza Forte. If you are willing to pay around 800+, you should get the lowest spec of Naza Forte. The interest rate for any new cars is much lower than the used cars, but since you’re using grad scheme, your interest should be around 3.5% (+-) depending on your document.

  17. Then if I go for Hire Purchase scheme??? As we know it have a contract, and I have no problem if 5yr pay low and 4 yr pay high..as my income will growth. Can u check if I would go for Hire Purchase hows that be? thanks

  18. how about 9yrs for USED 2009 honda city for RM70k? my DP would be RM2k. conventional loan will be monthly how much??

    • Feel free to use our online calculator at {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/}. The interest rate may vary though for used car. Range of the interest rate could be around 3.5-4.5%. Just play around with it to make sure your budget falls under the range.

  19. Hi

    I want to buy a Proton Saga FLX manual. Can u tell me what are the interest rates? I get different rates. Is it 2.9 or 3.1 or 3.2%? How fast is delivery time and loan approval time?


  20. Please also tell me what are the offers for Proton FLX.

  21. Salam En. Ihsan, saya ada beberapa pertanyaan,

    1. Gaji Kasar saya 2.9 and Gaji Bersih saya 1.9 (potong EPF, SOCSO and Personal Loan). Saya nak tau berapa paling tinggi loan saya boleh pergi? berapa interest rate terkini untuk full tenure 9 tahun

    2. Saya ada Hyundai Accent 2004 (A) untuk trade in (loan settled) and saya berminat dengan Naza Kia Sportage yang baru tu. Agak2 loan saya boleh lepas tak dengan info di atas. Kalau perlu tambah duit muka mungkin boleh diusahakan.

    • Wasalam Adi,

      Bagi kereta yang berharga RM 130k ke atas, minimum basic salary adalah RM 3.5-4,000. Memang agak sukar utk lepas loan ni tetapi jika tuan dah berkahwin, disyorkan agar tuan buat joint-income loan bersama isteri. Berkemungkinan ia lepas dengan cara sebegitu selepas trade in kereta tersebut.

  22. Hai,

    I’ve been working in Saudi Arabia for almost 11 years. On Oct next month will return back to Malaysia and start work with company under Khazanah Nasional with salary 11k. how can I get Hyundai Tucson 2.0 high spec with 100% loan? Our salary statement just on a piece of A4 paper. No income tax, no epf. But I have letter offer from company in Malaysia.

    curious guy

  23. Hi,
    I would like to trade in my 2003 Peugeot 607 for new Honda Accord or Sonata.

    My current bank which I still have outstanding balance of RM100K valued my car at RM125K but willing to trade in at RM90K.

  24. Hi,
    I would like to trade in my 2003 Peugeot 607 for new Honda Accord or Sonata.

    My current bank which I still have outstanding balance of RM100K valued my car at RM125K but willing to trade in at RM90K

  25. I am planning to get Camry soon but with the launch of the 2012 Camry, has created some confusion.

    I have a few questions:
    1. The Malaysian (Non-US) Model will only have slight variation in design?
    2. When will it be available for booking?
    3. The entry level is 2.5L? If this is the case, what about 2.0L?
    4. Will the current model be cheaper after the new model launch?
    5. Will the hybrid version be launched in Malaysia and when?


    • Hi Selvakumar,

      We haven’t received any news related to this new model.
      1. Malaysian model usually has a slightly different in design on the bumper, the front and rear lamp.
      2. The launching date has not been disclose yet, therefore booking shall not be made prior to this.
      3. They should have 2.0 model here.
      4. The current model would be cheaper if and only if there’s a lot of inventories unsold at the time of launching date of the new model.
      5. Hybrid model should come a bit later (if any).

  26. helo admin, please check your threads with other customers, what the hell all of them replied through my email??? so many time..please do not quote from my previous comment !! otherwise all the coming up comments will receives through my email though. Thanks

  27. No have not check. According to bank vaue still at RM125K and able to loan up to RM110K.

    • Great, but most of the time, bank would set the price according to the selling price offered by the used car. Meaning, they would pay you much less if you are selling the car to them. However, it’d be great if you could provide us your contact number or call me Ihsan at 019-3559448 to get the exact market price and we can always meet up to discuss about this.

  28. Thanks for prompt reply. Will contact you soon once I am back from overseas the week after next.

  29. interested to trade in persona 2007 with inspira 2.0.
    any promotion ?

  30. My h/p no 012-6479098

  31. What is the lowest interest rate for Proton Saga and may I know which bank is it?

  32. Hi..what is the OTR price for persona? how much wil my instalment be if i pay RM4000 d/p?

  33. Assalamualaikum,

    saya mohon bantuan saudara untuk memberi pandangan, saya baru hendak beli kereta baru tetapi konfius untuk buat pilihan, saya harap saudara dapat membantu untuk saya membuat pilihan tepat dimana budget bulanan untuk bayar ansuran kereta sekitar RM600 untuk 9 tahun dengan downpayment dalam RM12k.

    Saya harap saudara dapat membantu saya


  34. Usually how long a customer have to wait if he/she want to purchase proton saga FLX 1.3 AT(M)..start from applying loan, approved and get the car considering he/she have good financial and have stock

  35. salam..saya nk bertanya..kalau nk beli kereta swift baru tp nk guna plate langkawi…berapa market skrg?

  36. brapa harga kereta langkawi?nk pakai kat sana..

  37. salam en ihsan,

    i go through proton website and found special savings up to 2500 and a free service voucher with persona elegance, saga fl & exora.
    dis promo valid if i buy through proton only or still valid if i buy through mybestcardealer?
    interested in saga fl.tQ.


    • Wasalam aisya, You’re mentioning about SAGA FL right? Not FLX?

      The discount on the Proton website depends on the model, RM 2,500 is strictly for Exora only. We can offer you RM 2,200 discount on Proton Saga FL and our free gifts if you are interested. We have limited stock for Saga FL and kindly call us and let us know the specific spec for the model that you’re interested. I.e color, transmission. Call us at 019-3559448.

      • en ihsan,

        thank you for your fast reply.
        i’m interested on saga fl executive manual white colour.
        can that RM2,200 be consider as down payment?
        if yes, kindly inform me how much should i topup for the downpayment and how much was my monthly for 7 years repayment?


        **sorry, not to forget would like to ask you how long will this promotion last?

  38. Hello,

    I am intrested to trade in my kelisa and to buy myvi SE 1.5. my current balance at bank Rm 17,800 not include current month due but people offer Rm 16k only any possible to trade in more ? If yes i am ready to make 3k deposit for new car..

    Than you

  39. hello there…

    kindly respond 2 my previous comment on November 15, 2011 at 5:36 pm.
    really interested.


    • The promotion always changes every month but it depends, sometime it is fixed. Yes, you can use that cash rebate to pay for the down payment. In term of how much you have to add is truly depending on you. The down payment is not strictly 10% and you can pay less, but the more the better as you wont pay extra interest.

      However, the executive manual spec is out of stock (all dealers). Sorry. We do have auto but need to check on the color. Let us know if you are interested.

      • en ihsan,

        thank you for your fast reply but so sad to hear that there was no stock for the FL executive manual coz i prefer a manual car.

        its ok.so, would like to hear from u if there was any discount or promotion for saga FLX executive manual white colour.


  40. Is that any chances to get more value for my car to trade in and buy myvi ?

  41. Salam En Ihsan,

    Saya sekarang mempunyai dua kereta: 1. persona tahun 2008 – basic model, loan 9 tahun, 2. gen2 tahun 2007 – enhanced version, loan 9 tahun. Kedua-dua kereta ni saya bercadang untuk trade in dan tukar kereta baru. Untuk kereta persona, saya bercadang untuk trade in dan ambil Myvi 1.3 baru, dan untuk kereta gen2, saya bercadang untuk trade in dan ambil Kia Forte 1.6 SX. Yang paling penting sekarang, saya nak tahu berapa RM saya boleh dapat untuk trade in kedua-dua kereta ni daripada tuan dan seterusnya ambil kereta baru daripada tuan juga. Terima kasih.

    • Wasalam Hafizul,

      Boleh kami dapatkan maklumat lebih lanjut tentang transmission kereta persona dan gen-2 tersebut? Adakah ia auto atau manual? Lebih mudah jika anda dapat memberikan maklumat tentang baki hutang bagi kedua-dua kereta tersebut kerana dikhuatiri hutang kereta anda masih tinggi.

      Terima Kasih.

      • Maaf ada pembetulan sikit. Kereta persona beli pada Mei 2009, model basic, auto transmission, bayaran bulanan sebanyak RM574.00. Kereta gen2 dibeli pada November 2007, enhanced version, auto transmission, bayaran bulanan sebanyak RM580.00. Untuk makluman, kereta persona dipandu oleh isteri saya, mileage masih kurang dari 10,000km dan berada dalam keadaan sangat baik. Kalau tuan boleh dapatkan nilai trade in yang baik, saya bercadang untuk tukar persona kepada Myvi terlebih dahulu. Kemudian diikuti gen2 ditukar dengan Kia Forte 1.6 SX. Harap dapat beri quotation yang terbaik. Tuan juga boleh emel saya di hafizul1205@gmail.com. Terima kasih.

  42. Hi morning
    ada x honda city or vios yg harga dalam lingkungan rm 75000 ke bawah.dan 0 downpayment.
    untuk pengetahuan saya ada masalh ccris dgn kereta lama but saya dah clearkan masalah tu.
    skrg saya dah keje dgn company baru and my basic salary is RM 2600.
    my bajet for mthly is rm below 900 and im dont have a payslip yet due i just started with my new campany this year.
    hope boleh tlg saya

  43. ingin ty rate terkini kenderaan local untuk graduat scheem n ape benefitnyA..apakah rate terkini jika bukan under grad skim…tq

    • Interest rate uk local car berada dlm 2.9% interest. Jika anda berminat utk menggunakan grad scheme, anda boleh membuat full loan tetapi interest rate nya adalah 3.1%. Jika saudarA mempunyai wang utk membayar down payment, lebih elok utk anda mengambil loan biasa.

  44. Hi, i am interested to buy Persona B-Line Elegance but currently i still paying loan for the perodua viva 1.0 auto Year of 2008 (Monthly RM 470). Now my brother want to continue the loan but still under my name. my basic salary is RM1550 Monthly. is it possible for me to purchase the persona ?

  45. HI there,

    Just want to ask your opinion.What car would you suggest me if I am able to pay down payment around RM20k but i want my monthly repayment NOT to be more than RM450.00.(If possible 5 yrs repayment).Been working for almost six yrs(private).

    Thanking you in advance.

  46. Hi there,

    Thank you for the reply.Not Viva.Maybe Saga or Myvi.I need auto car.How mush interest and repayment differs differs for repayment of 7 yrs?Plan to purchase in May this year.

  47. Hi,
    Appreciate your reply on the following:-
    a) May I know what is the price for a Suzuki Swift for both GX and GLX;
    b) What is the loan interest rate ?
    c) What would the monthly installment be for 7 years with downpyt of 10%?

  48. *I would like to follow up through email.
    Hi there, I plan to get my first car, which probably will be Persona :
    1) Is there a Manual Transmission for Persona H-Line? How much is it?
    2) Is there a lower interest rate for people who want to own a first car?
    3) How much is the interest for Public Bank, Maybank, and Eon Bank if would like to get RM40000 car loan, and repayment of 5 years or 7 years?

    Thanks for your answer in advance.

  49. I have a Suzuki Swift June 2005 reg, CBU for sale. Excellent condition with sports rims, leather seats & Kenwood touch screen DVD/USB player with Amplifier & Boom Box. Mileage 97,000km. What is the 2nd hand price?

  50. Hi,
    I just wanna ask,
    I already have permanent job with basic salary 2500.
    But it will be around 2200 after epf & socso deduction.
    I dun have any commitment for loan.
    I’m looking for honda city or toyota vios.
    If i pay the down payment about 5k, how much do i have to pay monthly for the loan?
    I prefer the monthly payment is below 800 & much better if below 700.
    Which car suitable for that kind of payment?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Hanim, Toyota vios J would be a good choice for you but you also need to have a guarantor as your basic pay doesn’t meet the minimum requirement. If you want to apply a loan without a guarantor, we would recommend you to take either myvi, persona, saga or other local cars. Would you be able to provide a guarantor?

      • Thank you 4 ur reply. Yes, I do hv guarantor but what is the guarantor qualification?
        And if take the Toyota vios J, how much is the monthly payment if i pay 5K as the down payment? If possible, can u reply directly to my email? Thank you.

  51. hello,
    saya berminat dengan toyota wish 1.8s atau 2.0z thn 2012. Gaji bersih 1900.00. Lepas ke saya beli. Kalau lepas brapa interest yang dikenakan serta downpayment yang dikenakan. Saya tidak terikat pada mana2 pnjaman/loan.

  52. Hi,

    im interested in purchasing the number plate WWW77..
    do u know roughly how much it will cost and how do i bid for it??


  53. Nak tau best offer for Hyundai i10..boleh emailkan harga & special offer(if any) terkini?
    sedang survey & looking for the best deal..TQ :)

  54. Hi,

    Saya baru dapat kerja dan bercadang untuk membeli kereta myvi tahun 2007-2008.
    Saya tiada slip gaji, cuma ada offer letter. Boleh ke?

  55. salam..
    1. gaji 3k bersih 1.8k
    2. isteri x keje tp ada elaun bulanan 330.
    3. proton iswara beli jan 2007. manual 1.3 monthly rm380.
    4. kakitangan kerajaan.
    berdasarkan maklumat atas boleh x berikan sy gambaran utk sy dapatkn exora bold

    • Wasalam,

      1. Isteri dapat elaun bulanan daripada siapa ye?
      2. You nk trade in kereta iswara atau tambah lagi satu?
      3. Model exora bold yang tuan inginkan?
      4. Berapakah down payment yang ingin dibayar?

      Pihak kami cadangkan agar tuan tidak membuat loan lebih daripada RM 50-60k untuk mndpatkan kelulusan pinjaman.

  56. tq maklumat di beri….
    1. isteri dapat elaun dr potongan gaji saya…1.8k dah potong elaun.
    2. trade in….
    3. exora bold manual / auto..cenderung kepada auto..
    4. 0 downpament / 10 % ….klau leh 0 dowpayment…
    5 loan lebih lg x leh ke….

  57. 6. sory..brape gaji besih untuk full loan exora bold auto….yg 72k tu….

  58. salam,

    Berapa price utk Toyota Caldina 2.0 ZT. Prefer yg unregister

  59. Johor car plate number 9696 how much ya?

  60. Where is your office?

  61. salam..
    sy sedang mencari kereta nissan grand livina yang boleh di buat full loan. harga dalam 62k ke bawah….
    . 1. gaji 3k bersih 1.8k
    2. isteri br dpat slip gaji yang pertama pendapatan hasil ladang felda. rm 1.4k
    3. proton iswara beli jan 2007. manual 1.3 monthly rm380. utk trade in
    4. kakitangan kerajaan.
    en ihsan ada x kereta tu……

  62. im looking for honda civic 1.8sl….how much is the price now??if booking need wait how long!!im rush…thanks can email me s_pohui852@hotmail.com

  63. Salam, saya nak tahu harga untuk Suzuki Swift ada tak? After DP, monthly and also Interest. TQ.

  64. Hi, I’ve dropped you an email at admin@mybestcardealer.com regarding the KIA Forte 16.SX. Waiting for your reply.

  65. salam,
    saya bercadang untuk memiliki toyota wish recond 1.8. saya memiliki waja campro tahun 2007 untuk di tread in. gaji bersih saya dalam RM3100.00 dan tiada black list.
    berapakah maksimum loan saya boleh dapat. Lepas tak untuk saya buat loan untuk
    toyota wish tersebut dan berapa installment bulanan selama 9 tahun. terima kasih

  66. Salam, saya nak refinance kereta viva model 850 (ebony black) beli dalam tahun 2009. masa tu menggunakan suami saya sebagai gurantor.. ( dia seorang pekerja swasta ) sebulan saya membayar 346.00, selepas saya berkhidmat di kerajaan, saya bercadang untuk refinance balik dengan bayaran bulanan yg murah. Boleh kah saya berbuat begitu

    email : nida2384@yahoo.com

    • Wasalam, kereta sendiri memang tidak boleh buat refinance. Kalau tidak, sudah tentu ramai yang ingin refinance kereta mereka kerana interest rate yang terkini lebih murah.

  67. hi, I am interested on Toyota Innnova. Do u hv any special promotion on it?

  68. hi, I am interested on Toyota Innnova. Do u hv any special promotion on it? Pls reply to my email address.. TQ~

  69. Hi, I am a foreigner who is having a expatriate visa in Malaysia. I want to have a car but at the moment I have 5k only. for rest of the payment I want to apply a loan. My Salary is higher than 5k and Im not entitle for EPF or SOCSO. Will I able to buy a car around 15k to 20k with applying a loan?

  70. hi…
    sy berminat dgn honda city 1.5E..skrg ni sy ada atos 1.1 thun 2004 yg berbaki 1thun lbh je lg utk settle…blnan nya rm478..brapa hrga atos klu sy trade in?perlu ke sy tmbah utk atos itu?

  71. Hii…
    Sy berminat untuk memiliki sebuah satria neo 1.6 tahun 2006-2007…
    Gaji sy basic 1400…lepas potong eps dan lain lain gaji dapat lebih kurang 1200…boleh tak sy dapat pinjaman kereta? harge satria neo 1.6 sy tengok tengok pun lebih kurang 30 k….

  72. Hii…
    Sy berminat untuk memiliki sebuah satria neo 1.6 tahun 2006-2007…
    Gaji sy basic 1400…lepas potong epf dan lain lain gaji dapat lebih kurang 1200…boleh tak sy dapat pinjaman kereta? harge satria neo 1.6 sy tengok tengok pun lebih kurang 30 ….loan maximum berape thn ye?

  73. assalam..hai..just nk tanye, boleh ke kita ambil pesara kerajaan sbg penjamin or joint income dgn diorang?

    • Wasalam, Joint income bagi loan kereta hanya boleh dengan isteri sahaja. Ia bergantung kepada komitment penjamin dan jumlah duit saraan tersebut. hubungi kami di 019-3559448 kerana kami perlu mengetahui maklumat lanjut utk menjawab soalan anda.

  74. Hi, what is the best interest rate for a Proton Saga CVT 1.3 (Metallic) if I take a loan of RM23K and 7 years repayment.

  75. Do you carry Livina X Gear – Nissan
    If yes – here a few questions
    1) Any cash rebate for downpayment
    2) Waiting period (including loan apporval duration)
    3) I have a old Honda SM4 1990 model – do you accept trade in and approx. how much can you pay if accept trade in

    Additional question how is car loan eligilbilty calculated nowadays

    Sorry not able to call – during working hours (not able to use HP) and usually finish quite late.

    But really interested so apperciate your reply

    Thanks :)

  76. Salam.

    Saya nak trade in kereta viva 1000 EZ Auto… dah guna 5 tahun… monthly 500.
    Boleh trade in & uruskan pembelian baru- sy nak beli kereta vios – max harga 73,000.
    Down payment – 10%..

  77. Salam,

    Just want to ask your opinion regarding trading in Myvi to Suzuki swift. Myvi complete payment will end around 2014 with the amount of RM10000. So if i want to take a 7 years loan, how much should I pay monthly? Current monthly payment RM400.

  78. assalamualaikum,
    saya ingin bertanya tentang no.plate.. loan kereta suda lepas.. kereta baru tp saya nk no plate B** 304 atau B** 1987.. boleh tau skali dengan upah runner? tq

  79. interested in buying toyota wish, how much the current interest rate? roadtax & insurance for model 1.8 year 2009/2010

  80. salam…sy ingin membeli kereta vios J (S) auto..boleh tahu brapakah gaji bersih paling minimum yang boleh lepas loan? erm agak2 lepas tak kalau gaji bersih rm1350.00?

  81. Salam. Saya baru bertukar tempat kerja (1.5 bln). Gaji + Elaun = RM3.2k + RM0.4k = RM3.6k (tidak termasuk claim). Saya mempunyai proton waja (tahun 2003). Baki hutang dlm RM7k.
    1) Saya ingin trade in kereta ini. Berapa nilai pasaran sekarang?
    2) Kereta baru apa yg paling sesuai & effisien utk saya. Utk pengetahuan, saya seorg marketing executive (80% outdoor).

    Terima Kasih.

    • Kalau you selalu travel, better you ambil model Vios. Cabin nya besar dan paling penting adalah kereta vios ni sangat jimat minyak dibandingkan dengan model lain. Jika tuan berminat, boleh call kami terus di 019-3559448 dan kami boleh checkkan harga trade in tersebut. Thanks!

  82. Salam. Net gaji roughly around RM3700. Baru setahun keje,baru grad tahun lepas. Berminat nak purchase new honda city.should ambil normal car loan or grad scheme?berape monthly installment for each?boleh state for preve and persona installment also?

  83. salam…
    net gaji saya RM1500.baru tiga bulan kerja.berminat nak beli kereta persona.apa yg perlu saya buat..amik grad scheme dgn downpayment atau amik normal loan car dgn downpayment?..berapa installment yg perlu saya bayar bulan2 utk persona ni..

  84. boleh tanya syarikat encik dekat mana?

  85. hi. im planning to buy a honda jazz hybrid and willing to pay down payment as required. pls help to seek lowest interest rate offered by bank and pls inform monthly salary required to buy the car. thank you :)

  86. saya ingin membeli kereta drpd kawan saya dgn harga RM70k… boleh x saya dpt info terkini bank manakah yg menawarkan interest terendah utk FULL LOAN dan berapakah bayaran bulanan saya perlu bayar???

  87. salam en.ihsan.. saya bergaji basic hanya rm800 sebulan.. tapi pendapatan saya sebulan +- rm1300 per month.. boleh bagi cadangan kereta apa yg mampu saya miliki?

    • Wasalam En Haiqal, jika gaji bersih you dibawah RM 1,500, you perlu dapatkan penjamin utk mendapatkan kelulusan pinjaman. Kami sarankan agar tuan mengambil Perodua Viva atau Proton Saga.

      • memandangkan saya masih berumur 21 tahun.. saya ada dengar cerita bahawa umur matang seseorang untuk membuat pinjaman dari bank adalah 25 tahun.. jika 25 ke bawah, haruslah memerlukan penjamin.. betul ke En. Ihsan? penjamin ni hanya boleh ibubapa sahaja ke?

      • You perlukan penjamin kerana gaji you tidak memenuhi syarat dan juga you baru mula berkerja.

  88. hi. i would like to know if there is any rebates for toyota vios j AT for this month? what is the current interest rate?

  89. salam en. Ihsan. saya agak berminat dgn waja. leh email sy spec,hg dan promosi terbaru.

  90. nama saya blacklisted. Gaji 4.kk. boleh ke ibu saya pesara BNM jadi penjamin.

  91. case blum settle. baru 7 bulan blacklisted

  92. salam en. ihsan.gaji brsih sy slpas ditolak p.loan + – 900,gji brsih istri sy + – 1200.kami keje gov.sy brcdang utk mbeli kreta 2nd.jika sy mnjadi grentor,brpa max loan sy leh lpas utk loan 9 thun.tq (myb 1.8cc)

  93. Bro..
    Satria neo 1.6 manual year 06-08
    1.brape max loan?
    2.Brape harge neo paling murah leh dpt?
    3.Saye bajet nk harge dlm rm29k-31k n loan rm36k-38k sbb nk spray kreta n mod n tukar pape yg patut
    4.Sye nk semua details nie a.s.a.p sbb kalo bro ade kreta nye n loannye leh dpt ape yg sye nk kite bole deal trus.
    5.Gaji saye rm2500-4000…tgk rupe bole amek honda tp malas nk power2 neo cukup r hahhaa
    6.Tlg bg detail tntang ape yg bro tau tentang neo nie

    24 or 25 sept 2012 nie sye nk neo tu…sbb tu nk cepat…email saye a.s.a.p huhu

  94. Hi kindly send me a quotation for :
    1. Honda city type E and S
    2. Installment of 10000
    3. Bank loan 9 years
    4. Price for trade in: Wira aeroback manual year 2003

  95. Salam. Interested dengan Honda City 1.5S. Boleh tolong hantar details? Ada full loan ke? Thanks.

  96. Hi,i’m planning to buy a honda city. Is there any promotion or rebate going on right now?

  97. selamat petang..

    saya ingin bertanya, sy mempunyai sebuah kereta model proton persona elegance (1.6) MT yang sy beli pada tahun 2010. sy berminat utk bertukar kepada kia forte 1.6 AT SX..sekarang masih dalam lingkungan perjalanan 32k km..sy membuat pinjaman dengan bank rakyat dlm tempoh 25tahun. boleh tak saya dapatkan beberapa maklumat berkenaan dengan interest dan sebagainya. kalau boleh saya cuba nak dapatkan zero downpayment dari pihak tuan..kereta saya WUS 4099 atas nama saya sendiri..

    terima kasih..

  98. Baki belum pasti, tetapi sy bukan buat loan kereta..but personal loan…

  99. salam,
    i’m actually planning to buy a 1.3L honda jazz hybrid and willing to pay 15K for the downpayment … the tenure will be 7 0r 9 years.?cud u pls help me to seek a lowest interest rate offered by bank and if u dun mind plis also state the monthly salary required to buy the car. thanks a bunch:)

    p/s: a gov officer & have been working with gov since 2010 till now.
    monthly salary=(basic rm2.6K+allowance rm1.2K)
    have no others loan yet exc. PTPTN loan

  100. Hello, I would like to ask that can i take the grad scheme interest rate for proton persona as i was just graduate? If without any downpayment, how is the interest rate and montly (7 or 9 years) payment would be?

  101. Sy nk tanya if nk plat no 1212 (W..) agak2 brp rm?

  102. salam en ihsan,
    gaji saya sekarang adalah RM 1800.. setelah tolak epf,socso, & pinjman pelajaran, gaji bersih saya adalah RM 1300. dengan gaji sebegini, kereta apa yg sesuai sy pakai? kalau myvi 1.3 auto premium ok x?

  103. Salam En Ihsan.. Suami & sy bercdg nak trade in kerete (suami) Iswara 1.3 (2004).. full settlement ada dlm below 12K lg.. berkenan dgn Saga FLX 1.6 Auto.. buleh email info kpd sy.. t.ksh..

  104. Hello. I am interested in trading in my Saga BLM (2010) A.T to Vios 1.5 J. The problem is, the market price of BLM is lower than the amount that i need to pay to the bank. is there any suggestion on how to settle this problem?

  105. basic saya 2300, gross salary 2711.25
    saya ingin memiliki proton FLX 1.3 EXEC MANUAL
    brapa monthly installment jika 0 downpayment?

  106. saya plan nk trade in my vios 2009 E type dgn ford fiesta sedan or honda jazz.soalan sy:-
    -Berapa sy akn dpt dgn trade in vios ni.my loan tinggal 47k
    -My salary is 4469 + 200 (cola)
    -Good record with the bank.xpernah lewat bayar
    -If i go for jazz.interest rate yg honda offer adalah serendah 0.88%.btol ke???
    -can i add up some sport assessories to sedan.
    -if i put 10k as dwnpmt how much installmant for fiesta and jazz
    -any promotion or discount for fiesta and jazz??

    -is there any promotion 4 fiesta??

  107. hi,
    saya plan nk trade in myvi se 2009 dgn new kia sportage ataupun honda crv i-vtec.-

    -Berapa sy akn dpt dgn trade in myvi se ni. loan tinggal rm46517.88
    -My gross salary is rm5k++

    ada promotion ke utk honda?

  108. Saya nak jual Toyota Vios Type E Jan 2010 Milage 67000. Berapa encik ambil?

  109. Hi, hoping that you can help me with the following :

    1. What is the best interest rate right now that I can get for a brand new Peugeot 3008 ?
    2. What is best interest rate for a 2011 Peugeot 3008 ?
    3. I currently have a 2002 Camry 2.4V in very good condition. What would be a reasonable value to sell ?

    Thank you & hope to hear from you soonest.

    • Hi there,

      Please check your email for the latest price list. The interest rate is from 2.3x% and it is not advisable for you to take the 2011 model unless the price is really low as the interest rate is above 3.4-3.5%. Please contact us at 019-3559448 if you would like to use our services

  110. Hye, Im interested to buy mitsubishi mirage. Can you explain is there any year end promotion? Btw, saya student lagi..

    • Hi there, if you are still a student, you need to have your parent as your guarantor. Are you able to pay 10% down payment? There is also free maintenance promotion if you purchase end of this month. Give me a call at 019-6577890 if you need more details and please check your email for the quotation.

  111. Salam.

    nk tanya kalau gaji pokok saya RM 2300 nk beli nissan almera layak ke nk wat pinjaman? boleh emailkan saya quotation utk almera x? thanks.

  112. hello, if i want to trade in my myvi SE 1.5 lagi best with a new honda civic or honda city, how much the interest would be? and how much do i need to add, to get rid of the myvi. Outstanding balance for that myvi is RM65,622.00 .

  113. I interested to buy a new Toyota Altis. Down payment Rm35000(20k cash +15k car trade in- 8 YEARS Wira 1.5 GL)
    What is the car selling price and interest rate if I opt 7 years repayment

  114. salam. saya dah grad sethn yg lepas n dah kerja gvment dekat sethn. plan nak ambil 1st car, gaji tolak kwsp sume ada dlm 2.4k..brapa byk loan yg saya leh dpt??and plan nak ambil vios e, dpt x?

  115. Salam…saya rohaya…berminat nk beli viva elite 1.0 auto…brp byrn bulanan kalo sy byr down payment RM5K…

  116. Nak tanya kat best car dealer ada proton preve kaler merah tak?
    atau kene tunggu?

  117. Saya bekerja sendiri, takde slip gaji & dokumen, hari tu check ngan bank nk suami jadi guarantor tp x lepas sbb suami ada saman di tempat kerja lama, sekarang suami bekerja swasta dgan gaji 3,800, Boleh ke saya nak beli Myvi dengan kakak sebagai penjamin.

  118. Hi, I am interested to purchase a Kia Forte, do you provide graduate scheme? If yes, please provide me a quotation of 1.6SX, EX, and 2.0SX’s pricing… and the loan term is 9/10 years… please reply ASAP… serious buyer.. and BTW please provide me the list of goodies / discount you provide!
    Best price bro… I dun wan to waste your time haggling.. Thank you^^

  119. Hi, I am interested to get a Nissan Almera tuned by impul. How much the car’s price OTR. If i pay the down payment about RM10k, how much i have to pay monthly if i take loan for 9 years and i would like to know what’s the lowest interest rate for this car?

  120. hi, i ada buat loan beli viva last year. gaji 2.5k. monthly bayar rm350. sy berminat dengan nissan almera, so dengan gaji sebnyak itu dan loan yg sedia ada, adakh potensi utk lulus loan for 2nd time if byr downpayment 8k. monthly how much kena bayar? tq

  121. hi, sy nk beli used car rx8 dlm harga 75k dan dp sy 25% . pinjaman 50k berapa interest sy kena nnt dan bulanan sy nk kena bayar ? salary + oti = 3k hutang dengan bank setakat ni tiada

  122. Hi, I’m interested in Saga FLX SE 1.6 and Preve CFE Premium, please send the quotation to my email, loan of 9 years and 0% D/P with skim graduan. Thanks.

  123. salam admin apa syarat diperlukan org OKU beli kereta dgn pihak tuan?

  124. saya berminat dengan grand livina 1.6 auto 2008 second hand . berapakak harga pasaran sekarang ? jika gaji saya 3.9K manakala 1.8K gaji bersih. jika saya mampu bayar d/payment 14K adakah layak untuk buat pinjaman selama 9 tahun. Berapakah interest yang biasa diberi oleh pihak bank

  125. Salam. Boleh ke trade in Wira Aeroback 1.5 dengan nissan almeera automatik 1.5? Berapa agaknya harganya?

  126. Hi, currently I am owning a 2nd hand 2003 Honda City Type Z where my current loan for the car is less than 15k. I am still paying around RM750 a month till next year. However, sadly, I am currently under AKPK.

    As the car is getting older and I always travel from KL to JB, I would like to change to second hand Stream which roughly cost around 100k. Is there any way for me to sell/push my current car as down payment and still get remaining payment a loan from Bank? My current pay is roughly RM6k after tax.


  127. Hi,

    I am interested in Myvi EZi Premium -1300cc Automatic. I want to inquire if I can trade in my present car as follows:

    Model : Atos 1.0 GL(A)
    Year : 2004
    Colour : Beige (original)
    Mileage : 98,000

    I will be happy to bring in my car for further inspection and valuation. I look forward to your response.

    Thank you.

  128. hi,

    saya mencari Mazda 6 2.5 2009 used car atau civic 2.0 navi baru. i nak trade in inokom getz 1.4 dan baki full settlement RM30K. Macam mana proses trade in, sbb i nak dealer bayar harga trade in dan balance i akan bayar kepada bank. berapa harga untuk trade in? saya bekerja di singapura dengan gaji $2300. hanya ada commitment rumah Rm 1033 dan asb RM 332 dan kereta sekarang (yang nak di trade in) RM 609.


    • Salam syahrul, baki settlement you masih tinggi. Boleh email kami model Inokom tersebut? Boleh check di grant kereta. You tinggal di mana yea?

      • Saya tinggal kat johor. Model inokom Getz GLA 1.4 reg 2009 (baru). Done 50000km. saya boleh emailkan gambar. Just nak tahu berapa harga trade in. Saya berminat dengan SUV car. Nissan dualis kalau you ada.. atau you boleh recemend any SUV car?

  129. Salaam,

    Saya berminat untuk membeli Myvi 1.5 (AT) Extreme. Pendapatan saya melebihi 2.3K. Saya berminat untuk mendapatkan full loan. Harap dapat hubungi saya dalam kadar segera.

  130. Hi, i nak trade in viva 1.0 kepada myvi 1.5(yellow one). Viva dah guna dlm 41/2 thn.
    I bekerja sendiri.bagaimana caranya ye?

  131. Saya ingin membeli kereta Perodua Alza baru ( Auto ) dan ingin membuat pinjaman melalui kaedah joint income dengan Isteri. Gaji selepas tolak EPF dan SOCSO ialah RM3343.21 ,manakala Isteri saya sekitar RM1500-1700 ( selepas ditolak potongan rumah ) . Isteri saya bekerja dengan Kerajaan. Adakah saya layak untuk membeli kenderaan tersebut. Jika tidak Myvi merupakan pilihan kedua saya. Apakah kelayakan saya??

    Saya mempunyai 2 kenderaan iaitu Proton ISwara 2000 1.5 Auto ( habis bayar ) dan Proton ISwara LMST 2004 1.3 ( akan habis bayar bulan 7 ini ). Adakah boleh ditrade in??

    Selain itu jika pihak Tuan boleh rekomen kenderaan sesuai ( selain dari yang dinyatakan diatas ) untuk saya yang berulang alik kerja sejauh 106km sehari? terutamanya dari segi penjimatan minya?

    • Salam tuan, kami dah emailkan quotation bagi model Alza. You boleh apply tanpa buat joint income pon. Berdasarkan kenderaan yang sesuai, mungkin saya suggest you beli Alza/Myvi kerana ia memang jimat minyak. Antara Alza dan Myvi, better you beli berdasarkan kegunaan tuan. Adakah tuan mempunyai family yang besar?

  132. i wan to trade in my proton perdana to change honda city.
    kindly gv me a quotatio and detail.
    my proton perdana is V6 year 1999. (value for trade in is how much?)
    i interested honda city S/E. (loan interest is how many %? / loan for 7/9year is how much per month?) any rebate ?

  133. salam.. saya berminat dengan kereta toyota wish high spec baru/terpakai 08-12…. agak2 lepas ke loan saya, gaji basic 2.6k dah tolak2 tinggal 1.9k…. sy keje gov… isteri saya pula kerja swasta gaji 2.4k gaji ats kertas… if downpayment 10k berape ek bulan2x kalau boleh lepas la?? tq…

  134. Salam,

    Saya ingin mengajukan beberapa soalan dibawah?
    1. Berape interest rate bagi used cars seperti Honda Odyssey 2008 / Toyota Fortuner 2.5 2005)?
    2. Maximum utk loan and jumlah tahun bagi kereta di atas?

    Sekian Terima Kasih.

  135. as salam en. saya nak tanya semua cawangan honda showroom ke yang menawarkan rebat rm3000 untuk honda city.. kalau area selangor dan kl kat mana eh?

  136. hi im 20 years old, my basic salary is 1200+600(fixed allowance), could i apply for myvi1.3/1.5 without guarantor?and hw about 0 down payment.

    • Hi there, you need a guarantor then only you can proceed with the loan application. Let us know if you need further assistance. Are you able to find a guarantor? Please check your email for the quotation.

  137. Salam..nak tanya..boleh tak seorang surirumah beli kereta? Takde payslip, tp ada lesen. Gaji sy Rrm6.5k tapi under akpk boleh tak jadi penjaminnya..
    Thanks ye..

  138. hello i am am expatriate looking for seconfd hand good condition car with a budget of 12000, can you help me with it, option like kia spectra is it good, or should i go for proton, kancil i am not inetersted as it is not having power steering.

  139. Hi, I just got a offer letter with salary basic 2.4k, can I get a car now, with no down payment, im interested with Persona(1st choice) and Myvi(2nd choice). as I know proton got discount for IPTA fresh grad so Myvi, right? can u sen me more info on that. I really like to have a car soon. just that I need to know the amount I’ll need to pay 1st. Thank You..

  140. Salam, husband i nak beli kereta proton preve tapi nama dia blacklist boleh ker bantu?Pls advise.Thank you.

  141. salam.. saya berminat untuk beli ford fiesta. ada promosi tak bagi ford fiesta?

  142. salam admin..sy student oversea,,insyaAllah sebulan dua lg balik..
    kalau bfore start kerja, sy nak beli kereta boleh ke, guna downpayment mcm biasa tanpa guna graduate scheme.. sy dh get ready penjamin.

  143. Assaalamualaikum, saya nak beli Proton Satria Neo R3 CPS 1.6L Manual (MT) Metallic. Boleh saya tahu berapa minimum down payment untuk 9 tahun?

  144. izit possible to get full loan for Toyota Hiace window van (diesel)

  145. Hi,

    I am planning to buy Audi A5, its going to cost around RM360k. What would be the best interest rate i could get for my repayments. Your assistance is very much appreciated. Thanks

  146. Hi are the interest rate imposed on a reducing balance basis or a simple interest basis please? Thank you.

  147. Hi, I’m interested to buy new honda jazz hybrid. How long will it take to get the car after loan approve.


  148. Hi…do u accept Proton trade in???

  149. hai….i still stdying at university,still got 1 year to finish my degree… and my parent would lik be my guarantor…
    is it i eligible to apply for the loan to buy proton saga FLX under graduate scheme…and my father, did not work and only my mother work..
    my father is eligible to apply kwsp…i looking forward to hear frm u…tq

  150. HAI,
    i would like to buy a car under Graduate Scheme. I dont know how much could i take as a loan from bank based from my sallary rm2100. Could you advise me in this and suggest few car that suit my loan

  151. Hi, I’ve graduated for awhile now, and I am interested in buying the new honda jazz RM74800. I will also have a guarantor for this. Would you be kind enough to supply me with more information and form to fill up? Apart from that, is there any offer now? A detailed quotation would be appreciated. Cheers

  152. hi~ i wan buy a new honda cr-z 6mt
    question is…can i get loan?
    my salary only rm1500(after epf)
    downpayment is rm20k
    i get best offer is rm110,000 OTR
    so i wan loan rm90k 9years 2.35%
    per month around 1k+
    my father help me pay rm500 per month

    so can i get loan or not?
    i got my father guarantor this loan…
    please give me a answer…bcoz i urgent to buy this car….thanks alot

  153. Salam..gaji bersih saya 1100 sebulan..keje goverment..komitmen luar payslip sy RM388 sebulan untuk kereta yang digunakan dan dibayar oleh adik sy..cuma guna name sy mase bli kereta..bleh ke sy bli kereta myvi baru??

  154. hye. saya nak tanya. i’m stiil student. ad baca dlm paper package for student which is RM300 per month. perlu ke utk buat down payment ? boleh beri sy lebih info tak?

  155. Hi, I would like to know the grad scheme for Nissan almera MT and the one with impul tuning. Could you send the quotation please? Thanks.

  156. hi, any show in klang area? I would like to know latest promotion for Myvi 1.3 se

  157. hi. im a government server , would plan to buy a car worth RM 100K -140K, my current salary (take home pay ) is around rm 4800.
    my monthly house loan – rm 2855, may i know whether im eligible for the loan of car worth 140k with downpayment 10 %.

  158. Bro,
    I’m Teddy Hon from VolksWagen..
    Don’t know I can meet you up n join ranger my VolksWagen ad into ur website?
    Can we meet up and discuss it?

    Thank You


  159. Salam,,,
    Sayaplan nk beli kereta persona sv auto,,,brp nye downpaymentnya,,,lau xde deposit blh x?blh trngkn monthlynya….tq..

  160. As salam,.
    saya nak tanya sikit,. company saya ingin menjual kereta honda city, saya bercadang ingin membeli, apa urusan seterusnya yg perlu saya buat untuk membeli kereta company saya ini, adakah pihak mybestcardealer boleh membantu saya dalam urusan seperti ini, jika boleh dgn siapa boleh saya berurusan.

    Terima kasih dgn respon.

  161. Terima kasih bnyak dgn respon

  162. salam,
    basic gaji saya rm2000 je. dah ada loan motor yg tiap2 bulan saya bayar rm240 selama 4 tahun. kalau saya nak beli kereta rm70k agak2 boleh lepas tak?

  163. Saya atikha.. Urgent nak beli honda city baru tapi nak trade in perdana v6 2006 balance bank still ade 36k… Boleh tolong saya slesaikan masalah ni?

  164. Saya nk ambik honda city baru tetapi nk trade in perdana v6 2006.baki pnjaman still ada 36k.. Boleh pihak en beri penyelesaian atas masalah saya? Urgent..

  165. Hi, sya brminat untuk beli grand livina 1.6 auto baru.brp interest tuk loan 9 tahun? Brp downpayment tuk byar ansuran rm700 stahun?

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