Car Loan Interest Rate | 2013 New Car

percent symbolThinking about buying a new car but still in dilemma? Here is an important advice for you. Guess what, interest rate for car loan is expected to go up next month. By how much? We do not know yet. That is what we have been told last week by our bank panels.

This is not a joke, alright guys?  The interest does make a huge difference! It may not look obvious on monthly installment, but it can be seen clearly in your total amount of loan.

The actual interest that you pay to the bank is: Loan x Interest Rate (%) x Loan Period (In years).

If you are looking for full loan, it can be arranged! The rate for 100% loan is 2.88% for non-local cars and 2.98% for local cars (Perodua & Proton). Call our dealer at 019-3559448 for more information. Submit your application within these few weeks to enjoy the lowest interest rate.

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155 comments on “Car Loan Interest Rate | 2013 New Car

  1. Hi admin,
    Model kereta sy saga blm m-line1.3 auto 2008

  2. what is the loan rate for myvi 1.3 manual & new model myvi s now?

  3. Harga kereta Grand livina dan rebet berapa loan

  4. Sy Apply loan utk altis 02. Public bank offer 5.87%. Adakah rate ini berbaloi utk 6 tahun

  5. what is the loan rate for Proton Persona 1.6 auto & year is 2009? which bank is the lower rate?

  6. 3.9-4.2%. Try out maybank or rhb.

  7. i want to apply loan for myvi 1.3 auto..if i pay 500 for dp ,monthly price is how much?

  8. my basic is 1200+allowance =1600 like dat.sye dah prepare my mom pnye document for my guarantor..i wan pay 500 for d/p..i wan to know how much i hv to pay monthly.can send me quotation for 9 years loan for myvi 1.3 ezi premium auto also 1.3 ez standard auto ? tq very much

  9. Hi can check. Quotation only for 7/9 years ? How to check if interested for 3/5 years loan only?


  10. Vios 2009 type J auto, what is the trade in price?

  11. what is the loan rate for Chery eastar ST/ES? which bank is the lower rate?

  12. what is the loan for hyundai grand starex royale?

  13. cimb offer 3.15% interest for perodua viva S..is it ok? Can get lower? how low is it and which bank? Kindly advise. Thank you.

  14. consider to buy used toyota vios around year 2009 ho much for import used car interest rate?

  15. Please let me know if you are selling both used and new Honda City.

    please also include the price comparison based on the new interest rates (for both new/second) for 9 years (full/grad scheme)

    Im trying to decide whether first or second hand is better at this moment so I can buy either this month or next month.

    Please advise and I’ll definitely buy through mybestcardealer.

    Halim Seman

  16. hye…i want pay 1000 for d/p..i want to know how much i have to pay monthly..can u send me quotation for 9 years loan for proton persona 1.6. TQ very much..

  17. hai…i want to know about the interest rate viva elite n how can i get the lowest interest in which bank?

  18. what is the interest rates for used car loan (5 / 7 years)? car: Peugeot 308 turbo (2010) & Ford Fiesta 1.6 (2010/2011). Thanks

  19. kenapa kereta local lebih tingi interest dari kereta luar…

  20. hai. i’m still looking for the best car that can suit me the most. currently my basic salary is about 3400. i’m confused within swift, honda city, vios and grand livina. if i’m pay 3000 for the down pyment, how much i need to pay monthly. hope to get the quotation from expert dealer like you guys. thinking of having a full loan for about 9 years. thanks

    • HI there, Toyota Vios / Honda city would win among the other options. Between these two, Toyota Vios is much cheaper in term of maintenance cost, and it has very good fuel efficiency. Please check your email for more info.

  21. hai…nak tnya brkenaan gerento untk nk bli kereta coz gaji bawah 1500…boleh x kalau xperlu gerento?gaji sy skg 1350 tp xdpt cari gerento n sy nk bli viva elite.tq

  22. hi, how is the loan for international, who is employee here? has 1 year contract and the salary 5000? for the car such as Persona or Waja

  23. What is the loan rate for MyVi 1.3 and yr 2006?which bank offer the lowest?

  24. hi..i got 1 mini cooper s 2004…secondhand car and the price around 100k…my d/p 20k…which bank give the lowest interst for 9 years…because the use car person said the interest around 3.5 to 4..

  25. Hi admin,

    Sya dalam dilema skrg nie. bru2 nie sya ada bt loan utk sebuah myvi1.3ezi tahun 2008, harga keta rm35000, tp loan saya lulus dlm 33000 by cimbbank,. sya jugak ingin meletakan duit deposit dlm rm2000. tetapi pihak kedai meminta sya letak rm5000 utk duit deposit dan duit on the road(insuran and tukar nama)..sya jugak ada tnya montly kena bayar around rm416 utuk loan rm33000. persoalnya skrg bpa interest yg pihak bank bg dkt sya?. adakah pihak kedai ada makeup duit untuk loan tersebut.? boleh tunjukan bagaimna kiraan interest utk kereta 2nd?

  26. bleh bg quotation utk honda city S specs & E specs??

  27. hi admin,

    kindly please email kan quotation for Suzuki swift yang i boleh bayar installment monthly below Rm700.00.

  28. hi admin,saya terfikir utk buat loan honda civic..saya pandu honda city sekarang..city tu saya akan jual..dan saya 1 lg myvi atas nama saya tp adik saya yg pandu dan byr ..adakah senang utk loan approve dgn komitmen yg saya ada sekarang?maksudnyer loan rumah, kereta myvi,city n 3 credit card tp card tu x pakai langsung..basic saya 1800..tp income average 5000..loan bole lepas x?adakah memerlukan guarantor ..loan 90%..

  29. isuzu dmax…berapa rate untuk new car…down payment arround 14K…tq

  30. HI . Nak tnya , untuk Myvi SE 1.5 bank apa yg provide interest rendah ? Kt boleh pilih bank kan ? Jumlah dp diambil kira tak ?

  31. Berapa % interest yg RHB provide ?

  32. Assalam,

    Nk buat Loan Audi A4 new car.. harga round 280k.. Interest brpe ye ??
    Which bank yang paling lower interest ??


  33. sy brmnat sangat dengan ford fiesta .
    pls PM detail to

  34. Pal, if i want to buy satria neo 1.6 mt used. roughly rm 40,000. What is the best bank to go to?

  35. hi,

    planned to buy honda city yr 2004/2005. How much the selling price, interest rate?
    can get full loan? if not what is the minimum down payment needed?

  36. Hi. Planning to buy 2nd hand jazz hybrid 2012. how’s the interset rate? TQ

  37. Sorry, may i know how much interest rate for the myvi SE 1.5 automatic now?
    The loan of the public bank and full loan interest rate. Thanks

  38. Hallo, i`m planning to buy 2nd hand toyota innova year 2006-2007. what is the interest rate?

  39. myvi SE 2008.. how much the market price? n which bank has the lower rate of financing?

  40. if basic salary rm1100+allw+ot=1500 blh loan kereta model ape ek??

  41. Let say honda city year 2009 and above…how about their interest rate…

  42. can check for me the lowest interest rate for full loan 36k and 5 years installment for a proton saga sv (auto)?

  43. Hallo, i`m planning to buy 2nd hand nissan teana. price RM105K which bank can get the best interest rate? THX

  44. hi, planning to buy mazda cx-5. whats is the current interest rate? thanks

  45. Salam..saya tengah cari lowest rate utk car loan new honda city, loan amt Rm 77k/9thn.
    Boleh cadangkan yg sesuai?

  46. Hi, may i know what is the lowest interest rate for a 5 yr loan and from which bank for a brand new Myvi 1.5 se if i were to put 20k DP?

  47. helo..I’m considering to reloan my vios 1.5 model 2008. which bank can offer the lowest rate and what max year can i repay loan? tq for ur reply

  48. salam, saya ada blaclist bank, sy baru dapat kerja, dan nak buat loan untuk beli kereta, gaji saya rm 3500, boleh tak sy buat loan? sy berminat nak beli almera, brp rate interest?

  49. hi….berapa kadar interest satria neo cps…dwpayment rm 12k…..

  50. salam saya nk tanye kalau used car honda jazz 1.4 rm40k klau dwpyment rm1000 bpe interest sy dapat? bank mane yg sesuai

  51. hi how much is the interest rate for 2010 saga blm auto. thank you.

  52. consider to buy used toyota altis around year 2008 ho much the interest rate if downpayment RM5000?

  53. I plan to trade in my Gen2(manufactured/registered:2004/2005) with Perodua Alza S series(auto) solid color. What is the %rate for 90 to 100% loan? Pls email me back. Thanks

  54. Ada tak promotion/discount untuk CRV 2.0 atau Camry 2.0?

  55. can you help me calculate for viva 850cc (metallic) with d/p 500 9years . how much the interest rate ? area kk . thanks .

  56. one year car.2012..how much bank interest?

  57. Ada jual tak myvi auto second hand? Berapa interest rate utk full loan? Email quotation

  58. i want pay 500or d/p..i wan to know how much i hv to pay monthly.can send me quotation for 9 years loan for myvi 1.3 ezi premium auto also 1.3 ez standard auto ? tq very 

  59. can i know about peugot car interest rate ?

  60. what is the rate for secondhand toyota celica registered year 2006?

  61. saya berminat nak beli mpv chery eastar,2nd anggaran harga 45k – 55k,berapa gaji yg layak utk buat loan…………..

  62. Hi.. Saya perlukan quo untuk kereta perodua alza manual & Toyota vios manual..
    Kalo downpayment 5000 and bayaran loan utk 9tahun.. Berapa perlu bayar bulan2 n bank mana yg interestnya rendah?

  63. hello sy nk bli myvi se 1.5..full loan ..bank ape interest paling rendah..n bulan byr brape?…gaji 2.2k…

  64. Hi, saya berminat nk beli Honda City 2013. Downpayment sy 10% and bank offer interest 2.4% utk 9 years. Bole nego and dpt kurang lagi tak rasanye? saya rasa for non-local car bole dapat kurang lagi kan? any suggestions on which bank can offer lower rate?

  65. salam..saya ingin bertanya antara bank RHB n maybank mana interest paling rendah setakat hari ni sbb saya hendak ambik vios baru…15.10.2013 akan dapat…mintak pertolongan cikit…dan berapa interest tersebut…

  66. salam .. asben saya pernah ada loan umh tp dah settle,,tak pernah amik loan kete,,gaji bersih rm4770..umur 43thn..tapi xlulus nak wat loan kereta almeera..n dia xder lesen.
    bank mana boleh buat ?

  67. Hi i nak apply pesona or alza auto…
    Basic i 1750 but + allowance pling lower dpt rm2200….cm mne nk apply ngn u all yea but i xde lesen…boleh lepas ke

  68. Hi,im planning to buy used car model peugeot 308 turbo.what is the lowest intrest rate offered by the banks? Tq

  69. hi,
    gaji sy rm3009.nk trade in persona (hutang lg 4taun).berminat nk pakai kia optima.full loan ley lepas x?

  70. Slm klu black list blh jadi penjamin tak untk wife nak beli kereta

  71. try nak beli exora h line 2010. berape current % loan interest for proton 2nd.

  72. hi, i wan to trade my saga (a) fl year 2011 with good condition and wan to buy peugeot 208. wat is the current rate for saga to trade in? thank you.

  73. Hi..saya berminat untuk membeli kereta alza advanced..sekiranya bayaran downpayment RM5000 dan saya ambil loan 9 tahun, berapa anggaran yang saya perlu bayar sebulan..ada x kereta MPV lain yang sesuai untuk someone gaji around RM3000..terima kasih..

  74. Hi, I am planning to buy a new Kia Picanto. My current basic is around 1.7k. Which bank offer the lowest interest for full loan without deposit?

  75. satria neo baper dia punya interest kalu ngan public biasanya

  76. HI, how much the interest rate for 2013 new vios 1.5e, and which bank offer lowest rate?? TQ

  77. Im about to buy ford fiesta (low installment promotion). Can i buy the car without paying DP? and what is the monthly installment and interest rate for 9 years loan?

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