Car Loan Interest Rate 2013

Interest rate malaysiaBelow is the latest car loan interest rate in Malaysia. The rates are offered by #mybestcardealer bank panels starting from January 2013. As of now, the rates have remained consistent. Different bank would offer different rate. Purchase your brand new car from our Authorized dealer and enjoy the lowest rate we have here. Get your FREE quotation here : http://mybestcardealer.com/quotation

Malaysia Car Loan Interest Rate 2013:

Name Model 10% down payment Graduate Scheme
1 Ford  From 2.40% Fixed 2.88%
2 Honda  From 2.35% Fixed 2.88%
3 Hyundai  From 2.40% Fixed 2.88%
4 Mazda  From 2.40% Fixed 2.88%
5 Naza Kia From 2.40% Fixed 2.88%
6 Nissan From 2.40% Fixed 2.88%
7 Perodua  From 2.70% Fixed 2.98%
8 Proton From 2.70% Fixed 2.98%
9 Toyota From 2.35% Fixed 2.88%
10 Mitsubishi From 2.40% Fixed 2.88%

#mybestcardealer bank panels include: Bank Islam, Maybank, RHB Bank, AmBank, Public Bank, CIMB Bank, etc.

10 comments on “Car Loan Interest Rate 2013

  1. whats the rate for benz?

  2. what is the rate for audi ?

  3. What is the rate for Peugeot?

  4. What’s the rate for Colorado?

  5. Self-directed studying lets you go forward or evaluation without having the need to loose time waiting for
    other students to catch up.

  6. hi,may i know rate for honda and ford for 2014???

  7. Hi, I’m grad in year 2012. If I wanna buy Kia Picanto with down payment 6k to 10k, which bank that I can enjoy 2.4% interest rate?
    And what is the rate for Naza-kia in the market?
    Thank you.

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