Car Loan Interest Rate 2012

Model Car Loan Interest Rate as of 1/9/2012
Perodua 2.78% – 2.90%
Proton 2.60% – 2.90%
Honda 2.38% – 2.60%
Toyota 2.40% – 2.60%

The rates stated above are offered by our bank panels for any loan higher than RM 40,000. Should there be any inconsistencies between the rates provided by other dealers, we are not held reliable. Please contact our dealers at 019-3559448 for more information.

364 comments on “Car Loan Interest Rate 2012

  1. Hi, how about rate for the used car?

  2. for a saga flx, 25K loan for 7yrs…wht wil the interest rate b like

  3. Hi. Can I know which bank give the lowest interest rate for proton car with loan >RM60k

  4. Hi, will there any changes to bank interest rates after the tabling of Malaysia Budget 2013? Any rumors interest rates will shoot up or down?

  5. which bank offers best interest rate for inspira 2.0 cvt Premium?

  6. Hi. I would like to know which bank offers the best interest rate for Peugeot 207 if I would like to apply for 90% of loan for 9 years? Thankz.

  7. hye, i just want to know if i can use graduate scheme to buy a second hand car as my first car? TQ

  8. if my salary is Rm 2500-epf n socso = RM 2150. and i want to pay the monthly around RM 400 only. Which car i applicable for? i dont want to buy saga or viva. TQ

  9. do i applicable to buy a myvi? and which type is the most cheapest with 0% down payment? and how much monthly installment should i pay?

    what if, i dont want to use the graduate scheme but normal scheme instead? what documents should i hav if i want to apply?

  10. I would like to ask that if I want to buy honda city S with downpayment of RM10000, what is the interest rate and monthly payment (9 years) offer to me?

  11. Hi does rate still applicable in October 2012?

  12. I want to buy MYVI ezi metallic….how much downpayment i need to pay if im planning to pay rm500 per month for 9 years…please send quotation..

  13. Hi, I am currently planning for a new car. Thinking of ford fiesta. What are the interest rates for it? Is it a flat rate? Or is it compounded annually? Tks. My annual income exceeds 50K p.a.

  14. hi i wish to know for honda city grade s , adng down payment 10% what would it be the interest rate and monthly for 8 years

    thank you

  15. Hi, i would like to buy Hyundai Tucson 2011, how much the interest rate for second hand and new brand with my monthly income of RM6k.

  16. Dear Sir, tq for your prompt reply. appreciate if you could email to me the dealer add/contact person at idhamkhalid355@gmail.com. Tq again

  17. hi there, can i know which bank offer lowest interest for 38.5k loan?

  18. hi sir i what buy honda city (e) what the interest now,are have any coming interest promotion for handa car

    2) which model is better honda city ( E) or ( S)

  19. hi sir i want buy new toyota rush.any promotion for toyota car?which one is lower interst rate..at semenajung @ sabah sarawak?

  20. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know the lowest interest rate for new Mitsubishi Mirage. Would you mind helping me?

    • Hi there, the interest should be roughly around 2.4-2.5%. Please note that you are now able to make a booking for this model. Email us your contact number so that our Mitsubishi dealer will entertain you on this matter.

  21. second car rm18950 hyundai getz. lowest interest rate?

  22. What are interest rate for mitsubishi triton lite?

  23. any possibility of submitting joint loan?

  24. hi, blh buatkan sy quotation utk myvi 1.5 SE (M)Auto. skang sy gne kenari n kalo blh nak trade in kenari . basic salary sy 2k. down payment dlm 8k .

  25. Hi. I would like to know which bank offers the best interest rate for Peugeot 207 if I would like to apply for 75% of loan for 9 years? Thanks.

    • Probably through RHB or Maybank. It depends on the dealer’s bank panels as well. Let us know if you would like to purchase from our Peugeot Authorized dealer. You can call us at 019-3559448 or email us your contact number for our reference. Thanks!

  26. I have a Hyundai Getz 2004 and wanted to trade in for viva elite 1.0.. Please let me know the quotation. Thanks

  27. Hi, i would like to check if loan RM75000 – 77000 for Honda Jazz Hybridd. Instalment for 9 year. What is the best interest rate i can get?? Thanks

  28. hi there, feel free to use our monthly installment calculator:


    The interest rate is ranging from 2.38-2.45% depending on your eligibility. Give us a call at 019-3559448 if you plan to purchase from our Honda Authorized Dealers. Thanks!

  29. i prefer to buy honda civic 1800..can u help me?

  30. I want to buy PriusC with the lowest downpayment, and the longest payment period. Which bank gives the lowest interest rate?

  31. Hi. I would like to know which bank offers the best interest rate for Peugeot 207 if I would like to apply for 90% of loan for 9 years? Thankz.

  32. Hi there

    If i have an existing loan and the the outstanding amount is about RM8k. Can i purchase a new car and opt to roll over the finance?

  33. i would like to purchase honda civic. either 1.8 or 2.0.please send me quotation.

  34. hi mbcd, i would like to buy new myvi se 1.5, and trade in my kancil 850A, year 2003, now had been 3y and half month i been using, can u give me the quotation, i want the lowest interest, my salary is 2500 nett, tq

  35. Saye nk let go kia spectra novus 2006..bole email market value? Nk ambil honda civic 1.8.. downpayment 3000. Loan utk 9thn.. tq.. pls email details

  36. If I want to buy Nissan almera ( lowes spec) , what will be the interest? Which back interest is the lowest ?

  37. boleh bagi qoutation bagi honda civic 2.0s,intrest rate berapa d/p 35k.berapa dapat kalau trade in waja cps 2008.

  38. Hi. I would like to know which bank offers the best interest rate for Honda Fit 1.5 auto 2003 if I would like to apply for full loan for 7 or 9 years? Thankz.

  39. forgot to mentioned..the price is rm39.5k

  40. Hi, proton savvy is now doing promotion and i interested. Can i knw wat is the interest rate? n which bank provide best interest rate? Tqvm!

  41. Hi, i wanna buy used car the price is RM61K i loan RM51K and public bank offer me 3.45% izzit the lowest interest rate among all the bank?

  42. I would like to know which bank is preferred for loan with lowest interest rate. im interested with honda city E. d/pt 10k. And how much if i want to trade in my persona 1998 auto with balance bank settlement is 25k.

  43. saya nk beli honda civic second hand..tahun 2006 ke atas..berapakah interest rate paling rendah..berapa tahun boleh buat..lastly bank apa yg boleh bg interest rate paling rendah

  44. toyota innova RM 50K.. x 3 years maybank giving 2.74%…. can get lower ke?

  45. Mazda Cx5 Auto is giving 143k loan with 2.42% by hong leong. any idea which bank can offer any better rate?

  46. HI,

    I have a question on interest rates.

    I bought my Saga BLM 1.3 on August 2010. My loan was from Maybank and I agreed to a hire purchase interest rate of 4.1% per annum. I have been paying RM 513 per month for these past 2 years plus.

    My question is, have you experienced any of your customers switching loans from a bank to a lower interest rate? I’m looking at your interest rates and is half than what I am being charged an I feel I am being ripped off.

    Can a switch of loans be done?


  47. hi there,

    I’m planning to buy a vios J spec with 10% downpayment..which bank can offers the best interest rate? Is there any different or special interest rate that any bank offered for a gov. servant?

  48. I’m interested to get a MyVi Auto Premium, with RM10k down payment. Please advice the best interest rate and OTR price after discount and gifts available.

  49. Hi. I would like to know which bank offers the best interest rate for new myvi se 1.5 (auto) . can u give me the quotation .

  50. Hi, i would like to buy a honda city grade E or honda crz. What is the best interest that i can get? Can i get a quotation price for both car if i want to trade with my 2006 Myvi 1.3A (EZ). My car is already full settlement.


  51. saya nak tanya, adakah salesman akan tentukan sendiri bank mana yang kita bole apply untuk car loan?kalau untuk 100% loan, bank islam sahaja kah yang menyediakan perkhidmatan tersebut?bank apa yang menawarkan interest rate yang paling rendah untuk perodua myvi?

  52. banyak nak baca… islamic car financing best rate, which bank?

  53. Hi, I want buy proton persona b-line auto solid with down payment 8k. My monthly salary is about 2.2k. And I got 2 credit cards. It possible I can get the car loan and also how about the interest rate?

  54. hi there, is it worth to buy nissan almera, we’re already test drive and it was goood,my hubby is gov servant and he got a proton saga 1.3 2005 JJFXXXX,he thinking to trade in but mostly people said that car was no value,
    and one think actually we prefer to use honda esp honda civic 1.8, what on ur mind? thank u for ur feedback.

  55. sorry, i mean second hand honda civic 1.8,what is the rate n which bank?

    • The interest rate for second hand is high. It is about 3.4-3.7%. Why don’t you get Toyota Vios? It is much better in term of maintenance, durability and fuel consumption. If you would like to purchase any of these two models, kindly call us at 019-3559448.

  56. hi,
    for a honda city 2005 idsi, 20K loan for 5yrs…wht wil the interest rate b like?
    thank you

  57. Hi, i would like to buy a brand new i10 most probably with the graduate scheme. May i know what is the interest rate probably will be if i repay 7 or 9 years? Thanks.

  58. HI, i m looking for vios 1.5J (AT) metalic , how much is that and how about the loan interest and bank? thanks.

  59. saya ada kancil tahun 2002 and still ada hutang dalam 5k..
    skarang saya nk beli vios 2nd hand dlm 38k…
    tolong advise, bolehkah trade in dgn kancil dan berapa intrest rate utk kereta vios 2nd..tq..

  60. saya nak beli myvi 1.3 premium (48k) dengam mengunakan skim graduan 100% loan (0 d/p)..bank apa yang menawarkan interest rate yang terendah untuk myvi

  61. how much is the interest rate for savvy?

  62. I am Diana Cheng from Kuala Lumpur here in Malaysia if you need loan the contact Abu Abdullah Loan Firm because that is where I got my loan from a week ago without credit check and low interest rate of 4% you can contact them with this email and tell them I refer you to them abuabdullahloanfirm@yahoo.com

  63. Hi, currently i’m using Proton Savvy year 2008, my loan balance is around RM30k++. I’m intended to trade in with new car, either Proton Preve’ or Myvi (auto). Please advise which is better car with better performance and easy maintenance. My salary is RM2800, need your quotation and how much will be the installment.

  64. Saya nak let go Wira Aerobck SE manual 2006, baki hutang dalam 16k. Nak beli Alza auto Premium. 0% d/p.

  65. Interest rate untuk used car honda civic 1.8, berapa ye? T,

  66. Greetings, my wife intend to buy a recond-unregistered Toyota Wish (reg. year: 2009) or a Honda Stream (reg. year: 2007) with loan amount maximum of 80k. What is the best rate offered and which banks can offer max loan period @ 9 years? TQVM.
    p/s: location Kuching, Sarawak

  67. Hi, we have a Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 2008 (loan balance around 44,000 and a Wira 1.5 hatchback A/T 2003 that we wish to trade in for a MyVi 1,5 SE 1,5 ZHM. Do you have an offer for us?


  68. hi, i’m planning to buy kelisa 1.0 manual limited edition, priced around 19.5 K, but i currently a postgrad student, with scholarship 2.3K permonth for 3 years. Could I possibly get a loan? and if so, at which bank? thanks!

  69. Hi…just want to know what is the market value for kia spectra? I was quite put off when a car dealer said that the car has no value at all and no dealers wanted to accept if I were to trade in the car. I’m thinking of letting go of the car before it really loses its value. So, my question is what’swrong with kia spectra?

  70. Hi there,
    May i know the estimated interest rate for used honda civic 2.0,varying from 2007-2010?which bank do you suggest.
    Btw i work in gov sect.


  71. hi, i plan to buy a proton saga 1.3….its around 12,000…..so the loan will 12,000 and 5 years loan….i m a student…so what would be its interest rate????? May i know about credit loan and its interest rate????

  72. Hi, i wanted to buy an rx-8 car year 2007 that cost me 69 thousand, my income is 3500. which bank offer the lowest interst rate and im eligible for how much loan. and is rx-8 ia good car?

    • Hi kamal, to be honest, rx-8 is a lousy car in term of fuel consumption. It’s really unacceptable and it is only good for weekend car. The maintenance fee is also unreasonable high. Better if you choose to get other brand new cars.

  73. hi..
    i wanna to purchase a myvi 1.5 se auto 2012 at 46k (2nd car).
    how low interest i can get?
    which bank is better?

  74. My husband plans to buy used car honda civic 1.8, almost 80k..downpayment 0% or not more than 10%.. 7 or 9 years loan period. May u email me the interest rate,monthly installment and anything realated to the loan..

  75. Oh,forgot to inform,basic salary is rm3300..net salary is rm2400…

  76. Hi,

    I was recently looking for a second hand toyota camry year 08, it is selling for 90k, and i am trying to loan for 75k, roughly how much is the interest rate i could get for 9 years? And would it be lower if the period of loan in lesser?

  77. sy nk bli keta second hand honda civic fd 2.0 bpe interest n bpe thun leh wt? pas2 bpe loan leh wt..?

  78. hello..

    im interested to hv mazda 3 sport sedan 1.6… if i want to let go my existing car persona 1.6 m line 2008 with balance loan around rm27000, which bank basically can offers d lowest interest rate..dpayment rm10000…guide me lpz

    • Hi Dilla, can you give us a call at 019-3559448 so that we can discuss on the trade in value of your Proton Persona? Don’t worry about the interest rate, our bank panels are offering one of the lowest rates in the market.

  79. Bro. Can you give me a suggestion whether i should refinance my car or not. Becuase i would like to have lower interest rate compare to my old interest (3.99). My car outstanding loan is rm25000 and loan tenure is 5 years

  80. I just graduate and got a job. Currently my salary is 2500. Is it possible for me to get proton inspira ?

  81. Hi , can I know what is the best interest rate for record car and which bank?

  82. Hi…i want to buy proton Persona with 3k downpayment. is there any available in the market.

  83. Hye,

    Will buy my first car, kindly advise the best bank interest rate (which bank)for perodua VIVA, price 25 k -without downpayment.Thank you in advance

  84. Hi, berapa anggaran interest untuk toyota caldina GT4 terpakai tahun 2002 ?

  85. Hi, i am planning to buy a myvi 1.3 (A). what is the lowest interest rate can be offered and which bank? with the down payment of 10 % or 20 %.

    it is advisable to purchase it during the year end sales (December promotion)?

    • Hi Vic, there is a low interest rate promotion from 2.7% but you need to submit your documents no later than next week. It is advisable to take the year end stock if there is a discount. For Perodua Myvi 1.3 Premium/Standard, we are offering RM 2,000 discount and if you notice, you can save 2000 + (2000 x 0.027 x 9 years).

      Whereas when you purchase during the new year, the comparison can only be seen when you sell the car. The difference between one year old car is around 2k only. Therefore, there is no big difference but you save more on the interest.

  86. hi everyone, i am considering to have my first car. right now i have 3 cars in consideration. saga flx SE, alza & kia forte (2nd hand). monthly (around): saga FLX RM550, alza RM650, forte RM700. my income now is around RM2200. im not considering myvi because the monthly is about the same as these cars but myvi is a small car (i prefer to have a family car). can i have your suggestion on which car do should i buy?

    • Hi Jyu, based on you salary, we would recommend you to take either Alza or Proton Saga. Both models are fine in term of the interest rate and resell value. If you go for 2nd hand forte, you might be exposed to higher maintenance cost and very high interest rate. You can save a lot by buying either Proton Saga or Alza and the fuel consumption is much more efficient. Please call us asap if you would like to enjoy the current month promotion. Our number to call is 019-3559448.

  87. What is interest rate for 9 years loan, purchase price rm76k(haven include roadtax & insurance-55% NCB)for Toyota Altis 1.8G 2008. I will pay 10% as deposit. It’s direct purchase, the seller car is not with any finance. Please email to me which bank can offer better rate.

  88. Hi there, maybank offer me 2.49% for RM69000 loan, 9 years. Brand new Honda City E spec. Is the interest ok?

  89. what is the best interest rate for RM40K loan? 4 years repayment. Brand new honda city

  90. what is the interest rate for Toyota Altis interest . New car with 7 years repayment , Rm35000 down payment.


  91. what is the rate for BMW 1999..RM15 k?? 3 year repayment?? which bank can give the low rate??

  92. hi, what is the interest rate for new perodua myvi. new car for 3 years repayment and i want pay rm40k for downpayment

  93. for basic rm1600,can i buy vios @ satria r3? how much for downpayment and monthly?

  94. second car mitsubishi Lancer GT year 2008 rm78666 trade in waja 2005, lowest interest rate? monthly?? best bank for loan..tq

  95. HI. Which bank provides the best interest rate and lenient requirement for hire-purchase of used Toyota Avanza? I’ve just started to work in the last 2 months.

  96. i want to get a toyota vios 1.5G AT, at 87k .. down payment around 50k, loan amount around 37k for 3 yr or 5 yr.. what kind of rate can i get? and which bank better? thanks.

  97. If my basic is rm1800 what is the max loan i can get? and if i pay the deposit is below than 10% is it justified? the amount of deposit that i want to pay is around 2.5k. I want to buy swift 65k.

  98. If my basic is rm1800 what is the max loan i can get? and if i pay the deposit is below than 10% is it justified? the amount of deposit that i want to pay is around 2.5k. I want to buy swift 65k. and can i know the lowest interest i can find?

  99. what is the latest interest rate for foreign car?

  100. I want to know the latest interest rate for perodua alza.tq

  101. i am considering to have my first car. my income now is around RM2200. i prefer to have a family car but not SAGA. can i have your suggestion on which car do should i buy?

  102. Hi! My net income as reported in my pay slip is RM5,600. I have housing loans with monthly instalment of RM800, and credit cards from 2 banks with total credit limit of RM33K. I intended to purchase a brand new Honda Civic 1.8 to replace my stolen car with 10% deposit for 9 years loan tenure.

    Ok ke tak ok?

    • Also, my last car loan was with Hong Leong Islamic Finance. What is the rate they are offering now? What is the rate offered by other financial institutions? Would you recommend I stay with Hong Leong or seek financing from other FI?

      What about insurance company. Which one would you recommend? I had a bad experience with one of the insurance companies under the Kepala Harimau Group and seeking other better alternatives for my next car.

      • Hi there, if you are planning to get Honda cars, it would be much better if you take RHB loan. Most of the time, they would be providing one of the lowest rates for Honda cars.

        Tokio Marine is the insurance that we have been providing and they are providing better service than any other insurance provider. Please drop us your phone number at our email : admin@mybestcardealer.com or call us at 019-3559448

  103. Trade in my Ford Lynx ’99 for replacement Ford Focus ’09 (66k).. 2 house installment 2k and personal loan 0.5k lastly my salary 5k.. Suggestion pls?? Tq in advance =D

  104. I would like to buy a 2nd Honda Civic. about 2 years old….please advice the interest rate ? and what are the color you have ?

  105. I am a government retirees aged 60 drawing pension about RM 5000/month.
    1.max. loan entitled ?
    2.max loan period?
    3.as pension is not taxable,what documents do I have to produce for loan purpose?
    4.which Bank offers the best service and interest charges?
    5.My existing insurance expires Oct 2013,if I transfer my NCB to new car,can I still use the existing policy to cover until expiring date or can I transfer it to my next -of- kin?

    • Hi Koay, do you have a guarantor? Maximum loan period shouldn’t be longer than 5 years. May us know which model are you planning to get?

      • Any age limit for guarantor? I want to get a Toyota Camry 2.0 priced around RM150,000 or its equivalence in terms of price and cc. .
        IF without guarantor,what other term and conditions applied?I am prepared to pay higher down payment?what interest rate?

      • The guarantor must be working and age 55 and below is preferable. We can’t determine the max loan you can do as you need to check that with the bank. If you would like us to check the max loan for you, you need to provide your documents to us.

      • kindly please suggest banks that would provide best offer and services.Thanks.

  106. sy nak beli kereta baru dengan pendapatan bersih 2130.
    sy cari kereta sedan dalam lingkungan 75k ke bwh.

    antara pilihan
    i) nissan almera
    ii) proton preve
    iii) mazda 2
    iv) toyota vios

    1st sy nk taw loan interest setiap model yang sy nyatakan.
    2nd.sy nk taw bank mane boleh beri interest yg paling rendah


  107. i want to buy myvie extreme with 0dwnpyment…how much interest and installment..pliss help me…urgent..

  108. I want to buy perodua myvi 1.3 with RM10000 down payment which back offers low interest??

  109. hi,my monthly salary is rm1700,and with overtime income a month around 1000-1500,am i eligible to buy alza (auto) with down payment of rm4000 only.

  110. not really,it just that o/t was not paid on time each month,sometimes it is accumulated up to 2-3 months then get paid,so does this count?

  111. hi, I want to buy used Viva Elite with price RM28 000, my salary is about RM1200,.. with RM2000 down payment… it possible for me applying your car loan service? I’m from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,.. that your service available at Sabah,… also,… ? 016-8412730

  112. Hi, i’m keen to buy a Rexton Ssyang Yong 2003 for RM28,800 (used), what is the interest rate I am looking at?

  113. how bout intrest rate for bmw price 35k..7years

  114. hai…
    hiii, I want to buy used honda civic with price RM75000, my nett salary is about RM2100,.. with RM20000 down payment…what is the interest rate I am looking at and how much i should pay every month…??

  115. May i know, which bank offer the best interest rate for perodua….tq

  116. Hi, i would like to ask, if i’m interested in buying 80k second hand mini cooper, what is the interest rate and how long max shall be the loan tenure. And is 10k dwn payment enough?

  117. hello, I bought honda civic 2006 want to loan 64k, can i know what is the rate now.
    please advise.

  118. hello, i got a new job with a basic of RM2500. Im in the marketing/sales department therefore my commission could come up to RM1k per month. I’m looking at getting a 2nd hand persona elegance, year 2010. It will cost me around RM40k.

    If i put 10% downpayment, and submit a RM2.2k 3 months pay slip (after deducting epf and etc from my basic), how much is the interest? How much is my monthly loan? Thanks in advance

  119. Please send me the loan quotation for grand livina 1.8, year 2008. Loan amount RM 55k for 7 years. TQ.

  120. How much interest loan for secondhand Mitsubishi EVO 7 ? Let say 70K for loan?

  121. Hi can u give me a bit of advice which car is suited with my salary. my basic is rm1800 and rm365 allowance and can u include with the interest rate of each car that u advise.

    • The best choices you have are either Proton Saga 1.3 Standard/Executive or Perodua Myvi 1.3 Standard/Premium. Please check you email for the quotation.

      • How about myvi se? Can u sent the quotation and the lowest interest rate i can get

      • Can u send to me also the quotation for Myvi 1.3 (Auto) Premium. I would like to know how much is the bank interest (if best which bank offer the lower interest) for 7 yr to 9 yr with both 90% loan & 100% loan. I’m a young civil servant with monthly gross salary income between 2.5k to 3k. I would like to know about the “skim graduate” especially the bank interest for comparing this skim & conventional car loan. Thank you.
        P/S: SORRY no Proton for me. We are know the reasons truly very well. haha.

      • Hi there, we have emailed you the details. Please let us know if you are interested.

  122. How about interest rate for kia forte 2.0 during CNY?..thanks..

  123. Hi,

    Im consultant with one company with fixed monthly allowance of RM5k/month. Interested to buy my 2nd car with maximum RM700 monthly payment. Could you please help me suggest what type of car that I possibly buy? Keen on honda or toyota. Please kindly advise ya. TQ

  124. Hye..ingin bertanya admin. Jika basic salary sy around 2.2k/ mth..+ insentif around 1.7k. Total up around 3.5k/mth.. sy berminat utk mbli suzuki swift 1.5..adakh sy layak utk bt loan drp bnk..n brp intrst rate utk loan ini? Blh quote skali if beli melalui grad scheme and with downpymnt..tenkiu

  125. Hi, can i know how much is the interest rate, if i wanted to buy a Toyota PriusC with a price of RM97K and downpayment of RM50K with 9 years loan.

    Which bank can provide the best interest loan for this year 2013?

    Pls advise Thank you so much…

  126. hi.. i nak tanya, berapa interest rate yg paling rendah dan bank apa yg menawarkan interest yg rendah utk toyota rush?

  127. I have a 1991 benz w124.
    I wanna trade in the car and get an upgrade on one of the unregistered benz.
    What’s the interest gonna be like?
    Does bank allow 9 years loan?
    Was thinking to spend on RM80k budget.
    Kindly advise..

  128. Hi, If I want to get a used Hyundai Accent 2005, what would the interest rate be like? Thanks!

  129. Hello admin, what is your thought about second hand purchase of Volkswagen Golf year 2010/2011 , with RM115Kk-125k price tag. How much is the interest and is it worth buying? Thanks for your time. :-)

  130. If my gross income is rm2850, what is the max loan i can get?
    thinking of buying 80k used honda & loan for 9years. is it possible?

  131. hi,

    pls assist i’planning to buy estima areas recond year 2008 estimated rm 170k. what will be the best interest rate that you guys could offer?


  132. hi,

    i am planning to buy a used car, proton persona(4 years used), about RM30k. Where can i get a lower interest rate? What rate are you guys offering?


  133. Hi there.. I have intention to buy peugeot 407. The car price is around 128k. If i put down payment around 30k. What is the best interest rate that you may give to me with 9 years loan. My salary is around 5k. Fyi, this car will be my first car.

  134. Hi admin, may i know what is the best interest rate for a used Honda CRZ hybrid year 2012 if my downpayment is RM 30,000? The car cost around RM 99,000.

  135. hi admin…can i know the best interest for used car, alza year 2011? Tha car cost 50k

  136. salam admin, nak tanya, kalo saya mau ambil honda jazz 2011 limited version (2nd hand) about rm71200 full settlement, can i get the lowest interest rate on this, and what bank available for lowest interest rate, agak2 berapa sebulan utk bayaran, gaji bersih saya rm2000 dan ambil utk 9tahun.

  137. kalau bmw E46 year 2001.. still bole loan tak? bpa interest rate? 9thn dpt?

  138. hi, I’m looking for lowest interest rate for used car Nissan Grand Livina 2009 (about 60k) with 5 years tenure. plan to trade in my Toyota Vios (E) 2008. balance loan vios is about 43k

  139. Hi, I wanted to ask about I’m a freelancer and i do not have any salary statement nor EPF. If this is the issue what documents do I need to provide and how long does it take for the new car delivery if in the case of Honda City Grade E

  140. as salam.. what is the best interest rate for a used Honda city idst year 2008. The car cost around RM 40-50k.. let say for 7year…

  141. salam.. brape interest rate for honda jazz year 2006?

  142. salam.. apa rate utk keta mitsubishi?

  143. berapa interest rate untuk honda city(E) tahun 2010, harga 70k + insurance jika saya bayar deposit 10% selama 9 tahun

  144. hi wat is the interest rate for toyota vios e 2010 63800

  145. sorry vios j yr 2010 ..rm 63800..

  146. Brape interest rate utk mitsubishi grandis tahun 2008 used car berharga rm95k if i nak buat 9yr loan?thnx

  147. i am looking for a CLC coupe benz in year around 06 – 10, whats the interest rate ?

  148. If, my net salary around 1300, myvi price around 50000, downpayment around 20000, how much the interest rate??? But, if downpayment 10000, how much the interest rate?? If downpayment 15000, how much the interest rate??? tQ

  149. hi.. i’m considering to buy suzuki swift/ mazda 2 sedan/ toyota vios AT (J). what is the interest rate applicable if i intended to pay 10% for the downpayment? how much i’ll be expected to pay for my monthly installment if my loan tenure 7/9 yrs? fyi, i’m a gov servant and my monthly income would be around 3k++. thanks

    • Salam Dyan, better off you buy Toyota Vios. Better resale value, low maintenance cost and very good fuel efficiency. Please let me know whenever you are ready with the purchase. Kindly check your email for more info.

  150. Hi, I would like to get a loan for Perodua Kelisa 850 (M) 2004. Can u suggest the credit co. Thanks

  151. Hey may I noe what is the rate for used Honda jazz price about 40k ??

  152. Salam Tuan,

    Just nak Tanya, kalau nak beli keta bank lelong macam mana procedurenya yer?
    apa yang saya tahu kebanyakkannya secara tunai. adakah kita masih boleh buat loan untuk keta lelong tersebut? Biasanya bank akan bagi loan mengikut tahun keta di buat atau tahun keta di daftarkan? tq

  153. I am s’porean.. we work in spore and stay at jb. Currently own a spore car. I would like to buy proton exora in malaysia. The mean thing can I get a loan frm the bank..

  154. hello, i am postgraduate currently work for 7 month, my salary around 2.5k. I am interested for buying honda civic 2.0 year 2005.price around 65k or below. Can you advise which bank give the lower rate for this car.thank you.

  155. hi, my basic salary is 2.8k , can i get loan for toyota caldina (used) or recond.

  156. Hi guys, im planning to get a Hyundai Elantra 1.8 soon, need some humble advice
    from you of what is the reasonable bank and interest rates i can get for now?..i am a govt servant and my nett salary is 4.5k…. loan tenure between 6-7 years…thanks

  157. Hello,i am Mrs Evelyn James from Texa USA,i was so much in need of a loan i posted a question on how i need a loan someone advised me to contact MUSA MICRO FINANCE,i was scared at first but i decided to give them a trY to my greatest surprise my loan was approved and granted without any form of credit check,no collateral,no cosigner and with just 5% interest rate so i will advise everyone out there that is in need of a loan to contact them via email at. (musa_jemi@yahoo.com.sg)

  158. I wanna know what’s the interest rate like for used car take example Nissan Teana?

  159. Salam admin,

    I hendak beli kereta persona tahun 2009,monthly payment 650.tempoh loan tinggal 4 tahun and baki loan 27k.

    1)Boleh tak i buat refinance 27k,brape lama tempoh loan yg boleh dibuat.
    2)Berape monthly payment selepas refinance.
    3)Bank ape yg twrkn best rates.

    Basic salary i 2600, gross income 2300.takde comitment payment lain

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