Naza Forte Hari Raya Promotion

Model Naza Forte Promotion
1.6 EX Rebate RM 1,500, FREE Original Bodykit, Tinted, Steering Lock, Smart Tag and Touch & Go
1.6 SX Rebate RM 1,000, FREE Original Bodykit, Tinted, Steering Lock, Smart Tag and Touch & Go

This promotion sounds interesting isn’t? Get your car within 2-3 weeks and enjoy great savings when you purchase from #mybestcardealer. Contact our Kia Authorized Dealer at 019-3559448 while promotion lasts.

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24 comments on “Naza Forte Hari Raya Promotion

  1. hello, i am interested in kia forte 2.0 model. can you let me know what is the best interest rate you are able to offer for 10% DP, 9 years loan, and from which bank? (because the bank i use is maybank)

    • Hi Nate, the interest rate should be roughly around 2.4-2.5%. The interest rate should be depending on the bank you choose, if you are familiar with Maybank, we can submit to Maybank as well. If you would like to compare the rates between banks, we can submit your application to 2-3 banks. Let us know if you are okay with it. Thanks!

  2. Hi… I’m interested to it n Izzit grantee will get d 100% full loan for 1.6SX?
    Gt any requirement on salary n others?

  3. Hi, i was told this rebate 1500 for 1.6ex forte is for 2011 model only 4speed only and not for 2012 6speed model. Pls confirm.

  4. hi, may i know what brand of tint film that you will use?

  5. Hi, is this only for local? what about foreign person(working here) ?

    • Apply for all. However, the requirement is a bit different for your case. You need to pay at least 30% down payment and your loan tenure cannot exceed 5 years.

  6. Hi may I know how long will this promo last? Btw, just asking… I’m interested on forte 1.6ex. My nett salary including allowance is RM4500. fix monthly commitment is 2k. D/payment roughly RM25k. Looking for lowest car interest rate now, what do u offer? Planning to loan for 5 years only.. Thanks!

    • Hi chin, we can get the lowest interest rate for you. Your status looks fine and if you would like to compare the interest, you can provide us your documents. We can submit to 2-4 different banks to find out the lowest rate. Kindly call us at 019-3559448. Thanks!

  7. hello there….i’m interested with Naza Forte ex…can you help me to calculate how much should i pay for DPayment to make it RM700 per month.

    • Your loan should be around RM 62k in order to get your monthly around RM 700. Therefore, the difference should be your down payment. Please contact us for the latest promotion for this model. We can be reached at 019-3559448

  8. Hi..0 d/p for sx type how much per month?

  9. hi… would like to purchase sx… 0 d/p… monthly roughly how much boss? salary after deduction is aroun RM2400… Rm0 commitment…

  10. saya berkenan dengan forte 1.6sx.saya nak tolak citra gs 2007.berapa harga yang paling tinggi boleh dapat untuk citra saya.Apa yang dimaksudkan dengan rebate rm1500 adakan termasuk dengan , FREE Original Bodykit, Tinted, Steering Lock, Smart Tag and Touch & Go ataupun sebaliknya

  11. berapa monthly kalau takda downpayment ?

  12. i would liked to know, how much the kia forte now?
    how many lowest i need to pay down payment?

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