Proton Preve Promotion

Hi all, low interest rate promotion for Proton Preve is still going on. The interest that we can get for you is as low as 2.68% for 9 years. Isn’t that impressive? However, there are terms and conditions that you must know. The applicant has to pay roughly around 10% down payment. If the amount is slightly low, we may able to help you but it depends on your eligibility as well.

Interest rate under graduate scheme is 2.98% (100% loan) and 2.88% (90% loan). Normal loan should be roughly around 2.80% and above. Do call us for more info at 019-3559448

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29 comments on “Proton Preve Promotion


  2. hye…saya berminat nak beli proton preve tetapi gaji saya baru RM1350…. bolehkah saya membuat pinjaman bank????satu lagi, betulkah proton persona tiada lagi dalam pasaran????

  3. hi im interested in the Proton Preve. My pay is in range of 2.5k-3k but I’m still under contract. I can pay 10k for as down payment. But I was just wondering if this interest rate applies to a 5@7 year loan. Do let me know. Thanks

  4. Hi, my salary is abt 4.2k… i wanted to get a preve, however must trade in my gen 2 2005 manual transmission 1st. Is there anyway i can do that?

    • No worries, we can help you with that. We do offer the trade in service as we are dealing with 2-3 trusted used car dealers. Kindly give us a call at 019-3559448 for more information to find out the trade in price. Thanks!

  5. boleh bagi quotation utk proton preve..saya berminat

  6. Boleh bagi quotation utk preve dan inspira? Saya masih belum buat keputusan yang mana satu

  7. Hi, I’m interested with Preve, can send me the quotation?


  8. Hi, my salary around 1.8k and im interested with Preve Executive,
    i can pay 15k for down payment..it’s ok? or Im still need a guarantor?

    may I know what is the current interest rate for 9 year loan?

    • Hi, how long have you been working? If you have RM 15k as for the down payment, you might be able to get the loan. The interest is roughly around 2.7-2.9% depending on your eligibility. Please do call us at 019-3559448 so that we can help you with the process. Thanks

  9. hi there, could u pls send me quotation for preve? any rebate? thanks

  10. Hi, my salary is about RM1.8K and plus the another extra allowance which total up amount of RM2K. Currently I’m working with government. I plan to make a 10% downpayment and i do have personal loan cost me 252 per mth. Am I eligible to obtain a loan to get Proton Preve Premium?

  11. hi!
    i would love to get my very first new car and am torn between myvi 1.5 and this preve.is it the low rate interest promotion is still ongoing?would you give some comments regarding which car has better quality without concerning the size,spacious ? and pls email me the quotation for preve exec cvt.

    • tq! ;)

    • Are you married or still single? Buying a car is a long run decision. If you think of using the car to go to your work place, Myvi is better in term of fuel efficiency. In term of the maintenance cost, both are about the same. If you would like to use this to travel, of course Preve is more comfortable. It depends on your personal preference and we have forwarded you the details to your email for you perusal.

  12. Interested gak nk beli preve.. my salary around rm2k. (working with govermt contract) n klu x nk buat downpayment boleh ke?

  13. salam…
    saya nak tau detail bagi kakitangan kerajaan berstatus tetap bagi preve dengan downpayment dan tanpa downpayment.. terima kasih.

  14. hi …:)
    i want to buy preve around next month, but some one said to me that myvi is better then preve so which one to choose……one dude told me that the fuel consumption on a myvi is way better then preve…i really want to get my hands on a preve premium…can u send me details about why i should and shouldnt choose one these cars thx..:)

    • Hi Joe, Preve and Myvi are completely two different cars. If you would like to go for comfort and long drive, it is better to choose Preve. If you buy it for city driving, Myvi is fine. Myvi’s fuel assumption is much better compared to Preve. Please check your email for both quotations.

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