New Honda City 2012 – Brochures

The new honda city 2012 is finally here in Malaysia! This model will be available at most of the showroom nationwide starting from 20 June 2012. From what we heard, people have placed their bookings since early January 2012. Therefore, the waiting period for this model are more likely to be around 2-3 months after the booking is made.

The price will be released around 5pm today and there are 5 different colors are available which include :

  1. Sparkling Brown Metallic (New Color)
  2. Tafetta White
  3. Crystal Black Pearl
  4. Polished Metal Metallic
  5. Alabaster Silver Metallic.

Honda City brochures : (Click for larger view)

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126 comments on “New Honda City 2012 – Brochures

  1. brapa harga city baru ni?berminat sngt..

  2. Ade free tinted dan cash rebate?

  3. Boleh saya dapatkan quotation jgk?

  4. i am interested also… please forward me the quotation also

  5. Please for me the quotation too.. thank you

  6. Boleh hantar quotation? amat berminat.tq

  7. Hi.. Can i trade in persona 2009? I’m thinking to buy new honda city.. Thx..

  8. Hi..may i know the current ints rate? I would like to trade with my current city ab 5 yrs now

  9. hi..tlg hantarkn quotation city baru..

  10. hi..
    i just want to ask
    what the diffrent between this new facelift honda city with the previous one?
    is it just all about exterior and interior?
    and one more thing
    how about the intrst rate for this?
    can full loan meh?
    sent to my email
    thanks you.

    ps : i really want to bought this car

  11. please send to me the quotation.thanks

  12. boleh hantar quotation kat saya?.thanks and Regards..

  13. quotation please

  14. Hi, can send me the quotation as well?

  15. Hi, can u send me the quotation as well? Can i trade in persona? Thx..

  16. bole anta qoutation x city baru..berminat la

  17. may i ask a question ? why the fuel tank capacity is 42L but i pumped the most also 32L only??? lol

  18. salam.

    saya berminat untuk trade in honda city -vtec, 2006, black colour dan tukar kepad new model. Berapa harga trade in?

  19. Hi…can i check if you have availability stocks right now and what’s the best price you can provide for E series?
    i will also like to check if i want to trade in my Proton Iswara 2001 1.5 auto..what’s the price that you can give?


  20. bleh hntar quot….tq

  21. boleh hantar quotation?

  22. Pls send me the quotation,thx

  23. hai, minta hantar quotation ke email sy untuk kedua2 spek honda city yg baru.. sy kerja kerajaan, nak tau berapa interest rate yang sy bleh dapat. n any free gift, voucher?tqvm

  24. hi..pls email me the quotation..tq

  25. Hi.. can you give me quotation for E-Spec? Currently, how much is the bank rate? TQ

  26. Want trade in my perodua viva to get new city. can you sent me the quotation?

  27. bley bg sy quotation honda city type S & type E

  28. please do send me the quo for the city 2012. Thank u so much.
    And if i wanted to buy the car in October do i need to put the booking this month?
    How much is the booking fees?

  29. Hi,
    Please send me the quote. I would also want to check what is the price if I want to trade in my Proton Iswara 2004 (M).

  30. sy sgt2x berminat.bole forward kn kpd sy quotation x??

  31. hi, could u pls send me the quotation. and if i place order now when can i get the car? tq

  32. Saya berminat utk trade in avaza 1.3a 2005 dgn honda city e spec. Loan avanza fully settle pd 2009. Brape price utk tradein & int bank?

    • Salam Razlan, minta maaf kerana lambat reply. Harga E spec adalah dalam linkungan RM 90,980. Interest dalam 2.3-2.4% bergantung kepada kelayakan. Berapakah jumlah down payment yang tuan berminat utk bayar?

  33. Hi, I would like to know :
    1) Kindly do send me your quote for both variants (S & E).
    2) What is the trade in value for wira 1.3 manual (2000 model)? I plan to sell my wira and get a new city 2012 model.
    3) Wht would be your estimated interest rate for this city 2012 and which bank?
    4) Estimated car delivery timeframe upon booking?
    5) Do you provide test drive service ?

  34. I’m interested to buy this car, can you please send a quotation for both specs? I would like to trade in with my Saga BLM 2010. Please include any offer or free gift if any. Thanks.

  35. Hi can u send me the quotation for both specs with 10k downpayment for 9 years loan. How long is the waiting period?

  36. Hi,

    Nak tanya, blh tak sy nak tradein kereta savvy to honda city…tp hutang sy dlm 14k for savvy…dulu sy ambik public bank for loan…
    Gaji sy sekarang 4500……harap blh bantu… thanks

    • hi Nazura, baki hutang kereta Savvy you masih tinggi. Pihak kami perlu check dahulu trade in value supaya kami boleh buat anggaran tentang jumlah yang perlu dibayar utk down payment. Boleh hubungi kami di 019-3559448. Thanks!

  37. any promotion or discount for honda city type E and S… can send the quotation to me??

  38. I want to trade in my car savvy amt year 2006 9years loan..and buy honda city E or S model..can u email me quotation..tq

  39. can you send me the quotation for E & S grade city?

  40. Can you send me the quotation?

  41. Hi..im intersted to trade in myvi tu this new honda city…myvi settlment for bank rakyat is 27k (myvi 1.3 ezi 2008)…how much cash from this myvije ,if possible market price is higher..then if 10k dp for honda city how much loan do i need assuming some cash from myvije itu le..tQ

  42. Hi..im intersted to trade in myvi tu this new honda city…myvi settlment for bank rakyat is 27k (myvi 1.3 ezi 2008)…how much cash from this myvije ,if possible market price is higher..then if 10k dp for honda city how much loan do i need assuming some cash from myvije itu le..tQ

  43. Hi there, would like to trade in my perodua viva for new honda city..

    1) what is the procedures i need?
    2) what is the current interest rate?
    3) how long it takes to process everything?
    4) the downpayment after deduction of the trade in
    5) can i transfer my current car plate to the new car?


  44. hi..pls end me quotation for new city.would like to trade in saga blm year 2009.

  45. Can you send me the quotation? Thx!

  46. Can you send me the quotation…………tq

  47. Hai.. Please send me quotation also…if i want to make dp 5k,, is it possible and how much the intrest rate?

  48. Hi Sir, i would like to trade in my proton gen2 iafm (AT) 2008 car for honda city E model. can send me the quotation. Thanks

  49. Salam. Saya berminat dengan Honda City E. Saya bercadang utk guna graduate scheme with 0% DP. Adakah interest boleh dikurangkan lagi jika saya bayar DP but not more 10% (i.e RM3000)?

    Boleh bagi saya quotation utk both 0% DP & RM3000 DP?

    Basic salary RM2700 + allowances = RM4000


  50. hi.Can you send me the quotation…………saya bekerja sebagai kakitangan kerajaan. basic salary 2400+ 850 allowances..saya hendak menggunakan graduate scheme. boleh tak? what is the best rebate i can get if i buy it within this month..

  51. hi…model 2012 honda city ada lagi tak? saya berminat untuk membeli honda city E class…

  52. bole bagi quotation honda city E spec?utk bulan ni still ada promotion?klau sy byr dep 10k brapa mntly instlment,n klau trade in myvi auto basic 2008 brapa harga..tq

  53. Hi, just get to know you give great discount for model 2013. Can send me the quotation? model 2012 pre-facelift still got stock?

  54. Hi, can resend? Can’t see your mail.

  55. Hi..saya berminat untuk beli honda city grade s 2012. Ada diskaun? Juga, saya hendak trade in hyundai accent (manufacture 2005). Sila provide offer yg ada.

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