Car Loan Interest Rate 2012 : Update

Malaysia Car Loan Interest Rate 2012 (Updated on May 24, 2012):

Below are the ranges of interest rates applicable to each car brand in Semenanjung Malaysia (new model). These rates are listed based on the rates offered by our bank panels to our previous clients. Our bank panels include RHB, CIMB, AmBank, Bank Islam, MayBank, Hong Leong Bank, and Public Bank. The interest rate may vary depending on the amount of loan, loan period, applicant’s financial records, nett salary as well as the car model.

Car Brand Car Loan Interest Rates
Honda 2.38%-2.5%
Toyota 2.38%-2.5%
Nissan 2.4%-2.55%
Naza Kia 2.40%-2.55%
Hyundai 2.40%-2.55%
Mazda 2.40%-2.55%
Proton 2.80%-2.95% (2.68% lowest for Preve)
Perodua 2.80%-2.95%

For those who are planning to get a full loan under graduate scheme, the current interest rate offered is 3.1%. However, we were told that the interest rate is likely to go down to 2.88% for local cars and 2.68% for non-local cars. These rates may be inforced early next month and don’t worry about these changes. Let’s say you are planning to submit your loan application this week, and the rate suddenly change, we can appeal the low interest rates for you without any hassles. Should you have any question, give us a call at our main number, 019-3559448.

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468 comments on “Car Loan Interest Rate 2012 : Update

  1. Wat is graduate scheme?

  2. apasal la kereta buatan sendri pn interest tinggi…..x interesting langsung….

    • sabar en pendita kata..
      kereta buatan malaysia mahal interest adalah sbb kemungkinan yang kereta malaysia untuk tidak habis bayar dalam bentuk dijual sblm habis bayr,excident kene curi adalal lebih tinggi..
      just bgtaw ap yg sy taw je

    • ………..kerana secara kebetulannya, di Malaysia, kebanyakan peminjam yang tidak dapat membayar balik pinjaman mereka merupakan pemilik kereta nasional dan bukan kereta impot. i know because i do debt recovery work and most who get sued for not repaying their car loan are either proton or perodua owners. sad but true!

  3. how about the rate for Ford?

  4. kat sabah kereta mahal 3k dr semenanjung tp interest rate x rendah malah lg tinggi..
    3 – 3.8 ini la yg d namakan 1 malaysia.

  5. Its that a new car interest rate or for Old (second hand) car? If i want to buy a Toyota Camry for Year 2003, what is the interest rate and which bank is recommended?

  6. what is the interest rate for bmw car???

  7. how much is the interest rate for bmw???

  8. why i got interst 3.55% for my hondy city mmc facelist..loan made at hong leong,9 years loan n 10% down payment,not first car..already approved just waiting for car launching

  9. how about second hand proton cars? how much is the interest?

  10. kalau harga kereta honda civic 1.7 tahun 2001 RM45000. berapakah monthly payment

  11. berapa interest untuk kereta toyota wish rekon?

  12. I wanna know latest interest rate for secondhand toyota. The car was 2006. TQVM.

  13. hi..which bank offer the 2.68% rate for preve?

  14. i would like to buy toyota wish model 2009 recond full loan around 140k. which bank offer low interest rate?

  15. Hi, what is the latest interest rate for Suzuki Swift for 1.5GX and 1.5GLX now?

  16. What about Myvi 1.5SE, 30k for 5 years?

  17. Sorry if I was on the wrong segment here, If I wanted to buy a secondhand car, how much was the estimated interest rate, and which bank should I go for? The car is 20 years old and cost around 15k. (Interested in old cars) lol.

  18. Owh, ok. Thanks for the info.

  19. kindly advise the rate of Mazda 3 2011, loan amount RM80k for 6yrs.

  20. undergraduate applicable for student? without working? with grantor? or can i get loan for my first car? =)

  21. hi, hw much is int rate for toyota wish i.e Year 2006 and Year 2008.

  22. Hi, would like to know New Honda. Loan 90k for 9 years, whats is the best offer, which bank? thanks

  23. Hello.i’m planning to buy new honda city,and had been mention before that u got the rate 2.38%.may i know which bank is that?

  24. if i want buy 2nd hand kelisa around RM18,800 – RM19,800) want get maybank / HLB loan,interest will be how much?or got lowest rate pf interest from other bank?

  25. Hi,
    is the grad scheme under shariah(islamic loan)?
    what is the current rate for second hand car if its follow shariah requirement…
    thank you

  26. Hi,
    I would like to buy BMW e46 325i (2001), any bank can offer loan and estimation for interest rate?

  27. what about ford?

  28. 21 undergraduate, looking for Honda City or Toyota Vios 2005-2007 models (30k used car,spotted some in mudah.my) What is the interest rate if i apply loan? downpayment 10% ,planning to loan 7years

  29. interested in getting the new honda City, 10% downpayment + 90% loan…
    Interest rate is 2.38% correct?

  30. planning to buy new saga flx, just start working after completing my degree few weeks ago. may i know what is the best interest rate i can get with the graduate scheme & do i still need a guarantor?

  31. hi..which bank offer the lowest rate for hyundai elantra?

  32. hi there, i could like to ask what is the interest rate for suzuki swift under the graduate scheme.

  33. thanks.. and was just wondering is the scheme is valid for second hand car?

  34. Hai admin – I wish to buy second hand car like c200 w203 (00-03) or e90 (06). May I know what is the best interest rate for 5 and 7 yrs loan?

  35. Hi admin, what is the interest rate for used Honda Civic 2010 for 5/7 years? Thanks.

  36. Hi, what is the lowest possible IR for new Myvi? loan about 40K for 5-7 years installment. Which bank provides better rate? need helps…thanks

    • The interest rate should be roughly around 2.85% or lower depending on your eligibility. Most of the banks are offering the same rate and if you are interested to purchase from us, kindly let us know which model of Perodua Myvi you are interested with. Give us a call at 019-3559448 for more information.

  37. if i intend to get hyundai tucson as my second car… how many percents of min down payment that i have to ready?? what is the requirement for the loan approval??

    • It depends though. What’s your net salary? If the monthly payment for the new car is 1/3 of your net salary, then you should be able to get the loan. Min down payment should be at least RM 5k. Give us a call at 019-3559448 tomorrow if you are interested. Thanks!

  38. hi.. i want to buy mitsubishi lancer 2006.. how much is the interest for 5 years and the amount is 45k

  39. hi there, i am planning for new honda city, iam not sure to get full loan or 90% loan..and if so which bank offers the lowest interest….i am below 30 and this is my first new car…..i am currently using an old second hand car…am i qualified for the graduate loan…please advise…thanks!

    • btwn i have been working for almost 3 yrs above and my net salary is abt rm2700….

    • Hi tya, to be honest with you, if you can pay at least some amount of down payment, for example RM 4-5k, you can save a lot of money on the interest. If you go for graduate scheme, the interest rate is higher which is around 2.98%. The current normal rate is around 2.3-2.4% depending on your eligibility. If you have extra money, we highly recommend you to pay some amount of down payment. It also helps you in getting the loan approval. Thanks

  40. if myvi 2010 car, loan for 30k over 6 years, what the current interest rate?

  41. 19 yrs old – undergraduate (diploma), proton preve (manual), What is the interest rate if i apply loan? downpayment 10% ,planning to loan 9 years.

    • Your parent needs to be your guarantor, otherwise you are not eligible to apply for the loan. The interest rate should be around 2.7-2.8%. The lowest we have had is 2.68%. Give us a call at 019-3559448 anytime you are ready. Thanks Razman.

      • The quoted 2.68% from which bank? and is it for graduate scheme?

        thanks again. InsyaAllah, i will give a call once my sister has decided on the car’s color ;p

      • Hi razman, if you are applying with 0% down payment, the interest rate is 2.98%. You can do 0% down payment with Bank Islam and get the rate and the rate we mentioned earlier is for 10% down payment and for those who have been working more than a year.

  42. kalau neo cps ada x untuk graduate scheme and bpe dye punya instalment

  43. dye punya interest jugak

  44. what are the current interest rate for bank islam full loan under graduate scheme? myvi 1.5 SE @ 9 years.. thank you..

  45. What’s the interest rate for new Kia Sorento @ 7 yrs.

  46. I am going to buy either Evo or Subaru ranging between 120000 to 140000. Which bank should i apply for loan? and how much will be it’s interest?

  47. Hi, do you have any idea on which bank provide lowest interest rate for 2nd suzuki swift? I’m planning for refinancing my 2009 suzuki swift.

  48. Hi, what is the lowest rate I can get for ISUZU D-MAX HiDEF Limited Edition?
    Also the lowest for Mitsubishi Triton RA Limited Edition?

  49. nak tanya kenapa saya beli persona pre own tahun 2010 interest 3.6% tinggi atau tak sebenarnya?

  50. Hi there, I know you dont have the exact figures but was just wondering what is the estimated interest rate for unreg/recon Merc at our Banks at the moment. If I am right, it falls under “New Car” interest rate. Could you provide me with the 5 year rate as well as 7 year rate. Thanks

  51. Hi..I just got my car loan approved for a 2nd hand toyota vios 2006..loan approved 85% of 49k..9 years..ambank quote me 3.7% interest..is it high?i mean is it possible to get lower interest rate?

  52. i juz got my loan approved for ford fiesta.9yrs with 2.47% interest rate?is there any lower interest rate?

  53. Hi i want to buy Isuzu Double Cab 2.5 Litre (4×2), Which bank should i apply for loan? and the lowest interest rates? QTR loan 60-70K.Sabah area. 9 years.

  54. Salam,

    Blh suggest bank mana yg blh bagi interest rate yg rendah klu sy nak beli perodua alza advance version, deposit rm 7k. gaji rm 2.7k, single, peninsular. Prefer Islamic banking.

    • Wasalam Yurin,

      Agak sukar juga utk menjawab soalan saudari, kami boleh submit documents saudari ke 2-3 bank dan you boleh compare sendiri interest yang ditawarkan oleh mereka. Jika saudari berminat, saudari boleh hubungi kami di 019-3559448. Kami pastikan saudari dapatkan layanan dan service terbaik daripada pihak kami.

  55. hello there,

    what if i want to buy hyundai elantra, what is the interest rate and does graduate scheme offer for this car?

    • Salam Farhana,

      If you are applying a 100% loan, the interest rate is roughly around 2.98% under graduate scheme. If you can get your parent to be your guarantor, and pay at least RM 3k down payment, the interest rate can a lot lower. Give us a call for more information. Thanks!

  56. What would the interest rate for 2009 Peugeot 308 ( used car) be under normal loan or graduate scheme for 9 year loan ( is it possible) ? Many thanks.

  57. Btw the car cost around 75 k

  58. wht would be the intrest rate for MB C180 (07-08′) recon.. Thnks

  59. hello…i would like to buy one second-hand myvi car nearly rm 35k…and for down payment i would like to pay 10k..payback loan i want for 4 years only…now i don’t know which bank to choose to apply loan..and the interest too…how long would the procedure take time…
    i hope u will reply as soon as possible because im going to enter university this september…your help needed…
    thank you..

  60. Hi, as of the elantra 2012 1.6 standard, if would give 10% d/p , till 9 years.. what is the best offer ?


    inspira second 11′ at 71000k , 10 % d/p,till 9 years what is the rate pls…


  61. Hi..

    I would like to buy myvi 1.3 A premium metallic. As it is my first new car i would like to know the rate if i pay 10k downpayment and would like to apply 5 yrs loan in undergraduate scheme. Which bank would provide best rate? How if i dont have guarantor? is theres other way to get the loan?

  62. hello , i wish to get used Peugeot 207 year 2010, RM 53k. how much is the interest in JB? can i get graduate loan?

  63. Hi,

    Perodua Viva 1.0 (S), downpayment rm700, loan 7 or 9 years, how much do you think is the interest rate? This will be my first car :)

  64. how to get 100 percent loan? I’m not under graduate scheme and I just 21years old. But I working under mnc company. Salary at least above 2.5k.

    • hi there, if you are currently employed and earning more than 2k, you should be able to apply for the graduate scheme. Please call us to find out more about this so that we can advise you on which car that suits you the most.

  65. hi,

    if trade in wira ’94 1.5(A) sedan how much can i get? thinking to get new alza advance version..

  66. Hi, would be great if you could let advice me on 2011 Proton Inspira interest rate, planning to get one pretty soon

  67. 26 tahun..dh bkrja lbih kurg 4 tahun..xde diploma cuma sijil shj..layak untuk skim graduasi x??
    vios 1.5e(a) d/p 10k @ 9 thun..brp interest die??

  68. Hello,Im looking for Hyuandai I10, 1.25.. What is the loan rate right currently?

  69. hi there,
    what is the current price for Peugeot 405 Sri auto(1995)
    would like to trade in for a new car
    really needs de info

  70. interested in buying Hyundai elantra if can get best price for my Peugeot 405 Sri as a trade in

  71. Pls advice that the maybank offer me at 2.9% for loan of RM43k. Myvi 1.5SE (navigation spec). The car price is RM56513.50(metalic). Got any other banks that can offer lower IR? this is the 1st time i buy car, no nay record of history.

  72. do u sell suzuki swift? if i want to apply for graduate skim with rm1.8k gross salary is it posible? please advice..tq

    • Salam Shah, we don’t sell any suzuki model at the moment. However, your basic salary doesn’t meet the min requirement to buy a car higher than 50k. If you are interested, you may need to provide a guarantor.

  73. Hi, would like to check with you, used car is it possible to get 9yrs loan? or only available for 5-7yrs? 1year old used car – Inspira 2.0L

  74. interested in Mitsubishi Lancer (A) GLX 1.6 cc -06.
    Price is RM 46 800. i would like to know the rate. If i pay 10k downpayment and apply 5/7 yrs loan.

  75. Salam… Saya bru keja hampir 3 bulan dgn gaji rm4000+ elaun 400.. I’m interested to buy preve or elantra. I think i want to use the graduate scheme with 0 downpayment. What is the min interest rate can i get? Can u email me the quotation for both cars? Thanks…

  76. Hi.. I nplanning to buy hinda stream recond.. Which bank offer the lowest interest rate n how to submit the documents. Tq. Wani

  77. hi, what is the interest rate for 2nd hand Myvi car? if the price is RM40k..

  78. interested on the same as ooi above, transferring the loan from my wife to me. The car is less than 6 months. What would be the interest rate, at which bank?
    Myvi, Initial loan RM46k. Adding RM25-30k for the next loan. Applying for RM15-20k loan.

  79. hi, do u sell odyssey 2008/2009? if yes. what is the current rate?i’m interested with the graduate scheme.is it applicable to PhD graduate as well?

  80. Last week I checked the interest rate for perodua with the sales officer. He said viva elite (A) interest rate was 3. 25% eventhough we maid down payment 10%. Why the inteterest rate so high? If i get the lowest rate means i will buy it…

  81. hi, what is the interest rate for 2nd hand Myvi car? if loan amount 32K.

    Thank you

  82. What is the interest rate for saga flx? Borrow 40k.

  83. saya nak tahu kenapa interest rate proton lebih rendah daripada perodua?? adakah depend pada bank yang offered??

  84. Hi,

    I currently cosidering buying a new myvi 1.5 extreme full specs. My basic was 2.4K plus minus other allowances i bring home 2.7K per month. i had one personal loans of 5K and was paying for rm181 per month.can i had an approved loan based on this?

  85. Hi, I’m interested to buy the new honda city at rm92k. Hw much is the interest rate if if I want to apply for full loan? Thank u…

  86. How about interest rate for new 2012 toyota vios 1.5J non metalic with downpayment RM15k?which bank must I take?

    • Hi Fakhri, the interest rate should be roughly around 2.3-2.4% depending on your eligibility. Please let us know if you would like to purchase from our authorized Toyota dealer. Please call us at 019-3559448 for more information.

  87. hi, my gross pay is RM4.7k. Just joined a new GLC company for 3 months. currently driving a honda city yr 2006 vtec auto maroon. want to trade in that with a new proton exora cvt bold. can i apply for a car loan with my pay? im trying to bring down my installments. currently servicing RM849/monthly. I have loan instalments and cc that amounts to RM600 monthly.

    • Hi rene, if you would like to purchase a new Exora, the waiting period is around 1-2 months depending on the color. Please make a booking in order to avoid longer waiting period. We also accept trade in and please contact us for more details on the trade in price.

  88. What is the interest rate for Toyota rush year 2006. Loan amount rm53k for 9 years.

  89. When can i buy a new nissan almera? Is it available for booking?

    • Hi there, yes, it is now available for booking. The booking fee is RM 500 and kindly let us know if you would like to purchase from our authorized Nissan dealer.

    • Hi, the price has not yet confirmed and it would be published during the launching date. If you would like to apply the loan (assuming not knowing the price), please prepare the following documents:

      Copy of IC
      Copy of License
      Copy of bank statements (3 months)
      Copy of Pay slips (3 months)
      Copy of degree/diploma slip

  90. how much the used car loan interest would be for Gen – 2 model 2004 ?

  91. Hi, do you any info on currently interest rate for 2nd hand volvo’s? (for example volvo S60 year 2003 – 2006) is it around 4%?

  92. I am 23 y.o. and just graduated (degree), am i eligible for graduate scheme if i haven’t found a job. But i need a car to attend interview!

  93. How much is the interest rate for kia forte 1.6 with 10k d/p

  94. Interested in getting 2nd car any SUV can you give me the quotation or suggestion salary 4000+++ interested in TUcson Hyundai or CRV

  95. saya berminat nk beli proton persona Elegance Auto. Gaji Bersih saya RM2,000.00. Pinjaman untuk 9thn. Berapa interest rate dan adakah saya layak memohon.

  96. Hello… Do u include Proton Saga SE for fresh grad scheme? if so, whats the quotation for private sector with rm2k salary per month for 7 yrs and 9 yrs without down payment? Will the price be similar in Sabah because im from Sabah… thank you…

  97. How if i wan buy a second hand car? How will be the interest will calculate?

  98. Hi is there civic fd2 first hand is still available? How much is it? any promotion? How about the interest rate?

  99. hi, im in process applying loan for Inspira 2.0E, loan around 73k, rest is dp+discount.
    AMbank give 3.1 lol, why so high for local car, damn it. now asking for other RHB/Pub

    • Hi Ken, Ambank is always giving a high interest. Kindly let us know if you would like to use our bank panels which include RHB, Maybank and Muamalat.

      • may car delaer said, need to wait for 2 weeks more (after 2 weeks already), to get Inspira 2.0E white, coz no stock is it true?..loan approved all stuff done..waiting for the car only…

  100. sy student tahun akhir sdg praktikal, ada x car loan yg sy blh buat, ape syarat2 dan prosedur dia ssh x? ada x loan maximum 300 sebln untuk 9 thn? terima kasih ats bntuan.

  101. Jika sy nak beli unregistered honda stream rsz.berapa interest?berapa lame bleh buat loan?adakah boleh sampai 9 thn?gaji saya rm2800+rm1400elaun(tidak masuk dlm slip gaji).adakah sy layak utk beli?jika sy ada myvi se 2008 nak trade in bleh tak?

  102. What’s the interest rate for used car Honda CR-V year 2008 @ 9 yrs ? loan 90k

  103. hola, i want to buy myvi 1.5 se,
    how much the interest if :
    1- graduate scheme
    2- d/payment 10%
    thanx so much.

  104. sy nak jual kereta waja tahun 2002 sbg d/p utk triton 2.5A. Do u accept trade in? What should i do?

  105. salam.. can i apply dat graduate scheme even though i’m still in probation period? i mean, i’m working for 3 months+ and still didn’t get the confirmation title from my company.. (i’m just graduated from college last december 2011).. dat graduate scheme is applicable to buy the used car or not?? or it just can be applied for whom who want to buy a new car only?.. TQ

  106. how many percentage that the car loan can be approved?

  107. hye, nk tnya whether i boleh beli kereta second hand melalui graduate scheme?

  108. klau kete honda city thun 2009….brape thun bank bleh supprt loan???7 or 9 year.n the interest rate???

  109. Hai, kalau saya nak beli kereta proton dari tangan orang lain yang baru digunakan dalam 9 bulan, adakah interest rate masih sama dengan kereta baru atau sudah dikira rate interest kereta 2nd hand? berapa range rate tersebut ya? TQ

  110. brp interest rate Maybank Islamic utk kereta Honda City if downpayment around 25k ye?

  111. Salam. Just need to know, is the first monthly installment of the car loan paid together with down payment? Thanks.

  112. Hi,i’m 20 years old student.i wish to buy a perodua myvi 1.5se(m) with price RM50,913.50..5-7k down payment and my parents as guarantor.how much lowest interest rate can i get and which bank to take?Thanks

    • Hi navin, sure thing. Please prepare the following documents:

      1. Copy of IC
      2. Copy of Driving License
      3. Copy of student matrix Card

      Your guarantor should provide:
      1. Copy of IC
      2. Copy of Bank Statements (3 months)
      3. Copy of Pay Slips (3 months)

      The lowest interest rate you may find is 2.8+% and let us know if you are interested.

  113. hello admin how r u?
    mau bertanya, lancer sportback 2.4 2012 model, 1 car dlr offer me 135k otr downpayment 10k, and another 1 offer me 128k with 10 % d/pymt, for the same model. now,, dah tentu 128k lebih murah.. skrg.. saya tengah buntu nak tahu macam mana nak tahu bank bg the best interest rate for me

    • Hi duan, you need to double check whether your dealer is offering the right 2012 model. We have double confirm with our dealer that they won’t be able to give 128k for 2012 model. Please be sure that’s OTR as well. If you would like to find out our promotion for 2011 model, kindly email us your details.


      • thanks for the answer, very usefull… but im already get 1 and just waiting the loan approval. 2011 model… cant wait to drive my new lancer!!!!

  114. Hi Admin,
    Can i know what is the lowest interest rate i can get for a new Satria Neo CPS H-Line (M) with a down payment of 20k?

  115. Hi.. I want to buy a Toyota Vios 1.5G Limited (AT). So what is the amount of interest and what is the monthly payment?

  116. Hi.. I want to buy a Toyota Vios 1.5G Limited (AT). So what is the amount of interest and what is the monthly payment if i want to trade-in my 2004 toyota vios 1.5E???

  117. Hi, i want to buy Satria Neo R3 Clubsport 2008 second hand. The price is RM45800. How much is the interest and how much bank can loan the car.?

  118. Saya ingin membeli Ford Fiesta terpakai tahun 2011 dengan harga RM63k. Berapakah anggaran interest yang perlu saya ambilkira dan adakah saya boleh memohon pinjaman penuh? Saya baru graduate diploma dan baru berkerja dgn gaji RM2.7k.

  119. Bank manakah yang menawarkan interest terendah? Layakkah saya membuat pinjaman skim graduan? (sudah berkerja lebih 3bulan)

  120. Hi..i want to ask about new CR-V..could you figure out what is the best current interest rate for this model? If i want to buy with zero downpayment (not student scheme), would i be able to do that? ;p

  121. Which bank offer the lowest intrest for Preve

  122. Hello… nice info from the website. Been looking for this kind of information. Im currently looking for my first new car. Im 27 y.o been working for almost 4 years now so am i still appropriate to get the full scheme under the graduate scheme? Im considering to get the mazda 3 2.0cc. What would be the best current interest rate for 9 years loan (Klang Valley area)? thx in advance

  123. berapakah interest untuk honda stream 2.0 (2003)? loan 44000k. boleh ikat 9 thn ke?

  124. wat is the interest rate for used hyundai getz at 18950?

  125. hi May I know the current interest rate for volkswagen new car, say the new beetle?

  126. hi… what the interest rate for used car like forte 2010 models? thanks

  127. assalam..
    saya ingin tahu, berapakah interest rate untuk kereta baru- proton saga FLX SE, d/p: rm10k selama 9 tahun..saya bercadang untuk ambil loan public bank ujung bulan ini.

  128. salam…
    saya ingin tahu,jika gaji bersih hanya rm1900..dan saya ingin buat full loan,bank manakah yang menawarkan interest yg paling rendah jika saya ingin membeli myvi extreme auto?

  129. salam

    nk tnya bole ke nk trade in keta myvi ngan honda city??kn refinance ke??bole bantu,sbb xpndi sngt part nk tkr2 keta nie

  130. Salam/hi.. one question if I nak beli keta second hand jenis madza fighter 2.5, tahun 2006, price RM36000.. berapa interest ye?.. nak tau rating location based at sabah.

  131. i wanna know whether the graduate scheme is applicable for university students?

  132. Admin
    What’s the estimated monthly instalment for mitsubishi tritton 2.5 4×4 standard (M).
    Net salary. Rm2060 not include comm. I want full loan. I’m 25yrs old.

  133. Hi, are you referring to this one? http://www.mitsubishi-motors.com.my/#/car/triton_2.5_litre

    The estimated monthly payment should be around RM 1,110-1,130. Please provide us your contact number to our email at admin@mybestcardealer.com

  134. how abt peugeot 206 cc coupe 03 or 04 years can get how much loan for a fresh grad 1st car~

  135. kereta saga flx se under post graduate deposit dlm 10k brape agak2 interest die?

  136. i am 21 this year. earning 1300+, planning to get a viva by my own, how much is the down payment will be? but i don’t have grantor. how?

  137. What’s the estimated monthly instalment for Toyota Hilux D/Cab 2.5G MT & Toyota Hilux D/Cab 2.5 STD MT.
    Net salary. Rm2060 exclusive comm. Full loan. 25yrs old.
    I’m trying to get the best car.

  138. What’s your opinion on New Nissan almera?
    What is the lowest interest rate and which bank offers it?
    Any special offers for gov staff?

    • Hi dome, based on our opinions, we would recommend you to get Toyota Vios instead of Nissan Almera. This opinion is based on resell value, practicality, car torque, and maintenance. however, if you would like to purchase this model, our Nissan Dealer can try to get interest rate as low as 2.38%.

  139. Hi Admin,
    I am looking for new car either Kia Forte 1.6 or Nissan Almera.
    Can I know what is the current price and respective interest rate for both car ?
    Could you please email me the quotation for both car.
    My nett salary 5k .Male 28 years.Govt Servant.Degree Holder.

    thank you.

  140. hi, how about new peugeot 207 sv?how much the interest?

  141. salam admin, saya nak jual kenari EZ Auto 2005 between saya dgn family members ajer. balance loan dlm rm19k je lagi tp nak up loan sikit dlm rm22k. so recommended bank mana with low interest rate? nak repayment tu between rm250 to rm330 per month, pls recommend tq

  142. I just graduated from Dip. If I want to buy a viva using student scheme, is it applicable for me? But I’m working as temporary/ contract at Sapura Kencana. My salary is about 1300.

  143. hi admin. i planning to get kelisa second hand, model year around 04-06. Price around 20k. what is the approximate interest rate?

  144. What would be the interest rate for buying a viva using graduate scheme? Do you have any point of contact to ask details about the offer?

  145. bank apa yg bg interest paling rendah utk proron preve tu 2.68%

  146. saya tak pernah mempunyai kereta, saya tidak pernah mempunyai hutang apapun di bank. adakah saya bolehuntuk apply loan bank untuk 2nd kereta perodua myvi? untuk pengetahuan saya bekerja di syarikat swasta kfc , gaji saya mgikut kadar jam sahaja. tetapi gaji sy mampu mencecah 2k sebulan dan paling minima ialah 1.6k sebulan malah saya ada masalah tiada penjamin. jika pihak tuan dapt membantu silakan email kepada saya.

  147. nak tanya..saya dah submit loan application utk kereta baru dan belum sain aggrement lagi dan result loan belum tahu.and suddently terfikir macam nak pakai kereta secondhand sahaja..boleh ke nak batalkan loan yang dah disubmit tu?nama blacklist tak?

  148. Hi,
    What’s your opinion on Mitsubishi ASX?
    Could you please advise on the interest rate, downpayment 70k, parent acts as guarantor, 6 years loan.

  149. how much interest for ford fiesta, under graduate scheme..and which bank will be the best to go for..? im a medical graduate n will be joining work within 3 weeks, is it possible to buy a car with 100% loan (with guarantor) within this period?? if possible which bank..? thnkx

  150. Hi there, kindly please email to me the best current offer for Honda Civic 1.8s & 2.0s. How much dpayment should i prepare if im to make installment rm1300-1400 for either 7y or 9y on either cars? any cash discount what so ever? Thx. Best Regards.

  151. hi, sy nak tahu interest rates tuk kereta kia forte 1.6 sx kalo beli guna skim graduan? (0% dp, 9 tahun)
    adakah rates untuk bulan disember 2012 sama ngan rates untuk bulan jan 2013?

  152. Hi,
    Does the graduate scheme applies to foreigners with work permit?

  153. 0 D/P – Hyundai Sonata 2.0 Executive Plus. What is the interest rate?

  154. hi, what about mitsubishi mirage? how much is the interest rate for under grad scheme? same rate apply if i’m paying the 10% downpayment? Thank you.

    • How long have you been working? The interest rate under grad scheme is fixed at 2.88%. However, if you have been working more than a year, and you are willing to pay 10% down payment, you may be eligible to get the interest rate from

  155. beli myvi se tahun 2009…brapa ye interest untuk kereta second??
    harga termasuk tukar nama,puspakom smua rm40600.. saya bayar rm2000 je..yg lebih tu nk buat loan.. agak2 brapa interest nya??

  156. As salam admin.. Saya berumur 22 tahun.gaji bersih (basic+elaun+c0mmisi0n-epf ) = rm1550
    Sy nk beli kereta Myvi auto sec0nd hand atau baru dan ia merupakan kereta ptama saya.. dgn gaji saya sebanyak itu,sy layak buat loan brapa ribu? sy nk buat full loan atau byr muka 2k je..interest kereta 2nd hand brapa?? Dan kereta baru berapa?? Bank mana yg tawarkan interest yg rndah? Mcm mana pula dgn guarantor?? Adakah sy perlukn guarantor untk buat loan?? Bantu saya.. Terima kasih admin..

    • Wasalam, berapakah gaji bersih you? Interest rate bagi kereta 2nd hand agak tinggi. You bermungkinan perlu sediakan penjamin jika gaji bersih you kurang daripada RM 1,500.

      • Gaji bersih 1550..kadang2 dpt jgk 1600..x menentu sbb c0mmissi0n stiap bulan berubah..tp biasanya 1500 bersih memang dpt…lepas x nk buat full loan?? Bulanan brapa ye?? Interest nya 2.9 ke?? apa Syarat2 nk jd guarantor?? Gaji grantor kne bpe ribu??

      • Lebih elok you ambil model kereta Myvi baru dan intterest nya adalah 2.98% sahaja di bawah skim graduasi. Jika you berminat, you boleh hubungi kami di 019-3559448. Kami sudah hantarkan quotation sebagai bahan rujukan.

  157. refinance kereta yang berumur lebih 10 tahun laku tak? bank mana yang sanggup ambil?specially proton made

  158. hai admin
    saya cadang nak beli honda jezz tahun 2003, dalam rm 42+++
    selalunya interest dia brapa erk?
    kalau gaji basic dalam 19++ layak tak?
    tolong ye admin

  159. Hai mad, kemungkinan besar you perlukan penjamin.

  160. Basic gaji 3k.. I am looking quotation for Peugeot 207 Sedan, Toyota Vios, Nissan Almera, Mitsubishi Mirage… Menggunakan Graduate Loan Scheme…. Hrp dpt pencerahan utk kesemua model ini… Tima kase…

  161. Hi..
    basic gaji RM3.5K, boleh ker dapatkan loan utk Exora Bold 1.6AT atau Grand Livina?

  162. Hi,
    Based on the Dec 2012 honda promotion, does the 0.88% interest apply to Honda CRV? If yes, the 0.88% interest is for how many years?


  163. hi admin…
    which one much better, myvi or mirage? thx

  164. Hello admin,

    May i get the quotation for nissan almera? Is there any special promotion for almera at current moment? May i know what’s the lowest possible rate for almera.


    • Hi there,

      The promotion is not interesting enough but you can pick the free 3 times voucher or get a free Personal Accident insurance worth 75k. The lowest interest should be from 2.3x% depending on your eligibility. You also have a choice of getting either Toyota Vios/ Honda City which is more comfortable and has better resell value.

  165. Hi,

    What is the lowest interest rate for now n which bank? Interested to get a vios e. Tq.

  166. what a wide knowledge u had here.. thumbs up bro

    how much the interest rate for 2006 honda jazz priced at RM52,500 and how much was the monthly installment? with and without 10% dp?

    thanks in advance yow :)

  167. Hi. Sy interested nak beli mazda 2 hatchback. Do u know bank mana dpt offer the best rate if i nak loan rm60-70k?

  168. Hi, sy nk tye, interest rate for myvi 1.3 premium untuk graduate dan undergraduate sheme..any promotion untuk skim ni?

  169. hi, nak tanya toyota vios harga around 47k .brapa bank interest rate dikenakan kat sabah?ble suggest bank mana?

  170. what is the lowest interest rate for inspira?

  171. Hi, I’m a swedish citizen who lives and work in KL (employed with salary) and my wife is Malaysian but I want to buy, in my name, a preowned Audi at abt 180K with 20% down and a 4-5 years loan – you reckon I can get a loan as a foreigner and if so at what interest rate? Thanks in advance.

  172. skim graduate boleh pakai untuk kereta import ke?? kalau macam mitsubishi mirage boleh pakai skim graduate tak??

  173. salam bro..nk tanya kalau nk refinance balik loan kereta persona taun 2011 dgn triton 08@09 mcm mna ya?nk guna acc bank yg sama.boleh ke mcm tu?kiranya trade in persona dan ambil triton.loan persona ada baki dlm 25k.hline persona.mohon percerahan.tq bro.

  174. salam bro…interest untuk kereta honda jazz ivtec 2005 brapa ek..harga dalam 55-60k.mohon bagi jawapan

  175. salam…kawan saya cakap harga interest kereta second hand naik kepada 5% dan ke atas…betol ker?

  176. Satria Neo CPS R3 baru. Manual.
    otr RM61,250. dp: RM6250
    loan 55,000.
    brape interest rate lowest bole dpt?

  177. hi interset rate utk exora bold cfe berape?
    loan 72000.00. tq

  178. jazz hybrid CBU (2012) brapa rate?

  179. im 22.just graduated nov 2011 and working already for 3 months with earning rm1100.i want to buy new nissan almera under graduate scheme..what is the lowest interest rate?
    or i still need guarantor?the problem is i dont have guarantor.please help me..

  180. Dear Sir, Do you have any idea when will the new latest honda civic facelift 2013 will arrive in Malaysia? Would be very much interest to deal with you if it coming anytime soon.

  181. Working for 2 months with 2k nett salary. Thinking about getting the Satria neo R3 using grad scheme. heard from a dealer that Bank Islam dont do Satria Neo R3. is it true?

  182. Hi Sir…i need ur help and advice… i’m 30 years old and i don’t have any loan at all… i’m interested to buy a persona car 2011 from a friend…He has got to let go his car coz of financial problem…He can’t pay the monthly of RM570…His full settlement is RM42k(not sure of the rite amount) So i decided to re-loan his car…My Net pay is RM1200 + RM350(part-time job)… Do i need a guarantor? And which bank is better and gives the lowest loan rate? Need ur advice Please…thanks…

  183. hi , if i want take used car rx8 75k and my dp 25k. loan sng dpt tak if i nk pinjam 50k ? which bank best interest. my salary + oti = 3k every month.no credit card,no housing loan. need reply A.S.A.P thx

  184. hai. nak tanya, saya berkenan nak ambik honda civic 2.0 second hand tahun 2011. berapa interest rate untuk kereta second hand dari jepun?

  185. plus, bank mana yang paling rendah interest dan paling cepat approval. terima kasih.

  186. admin…
    saya sudah bekerja selama 10 bulan, gaji bersih dalam 2.7k. nak wat loan untuk used car (city/civic) dalam 60k. berapa interest dan bank mana senang nak apply. (bercadang nak amik kereta kawan yang nak jual & saya baru habis belajar tahun lepas)

  187. Hi, pls advise how much is the interest rate, if I pay down payment of RM50k and balance get loan for 9 years,if I buying a toyota PriusC for RM97K? Pls advise which bank has the best rate?

    Pls reply and email me the info.

    Many thanks

  188. how much for loan interest 2nd hand honda jazz 2003. price 37k and my deposit is about 15k

  189. Ford fiesta 1.4lx. Down payment 10%. Brapa interest? Brapa minimum gaji kene ada?

  190. Hi are you selling the hyundai car as well? Can I have the brochure ot quatation for the hyundai elantra 1.6 standard? How much is the min salary can apply for this car?

  191. Pls email me for Honda civic 1.8 brand new and Volkswagen polo sedan 1.6 and Volkswagen beetle 1.2 with interest rate etc
    planning on either one.thx
    and also to sell off my current car saga blm 2008 auto full spec. whats the price?
    basic : 2.4k, with comm aroun 4-5k net income.
    qualify for loan?
    kindly reply via email.

  192. Salam -

    Gaji nett RM1815 – kalau ambik perodua auto – bayar d/p RM10K – 9thn – ada satu kad kredit & satu personal loan. plus nak trade in Kelisa – baki loan RM10K++. year made 2003. mileage nearly 230K. hope u can assist. Thank you.

    kindly reply my email.

  193. kindly email me for new wish s limited amounting 128k (body).on d road not sure.n sell of our wira aeroback se -4 disc break (rm13k).
    net income:3500

  194. Berapa rate skrg utk Exora? Sykt tuan sedia trade-in tak? Avanza 1.3 manual tahun Mac 2008, condition ok. berapa trade-in value accepted?

  195. I nk trade-in Gen2 at 2006 …conditon OK. Brapa trade in value accept?
    I nk beli Inspira 1.8AT 2012…Brapa value ya? I nk Public Bank…intrest brapa?

  196. hello sir,saya ingin membeli estima year made 2006 register 2011 berharga rm142k on the road di Malaysia,saya gaji kasar 3.4k tapi gaji bersih sekitar rm1750 dan gerento wife gaji bersih rm2.5k. saya ingin mbyar rm34k downpayment,,berapa rate saya boleh dpt jika pinjman 9 tahun,, boleh kah dpt rate dibawah 3.4??

  197. haiiiiiiii..i nak tanya i berminat untuk avanza baru 1.3 manual beraper ye interest and monthly?thanksssszz

  198. Hai, i would like to know interest and monthly for Perodua Myvi 1.3 EZi.
    Please do a quatation for me with down payment of RM 5000 and 0 down payment..
    Best Regards,

  199. salam…boleh tumpang tanye…gaji basic saye rm1800+elaun semua rm800 x termasuk o.time jika ade…montly gaji saye dlm rm2600..tiade blacklist..dan tiade loan2 mane2 bank…layak ke saye nak buat full triton 2nd…or kereta lain…ade yang boleh membantu??…

  200. kalu kelisa 2004 1.o gx manual…last i check the value still reach up 21K..can u suggest the best bank that offers the best interest rate & loan tenure in this case…thanx ;-)

  201. Hi there……..I wanted to buy a second hand car which is Toyota Estima year 2000. And the loan is for five years, can i know how much is the interest rate for this car?

  202. Mohon bantuan, saya telah mendaftar dengan AKPK adakah saya layak untuk membuat sebarang pinjaman kereta?

  203. saya berminat nak beli kereta 2nd hand honda city 1.5 vtec tahun 2005 atau toyota altis 1.8G tahun 2003. berapa nilai interest terkini bagi kedua dua kereta ini. TQVM

  204. my i know the latest interest rate for brand new toyota rush 1.5S?

  205. Hi. Just want to know either 2.75 % interest rate for new lancer 2.0 gt is normal rate? is it any possibility i could get more lower interest rate with others bank? My loan with Ambank has approved with 2.75 % interest rate.

  206. how to get lowest interests 2.38% for Toyoto Vios or Honda Civic with a trade in car?

  207. Hi nak tanya, saya undergraduate uitm. Maybank undergraduate loan ada buat loan untuk second hand car tak ? Atau dia cuma buat untuk new car loan sahaja. Keliru disini. And berapa rate untuk 2nd hand kia forte sx 2011 ?

    • Interest rate utk used car boleh ditanya dengan bank officer or used car.

      • U r not answering my question, thankyou. This is worst feedback.

      • First of all, we are not a used car dealer so we are not able to answer your question.

        Interest rate for used car is very volatile depending on the loan amount, the car model, the applicant’s eligibility as well as the loan term. The right person to ask this question is of course, the bank officer.

        Student is not able to apply for any car loan, fyi. You must have a guarantor.

        Thank you for your unethical comment. At least read our previous posts and website first before you said anything like this.

  208. Im on you Mybestcardealer. Pay no attention to that clown. People now days only like to be spoon feed rather than look up or ready up for informations. His ignorant show how lack of manners kids now days (not all of them thou). Keep up the good work bro/girl :)

  209. He’s asking only u dork. U guys the one not answering his question. Fyi dude, maybank ada buat loan for undrgraduate, but u need guarentor.

    • Sure, you are using the same email address as “Uitmstudent”. Hijjaz Azwan, please. We are here to help our client and we’d try to get our point straight. No hard feeling here and please let us know if you have any further question.

  210. Saya bercadang nak beli toyota vios 1.5j baru. Bank ape yg patut saya buat. Boleh ke saya dapat rate interest paling rendah. Saye nak buat full loan boleh atau tak?

  211. salam Admin.
    saya nk Tanya interest bagi VOLVO S40 2.4i 2nd tahun 2005 brape
    dan saya mempunyai waja auto 2002 brape klu trade in value

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