Proton Preve Latest Price

We have a good news here folks. There is some adjustment has been made on the price of Proton Preve. The price was decreased by roughly RM 2k-5k for each variants and below is the latest price we found on the Proton Edar’s website. However, the price is subjected to change any time prior to the launching, stay tuned with us.

New Proton Preve Price List:

Senarai Harga Proton Preve:

Model Transmission OTR Price 7 years 9 years
Proton Tuah Executive (S) Manual RM 59,540 765 623
Proton Tuah Executive (M) Manual RM 59,990 771 628
Proton Tuah Executive (S) CVT RM 62,540 804 655
Proton Tuah Executive (M) CVT RM 62,990 810 660
Proton Tuah Premium (S) CVT RM 72,540 932 760
Proton Tuah Premium (M) CVT RM 72,990 938 764

Monthly installment calculation is based on 10% down payment and 2.85% interest. Contact our Proton representative to find out more about this model and the number to dial is 019-3559448.

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13 comments on “Proton Preve Latest Price

  1. my booking on 16th April 2012, i hope the turbo charger not make me dissapointed :)

  2. Send me the photos , can i test drive?

  3. is this malaysian made car???? why the price is over RM50,000.. it should be 50k below. so low income malaysian can buy. TQ

  4. may i ask? if i wanna buy 1 preve 1.6 premium. i just finish my probation period and my basic now is RM2700. do i need to have a guarantor for loan approval? i don’t have any current loan made

  5. hi admin,

    how long the waiting list for CFE premium model? if the loan can be approve by next week, when we can expect to receive the car?

    • Hi Aziz, it depends on the color and you probably need to make a booking to avoid longer waiting period. We were informed by Proton that it would be safe to tell the customers that the waiting period is within 1-2 months. Give us a call at 019-3559448 if you need further assistance.

  6. for malaysian made car the preve the selling price should be at range 4
    5 – 50 k

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