Toyota Camry 2012 : Price List

Toyota Camry 2012 Price List:
Senarai Harga Toyota Camry 2012:

Model Estimated Price 7 years 9 years
Toyota  Camry 2.0 E RM 152,000          1,914         1,552
Toyota  Camry 2.0 G RM 160,000          2,014         1,633
Toyota  Camry 2.5 V RM 183,000          2,304         1,868

Calculations are made based on 10% down payment and 2.5% interest rate assumptions. The interest rate is subjected to change depending on  bank’s discretion.

This new model is expected to be launched in June 2012 and it is about two months from now. Do you have anything to say from the picture above? The design looks more elegance but slimmer than the current model, what say you?

For more information, please visit Toyota official website at http://toyota.com.my/camry/

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16 comments on “Toyota Camry 2012 : Price List

  1. Day light robbery with the New Camry sigh.

    Guys lets have a change in mindset.

    Korean Cars are much better now.

    Dont let UMW toyota have too much power to control prices !

  2. They try to offer a crap in a gold wrappers, 4at is a no no for now , check out the center arm rest ,made from a square box ,totally no smooth line like previous one. I heard they cost down the car. Just like yr 99 camry..the worse

  3. No major changes as compare to my 5 years old Camry — both interior and exterior
    After waiting more than a year for this NEW model, ….quite disappointed….
    Toyota should not offer the 2.5 Litre model Camry at such high price since there is no special feature…………..instead, they should lower down the selling price in order to capture market share.

  4. Yes I think Toyota especially UMW should not jerk up the prices… its too much. The previous model 2.4 V was about RM 170,000.00 but this one is RM 183,000.00. The 2.0G previous model is only about RM 150,000.

  5. Personally, i dont like this design. My camry previous to this version looks much more better. I dont understand what make Toyota too confident with higher price. Anything to do with tsunami? Recover the loss…i guess

  6. Hey dude.. totally agreeable with that… Toyota is pricing themselves out from the Asian Market soon… They are changing only the outlook but engine is the same 4AT (for 2.0E & 2.0G model) and no smart key system (push start) and no bluetooth, Aux for Ipod/iphone connection & etc features and all these are sells as OPTIONAL items.. Toyota is robbing the consumer money with this new 2012 model… Anyone any comment? I think Hyundai Sonata features beats Camry with every detailing.. what say you?

  7. hey there, are you saying that Hyundai is better than camry!? You must be kidding….you should try it out first b4 you comment on the others.

  8. Chow Believe Me. Korean car are now much more better than Toyota’s crap. I changed from camry to K5. More features and more comfort.

  9. i rather consider Nissan Teana 2.5 than camry! their over confident on their market NO1 in malaysia world campion….

  10. Compare to Toyota Altis 1.8G spec, I think the “ALL NEW 2012″ Toyota Camry 2.0G spec is way too LOW spec, OUTDATED engine and UNSAFE on less-ideal road!! Well, please see the below comparisons for the spec [pls note that despite these 2 cars is on different segment, but I'm pointing the comparison on the spec, rather on segment of the car]:

    Toyota Altis 1.8G spec VS Toyota Camry 2.0G spec

    1) Dual VVT-i with ACIS VS DOHC with VVT-i
    (New engine) VS (Old & Outdated engine)
    (More power & torque) VS (Less power & torque)
    (Consume less fuel) VS (Consume more fuel)

    2) Super CVT-i with 7-Speed VS Super ECT with 4-speed
    (better fuel efficiency) VS (less fuel efficiency)
    (Advance gear box) VS (Old gear box)

    3) Safety on less-ideal conditions (such as on rainy day, slippery road & uneven surface road)
    – with VSC & TRC VS – without VSC & TRC
    (MORE SAFE!) VS (UNSAFE!) Hope God will bless you then!

    MY PERSONAL CONCLUSION: Driving a Toyota Altis 1.8G is seems to be MORE SAFE on the road than driving a New Toyota Camry 2.0G!! Yet, you need fork-out additional RM35,000 for a LOW spec, OUTDATED engine and UNSAFE “ALL NEW 2012″ Toyota Camry 2.0G!! UMW TOYOTA is very “BRILLIANT” on “hiding” the above spec comparison when come to promoting this New Camry! You don’t see info of VSC & TRC in 2.5V (indeed 2.5V equipped with VSC & TRC, but not for 2.0G or 2.0E). No “comparison” info means less awareness to the potential buyer, especially to those Uncles!!

    Well, I’m also a Toyota car owner at the moment. But to upgrade to this New Camry, I would put on hold until UMW TOYOTA upgrade the spec of this Camry or look for some other cars. Simply Not worth buying this New Camry at these kind of LOW spec and OVER-PROFIT by UMW TOYOTA!

    In fact, couples of days ago, one Toyota salesman told me that there was quite number of cancellation of booking order for this Camry 2.0G or 2.0E. Simply b’cos the potential buyer disappointed with this LOW spec Camry. To buy 2.5V with HIGHER spec is overpriced at RM181K!

    • Hi Flyuy70,

      Totally agree with you.. bcos i ust went n see the actual car at the showroom this morning…damn dissapointing on the internal.. it looks smaller than my Altis internally and even my kids are noticed that!!! What a shame on Camry that describe itself as the flagship model of toyota!!!! Old engine and even lower spec than altis 2.0G which has more features..

      I think i have to cancel my mind to upgrade to camry & wait for toyota to wake up and lets the sales figure of this new camry shocks the head of the design team of this “overpriced” camry…

  11. tq 4 d info , seriously thinking of cancelling d booking for 2.0 G n go for d 2.5 teana which priced lower even than d 2.0 G. i was told that 2.5 toyota is not equiped with vsc really confused when i read that it actually is equiped with vsc. hope some sifu can enligten . tq

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