Price Comparison: Honda City-Toyota Vios-Naza Forte

Interest rate used is 2.65% for both 7 and 9 years. Please submit your documents to find out your eligibility.

Honda city Toyota Vios Naza Forte
Model Type S (AT) Type E (AT) Type J (AT) Type E (AT) Ex 6 Speed Sx 6 Speed
Price 85,480 90,480 76,090 81,500 78,800 85,800
D/Payment 8,548 9,048 7,609 8,150 7,880 8,580
7 years 1,086 1,149 966 1,035 1,001 1,090
9 years 882 934 785 841 813 886
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3 comments on “Price Comparison: Honda City-Toyota Vios-Naza Forte

  1. Just wanna find out from you what are the documents required with regards to the eligibility of one person to get a car apart from current pay slip? In terms of power consumption, which type of car will you recommend for less consumption of fuel compare to the other two?


    • I would say toyota vios would have lower gas consumption as the engine is smaller in cubic capacity which is 1.5 litre. The document needed includes your copy of IC, copy of license and bank statements (3 months). Kindly call us at 019-3559448 if you want to set an appointment.

  2. iam planning to buy a new Toyota Vios
    can u explain the features & specifications with their price and petrol consumption
    hopinf for quick reply
    thank u

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