Car Loan Interest Rates – February 2011

The lowest rate possible for imported cars (Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, etc)  in Malaysia is 2.55%. Contact our sales representative at 019-3559448 if you are interested to apply for a car loan.


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828 comments on “Car Loan Interest Rates – February 2011

  1. Hi, Im looking for Nissan grand livina…
    currently im driving Myvi… i bought it in year 2007
    I would like to know which bank offer the lowest car interest rate in the market now…
    if taking second hand car… what is the best price in the market now for Nissan grand livina??!!
    Thank you.

  2. Sy berminat utk membeli pacuan 4 roda utk memulakan bisnes..sy sudah pun mmpunyai sebuah myvi auto thun 2008, gaji sy RM2400+elaun 200. Sy juga ada 1 personal loan & satu credit card. jika sy bminat utk beli yg terpakai, kereta jenis apa yg sesuai dan eligible utk sy guna. jika sy boleh mmbayar deposit maximum RM4k, brp hrga 4WD yg patut sy cari..terima kasih

    • Hi Susila, terima kasih kerana menggunakan perkhidmatan kami. Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa pihak kami hanya menjual kereta baru sahaja. Tetapi, berdasarkan maklumat yang diberikan, pihak kami menyarankan agar saudari membeli used nissan xtrail 4wd. Berdasarkan pengalaman kami, ramai yang berpuas hati dengan kereta 4wd tersebut.

  3. berdasarkan gaji dan komitmen, bolehkah sy membeli Ford Ranger baru dan brp loan yg sy boleh dapat?

  4. As a retiree for quite years, i m want to own a new brand car. I have to say that i really admire the looks of the new Saga FL which the market price is around MYR 38,000 give or take. So, with a little help from family they are ever willing to support financially for the monthly installment around MYR 400 to 500. How ever i/m not very sure that a peasar like me can buy a new brand car or should i register it under someone else name. because numbers of ads that I’ve seen, they are all asking for the latest pay slip and confirmation letter.

  5. saya berminat dgn Peugeot5008 -+RM160k,d/p +- 10%, monthly +- RM1.6k..household income +-RM9k…any chance saya boleh dpt loan@2.55%?

    • Hi,

      Berdasarkan maklumat yang diberikan, anda mungkin tidak mempunyai masalah. Sila berikan dokumen-dokumen penting bagi pihak memudahkan pihak kami untuk mendapatkan maklumat yang lebih tepat daripada pihak bank yang akan memberikan kelulusan. Dokumen yang diperlukan adalah seperti berikut:

      1) Copy of MyKad (I.C)
      2) Copy of Driving License
      3) Latest 3 Months of Payslips
      4) Latest 3 Months of Bank Statements

      Hubungi En. Ihsan di 019-3559448 jika pihak tuan/puan berminat untuk membuat appointment.

  6. any loan promo for peugeot cars?

    • Which model is this for? It would be better if you could contact our representative directly about this. Or you can pm us your contact detail and we can pass it to our peugeot representative. Give us a call at 019-3559448. Tq

  7. I plan to purchase Myvi or Viva this coming Julai 2011. Is the interest rate would be the same as current interest rate ? How much it increase?

  8. hi, may i know the interest rate for honda insight?

    • Hi Ina, the interest rate should be no less than 2.65%. Feel free to call us for more info about the car loan application. Our Honda dealer would be happy to assist you if you have any questions. Tq

  9. hi…
    income Rm 2300 .. downpayment 20k for honda civic 1.8 .
    any chance?

    no comitment at all

    • We suggest you to have a guarantor for your loan application or make a joint income loan if you are married. These two options will help you to increase the chance of getting loan approval. Please contact me directly at 019-3559448 if you need further explanations and there are also a set of questions that we need to ask you to learn about your current financial status.

  10. Hi,

    I am choosing between a Honda City and Vios. On an apple to apple basis, which car is more more value for money as i intend to use it for city usage.

    • It’s it for city usage, then the name explains everything. :) It really depends on the maintenance side. Comparing vehicles that have same engine capacity which is 1.5L won’t have much differences. Based on our previous experiences, people are more likely to purchase Honda City if they are willing to spend more. In term of comfortableness, most people would say Honda City is slightly better than the Toyota Vios. However, it all comes down to your own preferences of its style, price and your familiarity of the brand. If you are willing to spend more, we’ll vote for Honda City.

  11. Interested to purchase Grandis via trade in of existing Vios of 6 years old. Where can get good rate? thanks

  12. hi, gaji kasar saya rm1400…di bawah nama saya ada kereta myvi(bank islam) rm465monthly & satria neo(ambank)420monthly..saya bercadang utk trade in satria neo tahun 2007 dan mengambil grand livina..boleh bg pendapat anda..lepas atau tak?kalau lepas still kena downpayment?bayaran bulanan?thanks

    • Kami hanya risau tentang baki pinjaman yang terdapat pada satria neo tersebut. Jika ianya tinggi daripada harga jualan kereta tersebut, anda semestinya perlu mengeluarkan duit untuk menjual nya. Pihak kami mencadangkan agar tuan mendapatkan guarantor atau membuat joint income loan bersama isteri jika isteri tuan mempunyai pekerjaan.

  13. Hi… i nak ambik peugeot 308…brapa interest rate yg paling rendah blh dapat n which bank?

  14. Thanks for your comment. do keep me updated if there is any promotion on going for honda city,

  15. How much interest rate for Toyota Vios for 9-year tenure?

  16. Sir, I am planning to purchase a brand new car.. Toyota Camry 2.0(G) on the month of Ap 2011. would you able 2 advice me on the interest rate thatmight be for the month of Apr. Pls advice

  17. Hi, would like to ask for toyota vios 1.5E (AT) metallic, if downpayment is arnd 30k, for 7 years tenure, what will be the int rate?

  18. Hi..
    Can u let me know interest rate for used car ( Honda / Toyota)

  19. hi. i’m planning to trade in my myvi 1.3 premium auto 2006 with a new honda city 1.5s. myvi full settlement is about rm 19,000. the diff will be my downpayment for honda.
    1. what’s the trade in amount do u take for my myvi?
    2. what’s the interest for the new honda?
    3. if loan 7 years. how much monthly instalment?

  20. hi, i’m interested to buy nazakia forte 1.6EX. 10% d/p 9 years tenure. what will the interest rate?

    • Should be around 2.65%. You can use our monthly installment calculator at our official website {http://mybestcardealer.com}. Contact our dealer if you are interested to purchase this model at 019-3559448.

  21. Tuan, boleh bg advice tak on Nissan X-trail 2.0 auto -04,
    harga jual dlm 59ribu, is it worth for money…
    Myself x begitu xpert dlm second hand car…

  22. I owned a 10 year old Kancil ex 660. i’m thinking of having a Proton Persona or Vios as my new car and trade-in the Kancil. add rm10k as d/pymnt. Gross income is rm1.6k. no commitment.

  23. sorry, forgot 2 ask, pls advise on whether i’m qualified or do i need to have a guarantor for both cars.

    • Hi Walter, thank you for using our services. To be honest with you, you need to have a guarantor if you want to purchase Toyota Vios or Persona. Your new car monthly installment payment should be no more than 1/3 of your basic salary. How long have you been working? If the answer is less than a year, yes, you must have a guarantor.

  24. dear sir, i planning to buy my first car, now i need to choose between these two, second-hand latio 2006 RM59K or X-trail 2.5L 2004 59K . please advise. my income is rm2500/month. No commitment. will bank approve my loan ?

    • If you have been working more than 1 year, you should not have a problem. Your basic salary must be at least 300% greater than the monthly installment payment for your new car. If you’re working under government agency, that should be even better.

  25. dear sir, i have been working for 4 years. any suggestion for the first timer whos going to buy its own first car ?

  26. hi..
    saya bercadang nak beli kenderaan baru.income saya RM3046+RM260 elaun tetap.Dlm payslip saya ada deduction loan house RM767 and personal loan RM595.kalau saya nak beli honda city atau grand livina loan boleh approve ke..utk 9 thn…dengan RM15k d/payment + trade in kereta iswara tahun 2000(brp boleh laku).perlu grantor/atau kene buat joining loan ke.bank mana boleh bagi interest paling rendah skrg..tq

    • Gaji bersih lepas tolak commitment semua = RM1,900. Maybe you need a guarantor or do joint-income loan with your wife. For you your Proton Iswara trade in value should be within RM 4-5k (1.3 MT), and RM 6-7k (1.5 AT)

  27. hi. i’m planning to trade in my myvi 1.3 premium auto 2006 with a new honda city 1.5s. myvi full settlement is about rm 19,000. the diff will be my downpayment for honda.
    1. what’s the trade in amount do u take for my myvi?
    2. what’s the interest for the new honda?
    3. if loan 7 years. how much monthly instalment?
    my monthly salary is rm5,000

  28. Hai! i’m looking New Toyota Innova 2.0E M/T ,15%-20% downpayment, 9-10 years tenure how much the interest would be?

  29. Hi, I”m currently looking forward to buy second hand (reg 2003-2005) Mitsubishi Airtrek with the price of around RM72K to 76k) and currently own a Myvi. I would like to check with you what are the interest rate for second hand imported car and what is the max loan tenure? Is it 7 years? Thanks!

    • We are not familiar with the rate charged on the 2nd hand cars, especially mitsubishi. We recommend you to speak with any banks (Rhb, Ambank, etc) to find out the exact interest rate for the specific car (year and model).

  30. Hi I am looking for the best car financing for Ford Fiesta. Maybank bank is offering at 2.65% interest rate. Do you know any other bank offering better interest rate for first hand ford fiesta? Thanks

  31. i’m planning to get honda city by end of tis month…wat is the best rate bank can give to me?will i get 2.55%?

    • That’s a very interesting question. We have to look at your loan application documents before we can make any further confirmation. What’s your basic salary and how much down payment you are willing to make? Are you looking for 7 or 9 years loan?

  32. My salary is 2800, currenty a trainee in public bank.. i would like to know the loan for Honda city and the interest rate.. i would like to have the loan for 9 years.. can u calculate the amount for me?

    • Hi David, we presume, based on the position you currently hold, that you just started your career. If you’ve worked less than a year, you need to have a guarantor for your loan application. Preferably, your parents. The interest rate might be different for your case, but you can use an interest rate from 2.65%.

      Feel free to use our monthly installment calculator at http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/ . Should you have any questions, contact our representative at 019-3559448. Tq

  33. Hi, I am planning to buy a used car from my good friend . It is gen2, 2years old car.
    How much interest rate I can get from local bank ? which bank? for 30K loan amount.
    What is the interest rate for buying a new perodua Myvi?

  34. Hi…I am 21 years old now and not yet reach the birthday,and i plan to bought a car but without Guarantor…izit possible the get loan approval?
    I can pay 10% downpayment…my salary are rm1200 and i have doing directsales with a stable income around rm800 and other unstable income within rm1000-2000.
    any solution to me pls? Thankyou

    • Bank would only look at your basic salary minus your other commitment if you have. Based on the information provided, you need to have a guarantor. Otherwise, it would be harder for you to get the loan approval.

      • any solution for me if i have no gurantor? thankyou

      • is it juz parents can be my guarantor ? is it posibble fren to be my gurantor or other person?

      • We would say the bank would prefer your parents to be the guarantor because they are the people who are closed to you if anything might happen and they have more stable income. If you choose your relatives to be the guarantor, it still can be considerate. If you have friend who has a stable income, less commitment on his/her other loan, there might be a chance, but it is low.

  35. What is the interest rate for 50k loan of 2008 year honda city? best one…:)

    • Hi KS, we are not familiar with the used car market but you could always survey for the best rates by contacting any bank officers (RHB, Ambank, Maybank, etc). They will provide you with the exact interest rates.


    i ‘m form 5 graduated for 3 years. i am working in miri now, but everyday have no car to work…
    now i decided to buy a second hand local car..it cost me RM32000… but my salary only RM1000 per month… can i make a car loan in bank? which bank can i loan?
    public bank or RHB bank? or any suggestion?

  37. Whats the interest rate now for local cars huh? Proton..

  38. hai salam saya bercadang untuk membeli toyota vios 1.5j (M)..deposit payment RM15000…bolehkah saya membuat loan payment untuk 10 tahun….untuk bayaran bulanan berapa sebulan…: ).

  39. hai, saya gov. servant, , keja lebih 20 tahun. gaji rm6300. commitment rm2300. besides that, other side income as an insurance agent rm600 and keep increasing. plan to buy odyssey rm165k. boleh dapat full loan?

  40. hai, sy ingin membeli kereta jenis Honda tetapi sy ingin tahu rates yg terendah skarang.

  41. I would like to buy suzuki sx4 and I only want to loan up 3yrs with 50k so can I know the interest from maybank?Thanks

    • Should be around 2.5% to 2.65%. The rate might be on the lower side if there’s no issue with your financial status. Contact us if you are interested.

      • hi..saya punya gaji bersih rm2300. boleh x saya beli honda city?downpayment saya ialah rm 20k. saya nak buat 9 tahun. sila beri panduan. terima kasih.

      • Hi zan, jika anda bekerja lebih dari setahun, bekerja dengan kerajaan atau GLC, dan tidak mempunyai financial commitment yang lain, mungkin anda boleh mendapatkan pinjaman tersebut tanpa penjamin. Tetapi kemungkinan besar anda perlu sediakan penjamin untuk mendapatkan kelulusan pinjaman dengan lebih mudah. Hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448 untuk sebarang pertanyaan lanjut. Tq

  42. Hai… kalau basic salary sy rm1.8k. d/p rm5k for 2nd car Nissan Sentra Rm45k.. how much the loan interest ?

    • Interest bagi used car bergantung kepada model dan tahun kereta tersebut dan jumlah loan yang ingin dibuat. Soalan ini sepatutnya ditujukan kepada bank-bank untuk survey interest yang lebih rendah sperti, maybank, rhb, etc

  43. hi..saya nak beli toyota vios j auto..gaji 1200. elaun TETAP 500 DAN COMISEN around 300 TO 500.MONTH SALARY 2000 TO 2300 .DOWNPAYMENT 15000.

    • Anda memang memerlukan penjamin kerana bank hanya akan melihat gaji bersih anda tanpa mengira elaun dan komisen. Jika tiada penjamin, dan jika anda sudah berkahwin, anda boleh apply joint income loan bersama isteri anda.

  44. Hi, i interested nak beli vios J auto and my basic salary rm2300..i plan nak ambil 9 years installment..do i need a guarantor?berape interest rate for vios j auto for 9 years installment?

    • Hi Lia, how long have you been working? If you work less than a year, then you need to provide a guarantor. It also depends on the amount of down payment that you are willing to make. If you have any other commitment such as personal loan, you may need to provide a guarantor. If you want to pay less than 10%, you may need to provide a guarantor. Or if you’re married couple, you can apply for a joint income loan. Call us now at 019-3559448 if you are interested.

  45. Hi, I’m interested in buying honda civic hybrid. Not sure if still available or not. Can’t see it at honda website. By the day, my salary is RM4,500. I’m paying house loan RM600 and Persona loan RM589. Am I eligible to apply loan on my own? I’m planning to sell Persona.

    • Salam Khalid, the Honda Civic Hybrid model has been discontinued. There’s no future stock/production for this model. Please let us know if you are interested to purchase any other model. Thank you.

  46. Income saya RM3050 sebulan tapi tak ade slip gaji sebab hanya terima elaun sahaja dari universiti yang sponsor saya buat phd (skim SLAB/SLAI kementerian pengajian tinggi). Saya rancang nak beli Honda city (RM 85840), down payment RM 15000, 9 tahun pinjaman. Commitment bulanan saya ialah RM260 untuk bayar kereta kancil selama 4 tahun lagi. Boleh ke saya dapat loan? Adakah saya perlu penjamin? Apa document yang diperlukan?

  47. saya nk tnya, saya nk beli kereta honda city idsi, tahun 2005. sy pekerja gov. Hrga yg ditawarkan kpd sy rm47K, tp sy nk buat loan rm45k shj. gji bersih sy rm1900. setakat ni, sy xde komitmen nk byr loan apa2 pn. so, interest rate untuk loan kereta second skrg berapa ye? sy nak beli kereta ni dgn tuan pnya kereta tersebut sndri, bkn melalui agent. Sy pernah tnya ambank? Banker 2 ckp interest tuk kereta 2, 4.25%. adakah interest ni adalah yg terendah @ mungkin sy boleh dpt yg lbh rendah dr % 2 ag?

    • Have you checked with Maybank or RHB? The interest rate will be around that but you can always negotiate with the bank officer. For used car, there’s a maximum loan that you can apply for. Let us know if you have any other questions. Enjoy your new car!

  48. hi i have a proton waja 2003 and i have 2 more years to complete the payment. i am planining to change to proton inspira. How do i deal with this and how much expenses do i need?

    • What’s the outstanding balance of your previous loan? You may want to contact us via phone to deal with your used car. If your car value is higher than the outstanding balance of your loan, the excess can be used to pay the downpayment of the new car if you want to do that. Just contact us at 019-3559448 so that we can discuss further on this. Or we can meet at our proton showroom so that you can have a look at the car at the same time. We prefer you to get ready with the documents of applying the loan, your car details (Copy of grants) before the meeting so that we can make the buying process much faster.

  49. Hi. How does a basic salary correlates with the interest rates entitlement? As from the mail thread above, your advice keep mentioning the rates depends on one’s payslip. Does higher income would entitle lower interest rate or the other way round? Appreciate your advice. Tq.

    • Yup, that’s very true. The risk of that the bank needs to hold by lending out the money will be much lower for the higher income people and the probability of them paying off the loan is higher. However, the difference between the rates should not be that much. There are other important criteria that the bank will need to look at. For sure, savings, the amount of down payment, the amount of the loan, your bank statement, your type of job (Gov/GLC/private/business). However, one must be clear that the rate charged for the local cars is definitely higher than the imported cars.

  50. hye.. boleh saya tahu brape interest untuk kereta lotus elise tahun 2003 n above?

  51. hai may i know interest rate for new toyota vios type E for 9 years and monthly fees if i pay 7k for down payment.

  52. hi
    how much the lowest interest rate for used honda jazz year 2003?

    thanks :))

  53. saya berminat untuk beli honda city S.my salary 2500,plus part time 1000++.kalau saya bayar 10% down payment,berapa yang saya perlu bayar bulan2 u 9 thn.berapa rate interest u honda skrg n nk yang islamic finance pny rate.tq

    • Pihak bank belum memberikan kata putus tentang interest terbaru yang dijangka meningkat dalam minggu ini. Untuk membuat anggaran, pihak tuan boleh menggunakan financial calculator kami di {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/}

  54. Hi. May I know the lowest interest rate for new Myvi ezi for 9 years if I want to apply full loan. My basic salary rm2600 allowance rm500. I have been working for 1 year at private company.Tq

    • Myvi Ezi? The model may no longer available in the market. Provide us which color that you’re interested in and we can check the stock availability for you before we can discuss further on this.

  55. I want to buy a Honda CRV and trade in wit my Honda Civic 2.0 2006. May I know the lowest interest rates for car loan?

    • The current interest rate is as low as 2.64% but it is subjected to increase within this week. Call us for more info on the stock availability based on color of the CRV. Contact us at 019-3559448.

  56. berapa anggaran interest utk second car sekitar keluaran thn 2000? tq

  57. Hi..my salary is RM2K/month..i have a Perodua Viva 2009 at the moment but i would love to get the new Honda City…do you think i can afford it…? how about the downpayment..? and monthly payment..?im planning for 9 years…what other options do I have..?

    • Hi John, based on our previous record, one must have a basic salary higher than RM3,000 to be qualified for the loan application on the new Honda City. Otherwise, you need to provide a guarantor. The down payment can be as low as RM3,000 but it depends on your eligibility. Monthly payment should be around RM900-1100 depending on which model that you are interested in. If you are married, you can apply for a joint income loan. Your perodua viva might have a high outstanding balance and you might want to pay for the difference if the market value is lower. Hope that will help.

  58. Interested in honda euro R 2002 . what is the interested rate for this car & the max period for loan

    Please advices

  59. hi..plan nk beli ford fiesta or other car yg below 100k. Gaji bersih yg tinggal rm1450 from rm3050 n husband rm1800 from rm3200. Bank mana yg offer lowest rate for 9yrs loan and u think boleh approve tak loan tu dgn balance gaji kami ni? Ok x i nk beli ford fiesta ni or u suggest yg lain (but klu boleh yg harga below 100k). tq

    • There are couple other models that you might be interested in such as Proton Inspira, Honda City, Toyota Vios and Naza Forte. Out of these 5 model, we would recommend you to get Honda City but it still depends on your eligibility and personal preferences. Based on your net salary info, you might want to get a joint income loan with your husband. You and your husband have high commitment and we know that joint income loan would be easier for you to apply for.

  60. Saya berminat untuk membeli Hyundai i30 1.4 (A). Gaji RM3800 + Allowance RM400. Saya ada deduction utk personal loan RM772 /month, House Loan RM660/month dan Educational Loan RM437/month. Any suggestion of bank that offer the lowest interest rate? TQ!

    • Hi, pihak kami meminta maaf kerana kelewatan membalas pertanyaan ini. Pihak kami akan submit dokumen saudara/i kepada bank bank yang berbeza dan pihak kami akan melihat bank mana yang akan menawarkan rate yang paling rendah.

  61. I plan to buy vios (G) 2008 price RM65K, is it possible to get full loan & 9 years installment? What is the interest rate? My basic salary is RM2.9K. Thanks.

  62. Hi. Plan to buy kia forte 1.6 SX, with 10k downpayment. Please advise on 9 years loan. thank you.

  63. hi..saya keje swasta, gaji around 1980 plus elaun dalam 700 so total 2680…saya tak de komitmen lain..tak loan lain..plan nak beli honda city 1.5s downpayment 15 k..for 9 years..so brape interest rate yg sekarang? which bank? and if i need a guarantor?

    • Yes you do need a guarantor. Please note that the bank would only care about your basic salary, not your allowance. Interest rate should be around 2.98%. Contact our Honda dealer at 019-3559448 for more information.

  64. Hi…I’m working more than 2 years already..now planning to buy a car…my current salary around Rm2600 per month.. No other financial commitment..which car is available if i’m plan to contribute rm500-600 per month for 7 or 9 years as my installment.. any recommendation?local or import car?

  65. hi, can you pls provide me the interest rate and maximum years for loan, for 2nd hand bmw e90 320i manufacturing year 2005 and manufacturing year 2007 respectively? thank you

  66. Hye, Im in love with the Myvi special edition. Is it possible to get full loan & 9 years installment? My basic salary is 1600 and which bank do u suggest i go for the loan? how much would the monthly payment be? Thank u.

    • The price of the brand new Perodua Myvi has not been released yet and based on the previous model price, you need to provide a guarantor if you would like to go for a full loan. Call us now at 019-3559448 if you are interested! The monthly payment can be roughly estimated at {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/}

  67. I plan to buy proton exora AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION
    RM 70,998.00 Metallic, can i know what is Ambank interest rates at the moment and is there a possible if i can get full loan approval with 9 years installment ? my basic salary Rm3500 and i’m paying house loan RM985 and Hondacity fullspec loan RM845. Hondacity full settlement is about rm 55,000. the diff will be my downpayment for exora.

    • So you’re saying that you want to trade in your Honda City with the new Proton Exora? Please refer the latest interest rate for Proton that is used by all banks: {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/latest-car-loan-interest-rate-iii/}. You have a very high commitment and you may need to provide a guarantor, but we’d recommend you to submit your documents with us to find out your eligibility. Call En. Ihsan at 019-3559448 if you want to set an appointment.

  68. Hi..saya ingin menukar kereta Nissan Sentra saya (Tahun 2006) dengan honda accord tahun 2008.

    1) Mengikut harga pasaran semasa, berapa saya boleh dapat untuk kereta nissan saya jika dijual
    2) untuk Honda accord 2008 bolehkah saya mendapat loan sehingga 9 tahun dan berapakah rate semasa untuk second hand car untuk kereta jepun seperti honda?
    3) untuk honda accord tahun 2008, berapakah harga semasa yang boleh dianggap sesuai?


  69. I’m a foreigner working in Malaysia for more than 1 year at a Managerial level. Can I get a car loan without any guarantor? Who are the reliable dealers in KL to go for used cars?

    • Hi, you can contact us if you need to buy any model of cars. If you are foreigner, you need to pay 20-30% of down payment with a maximum loan of 5-7 years. That’s the regulation here in Malaysia. Call us at 019-3559448.

  70. hi~~i plan to buy mitsubishi lancer 2007 rm78k,if 7-9year interest how many?

    • The interest rate for used cars fluctuate so quickly and it’d be better for you to check the real rate by calling any bank agents. The interest rate for a new imported car would be around 2.96%. In your case, it should be around 3.96% (-+ 1% from the current rate).

  71. i would like to owned ford fiesta sports. basic salary rm4000. if downpayment rm5000, how much will my loan be? can it be approved and how much is my monthly payment? tq :)

    • The price for this Sport model is OTR Price: RM 82,888

      Interest rate: Approximately 2.96%
      Down payment : RM 5,000
      Loan: 9 years
      Monthly: RM 913 /=

      Please use our online calculator at {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/}

  72. I plan to buy nissan grand livina or sentra (new or second hand). Is there any suggestion from u interm of interest and quality of engine? This is for my first car. My basic salary is RM4200. My budget car price is below 90K.

    • We recommend you to get a new version of Grand Livina or Sentra, as you don’t have to worry about any early cost of maintenance. The interest rate will also be cheaper for a new model and it will be charged based on the amount of loan that you want to get. Please read our latest entry to find out the latest rate. Please contact En. Ihsan if you are interested to purchase any brand new Nissan at 019-3559448. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  73. saya nak beli kereta volvo V40 tahun 2000.berapa loan boleh apply dan bank mane yang menerima.

    • Seeloknya-eloknya tuan bertanya kepada pihak bank yang berkenaan untuk maklumat yang lebih tepat. Mana-mana bank akan memberikan pinjaman tersebut jika tuan tidak mempunyai sebarang masalah kewangan (saving, gaji bersih dan rekod pembayaran).

  74. Thank you for your advice. I like much Nissan car. Is there any different between Nissan Sentra and Nissan Grand livina interm of quality of engine? Which one better? Appreciate your suggestion.

  75. Saya Gov Servant, plan nak gantikan kereta wira 1.3 Sedan (1999) yg dah habis bayar kemudian beli kereta Honda Stream RSZ 1.8i …. Gaji RM3700, Gaji bersih selepas komitmen RM2700, Agak-agak bleh lepas tak loan utk stream RSZ tu, berapa interset rate D/P RM15k.. 9 Tahun.. Monthly berapa ? Thanks..

    • Hi,

      Honda Stream Price: RM 158,980
      D/payment: RM 15,000
      Interest Rate: 2.92% (could be lower)
      Loan: 9 years
      Monthly: RM 1,683

      Based on the monthly installment, you may need to provide a guarantor for the loan application. If you’re a married couple, we recommend you to apply for a joint income loan with your partner. Call us if you need to set an appointment with us, and we can discuss on the trade in value of your car. (En. Ihsan, 019-3559448)

  76. nak beli honda city tomorrow, tapi dengar tak ade stock,kena book…wats the interest rate currently.n which bank ok?

    • Hi, yes, you’re right. There’s no stock available for a brand new Honda City. The interest rates will be based on the amount of loan you’re trying to get. Please refer to our previous post on interest rate: {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/imported-cars-loan-interest-rate/}. If you have an outstanding record on your financial documents, the interest rate could be lower. Call us at 019-3559448 if you are interested to purchase with our Honda representative.

      • if book, dont know how long will get the car?
        i plan to downpayment 10%, then around 76k for loan…..

  77. I’m going to buy a Hyundai Coupe 1997 direct owner. Any loan available?

  78. Hi…i’m planning to buy a new car which i can allocate RM500-600 per month..i prefer sedan car..i got no other financial commitment..based on the market price and the interest rate, which car you can recommend me to buy?my monthly salary is rm2600 n i already work more than 2years..

    • Hi, click here for your options. Hope it helps. {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/result-search-car/?make=&price=50000&state=&x=147&y=22}

      You don’t want to go for any car that’s priced higher than RM50k. It won’t fit into your budget.

  79. interested in buying a new brand i10 hyundai, what is the lowest interest rate coud give?let say, loan for 7 and 9 yrs,thx!

  80. I would like to know is it possible to apply for car loan if the statement just have a slight movement? I mean may salary is paid in cash but still have KWSP statement as evident. Got confirmation letter. Monthly paid more than 3.5k, just the balance of the salary will spend in the bank. What say you?

  81. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to purchase new Kia 2011 6 speed SX model. What is the interest rate like? which bank? and also which dealer can give me the best deal (body kit, gps tinted)? loan – 45% downpayment, 5 years.

    • We do have KIA Authorized dealer who can provide you all of that. Do you mind to give us your number or you can contact us directly at 019-3559448. The interest rate might be cheaper than the one that’s posted under the interest rate tab. We bet you have an outstanding financial record and you should be entitled for a lower rate. Call us if you are interested.

  82. Saya tlh menempah Honda Freed ttp msh blm memutuskan bank utk mbuat loan. Ini krn saya msh mcari bank yg rendah interest utk pnjaman tsebut,saya mpunyai myvi yg akan d trade in dan nilainya dlm rm26500. Saya bhasrat mbuat pnjaman rm60000 dan slebihnya akan d top up oleh suami. Hrp dpt bantu mperkenalkan cara or tmpt pnjaman yg ssuai. Tq…asap..

  83. berapa interest kalau myvi 1.3M tahun 2005/2006??

  84. berapa interest kalau myvi 1.3M tahun 2005/2006??
    kerja baru 9 bulan
    basic RM1120
    Gaji bersih – 1100-1300 sebulan..
    xda komitmen..
    loan boleh lepas x??

  85. suzuki swift 09

    Please advice for the interest rate & the max loan …..

    Car prices selling at 55k


  86. Hi…
    i’m interested to get a 2nd hand 2003 ford focus..my nett monthly income around rm2300 and i not yet have other loans/commitment..i would like to make a loan around rm55k..is my loan will be approved and please advice which bank would give lowest interest rate?

    • We are not a used car specialist but you may want to ask Ambank, or RHB about the interest rate. Please refer to the interest rate tab on the header and the interest rate for used car should be higher than the one listed by 1-1.5%.

  87. sya brcadang untuk membeli vios (A) atau forte (A)…skiranya sy mampu untuk mmbyr dwnpymnt rm20k..brp kah yg sy perlu byr sbg ansuran untuk 9 tahun?

  88. currently,which bank provide the lowest bank interest for car loan?

  89. i heard no more 100% loan, all bank has imposed new HP act as all buyer need to put up 10% in order to sign HP agreement. True?

    • It has not been used 100% by all banks and if you need to buy one, with a full loan, we need to look at your eligibility. You need to provide us your financial documents, pay slip, bank statements. epf if any and etc.

  90. hi,

    i would like to know whether is it still possible to get 7 years loan for an 11 years old bmw e46 328? b

  91. saya kakitangan kerajaan dan berminat dengan kereta toyota wish 1.8 model baru kalau tak silap model 2009. pendapatan saya sekitar RM4200 termasuk elaun. ditolak pinjaman perumahan dan lain-lain baki gaji saya sekitar RM2400. Adakah saya layak untuk mendapatkan pinjaman bagi membeli kenderaan ini ? Berapakah kadar faedah untuk pinjaman bagi membeli kenderaan ini ? Berapakah tempoh maksima pinjaman?

    • Maximum loan mungkin berada sekitar 7-8 tahun dan interest itu bergantung kepada harga kereta tersebut. Bagi menjawab soalan kelayakan saudari, ia mungkin tidak lepas dan dinasihati agar saudari menggunakan joint income loan bersama suami untuk mendapatkan kelulusan pinjaman dengan lebih mudah.

  92. May i knw wht is the 2nd hand cars interest rate especially for 03/04 models?? im planning to get a sentra

  93. hi, i plan to buy a Vios 1.5 G and would like to trade in my Perdana V6 2004. What is the curerent interest rate for 7-9 yrs ?

  94. hi, saya frsh graduatees.. Baru start keja sebulan setengah…saya nak beli honda city baru… Gaji 1900…sy nak beli under graduation skim.. berapa yg perlu saya bayar untuk bulanan kalau downpayment saya letak 15k..? Dan layak ke saya nak apply utk loan?

  95. Hi,

    What are the loan rates for Peugeot cars ?
    And what about the depreciation ?
    Thinking of 3008.

  96. hi, may i know the current interest rate for honda insight?

  97. Hi ..saye berminat membeli myvi elegance RM 46900.Saye goverment servance ,Income sebulan everage RM 4000 tidak ade bebanan hutang lagi.Sebelum ni saye ade dengar kalau pinjaman bank melalui deale,akan dapat interest rate lagi rendah brbanding kalau pergi bank sendiri ,betulkah?Kalau downpaymnt 10 000 ,pnjaman 7 tahun dengan keadaaan kewangan yang bagus ade harapan tak kalau bank setuju untuk turunkan interest rate even 0.05 -0.01.Sy diberitahu interest rate paling rendah setakat ini ialah mybank :3.25%

    • Berdasarkan maklumat yang diberikan, interest rate boleh dikenakan serendah 3.2%. Myvi berharga RM 46,900 adalah spec standard, dan myvi elegance berharga RM 56,900. Sila rujuk di link yang diberikan untuk maklumat lanjut: {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/perodua-myvi/}

  98. Which bank offer lowest interest rate for Honda insight?
    I just want to make a loan around 80k~83k and loan for 9 years.

  99. Hi,

    May i know what is the interest rate for a 6 years above secondhand car (toyota, honda etc) loan up to 5year and 7year.thanks

  100. saya nak tanya.berapa interest second hand untuk kereta toyota vios dan kia forte?
    jika harga kereta vios harga 57000.00 dan kia forte 65000.00?
    saya ingat nak downpayment 20000.00.

  101. Hi,
    Interested to get Toyota Wish 1.8 +-RM110K,d/p 10%; loan 9yrs….household income RM6800, monthly commitment House RM1700, Personal Loan RM360, 2 crdit card..any chance to get loan @3.5%

  102. hi
    can I get the interest rate for new Honda City cars to be at 2.30 to 2.35%? it was around that percentage when the car was launched in 2009.

    my monthly income is RM 9k

  103. Hi, I am planning to buy Proton inspira(sorry not Vios) at Rm72000 for 9 years instalment, my basic is Rm4400 and fixed allowance Rm650, I have joint housing loan with my wife and the instalment is Rm980, credit card instalment is Rm220 per month, i just started my new job for 4 months and no confirm yet, is that ok with the loan application? Thanks.

    • Hi, the lowest price for Proton Inspira is RM 78,999 and you can view the details from this link {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/new-proton-inspira-for-sale/}. To answer your question, it’d be better for you to provide us your loan application documents. We will submit them to the bank and we’ll proceed to the next step once the loan is approved. If not, the bank may require you to provide a guarantor. In this case, it’d be best for you to apply for a joint income loan with your husband/wife. Call us now at 019-3559448 for more information.

  104. hye, i just got offerd from the gov sector n my salary around RM2800..n im planning to bought mazda2 or swift 1.5. no guarantor n ill pay 10% dwn paymnt..do you know any bank that can offers me low interest rate..around 2.5 mayb?
    thank you

  105. Salam..saya bercadang untuk membeli kereta Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT baru..nak trade in dengan Toyota Avanza 1.5G tahun 2007 (Jun)..baki loan dalam 41K..saya bekerja dgn kerajaan selama 5 tahun.gaji bersih dalam 2.5k..isteri juga gov. servant..gaji bersih 2k.. kerja selama 3 tahun…d/payment untuk lancer dalam 15k(termasuk perbezaan harga jual avanza)..soalan saya:

    1)berapa interest untuk lancer 2.0GT pinjaman 9 tahun dan bank mana yg menawarkan interest terendah?
    2)berapa market price untuk Avanza saya?
    3)perlukah saya buat join loan bersama isteri?

    Terima kasih atas jawapan yang diberikan.

    • 1) Interest rate untuk imported cars adalah dalam linkungan 2.7% dan ia bergantung kepada kelayakan anda.
      2) Market price untuk alza akan kami berikan selepas ini.
      3) Kami menggalakkan agar anda membuat pinjaman joint income bersama isteri anda untuk mendapatkan kelulusan pinjman yang lebih mudah.

      • ***2) Market price untuk alza akan kami berikan selepas ini.

        bukan Alza..Toyota Avanza,,,Terima Kasih kerana memberikan jawapan segera.

  106. hi, im interest to buy a mercedes slk200 unregistered manufacture year 2006. RM 188000.what will be the lowest interest rate for banks? if possible please provide me interest rates for financing 5 years, 7 years, and 9 years. thanks

  107. Hi. I just started working with the government barely a month and wishing to buy a new ford fiesta 1.6 hatchback as my first car. My basic salary is rm2500 and with allowance, it totals up to rm 3400.I hv no other commitments. In your oppinion ,will it b possible for me to get a full loan frm the bank (perhaps using the graduates scheme?) or if not, may i know how much will the d/p be ,the interest rate,and the monthly installment for the car.

  108. Hi, i am intrested in Ford Fiesta. What’s the lowest intrest rate i can get from this car? I currently using a Hyundai Matrix 2001-2003, if i trade-in my car how much money did i get from the car that i currently using? Should i add up anymore downpayment? Personal income is RM2.5k~RM3.5k per month just start a new job for half year and confirm already.

    • Hi Dominique, We don’t have any ford dealers working with us and we are not sure about the exact rate. You should expect the interest rate to be around 2.7% and it would be better if you could go to any nearby ford showrooms to find out about more details and the trade in prices.

  109. hi… nk tya psl ford fiesta. price n interest rate die bpe?

  110. hai,gaji bersih saya 2200,ingin membuat loan untuk eli myvi second se 2008,loan amount dalam 34k,any chance?may i have latest interest rate for 2nd car..thanks

  111. abee
    Hi, i am interested in Toyota Innova 2.0G (A) current salary estimated 5k with self-employed, d/p 40k with 3 years installment. What is the current interest rates. What is the documentation require?

  112. salam, saya kakitangan kerjaan dengan gaji RM2300 setelah ditolak dgn pinjaman peribadi. Saya ingin membeli kereta Honda city (S) atau Toyota Vios 1.5 (G) ATdgn D/payment RM10k. Berapakah interest yang boleh saya dapat? adakah saya perlukan penjamin?

    • Wasalam Zue,

      Berdasarkan maklumat yang diberikan, sue berkemungkinan besar memerlukan penjamin. Lebih elok jika sue dapat memberikan dokumen-dokumen sue kepada kami untuk diberikan kepada pihak bank. Just standby dokumen penjamin sekali. Pihak bank akan menentukan bahawa sue layak atau tidak untuk mendapatkan pinjaman tanpa penjamin. Hubungi En. Ihsan di 019-3559448 untuk membuat temu janji.

  113. Hi, I would like to buy Vios 1.5J (AT). May I know what is the lowest rate and which bank?
    Would like to give d/p RM20K and 9 years installment. Kindly reply. Thanks~

    • Hi Carrie,

      The average rate for the selected model is around 2.7%. Most of the bank will give you almost the same rate, and they include, RHB, Maybank, Public Bank. If you have a specific bank that you want to get the loan with, please do let us know.

  114. hi, i am planning to buy naza forte 1.6 sx, i’m fresh graduate and just strt working as governmnt servant. My monthly income about rm3400, with no commitment or loan yet, will it possible for me to buy this car with 10% dp, 9 years loan? about graduates scheme, can u explain what so special about this scheme(or nothing special at all)? thanx

    • The advantage of graduate scheme is that you are able to apply for 100% loan or without a guarantor. Most of the fresh graduates’ basic income do not meet the bank’s requirements and they need to apply for this scheme, but they have to pay much more higher interest rate. Based on your income, you may not want to go for this scheme as you won’t need to do 100% loan. To answer your question, yes, it is possible for you to pay 10% if you do have the money. =) Call us now at 019-3559448 for more information.

  115. hai.. sy nk tanye..sy baru saje bkerja dlm sekt0r krajaan.. gaji bersih dlm 1200.. sy bcadang nk beli perodua viva 850.. sy nk tau interest rate yg paling rendah..f0r 9year.. bank mane ye??

  116. HI ^^
    I would like to have a car but i didnt know what car is suitable, Could you give me some options on it? My salary around 2k-3k/month, upfront payment will be 10% and would like to loan it for 7 to 9years.

    • Hi,

      We are not sure if you are interested in local cars or continental. Based on your salary, let’s say it is RM 2,500. The max monthly installment you should get is around 1/3 of your salary which is RM 800. The options you have include Proton Persona, Saga, Perodua Myvi, Viva. If you are interested to purchase Naza Forte, Toyota Vios or Honda City, your monthly installments should be around RM 950 and above, and you’d probably need a guarantor. Call our representative now at 019-3559448.

  117. Hi Sir,
    I’m a non gov. worker, with basic of 2.5k, without any commitment yet. Have work for 1 year n would like to buy new suzuki swift 1.6 (blue) of naza kia forte 1.6 Ex (6) + BodyKit (white). D/pyment I can pay is 10%, loan up to 7-9 years. Could you help provide me some suggestion (lowest interest I can get, need guarantor or not) and an advice for which from both is the best car will suit with my financial?

    Many thanks and best regards.

  118. hai…saya bercadang nak beli kereta toyota estima generasi ke 2 ( second car ) dalam lingkungan rm30k.
    Gaji bersih saya RM2100 tanpa Over Time.
    Tanggungan Loan rumah 500,
    Personal loan RM 400
    Gaji isteri RM900. ( untuk joint income )
    Berapa interes yg mungkin untuk saya.

  119. I’m still a student but I’ve done online business and from that business I can get around 3-4k per month. A guarantee sum. I wanted to purchase Honda City 1.5 E. Is it possible for me to get the loan without guarantor?

    • How much down payment are you able to pay? Based on your status as a student, it is quite hard for the banks to give an approval. You can provide us your bank statements but it won’t be able to help that much. I’d suggest you to find a guarantor in your case. The waiting period for a brand new Honda City is around 3 months and early booking is highly recommended. Call 019-6577890 for more info.

  120. Hi, I interest to buy nissan teana 2.0. My net basic rm3200. currently used honda accord 2.0 (99). i would like to trade in my honda for down payment. What is the current interest rate for 9 yrs installment and can i get the load ?
    Thank in advance.

    • Hi Sara,

      You can call us at 019-3559448 for an appointment. Please also provide the copy of grant of your Honda when we meet up. The current interest rate would be as low as 2.7% depending on your eligibility.

  121. hi sir/madam..
    Just wanna check with u , the lowest percentage rate for the vios 1.5 j?
    How much monthly installment if i pay 10k?

    • Hi Srivaren, the average rate is around 2.7%. However, if you do have an outstanding financial statement, you are entitled to receive a lower interest rate, around 2.6+%. Submit your documents to us then we’ll find out about it. Call 019-3559448. Thanks

  122. Hi sir,
    I would like to purchase a 2nd hand Civic 2006. What would be the current interest rate?
    Thank you.

  123. hi..saye nk tanye..berapa harga pasaran skg utk kereta myvi SX yg dibeli hjng tahun 2009..??

  124. Hi Sir,
    I would like to purchase a 2nd hand toyota camry 2009, my budget is about 110-120k… My net basicsalary rm4200 and personal loan deduction rm 760.. but ill rent my house every month ill get the same amount 780 back to my account… is that any chance i can buy the car..?..
    can my wife be my guarantor?.. even she blacklisted ( her basic salary 5-6k / doing her own business) … can u advise please…tq & how much monthly payment?.. tq

    • Has her name being cleared under the blacklist case? If she hasn’t, you probably can’t use her name as a guarantor. The interest rate would be somewhere 3.5-4.2%. We are not a used car specialist and we don’t know the exact interest rate for used cars. Contact any nearest used car dealers for a better input.

  125. gud day.

    sy fresh graduate yg baru bekerja selama 3 bln dlm sektor swasta.basic is rm 2100 .for da time being no financial commitment.tinggal with family.very near workplace.saya bercadang mahu membeli honda city as my 1st car under gradhitz sheme. agak2 boleh lepas tak?ade cara supaya boleh lepas?

    • To be honest with you, the actual minimum basic salary for a brand new Honda City is around RM3,000. However, some of the lucky ones with basic salary around RM 2,500 were able to get the loan approved. In your cases, though you’re going for the fresh graduate scheme, you’re not eligible to apply for the loan, even with 10% down payment. It’s good to have a smaller car when you first started your career, as you will later know the burden of having to pay the loan. It’s almost half of your basic. Any cars with RM50-RM60k value may suit you better.

  126. Hi Sir!

    I’m a fresh grad of non government employee with gross salary of 2.5K. Been work for 1year and would like to buy a Kia Forte 1.6 EX/ 1.6 SX as my 1st car. For time being, I don’t have any financial commitment, and I’m ready with 10% or 10K d/p with 9years of installment. Can I have your suggestion, in terms of lowest interest car rate that I can get?

    Many thanks

    • 2.7% is the lowest you can get. Based on the information given, you may not have a problem of getting that rate, but even if it is not, it will be slightly higher. Give us a call at 019-3559448. There’s a ready stock for it but it depends on the color and model. You submit your documents to us, once the loan is approved, you’re good to go.

  127. Hi there,
    I’m currently on RM2600 basic salary + commissions. On average of RM3k-RM4k. And I’m looking for a proton saga 1.3L FLX. Will be paying 10% down payment and looking forward to pay for 7 years loan. How much will the interest rate be ?


    • It looks like you have a good income there, 2.9% should be the lowest rate you can get. Please use our online calculator to find out about the monthly installment. Saga FLX will come out within 2 months from now and you’re able to make a booking at this point of time.

  128. Many thanks sir..In addition, do you think I need a guarantor in this case?

    • Since you’re paying 10% and gross 2.5k, you may or may not require a guarantor. Submit your documents first, and if the bank needs you to have it, you can provide a guarantor. It would be great if you could stand by the guarantor’s documents as well (in case the bank needs it).

  129. im interested in ford fiesta. do you sell ford as well?
    and will you accept trade in? i would like to trade in my kelisa

    • Yes, we do accept trade in and we also sell ford cars, but we just don’t advertise it on our site. There is other few brands that we sell including Mazda, Volkswagen, etc. Call us at 019-3559448 for more info.

  130. saya bkerja sektor swasta dgn gaji 2.5k bcadang mgambil 1st car ford fiesta dgn mggunakan skim graduan pinjaman 100%,saya xpernah ade ape2 loan dgn bank. Soalan saya..berapa interest rate skiranya memakai skim ini?.dan ape peluang saya nk dapat pinjaman cerah?

    • Interest rate graduan boleh mencecah 3.5-3.8% bergantung kepada dokumen saudara, Peluang pinjaman akan menjadi lebih cerah jika saudara boleh mendapatkan penjamin. Jika tuan betul2 berminat, hubungi pihak kami untuk maklumat lanjut di 019-3559448.

  131. Salam,

    Sy dalam perancangan untuk membeli kereta pertama sy. Sy mahu membeli honda city atau honda insight. Sy baru bekerja nak masuk 8 bulan dengan gaji basic around RM 3.8K tidak ada commitment lain. Dan sy berkerja di sektor swasta. Sy nak tanya brapa interest rate sy bleh dpt utk 9 tahun loan ? d/p sy bayar 10k.

    • Lupa nak tanya perlu ke guarantor ? Boleh ke loan yg sy buat dengan encik nih di link kan dgn company sy? Maksud sy, sy dengar company sy akan byr skit untuk harga kereta tp itu x comfirm lg. Biar sy comfirkan dlu.

    • Company you akan bayarkan sedikit? Confirmkan dulu bagaimana procedure nya dan pihak kami boleh cuba settlekan nya. Kami pernah mempunyai client bank yang ingin menggunakan staff loan dan ia tidak mempunyai sebarang masalah. Lebih elok jika encik tanya company encik dulu dan boleh lah submit dokumen kepada pihak kami. Guarantor tidak diperlukan kerana basic saudari melepasi kadar minimum.

  132. How much interest rate for new hyundai sonata 2.0 (high spec) for 9-year tenure?

  133. do u give a loan for mazda car? for example mazda 3? how much the interest for 9 years tenure?

  134. hye there,
    i am planning to have my 1st car. just started working in private sector around 5 months + already permanent . my target is toyota vios 1.5 J (AT) or G (AT) with 10% d/p. basic salary is RM 2200 + no financial comitment for the time being.

    will my bank loan approve?need guarantor?
    what will be the lowest interest rate?
    how about buying a proton car, persona?………….need some advice from u…tq =)

  135. salam….saya bekerja sebagai penjawat awm dan gaji bersih saya setelah ditolak pinjaman lain rm600 shj tetapi saya ada membuat perniagaan sampingan bersama suami saya,kadar pendapatan saya untuk tiap bulan bagi perniagaan tersebut sebanyak rm5000,saya mempunyai bukti pendapatan tersebut melalui akaun peribadi saya..saya amat beminat pada nissan grand livina,bolehkan pihak tuan membantu saya…tq

    • Bagi case ini, adakah suami anda mempunyai dokumen pengesahan terhadap perniagaan tersebut? Puan digalakkan membuat joint-income loan bersama suami jika puan betul2 berminat. Sila hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448 untuk maklumat lanjut.

  136. saya kakitangan kerajaan dan berminat dengan kereta toyota wish sekitar harga 110 000. d/p +- 20 000. pendapatan bersih saya RM2600 termasuk elaun. Berminat untuk membuat loan untuk tempoh 9 tahun. Berapakah kadar faedah untuk pinjaman bagi membeli kenderaan ini ? Berapa monthly installment yang perlu saya bayar? Adakah saya memerlukan penjamin untuk loan kereta tersebut?

  137. hi, gaji kasar saya rm1500,saya bercadang membeli honda jazz 1.5 (A) vtec . boleh bg pendapat anda..lepas atau tak?kalau lepas berapa harga untuk downpayment dan bayaran bulanan?

  138. How about interest rate for 2nd hand chery eastar (1 year 2 months old). Which bank offer the best rate and is it possible to get below 3% ?

  139. Hi,

    I’m interested to buy mazda6 or honda accord. I’m a fresh grad with working exp of 1year+.. My basic salary is rm4300 + fixed OT rm3200 + monthly leave pay rm1800 + allowance rm890, so all-in around rm10k. I’m a freelance marine engineer with no commitment and still single.. But, I’m a freelance worker, I only sign a max. contract of 6month period, after finished contract, I’ll seek other company that give a better offer or else, I’ll stay.

    1. Am I eligible to apply for the loan? (7yrs loan)
    2. How much is the minimum d/payment for mazda6/honda accord?
    3. With the latest interest rate, how much is the monthly payment for cars above? (minimum d/payment)


  140. Hi. My husband plan to buy 1st car Nissan Grand Livina. His salary is RM5,700 but unfortunately they pay him cash so no bank statement only payslip. He is also doing a small business for RM4,500. He has statement for this business in current account.Can he get a loan for the said car. If can how much deposit have to pay and what will be the monthly installment? Thank you.

    • The amount of deposit really depends on your financial condition, the higher the better however 10% is recommended in your case. He can provide us his 3 months payslip and his bank statements that he puts all his savings (if any) and provide us the business documents (if he has it) as a proof. Grand Livina has different spec and please use our monthly installment calculator at {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/}.

      1.6 Comfort Manual RM 84,800
      1.6 Comfort Auto RM 88,600
      1.8 Comfort Auto RM 97,300

  141. Dear sir,

    I was just graduated in july 2010 n have been working for nearly 8 months until now. My current salary is rm2310/month. I am interested to buy hyundai i10 1.25 kappa as my first car. What do u think the lowest possible interest rate for car loan that i can get? Currently i dun have any other commitment. Hope for a reply. Thanks!

    • Hi Farah,

      The interest rate should be around 2.7-2.8% depending on your documents. If you are interested in using graduate scheme, the interest rate would be from 3.5%. Please let us know if you are interested and we’ll be happy to assist you. Call us now at 019-3559448.

  142. hai…im interested in ford fiesta 1.4L Manual..gaji kasar rm1500…how much the interest for 9 years…?..monthly installment brape?

  143. hye there,
    i am planning to have my 1st car. just started working in private sector around 5 months + already permanent . my target is toyota vios 1.5 J (AT) or G (AT) with 10% d/p. basic salary is RM 2200 + no financial comitment for the time being.

    will my bank loan approve?need guarantor?
    what will be the lowest interest rate?
    how about buying a proton car, persona?………….need some advice from u…tq =)

  144. Hye Sir,

    Sy berminat membeli kereta mazda 3 ( 1.6 sedan CKD). Sy fresh graduate and baru berkerja selama lbh kurang 6 bulan dengan basics around RM 3800. Sy tidak mempunyai apa2 commitment buat masa nih. So:-

    1. How much is the minimum d/payment for mazda 3?
    2. The latest interest rate if I put 10% d/payment?
    3. How much is the car?

  145. HI.. i joined my company for 4 months and my salary is rm2000. I am interested with hyundai i10 and suzuki alto. may i know how much is the interest and is it I am eligible for the loan..? thank you vey much!

  146. Honda Accord 2.0 VTi-L or Honda Civic 2.0S?
    Which one is a better car? If i drive long distance a lot… which one is recommended? Hmmm…
    I’m considering either… what’s the interest rate if i’m going for 7 years or 9 years tenure? Say if i could start of with RM30k down payment.

    • Hi Steven,
      If money is not your main issue, we would recommend you to purchase Honda Accord. Based on the rating, it is more convenience to drive. The stability and the performance are much better. The interest rate could be around 2.7% or 2.6 depending on your document.

      • Any opinion on Altis 2.0 and Civic 2.0?
        If you compare between these 2.

        If Accord 2.0, i would also like compare it with Camry 2.0.
        What do you think in terms of performance. And which car shows more signs of technical problems?

      • Civic 2.0 has a higher trade in value later on and more people are buying civic nowadays and its a very good indicator of telling us that the model is very good.

        If Accord 2.0 and Camry 2.0, it’s better for you to test drive. Some people said Accord is heavier than camry and the ride is smoother. Camry is a bit spacious and looks like an elegant family car unlike Honda that looks like a sporty family car.

  147. Hi im degree fresh graduated.. DP around 15k .. here is the few car list that im planning to get but i scare too much burden . not from wealthy family .. passion for cars :((( bad passion

    my dream car :( -Civic 06-2nd handed around 80k .. how much the interest 7 years??
    city 09 2nd handed around 70k , how much the interest 7 years??
    inspira new 2.0 i think .. 2.60for 7 years , and 2.80 for 9 years i think ..if im not mistaken

    Seek for advice, any1 will do ;) Thanks in advance

  148. My net basic salary rm2200 and housing loan deduction rm 760.. but i already rent my house every month for rm 1200 and get extra rm 440 to my account… is that any chance i can buy the car and can i use tenancy agreement as support document?

  149. I am a government officer with basic salary RM 3200 and monthly fix allowance bout RM 1000. i only have a personal loan commitment (RM500 per month) which it will be deducted from my salary every month. I would like to buy hyundai sonata 2.0 high spec and want to know whether i am entitle to buy if i pay downpayment bout RM20-25 k. Thanks

    • In your case, you may not have a chance unless you provide a guarantor. Minimum basic salary should be around RM 4,000 and if you do have a guarantor, it should be easier to get the loan approved or if you are married, we recommend you to do joint-income loan with your partner.

  150. I want to buy Kia forte with the loan amount 75k. would like to know any bank offer flexi car loan?

  151. saya nak minat nak beli ford fiesta baru. Berapa interest rate yang paling rendah? Kalau trade in myvi 2006 berapa ansuran bulanannya?

  152. hi, sy berminat dgn vios trd @ g limited. basic salary rm 2300. would like to trade in toyota corolla 1999 and add up around 7k @ 8k as downpyment. keje around 3 years, private sector. rasa2 loan boleh lepas ke without guarantor. kindly advise..thanx

    • Hi, its very hard to tell. Your minimum salary doesn’t meet the requirement but if your trade in value will be added up as part of the down payment, you may have a chance. However, we’d recommend you to have a guarantor to get easier loan approval in your case.

  153. Hi there,
    My basic salary is RM2300 + RM850 Allowances…..i don’t have any commitment yet.but i have RM10k for D/P…is that any chance i can buy Honda Civic 1.8(AT) for 9 years tenure?

    • Salam Hariz,

      The answer is no. The minimum basic salary to apply for this model is around RM 3,500 and bank doesn’t really count your allowances. We’d recommend you to purchase Honda City if you are interested and the monthly is around RM 900 plus only.

  154. Hi…kami bmnt nk bli kia forte 1.6sx.basic salary suami sy 2500 n bkrja in private sector n sy bkrja sbg gov svnt with salary arnd 1000.loan rumah sbln 650.bape interest tuk 9 taun n byrn bulanan if 5k dp.kami nk wat joint loan.

    • Interest rate utk 9 tahun akan berada dalam linkungan 2.7-2.8% berdasarkan kelulusan bank. Jika puan berminat untuk membeli dengan pihak kami, eloklah puan menghubungi pihak kami dengan segera. Berkemungkinan masih ada lagi stock bagi model ini tetapi ia bergantung kepada warna yang diminati. Hubungi 019-3559448 untuk maklumat lanjut.

  155. Hye Sir,

    Sy ingin membeli kereta mazda 3 ( 1.6 sedan CKD). Sy fresh graduate dengan basics around RM 3800. Sy tidak mempunyai apa2 commitment buat masa nih. So saya hendak betanya beberapa soalan sebelum membelinya

    1. brapa minimum d/payment for mazda 3?
    2. The latest interest rate if I put 10% d/payment?
    3. brapa harga kereta mazda 3 ini mengikut spesifikasi yg sy bg?

  156. Sila click link tersebut atau copy&paste: {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/mazda-3/}

    1. Minimum d/payment – 10% down payment (Could be less depending on your documents)
    2. Interest rate – from 2.6-2.7%
    3. Klik link tersebut.

  157. Hi, i’m new graduate and salary RM2800 + allowance, work at private sector, almost 6month working and under contract, not permanent. I also have business reg with SSM under my name and i’m the authorize person for company bank acc. I interested honda civic 2.0 new or used year 2008 above.

    1. What minimum downpayment regarding to my salary?
    2. If i pay downpayment RM20k, how much monthly if 9 years?
    3. Do i need guarantor? What qualification of guarantor?


    • Any feedback?

    • Hi, your condition is a bit tough. You’re working with a private sector and having to be an owner of your own business. The minimum basic salary to purchase this model is around RM 4,000 and how much is your side income per month? In your case, you need to provide a guarantor because you’re working under contract. Please provide us your documents if you are interested to purchase.

  158. Berminat dgn Forte 1.6 EX / SX. Nak tau brapa interest rate utk situation sy:

    -Gross income: RM3k (total 4 yrs work exp)
    -Commitments: Personal loan RM240/month (ending July 2012)
    -Downpayment: About RM30k
    -Loan tenure: 7 or 9 yrs

    • Interest rate masih lagi kekal pada kadar yang sama iaitu pada 2.7%. Sila gunakan calculator online kami di {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/} untuk mendapatkan maklumat tentang bayaran bulanan.

  159. Hi,

    1. Berapakah nilai interest terendah yg boleh ditawarkan jika menepati semua syarat oleh bank, is it possible to get under 2% interest loan.
    2. Ada bank menawarkan fixed loan and variable loan. I can understand if its fived (if it is 2.7, it will b 2.7 for the rest of the loan tenure) but if it is variables, will the rate go higher than 2.7%? And which one is reccommended?


    • 1. Ia bergantung kepada jenis kereta tersebut. Local – from 2.9% dan imported – from 2.7%
      2. Fixed monthly payment is surely better as the interest rate is constant. In fact, the rates shown above are very low at this moment.

  160. hi,
    i`m just graduate & currently working as govermnt servant, my monthly salary about rm3300/month, no commitement at all, i`m planning to buy naza forte 1.6sx using grad scheme, is it possible for me to get loan from bank? what is the exact interest rate when using grad scheme to buy naza forte?

    • hi din, the interest rate might falls between 3.5%-3.8% depending on your eligibility. Are you planning to get 100% loan and avoiding the use of guarantor? Otherwise, we’d recommend you to purchase using the normal scheme which offer much cheaper interest rate. Call us for more info at 019-3559448.

  161. Hi,
    My monthly salary is RM 4,000 (haven’t deduct EPF). I’m interested on Honda City E spec, may I know how much is the interest rate if I pay RM 13,000 as downpayment?
    Is it the interest rate are different for different tenure? Can you roughly list down the interest rate for 3, 5, 7 and 9 tenure?


  162. Hello, I’m foreigner working at multinational company with salary around 6k/month. No commitment at all. Am I eligible to apply car loan, and what is needed from my side to apply loan? I’m planning to buy Toyota Vios or Toyota Rush. thank you.

    • Hi Adrian,

      Good question. Yes you’re eligible to apply for the loan but you are required to pay at least 20% down payment and the maximum loan tenure is 5 years. Unless you can provide a local guarantor, then the requirements should be more lenient. Call us at 019-3559448 if you are interested. Documents such as Passport, Pay slip, offer letter (from your comp), bank statements (if any) should be provided.

  163. Hi,

    Saya ada viva thn 2010 under nama saya, 2personal loan n 2 crdit card, gaji 2k, nk tukar ford fiesta. berapa kena tambah n berapa interest. blh dpt full loan ke??

    • Hi fasha, pihak kami menasihati saudari agar saudari tidak menjual kereta tersebut kerana hutang kereta tersebut mungkin masih sangat tinggi dan market value bagi kereta used car walaupun ia tahun 2010 adalah sangat rendah. Dan kami juga tidak pasti jika gaji saudari dapat melepasi syarat yang ditetapkan oleh bank bagi memiliki ford fiesta tambahan pula dengan personal loan saudari.

  164. Hye,
    saya berminat untuk membeli used car honda city 1.5 i vtec..gaji +- RM2200..saya tidak pernah membuat sebarang pinjaman peribadi tetapi sekarang saya sdg membayar pinjaman PTPTN..sekiranya saya ingin membeli kereta honda tersebut yg berharga =- RM77k, bolehkah saya mendapat full loan?berapa lamakah untuk kelulusan loan tersebut?berapakah % interest yg mungkin dikenakan?

    • Agak mahal kereta used car tersebut. Tahun berapakah model tersebut dikeluarkan? Interest rate juga adalah sangat tinggi iaitu 3.8 ke atas dan lebih elok utk anda membeli kereta Honda baru dengan menggunakan penjamin. Interest rate nya adalah lebih rendah iaitu pada 2.7%.

  165. tahun kereta tu antara 2009-2010..kalau saya ambil kereta baaru harga lebeh kurang RM 90k..kalau saya ambil full loan dan ingin buat loan selama 9 tahun, dengan interest 2.7%, berapa yang perlu saya bayar sebulan?

    • Ya, interest rate used car adalah dalam linkungan 3.8% ke atas.

      E Spec: RM 90,480
      D/payment: RM 0
      Interest rate: 2.7%
      Monthly: RM 1,041
      Kami syorkan agar tuan mengambil model S untuk mendapatkan full loan. Agak sukar untuk mendapatkan kelulusan.

      • boleh tak pihak tuan bg pendapat antara toyota vios j MT/AT baru dan honda city ivtec S baru dari segi harga sekarang, jenis loan yg boleh sy dapat (full loan atau tak), interest rate yang dikenakan, bayaran bulanan serta laen2 aspek yang penting. Maaf sbb ni pertama kali nk beli kereta, tak berapa tahu pasal ni semua..

  166. hye sir
    i am planning to have my 1st car. just started working in private sector around 5 months + already permanent . my target is toyota vios 1.5 J (AT) or G (AT) with 10% d/p. basic salary is RM 2200 + no financial comitment for the time being.

    will my bank loan approve?need guarantor?
    what will be the lowest interest rate?
    how about buying a proton car, persona?………….need some advice from u…tq =)

  167. Hi..
    Selepas membaca statement di atas “The interest rate could be ranging from 2.6-2.8% depending on your eligibility “… kelayakan mcmana yg encik maksudkan itu?
    Basic salary saya :RM4300… housing loan RM400.. Saya plan nak beli new car, skrg dalam dilema samada nak beli Honda City, Vios,Nissan Sentra atau Grand livina… my budget prices is arround RM85 K – 90K
    Dan satu lagi, kalau saya plan installment 5-6 tahun je, berapakah interest yg bleh ditawarkan? Downpayment 10% or RM10K.
    Satu lagi, untuk model2x pilihan saya diatas, ade tak promosi yg menarik sedang di tawarkan srkg??

    • Bank will determine the rates by taking your basic salary, current financial commitment, flow of bank statements info into account. Different person will get different rate for sure and the interest rate will be around from 2.6 and above for 5-6 years period.

      Bagi model-model yang disebutkan, toyota vios ada cash rebate dan nissan mungkin ada based on spec model. Your scope needs to be more specific for us to tell you the info. =’) Calculation of the monthly installment can be done at : {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/}.

      Call us at 019-3559448 if you are interested in any of the models listed above.

  168. hi.. saya baru betukar tmpt keje..n status ialah contract dgn gj rm 3200 + elaun rm550..tetap..layak ke sy membeli kereta baru? i plan to buy honda city without guarantor. please advice.

  169. Hello,
    May I know what is the interest rate for Perodua Myvi?? Thx.

  170. hye,

    saya nk tnya..kalau untuk kereta secondhand honda jazz vtec 1.5 reg year 2005 yang berharga RM59k, saya ingin ambil full loan dan payment selama 9thn, berapa interest yg akan dikenakan?


  171. hye encik.
    sy nk bertanya, sy nk jual kereta kpd kwn sy (tanpa melalui agent/used car) kepada siapa perlu kwn sy berhubung untuk apply loan (setahu sy, pihak bank xlyn org persorangan tuk apply loan). encik boleh tolong ke?

    terima kasih

  172. Hi.. Saya bercadang nak beli Ford Fiesta XTR baru. Gaji bulanan saya RM2980. Sudah bekerja tetap lebih tiga tahun dengan Gov. Tiada komitmen. D/p 10k. adakah saya layak membuat pinjaman tanpa penjamin? Berapakah interest rate utk pinjaman ini? Minta pendapat Mybestcardealer.com. Terima kasih.

  173. Hi….i nak beli vios (j) dan saya trade in kereta saya boleh…livina 1.6 tahun 2008

  174. sy nak tanye…sy nak beli civic 1.8, downpayment 20000
    xade komitmen, dah berkahwin…berapa yea bulan2 sy peru byr untuk ketenie

  175. hi,

    im 23 y/o and a public servant with a basic salary of RM 2818.16. after few locations for monthly commitment, i still have around RM 1100.00. I would like to buy new myvi with d/p RM 15,000.00. what is the interest rate for 7 years tenure and 9 years tenure?

    • The estimated interest rate for 7 and 9 years are around 2.9%. The difference is not that much. Let us know if you are interested to purchase with us. Production of Perodua Myvi is a bit slow and you need to make a booking to secure your purchase. Call us at 019-3559448

  176. I wanna buy a ford fiesta 1.6 L Sport Ti- VCT Automatic. I am a govt servant earning approx RM4k/mth with no financial commitment and excellent credit rating. I plan to take 50k loan for 7years. What is the lowest interest rate that I can get? What would be the monthly payment?

    • Hi Noh, the lowest you can get is around 2.6% but on average, the rate is 2.7%. If you have superb financial documents, you should be entitled to a lower interest rate. Provide us your documents and we’ll find out from that. Let us know if you are interested at 019-3559448

  177. Hi, I am interested to buy a MPV, MAZDA 5 for family car. Can you please calculate for me the bank interest rate for 7 years tenure and 9 years tenure? and probably my downpayment will be 20k or 25k.
    Looking forward to your reply :-)
    Thank You.

  178. Hi There!

    I would like to know how much is the lowest interest rate for buying a 2nd hand Kia Forte Car (Feb 2011) Thank you..

  179. hai..
    saya pekerja swasta dengan gaji bersih rm2300…xde komitmen..saya bercadang untuk membeli naza kia forte EX hujung tahun ni untuk 9tahun..soalan saya,berapa interest untuk kia forte?bank yang sesuai untuk dibuat loan?dan berape lame bank boleh approve loan yang dibuat?

  180. i m Student degree holder local malaysia

    plan to buy Vios 1.5 J (AT)?
    Downpayment how much need to settle?
    Any requirement?

  181. Hi,
    May I knw the interest rate for Toyota Vios J-spec and MyVi
    if d/p 10k-15k for 7 or 9 years of tenure
    and how much is the monthly pay for both?

    • argh…forget mention the Myvi is 1.5 SE…

    • Hi Clay,

      We presume that you’re thinking of getting either Toyota Vios J Manual or Myvi SE Manual right? The calculations are as follow:

      1. Toyota Vios
      OTR Price: RM 71,998
      Down payment: RM 10,000-RM 15,000
      Interest: 2.7%
      Monthly: RM 655- 713

      2. Perodua Myvi SE 1.5 MT (Solid)
      OTR Price: RM 50,900
      Down payment: RM 10,000-RM 15,000
      Interest: 2.9%
      Monthly: RM 419-477

      Call us at 019-3559448 for booking.

      • Let say if I pay for the D/P on OCT..the monthly instalment begin to pay on the same month or on the next month?
        another thing is..the price u mention above is for 7 years or 9 years tenure?
        thanks for the answer…ur info really help a lot..

      • What’s OCT? This entry was not up to date. Email or call us if you need any latest car price info.

      • I mean pay on October…then is it the instalment begin to pay on the same month when I pay the down payment or start on next month?

      • It depends on the registration date of your car with JPJ. Let’s say that your car is registered on the 15th, on the 15th next month is the due. (Around that laaa, could be earlier or later in 1-3 days)

  182. Hi, saya bercadang untuk membeli 2nd hand Honda Civic FD 1.8 /2.0 dlm lingkungan 80k-90k. Katakan harga Honda Civic tersebut adalah RM88K, adakah saya layak memohon loan untuk pijaman tersebut. Saya pekerja swasta basic gaji RM2500 + transpot allowance 300 + oncall allowance rm300. Minta pendapat.

    • p/s : Masih lg tiada komitmen kerana baru bekerja selama setahun. Tq

      • Interest rate bagi used car amat tinggi iaitu dalam lingkungan 3.8-4.1% berdasarkan bank. Dan Jika kereta itu berharga RM 88k, minimum basic salary adalah RM 3,300. Bank tidak akan mengira allowance anda dan lebih elok bagi saudara mendapatkan penjamin untuk mendapatkan kelulusan yang lebih mudah.

  183. Salam,
    Saya nak tnya berapa interest rate untuk kereta perodua. Saya kerja goverment dgn gaji basic 1250. Campur elaun total lbh kurang 2k..Saya nk beli myvi extreme 1.5 auto dan d/p dlm 13-15k. Berapa byr bulan2 kalau loan 9thn. Trm ksh

    • Monthly will be approximately around RM 545 and the requirement for basic salary is usually RM 545 x 3 = RM 1635. The bank won’t take your allowance into consideration but if you do have a guarantor, it would help you in getting the loan. Lebih senang kalau ada, tetapi kalau takda penjamin, kita cuba dulu submit dokumen kepada bank untuk mendapatkan proses kelulusan. Hubungi saya En. Ihsan di 019-3559448

  184. Hi,
    I’m planning to but ford fiesta sport 1.6L with this price RM83k and down payment is 10%.
    Loan is 9 years and if possible i will go for 7 years.
    My basic salary is rm2400. Here is part of my concern:
    Do i need guarantor?
    What is the range of the interest rate?

  185. Hi there,

    1) What is the price currently and the break down for if the downpayment is 10% for a 7 / 9 years Toyota 1.5J auto (non metalic white)
    2) Minimun downpayment needed? and lowest current interest rate.
    3) What’s the promotional for year end car deal you giving?
    4) How much will you all value for a trade in of 1996 year manual iswara?

    • Hi Johnson,

      The calculation is as follow:

      Model: Toyota Vios J AT
      Price: RM 76090
      Interest: 2.7%
      Down Payment: RM 7,609 minus discount
      Monthly : RM 788 (9 years)
      Monthly: RM 969 (7 years)

      Call us for more info at 019-3559448

  186. Hi,

    I’m interested to change car. my current car is Hyundai Atos 2007. my basic income is 5.5K, and my commitment is around 1K including car loan.
    There few cars i have in mind like ford fiesta/honda city/nissan x-gear livina.

    I intend to trade in my current car, so, can you please give me your opinion on those cars, trade in value, the lowest interest rate and which one is better in your opinion. thanks.

    • Hi Sue,

      What’s the loan settlement for your Hyundai? If you are thinking of these 3 models, we’ll suggest you to get the Honda City. In term of quality, and maintenance is fine for this model and while choosing the options you have, you also need to know if these models have a high market value later in the future. Our best guess is that the Honda City will for sure have a higher market value compared to the others and if you are interested in any of these models, just let us know by calling us at 019-3559448. Offering the best service is our main priority and do let us know if you need anything.

      • The outstanding balance of my current car loan should be around 23K, so what’s the best trade in value i can get?
        if im interested in honda city, do u think i can get the lowest interest rate?

      • We’ll get back to you once we get the estimated price. The interest rate for Honda is around 2.7% and if you do have outstanding financial records, it may go down a little around 2.6+%.

      • Hi sue, we are sorry to inform you that the market value of your car is really low and you have to top up some amount of money to get rid of the car. The offering price without looking at the car is around RM 15k and it is not worth to trade in as you need to pay the difference in about 8k. Unless you can find a direct buyer for that car, that only you can sell it with higher price.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply.
        Hmm..the trade value really low. i wonder, the 8K difference, can it be absorbed into loan if i choose to trade in?
        anyway, thanks a lot for answering my question. will call you when i decide what to do with my current car..

  187. selamat malam…Hi, saya bercadang untuk membeli 2nd hand Honda Civic 2.0 dlm lingkungan 90k-100k. Katakan harga Honda Civic tersebut adalah RM95K, adakah saya layak memohon loan untuk pijaman tersebut. Saya pekerja swasta di company oil n gas basic gaji RM1800 + transpot allowance 450 + allowance offshore rm2600 = RM4850 sebelum potongan EPF(gaji ini adalah tetap). Minta pendapat anda. Bank manakah saya dapat membuat pinjaman dengan mudah dan interest rate yang rendah?????adakah memerlukan penjamin???

    • Hi, Berdasarkan gaji basic saudara, memang agak sukar untuk dapatkan pinjaman kerana bank tidak mengambil kira sangat elaun anda. Boleh try submit document kepada bank dan find out the maximum loan you can get based on your financial eligibility. Lebih baik anda standby dokumen penjamin untuk mendapatkan kelulusan yang lebih mudah.

      • Mengenai penjamin…berapakah minimun gaji seorang penjamin????adakah bekerja sektor kerajaan???? sekarang interest untuk honda 2nd brape???7 years n 9 years…

  188. Hi .. I work with the government and currently my basic salary is RM 5190 + allowance will be RM 6790. I would like to buy a brand new Honda City Type S if I qualified for a bank loan. What are the possible interest given ?
    Is it possible to trade in my Avanza 1.3 AT manufactured 2008 and cover the downpayment.

  189. Hai. Saya bercadang membeli kereta MYVI special edition auto RM 53,900.00. Berapa rendahkan interest yang boleh ditawarkan oleh pihak bank pada ketika ini? Dan saya ingin membuat perbandingan pembayaran ansuran bulanan sekiranya saya membayar downpayment 10% @ sebaliknya.


    • Hi Nawawi,

      Berikut adalah pengiraan bayaran bulanan anda:
      Price: RM 53,900
      Interest: 2.9% (anggaran)
      Tenure: 9 years
      Dpayment: RM 5,390
      Monthly: RM 566

      Hubungi pihak kami untuk tempahan. Lebih elok utk membuat tempahan awal bagi mendapatkan kereta itu dengan lebih cepat. Call 019-3559448 (En Ihsan) untuk maklumat lanjut.

  190. Hye..

    Sy ingin tahu apa interest rate untuk kereta mazda 3 ckd 1.6 sedan yg biasa. Gaji basic sy RM 3800 and assuming sy nak buat untuk 9 tahun, sy juga akan d/p sebanyak 10%, so brapa bulan2 sy kena bayar untuk kereta tu?

    • Hi, calculation is as follow:
      Model: Mazda 3 CKD 1.6 Sedan
      Price : RM 102,079
      Interest: 2.7%
      Tenure: 9 years
      Monthly: RM 1,057

      Calculation above excludes any promotion available for this model.
      Hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448 untuk tempahan.

  191. hi i just cm back to malaysia and planning to get a new vios 1.5j with d/p around rm45k ~ 50k. im starting to work in oct and im planning to ask my brother to be my gurantor. what if he has his own commitment. can he still be my gurantor. his basic is rm2700 and paying around rm700 per month. n what is the lowesr rate for a vios. thank you.

    • It doesn’t really matter if your guarantor has a commitment but with that amount of down payment, you probably wont need a guarantor. You should still provide us the guarantor’s documents just in case. The lowest interest rate is around 2.7% and call us for more information at 019-3559448.

  192. Hi , I wants to buy a MYVI ezi 1.3 (Manual Preferred )
    Monthly income are RM1800
    I only can put RM10K as downpayment for it .
    But the problem I facing is I dont have a guarantor
    Need your advice on this , Will I be quality for it ?

  193. hi,currently i on a plan to buy a second hand MYVI SE 1.3 (4month old)
    Price: RM48000.00. My question is how do the bank proceed with the interest calculation?
    Do the interest applied same 2.7% for perodua car?
    how the breakdown would be?

    • No bro, the interest rate is absolutely much higher than that. The used car interest rate is around 4.0% and the monthly payment would be almost the same as if you purchase the brand new Myvi SE 1.5. Call us for booking as we have ready stock. Call us directly at 019-3559448.

  194. hai, i would like to buy a vios J. Can I trade in with my avanza 1.3 AT 2008? how much does it worth as I intend to use it for downpayment purpose.

    My salary is Rm 6.7k per month and I work for the govt for nearly 11 years. How much interest rate I could get? Is there any ready stock for Vios J ?

    • Are you fine with any colors? Would you mind specify which transmission that you’re intended to get? Auto or manual?

      As for the trade in, the first question we must ask is the settlement amount of the car? The car is barely new and most of the time, the market value is less than the loan settlement value. Then you’ll need to add money to get rid of the car. Interest you can get is around 2.7% or 2.6+ (based on your eligibility). Do contact us at 019-3559448 for more info and we can submit your document for the loan process.

      • J Auto. What color is available now? Try to avoid white. I will check the settlement amount and get back to you asap

    • Yes of course you can trade in and we need to know about the loan settlement of the avanza. We afraid that your settlement is high that you should add some money to get rid of it. Interest rate that you can get is as low as 2.7%. Call us if you’re interested at 019-3559448. (Sorry for the late response).

  195. Loan Settlement is RM 37,057 until end October 2011. What is your recommendation ? Or should I wait till next year?

    • Here are the color options:

      Colour Variants:

      1. Grey Mica Metallic
      2. Medium Silver Metallic
      3. Silver Metallic
      4. Coal Black
      5. White

      Do you have a contact number that we can call you? or Call me directly at 019-3559448 to find out the market value of this model.

  196. Sy bkerja dlm sektor swasta. Gaji dlm 2800 allowance 490.

    honda civic 1.8sl kreta idaman sy…
    Jika sy letak D/pymt 15k / 10% dr arga kreta tsebut, dgn gaji sy di atas boleh kah sy membeli kereta idaman sy tanpa guarantor’s????? Tlg beri penjelasan atas masalah sy.. Tq

  197. Mr Mybestcardealer,

    saya bekerja sendiri, berapa d/payment yang perlu dibayar utk saya menikmati interest paling rendah dan tanpa guarantor.
    saya nak beli honda civic 2002 sahaja (RM51000)
    apa maklumat yang Mr Mybestdealer perlukan?

    • Ia bergantung kepada kelayakan anda, jumlah pinjaman dan jenis bank tersebut. Dokumen yang diperlukan adalah seperti bank statement 3 bulan, salinan IC. salinan lesen memandu, SSM (bagi perniagaan sendiri) dan dokumen yang mengesahkan pekerjaan anda.

  198. hye,

    sy berminat utk beli kereta below RM90, 000.00. Sy minat dgn Mazda2, Honda city, vios TRD and kia forte. bole cdgkn mane lg bagus x? in terms of all aspects: etc, maintenance, value, comfortability, fuel consumption. thnx.

  199. hi, interested untuk beli forte 1.6sx warna putih? is it true yg sy dengar warna putih xde stock skrng?

  200. act sy punye loan dh lulus & ready with 10% d/p, but my dealer mcm pening2 sket, suddenly bgtau putih xde stock(he promise me utk bg esok), but my frenz beli ade je, so nk pastikn putih btol2 xde stock ke x? if he still still xnk cari forte putih gak, considering utk beli ngn dealer laen.

  201. heloo.. im planin to buy a new first car.. comparing in between honda city and kia forte.. and people have been talking bout low resale value for kia and that the engine will have problem after few years.. but considering the specs.. kia offers the best . im confused.. please enlighten me. thank you

    • Hi richard, many Malaysians are now choosing Naza Forte compared to Honda City. Yes, the resell value might be slightly lower but that’s for other old models such as Naza ria, sephia and etc. Naza forte is not a bad decision if you are purchasing this model and maintenance for these two models are almost the same. Call us at 019-3559448 for more info.

  202. i work in private sector monthly salary rm3100 to rm3200 plus ard rm300 allowances.would like to pay rm30k for d/p for new honda city/E with 9 years tenure..however i have a commitment of rm 1100 housing loanwhat is the best interest rate that can offer,or just forget about it ? haha..

    • Hey buddy, if you are married, why don’t you apply for joint-income loan. But if you’re paying RM30k as down payment, it would help you a lot in getting the loan approval. Waiting period for a new Honda city may take up to 2 months, and you’re advised to make a booking .

      • hi thanks buddy,i aint married…but may i knw wat are the best interest in the market now ? got to do my calculation :)..thanks in advance

  203. TQ,

    Nilai kereta RM51 000
    -Jumlah pinjaman- (bergantung pada deposit saya,so brapa seharusnya?)
    -Bank- (harap bantu saya-pilihan terbaik untuk saya masuk loan)
    -bank statement 3 bulan-(ready)
    -salinan IC-(ready)
    -salinan lesen memandu-(ready)
    -SSM (bagi perniagaan sendiri)-(ready)
    -dokumen yang mengesahkan pekerjaan-(harap bantu saya)
    re: Saya harap Mr.Mybestdealer boleh ajarkan serba sedikit calculation/formula untuk meyakinkan kepada pihak bank sehingga saya patut layak menikmati…

    -pembelian tanpa penjamin
    -nilai kos deposit yang patut saya keluarkan untuknya (paling optimum)
    -interest paling rendah
    harap bantu saya,

    hp (0177241757)

    • Setiap pembelian kereta, bank akan melihat gaji bersih bagi setiap pemohon pinjaman:

      Katakan kereta yang tuan berminat adalah RM 51,000

      Harga : RM 51,000
      Down payment: RM 0
      Interest : 4% (anggaran)
      Monthly : RM 777 (7 tahun) dan RM 642 (9 tahun)

      Bagi kes 7 tahun ini, basic salary anda perlu melebihi RM 777x 3 = RM 2,400 untuk mendapat pinjaman dengan mudah dan tanpa penjamin.

      Tetapi jika tuan bekerja sendiri dan tiada payslip, memang kena ada penjamin. Kalau tidak ada, memang sukar utk lulus..

  204. Purata 6 bulan statement- RM8 049
    Saya tiada rekod pinjaman

  205. Hi. I’m planning to buy my first car on this coming November/December. I’m looking for Forte 1.6 SX or Honda City Grade E. Please advice the monthly installment for both cars if my downpayment is RM 15,000 for 9 years. Thank you

    • Hi Nurul,

      Here’s the monthly installment calculation:

      Forte 1.6 SX

      Price: RM 85,800
      Down Payment: RM 15,000
      Interest: 2.7%
      Tenure: 9 years
      Monthly: RM 815

      Honda City E

      Price: RM 90,480
      Down Payment: RM 15,000
      Interest: 2.7%
      Tenure: 9 years
      Monthly: RM 869

      Feel free to give us a call whenever you’ve made your decision. (019-3559448)

  206. Hai…
    Need some advice…sy ade myvi 2008 baki loan around RM38k..planning nk trade in dgn Forte 1.6SX..berbaloi x?..or better sy proceed myvi tu n bli satu lg kete,Forte tu la dgn 10% dp..

    • Hai Zue,
      Bagi pihak kami, better simpan je kereta tu kerana hutang pon tinggi lagi unless kalau kereta itu memang tidak digunakan. Kalau nk jual pon kena bayar baki hutang loan tersebut. Sekarang ada promosi untuk Kia Forte jika Zue berminat. hubungi kami di 019-3559448

  207. Tumpang tanya,

    apakah interest rate terkini untuk used imported Honda car? dan recond Honda?


  208. Hi, boleh tanya..kalau harga kereta is RM60K, 0 downpayment, my basic pay is 2050 + 600 fixed allowance, with no commitment, except for 1 credit card. boleh lepas tak loan?

    • Boleh kalau try.

      Loan: RM 60,000
      Down payment: RM 0
      Interest : 2.9%
      Years: 9 Years
      Monthly : RM 700

      Usually, your basic salary needs to be at least RM 700 x 3 = RM 2,100. Hubungi pihak kami jika cik berminat di 019-3559448.

  209. hi mybestcardealer,

    i’m working with GLC company with a basic salary rm4730 plus house allowance rm770 plus h/p allowance rm300..my commitment are house loan rm2200 (joint name with husband), personal loan rm512 (under my name, but actually 50-50 with my husband), car rm533 (which i want to trade in after get my new car) and few amount for credit card..

    fyi, i will pay all my loan amount on time except for credit card..

    i am interested in honda city but the dealer told me, i maybe need a guarantor..do i really need a guarantor?can u help me to smooth the process of getting the loan?tq

    • Hi Embun,

      Based on the information given, you do have a lot of commitments but do you know that you can do joint income loan for your car loan? We do have many bank panels that can help you in this case and kinda call us at 019-3559448. We also accept trade in and feel free to contact us whenever you’re ready.

      • thanks for the reply mr mybestcardealer,

        if let say, i’m not interested to do joint income loan, is it my loan still can be approved? i already have a buyer for my car, what is your suggestion? do i need to settle my car loan with my buyer before applying for another loan?

  210. can i knw the interest rate for ford for this moment?

  211. Hello, I just want to check is it true if buy a new car at end of year will “RUGI” when time to trade in later. Some said it does’t matter whether you buy new car at end year or beginning of new year, cos second hand dealer is only looking at the car year manufacturer… and not looking when you buy the car. Please advice….thanks

    • Usually, the new car will have a discount at the year end but it also depends though. You might not lose anything when you get the discount unless you’re buying really expensive car such as Merc or BMW. Then the difference of year would affect the value. In term of the year manufactured thing, yes you are right but you always want the manufactured thing to be later. =’)

  212. Hello, I just want to check is it true if buy a new car at end of year will “RUGI” when time to trade in later. Some said it does’t matter whether you buy new car at end year or beginning of new year, cos second hand dealer is only looking at the car year manufacturer… and not looking when you buy the car. Please advice….thanks

  213. Thanks bro for your info. I want to buy Kia Forte but maybe need to wait until next year, but whether this car price will go up or even the interest rate might as well increase too? What should I do…

  214. TQ for the advices bout trade in myvi to forte…then i need some info bout Peugeout 207 sedan..esp the price….coz tgk mcm x byk org pakai kt Kedah ni…but it looks really nice…is it really a ‘good’ car?

  215. Hi, saya bercadang untuk membeli
    Toyota Vios 1.5 J (Metallic) Manual RM 71,990 Medium Silver Metallic
    Bekerja di syarikat swasta, gaji RM2500 (basic 2100+elaun 400), cuma ada loan ASB monthly RM69
    Loan tak nak pakai penjamin
    Down payment 0%, no plat KL (W_ _ 1985) & nsuran cover cermin depan

    Adakah ianya valid
    “The lowest rate possible for imported cars (Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, etc) in Malaysia is 2.55%. Contact our sales representative at 019-3559448 if you are interested to apply for a car loan.”

    • Salam Nur,

      Berapakah tempoh perkerjaan anda? It’s a bit hard for you to get the loan approved if you want to do full loan because your basic salary doesn’t meet the requirement of at least RM 2,500. However, by having a guarantor, it could help you in this case.

      • Saya mula bekerja disyarikat ini bermula Nov 2010.
        Sekiranya saya memerlukan penjamin berapakah basic yang diperlukan dan berapa bayaran bulanan yang dikenakan kepada saya?

  216. TQ for the advices bout trade in myvi to forte…then i need some info bout Peugeout 207 sedan..esp the price….coz tgk mcm x byk org pakai kt Kedah ni…but it looks really nice…is it really a ‘good’ car?

  217. We have no experience and knowledge about this model and most of the people who would buy this kind of model are those who have interest on this brand, experience driving or owning a car of the same brand.

  218. i would like to buy an used car, most probably toyota altis, honda civic , nissan sylphy or mitsubishi lancer 2007 to 2008. but if used car more than 3 yrs old, only honda and toyota entitle for 9 yrs loan right? how about nissan and mitsubishi? only 7 yrs loan max for above 3 yrs old car? example public bank

  219. Hi, will I need a guarantor to buy a new Vios? Monthly salary around 4.5K.And what will the interest rate be for now? Btw, is there any other car that I can buy with a budget of 70K?

  220. Hi, I need suggestion here. My basic salary is RM 3300 and i have rm 12,000 as a d/p, do you have any suggestion what car shoul i buy with the budget around 100k?

  221. Hye mybestcardealer.

    Act i ‘m planning to buy a fiesta ford/vios/swift.. i’m a gov servant n my salary is RM3400. I already have myvi as my first car n want to sell it soon. Can u tell me which one is the best car for me? My budget for every month payment not more than RM700..


    • Hi,

      You’re eligible to buy any of those cars. However, if you plan to switch your car later in the future, your option should be Toyota Vios. Toyota Vios would have better market value compared to others. The maintenance and spare part wise, vios is the cheapest among all. Your budget should be more than RM 700 unless you pay big down payment. Kindly call us at 019-3559448 for booking any of these options.

      • I make a research n find out about madza 2. Really interesting design+price.. Is it true i can get Rm74000 for these car with interest rate 1.68%? i found it in mudah.my… if yes, can u give me a good price too like the others offer? if possible, i want to trade in with myvi..

  222. Hi, what is the interest rate for used car. Proton Gen 2 model year 2008?

  223. hi..saya berminat dgn NAZA CITRA 2.0 GLS second hand,,,
    berapa interest kalau kereta tahun 2007-2009?
    berapa value kereta ni sekarang?


  225. Hi,

    What is the best interest rate for Perodua MyVi 1.3 EZi? How long is the duration to get the car after loan approved? Thanks.

  226. I’m currently using a ford focus 2.0 (registered 2007) and plan to replace it with a Mitsubishi ASX. what’s the best interest rates you could offer me? would wanna take a 5 year loan. my income is RM13k

    What’s your view on

    a) maintenance & spare parts price?
    b) second hand value?

    Appreciate your advice.

    • Hi,

      We don’t really have a big number of customers buying Mitsubishi and we know you can tell that the second hand value for this model is really low. I would suggest you to look at Kia Sportage? Or Honda CR-V? The lowest interest rate we have had so far is 2.55% and your salary is amazing. That sure will help you a lot in getting low interest rate. Call me at 019-3559448 for more info.

  227. Hi,

    Which bank offers the best interest rate for Honda City and how much? How long is the duration to get the car after loan approved because i need it urgently? Thanks.

  228. hi

    i nak beli new honda city, my income basic + elaun monthly RM2,925.00.. ade personal loan n credit card. layak ke saya untuk beli honda city?..

  229. hi… i macam berminat nak beli suzuki swift yang basic je… my basic income around RM3500… i tak pernah buat ape2 loan.. layak ke untuk i beli swift tu? rasanya monthly berapa?

    • Boleh zara, gaji basic zara tu tinggi dan kalau nak beli kereta lagi mahal pon boleh. Bayaran bulanan boleh dikira di {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/} dan interest rate is 2.7%.

      Harga Suzuki Swift Basic GX Auto : RM 65,888

      Hubungi En. Ihsan untuk tempahan di 019-3559448.

  230. Hello good day to you, i would like to know my eligibility to own a Honda Civic 1.8 SL. I’m a private sector worker i have worked for 6 months and i’m a permanent worker in the organization, my basic salary is RM 2,400 and i have no other commitments. I’m planing to pay 20 percent deposit of
    RM 24,000 and take a 9 years loan for the Honda civic. Would i be eligible for the car? Kindly please provide me the monthly payment and the interest rate if i eligible for the car.
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Thank You.

  231. hi. sy berminat utk beli kia forte. gaji sy -+4600 ( liabiliti 1500). nak joint income dgn wife sy dgn gaji 2800(gov). tapi isteri sy tiada lesen. boleh ke apply?

    • Salam Khairi, tiada masalah bagi kes saudara.

      Boleh dapatkan salinan IC, lesen, pay slip 3 bulan dan bank statement 3 bulan. Dokumen isteri : pay slip 3 bulan dan salinan IC. Kalau nak pihak kami masukkan loan terus dan lepas loan lulus baru jumpa pon boleh. Boleh email dokumen anda ke email kami di admin@mybestcardealer.com atau hubungi En. Ihsan di 019-3559448 utk membuat temu janjii.

  232. Salam..

    Saya Kamal dr Bentong, Pahang.
    Saya berminat utk membeli kereta Toyata Hilux 2.5 A (Black atau White)
    Budget dalam rm60k-70k (2008-2010). Saya ada survey dalam Mudah.my
    Sekarang ini saya mempunyai kereta Perodua Myvi 1.0 M model New facelift Sept 2008
    Saya bercadang untuk trade in kereta myvi ni dan ambil Hilux.
    Persoalannya, umur saya sekarang ialah 53 tahun dan saya dapat kelulusan untuk pencen pada umur 58 tahun. Dengan gaji saya sekarang rm3k++ bersih, adakah saya layak untuk memohon utk mengambil hilux dgn trade in Perodua Myvi yg saya pakai skrg ni? Harap admin dapat memberi sedikit nasihat. Terima kasih.

    • Hi kamal, bagi case seperti ini, anda mungkin boleh menggunakan joint-income loan bersama isteri jika isteri masih berkerja. Dikhuatiri baki hutang anda lebih tinggi daripada harga trade in dan anda perlu membayar selebih nya.

  233. Hi. I would like to know what is the rate for suzuki swift second hand.?

  234. i am keen with madza 2 and suzuki swift. which is giving lowerst interest rate?

  235. hi,

    sy nak beli secondhand car around 120k. gaji bersih 2200. no commitment at all. deposit around 20k for the car. u hav any suggestion sir? tq

  236. Hi,

    Do you have any information on car re-finace, and secondly do you offer islamic loan or just conventional ones.

    Many thanks

  237. my gross salary isRm2200, its possible to got loan for Kia forteEx

  238. Hi I’m wondering if it’s possible to take a 7 year loan for a used car that cost around 42000 with a 10-15% down payment. Year of car made model is circa 2001. Planning to trim down my budget a bit and sell of my existing vehicle so my monthly car loan would not exceed RM 600.00

    Thanks in advance for any sort of answer.

    • For 10 years old car, we doubt you can go for 7 years loan. The max could be 5 or less. Kindly check your outstanding loan for you current car and compare it with the market value. Find out if you’ll need to pay for the difference.

  239. asking for unreg odyssey absolute, minima 2006… i already booked with price of 145k… do u hav any lower than that?

  240. Hi, I’m earning Rm2800 basic salary. Monthly can get around 3400 if include OT & allowance. If only count basic, I get net salary around 2400-2500+. Interested in Ford Fiesta S. Am I eligible for the loan without guarantor? Planning to take 9 years loan with 10% d/p. How much is the interest rates for 9 years now? Btw, I’m working more than a year but only 8 months at my new company. Thanks for your help. Current commitment only 400 for parents & 200 for PTPTN.

    • Salam Nurul, based on the gross salary you mentioned, you are eligible for the loan. Kindly call us at 019-3559448 for more the next step.

      • Reading from the earlier post by you in this page, the best interest rates fro Fiesta is 2.7%. Can get any lower than that? What about the Graduate package? What is the interest rates for Ford car with 0 D/P? Thanks again for fast reply.

  241. Hi!
    Berminat nak beli Forte 1.6SX & trade in Proton Wira SE 2005 (baki hutang +-RM16K). Gaji (RM4K gross/RM1.8K net), boleh combine income dgn wife (RM2K net).

    1. Boleh beri pengiraan mudah bulanan (9 tahun) dengan downpayment paling rendah (<10%@0%).
    2. Berapa interest sekarang?

  242. HI,
    Saya berminat untuk mendapatkan sebuah honda freed, blh trade in x? tq

  243. gaji kasar dalam 3800, komitmen sekarang 1000 utk mak&ayah

  244. heard about proton year end promotion..interested in buying proton inspira 2.0P..do you know how much the discount i could get from this promotion from your side (saw one with as low as 83k for inspira 2.0P) and when will this promotion ended??..how much is the interest rate for 9 years loan right now with D/P around 13k??..thanks..

  245. fresh graduate just started working 2 months. gov. sector. basic salary 2200. plus other allowance 2700+. planning to buy ford fiesta or honda city. totally free commitment till now. interested to use maybank ezyauto graduate scheme. what do you think? possible or not? Thanks in advance.

    • There’s no stock for Honda City at this point and you’ll have to wait for another 3-6 months to get the stock. So, better dont and ford fiesta may be a good choice for you. Yes you can use the graduate scheme and kindly contact us if you are interested at 019-3559448. We need to know the specific model of Ford fiesta that you’re interested in.

  246. hi..

    gaji i 1750..baru keje..nak beli Myvi 1.3 auto..agak2 berapa bulanan yg i perlu bayar n tggi x interest??


  247. Hi there.. currently on car finance with a bank. Monthly RM500, full settlement around RM20K. Basic salary is RM4K. The current finance payment sometimes miss or short pay. U think can get approval for new loan for used or new car?

  248. Hai..sy kakitangan kerajAan..gaji bersih 1200..ade x mpv yang sesuai dgn loan yg sy boleh apply brdasarkan gaji bersih sy??

  249. Hi, what is the best interest rate to get a honda city? If i put more deposit, can i get lower rate? I would prefer financing from Islamic Bank. Currently i drive kelisa (auto) 1.0 2003, grey & loan settled 2 years ago. My intention is to sell off kelisa and get new honda city. What should be my net income
    in order to get my loan approved? ( downpmt RM5K + proceed from market value of kelisa.)

  250. I’M 23 years old.my basic salary is rm1800 and i wish to buy used car honda city or toyota vios year 2002-2003 rate price rm40k..this is my very first loan.u think can approved?and how much percent u think i should pay for my downpayment for the car??

  251. Hi. I plan to buy MPV next year and i dream for grand livina auto or used honda stream. my net salary is rm 3400/month and im a government servant. Mohon nasihat:
    1. Adakh sy layak mmohon pnjaman without gerento?
    2. How much i have to spend every month for both car utk 9 thn pnjaman?

    • Salam Zaini,

      Katakan lah saudara berminat untuk mendapatkan Nissan Livina 1.6 Auto, Kiraan adalah seperti berikut:

      OTR Price: RM 88,600
      D/payment: RM 5,000 (Exp only)
      Interest: 2.7%
      Loan: 9 years
      Monthly: RM 926

      Anda layak untuk memohon pinjaman dan anda boleh menghubungi En. Ihsan di 019-3559448 jika anda berminat untuk membuat tempahan.

  252. Hi. I plan to buy MPV next year and i dream for grand livina auto or used honda stream. my net salary is rm 3400/month and im a government servant. Mohon nasihat:
    1. Adakh sy layak mmohon pnjaman without gerento?
    2. How much i have to spend every month for both car utk 9 thn pnjaman?
    3. Which bank u recommend utk i buat pnjamn for botb car?

  253. Hi, if i want to buy a 2nd hand car and it price is around 35k and I can’t afford the downpayment. Do I still can get the bank loan? Or the interest rate is higher?

  254. It depends on the maximum loan that you can apply and it will be determined based on your basic salary and eligibility. If you pass the minimum requirement, then it shouldn’t be a problem. The interest would not change that much.

  255. Hi,

    Saya bercadang untuk membeli Honda Civic tahun depan tentatively bulan Feb/Mar. Saya berminat dgn variant 1.8 SL warna merah/maroon tapi bila saya surf website Honda, warna itu tidak ada tapi saya ada lihat on the road. Boleh confirmkan tak sama ada warna ini ada atau tidak.
    Kedua, berapa lama masa menunggu untuk mendapatkan kereta model ini jika saya tempah dlm bulan March.

    • Jika anda berminat untuk mendapatkan model civic, disarankan agar tuan membuat tempahan pada waktu ini kerana proses menunggu stock baru mungkin memakan masa sekurang kurangnya 3-6 bulan. Warna maroon sudah tiada dan ia untuk versi lama. Sila hubungi kami jika tuan ingin membuat tempahan.

  256. i would like to ask regarding the Maybank Graduate Scheme – Ezyauto. is it fix interest? zero downpayment? im a gov. servant. rm2200 basic. plus allowance RM2700 +-. wanna go for ford fiesta 1.6. please advise.. tq

  257. hi, saya ada kereta perodua viva 1.0 manual tahun 2008.. still ade balance 6 thn loan.. tapi kereta ni atas nama mak saya.. saya cume bayar monthly installment je.. saya berminat nak trade in viva ni and beli ford fiesta S.. basic income saya RM3300 dan belom pernah ada ape2 loan.. boleh ke kalau buat 0 down payment? berapa interest rate?

    atau boleh tolong advise macam mana nak trade in viva n ambil ford fiesta?


  258. i will like to ask i 20 yrs old wan bough 2004 years avanza about 34k i whould to borrow 30k loan.
    Can i get the loan without a garantor my basic salary is 2k

  259. Hi. I plan to buy ford fiesta next year. My net salary is rm 2400/month. Mohon nasihat:
    1. Berapakah min downpayment saya boleh bayar?
    2. How much i have to spend every month for the car utk 9 thn pnjaman?

    • Hi Khoon,

      We would suggest you to pay at least RM 3,000 but preferably 10% down payment. You can play around with our online calculator here to find out your monthly installment. Please use 2.7% interest for your calculation and the price should be based on the spec you plan to purchase.

  260. hi..i would like to check as follow :-
    1. Income hby – RM 2200.00
    2. Income wife -RM1450.00
    3. House Loan – RM 450.00
    4. Hv a car which sis already settled pymt.
    5. Hv a plan to take another new car (MPV) with monthly rm500.00 ~ rm550.00, pls advise the min. dposit to pay?

    • Perodua Alza adalah pilihan terbaik, tetapi jika anda dapat mengeluarkan down payment sebanyak RM 5,000 bagi model Perodua Alza Standard, bayaran bulanan akan berada sekitar RM 625 dengan kadar faedah sebanyak 2.9%.

  261. Hi May i know what is the Hyundai Accent MC AT & Persona Elegance High Spec pricing and interest rate?

    Down payment will paid for RM10K

    monthly joint income RM6K ++ have commitment for House installment RM900 and RM350 hire purchase installment

  262. hi nk tnya kalo sy nk ambik myvi 1.3(A) baru…

    basic salary rm1400 after elaun n OT dlm rm 2500…tp sy baru second month kerja…if sy nk try buat loan myvi lepas x?

  263. Offshore man. Working > 3 years. RM3.2K + 1 K allowance. No other commitment.
    Plan to to Kia Forte 1.8 SX or Honda City

    Kindly quote the following:
    10% downpayment 5 7 9 years
    20% downpayment 5 7 9 years
    25% downpayment 5 7 9 years.

  264. hi,
    my salary is rm1500 + rm500-700 per month…..im intrested in nissan cefiro year 2002.full loan rm 47000.do you tink is it worth it to buy tat car at that price.per month i have to pay rm 600+,if i add 1nother rm 100,i could b driving new vios or perodua car…plz advise me…tq.

    • I would say it’s not worth it because you may find that the maintenance cost for used car is so much higher and the gas consumption is totally off. We would suggest you to get Perodua instead of Vios because your basic salary is around RM 1,500 right? If you still want toyota vios, you may need to have a guarantor but its still hard for you to get the approval.

  265. Hi…… My Basic pay is rm1780, and commitment is ptptn,rm307. Am i required guarantor for ford fiesta.. if no guarantor, hw much i needed to pay downpayment with 9 years loan? is that hard to get loan?

    • The minimum basic salary must be at least RM 2,000-2,500 depending on the specification. In your case, you may need to provide at least 10% down payment and get someone to be your guarantor, otherwise you may have no chance at all.

  266. hi,
    my basic salary is RM2865 + RM750 per month. im currently interested in toyota vios 1.5 G Spec year 2006 price RM55,800. Is it worth buying this car? kindly advise me

    • Amin, it really depends on you. The price for a new model will be around RM 9++ and the price for the used ’06 will be around 6++. (Interest for used car > new car). Do take into account the maintenance cost of the used car vehicle. There are a lot more to consider and a lot of things to change. We would recommend you to take lower spec but a brand new Vios. You will never regret this!

  267. i want to buy rm80k used car..mazda rx8…which bank u prefer for low interest? and monthly if 9 years how much?can i apply for 9 years or more?

  268. Hello, Can I know what is the best income value to make vehicle loan RM50000? Are the interest rate for second car still 2.55 just like you mention above (on Feb)? Let say, second car Toyota Vios (2006) is RM50,800.00 and monthly income RM2300.00? Can approve or not? or need to pay 10% down-payment?

    • Interest rate for used car would be around 3.5%-4.0% and better if you could buy a new version as you dont have to worry about the maintenance cost. New rate would be 2.7%.

      • Thank you for your reply, the info is useful for me. Just like I survey, the loan will approve base on the our salary divided by three rite? either the value below the monthly payment or not. Toyota car, especially a new one will need 10% down payment even though the amount just have a little effect only. The down payment maybe reduce 50 0r 70 RM only. What your view about this, any solution that I can choose if I don’t plan to pay 10% down payment ?

      • Yeah arief, you dont neccesarily have to pay 10% but at least RM 3,000 is enough and ask your parent to be your guarantor. You can save a lot of money in the long run and yes, 50 bucks difference doesn’t look that big but it still matters :). Call us for more booking as you need to wait within a month to get a new stock.

  269. hi, i just going to start my job as a cook with a basic of rm1200, at first i thought i wanted to buy second hand hyundai getz year 2007 cost rm25800 but recently i saw the graduate loan offer from the bank makes me feel like getting a new myvi se 1.3 or 1.5 as i just finished my study. So am i eligible to apply for car loan or the graduate loan? and which car is better? Getz or Myvi? can i know the interest rate for both of the car?

    • What we’d suggest you is to buy a new local car instead of Getz. The market value for that model is really low and you also need to worry about the maintenance cost. Once you’ve made your decision, kindly call us at 019-3559448. The interest rate under grad scheme is around 3.2%

  270. hello, may i know how much the interest rate and how much need to pay monthly if the Honda city(2007)vtech like around 60k?

  271. thanks for d info, but am i eligible with that much of salary to apply grad scheme and 3.2% is for how many years

  272. We’d recommend you to take Perodua Viva and actually ge someone to be your guarantor. That would help you in getting the loan approval.

  273. if i take the myvi 1.3 not the new model which is cost around RM46k (correct me if i am wrong) can i apply which i gonna provide a guarantor and downpayment??

  274. hi..saya bekerja di oversea…pendapatan more 1ok above…nk amik kete baru tuk family kat mesia..dalam anganan…nak nissan livina@wish@grandis…mana ok..dan apa..requirement yg diperlukan bg yg bekerja dioversea???

    • Hi Norafzan,
      Kami mencadangkan agar saudara mendapatkan model Grand Livina kerana mutu nya yang tinggi dan harga yang berpatutan. Pihak kami juga tidak beberapa arif tentang model Grandis kerana lebih ramai customer kami memilih Nissan berbanding model yang lain. Kereta Nissan memang berbaloi untuk dibeli kerana market value nya yang amat tinggi dan ramai yang berpuas hati dengan pemanduan model ini. Lebih elok bagi tuan berbincang dengan sesiapa yang memiliki kereta ini untuk mendapatkan pendapat mereka. Dokumen yang diperlukan ialah salinan IC, lesen, Pay slip (3 bulan) dan bank statement (3 bulan – yang tertulis gaji masuk). Jika tuan mempunyai sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi kami di 019-3559448 untuk maklumat lanjut.

  275. Hi I would like to ask. My friend is not malaysian but he want to get the car loan to purchase rm6k malaysia car . Can he get the loan?

  276. hi….saya nk trend in proton pesona saya tahun 2008 dan nak ambil 2nd hand honda civic fd 2.0. let say, kete tu harga 95k…so how much monthly payment sy kena bayar…once more, interest utk 2nd hand civic brape yer..gaji sy basic 2400 with allowance 1200.so total 3600. minus dgn potongan, around 3000… so mintk pandangan en. how about my pesona…..plzzz

    • Hi, dikhuatiri kereta persona saudari mempunyai hutang yang lebih tinggi berbanding market value dan saudari perlu menambah wang utk trade in kereta tersebut. Jika saudari ingin mendapatkan pinjaman sekitar 95k, saudari perlu mendapatkan penjamin dan interest berada dlm lingkungan 3.5%.

  277. Hi. I would like to ask if I wanna buy a new car persona , is it zero downpayment?

  278. I would like to get a 1 year old civic at rm117k. Can i know what will be the lowest interest rate for my loan? Thank you

  279. thanks for good info.now my situation like this, i have 20k for d/payment. and i have choice to
    new honda civic 1.8 = 114000++ estimated interest 2.65% 0km
    2nd hand honda civic 1.8 sl (2010) = 100000 estimated 3.5% millage 20000km – new rm119000
    different price/type = rm20k. after 1 years
    need to ask your opinion, which one is better value to me buy. if condition both car is acceptable.

  280. HI,
    I understand Interest Rate will be different for New Car and Second hand car. If I would like to buy Toyota Wish Recon 2007 /2008, Which interest rate that bank will charge me. Is Toyota wish recon consider new car or Second hand car?

  281. hi, i just started my work with basic RM1200, i would like to buy myvi se 1.3 or myvi 1.3EZi, i just finish study but my convo is on October 2012, so can i apply using graduate scheme?? if possible, i not intend to put any d/p, but if necessary, i put aroun rm2k-3k. can i apply for the loan and what is d monthly installment for 7 and 9 years

    • Hi Diyana, guarantor is needed in your case. You do need to provide us your graduation certificate (if any) that proves your convo date. Also, provide us your job offer letter, copy of IC and license. Other than that, give us a call at 019-3559448.

  282. can u give me d monthly installment for myvi for 7 and 9 years??

  283. hi there, i’m interested in buying honda insight. i just started working with basic RM 2500. how much d/p do i have to put if monthly pay for RM1000? which bank do u recommend? thanx.

    • The current selling price is around RM 98,000. You need to pay at least RM 11,000 to make your monthly installment to be around RM 1,001 assuming the interest rate is 2.7% for 9 years. Bank maybank, am bank, hong leong.

  284. Hi, im interested to buy Toyota Vios J (Basic). My salary is RM1500++, govt servant. no other commitment. How much will be the d/p if i want to do monthly for RM 600++? what be the interest rate? my location is in Kuching Sarawak. Thanks.

  285. i wish to buy a second toyota harrier 2003 wif price 68k.+10% d/p. im a gov servant wif salary + allowance up to RM2500 and jus started work for a month. can i loan it?if can den can i get 2.65% interest wif 9 years loan?

  286. Hi there, i’m interested to buy the new KIA OPTIMA K5, my monthly income is about 4K after deducting house loan and no other obligation. I would like also to trade in my WAJA 1.6X 2001 for down payment which in good condition with millage of only 125000km . Can you please advised me on the lowest car loan interest and from which bank? and also maybe advice me from which KIA dealer to buy that has a good reputation or that have special offer. Thank you.

    • We have our own reliable and experienced Kia representative if you’re interested to deal with. We’d appreciate if you can give us a call at 019-3559448 to discuss further on this and we can also check your trade in price as well. So far, the interest rate could go as low as RM 2.5% and our bank panels include affin bank, maybank, hong leong and etc.

  287. hi..

    just started working for about one month and obviously is looking for a car. my basic salary 3.5k. do u have any suggestion about any car that can suit well my salary?

    no commitment so far..

  288. another question.. do i need to wait until my 3rd pay slip or its enough with one pay slip for the loan? and is the interest rate remain fix if using one payslip or 3 payslip?


  289. Hi, is there any way for me to get either a new Toyota Vios or a Honda City without downpayment and monthly rm700 for 9 years? is there graduation scheme for me who just started working 3 months ago..i’ve recently applied for a proton persona but looking at other alternatives if possible..

    • No, you may expect to pay at least RM 900 if you choose to get a brand new Honda City or Toyota Vios. The interest rate for your case would also be higher as you may require to get a loan under graduate scheme (0 down payment case).

  290. Hi, im interested to buy Toyota Vios J (Basic). My salary is RM1500++, govt servant. no other commitment. How much will be the d/p if i want to do monthly for RM 600++? what be the interest rate? my location is in Kuching Sarawak. Thanks again.

  291. Ford fiesta – quite small for a tall person like me..
    vios – my father just got a new vios trd version
    forte – its naza.. and wont be easy to find spare parts etc
    city – no stock..

    any other suggestion?

    do u think i can rely on proton? most of people using proton keeps complaining about their car.i’m thinking of buying either persona or inspira..

    i actually dont plan to use the car for a long terms period.. maybe only for 3-4 year before changing to another another. so, i should think of the resale value.

    • If you dont mind having a small car, perodua myvi would be a good choice and the resell value is much better compared to others. Proton is expected to launch a new persona R and the current model will surely be less valuable in the future. It depends on your budget and it should come down to your own preference.

  292. another question.. is it a good idea of buying 2nd hand car??

    a lot of beautiful car out there with a lower price.. but still need to think about the interest rate. for sure it will be higher.

  293. Hi, I want to buy honda CR-V. I have housing loan RM1k per month, car loan RM680 per month. Gross salary is RM4250. I plan to trade-in/sell my car Gen2 2006 when buy CR-V. Deposit for CR-V pay 10%. Do i qualify for loan?

    • Is the car monthly payment paid for the Gen2? You may need to do joint income loan with your husband/wife for an easier loan approval because you have a quite high commitment.

      • Car loan i pay to public bank every month RM680. I check recently if do early settlement is around RM18k to settle the Gen2. I plan to sell/trade-in when want to buy CR-V. How much is market value for Gen2 2006 Auto 1.6?

      • We’d get back to you asap but kindly call our number if you don’t hear anything from us after 5 business days. Tq sir

  294. Assalam, sya baru tukar company kerja.
    msih under probation with basic rm4k.
    current commitment only joint loan persona 2009, 9yrs with 0 dp dgn mbb.
    interested nak trade in dgn sedan honda or toyota.
    boleh bagi suggestion?
    would also consider mpv.

    • Wasalam Siti, Stock kereta Honda ada masalah pada waktu ini dan kami cadangkan agar saudari mengambil Toyota Vios atau Naza Forte. Berhubung dengan kereta persona saudari, kami tidak rasakan saudari ingin menjual nya kerana baki hutang kereta tersebut semestinya amat tinggi berbanding market value. Saudari perlu membayar beza tersebut kepada pihak bank dan kami pasti saudari tidak akan menjual nya dalam masa yang terdekat.

  295. when proton tuah will b in market??the price approx. how much??

  296. Will be in March and the price should be around RM 60k and higher.

  297. When new cr-v 2012 going to be launch in Malaysia?

  298. HI there..I’m Feyrol,26 yrs old from Miri & interested to buy a new KIA OPTIMA K5,the price is around rm145k in miri. My gross salary is rm10k/monthly..So how much is the lowest interest rate i can get for this car & from which bank?Thanks in advance.

  299. Hi, if I am gurantor of a loan of 26000 and I need to purchase a car, will my loan amount be affected? My salary is 2500.

  300. dear mybestcardealer.com
    baru2 ni i baru booking toyota altis & submit loan di mbb &ambank.
    i juz loan dlm rm34k coz my downpayment bayar tinggi..monthly payment berkemungkinan rm600 for the 6 years.
    basic salary i rm 1600 & gaji kasar i bulan2 around rm2500..
    i juz have a comitment around rm200 utk hutang tv..
    is there any chances for me?

    • You’re not buying a new Altis aren’t you? If the monthly payment is around RM 600, you still need to have a guarantor as your basic salary is low and we’d recommend you to do that. Let us know how it goes.

  301. My salary after deduction is RM 2,400. I would like to buy a new car and have preference for the following:

    1. naza forte 6 speed 1.6 auto (RM 80,601.70)
    2. ford fiesta 1.6 auto sedan (RM 85,663.20)
    3. toyota vios 1.5E auto (RM 83,028.90)
    4. honda city s auto (RM 85,980)
    5. proton waja M-line auto (RM 62,388)
    6. perodua alza 1.5L auto (RM 61,016)

    The pricing for the cars above is for Sarawak since I’m based here.

    Please assist me with the following queries for the cars I’m interested in:

    1.how much is the monthly instalment?
    2.what is the repayment period?
    3. what is the interest?
    4.do I need a guarantor?
    5.assuming I do not want to use a guarantor because I don’t want to be obligated to be a guarantor myself in the future and would like instead to pledge fixed deposit (FD) as security in lieu of guarantor, how much FD amount is required with RM 10,000 downpayment?

    Thank you.

    • Your nett salary is RM 2,400 but what’s your basic salary? Monthly installment would be around RM 8++ for a loan RM 80k and above assuming the interest rate is 2.7%. RM 595-600+ is for RM 60k loan with 2.9% interest. Repayment period should be 9 years and you may not need a guarantor.

      • Sorry for the late reply.

        My basic is about RM 2,800.

        I spoke to a car sales rep yesterday about the possibility of buying a Perodua Myvi SE 1.5 Auto (D5ZHS) without using a guarantor and putting down high downpayment of RM 10,000 and FD as security instead and was told that without guarantor, my downpayment has to be at least 10% of the purchase price which in this case RM 5,826 since the Myvi SE in Kuching is about RM 58,526. I may not even need to give any surety. I just need my 3 month EPF statement, IC and driver’s licence.

        Honestly,I’d really like a Forte, City or Vios but I’m also mindful that with a low basic salary, my monthly instalment will be quite high and I wouldn’t want to suffer for the next 7-9 years because of it.

        I will also use the same bank where my salary is credited so I have a higher chance of convincing the bank not to ask me to get a guarantor.

        Also, I hope that the fact that I have no financial commitments (rent, car loan, housing loan, personal loan, credit card, education loan, etc) will help my case.

        Thanks for your reply to my query.

    • Yeah, that’s a better choice and if you stuck with the 9 years loan, it is not easy to resell the car with a good price. Perodua Myvi is easy to maintain and spare part is much cheaper than the non-local cars. :)

  302. hye.my name is syafiq.would like to enquire,i plan to buy the new honda civic 2.0s(if possible) 1.8 also okay. my salary is 2400 (basic)+comission=5-6k per month(fix). I plan to put dpyment 10%. So far i didnt have any commitment and my saving per month is around 3k.

    am i entitle to apply 9 years loan?can u calculate for me how much shud i pay per month? what is the interest rate at the moment?im also interested to lancer Gt and mazda 3. can u recommend for me which car is better?please do not recommend to me local car as my family already got 2.

    thank you.

    • What is the name of your company? Your basic is quite low but your allowance is high and you may need a guarantor but we can try to apply the loan for you. Please note that you have to wait at least 4 months to get the civic if you make a booking now. If you’re in hurry, we’d suggest you to get a different model. Lancer GT may have lower resell value and so does the mazda 3. Spare part for Mazda 3 would be quite expensive and the maintenance cost might be slightly higher. It depends on your personal reference after all and do call us if you’ve made your decision.

      • ouh i see..bcoz i understand that the new requirements for loan application is very strict. so from your view, can u give me the name of the car which i can buy without involving any guarantor?

        my basic is quite low and for sure it’s hard for me to get the approval for the bank loan.fyi, this is my first car.tq

  303. whats the loan for toyota vios 1.5J auto.

  304. hi, i’m having my basic salary of 3.2k with no other commitment(nvr applied for any loans from bank). I wish to get myself a new car, thinking of having either a Honda Civic 1.8S / Honda City / Forte or maybe you could recommend any Sedan cars(preferably 4 doors) . Is it possible for me to apply loan up to 9 years and how much is the interest rate? Thanks :)

    • Shah, with your basic salary and the new rules set by bank negara, we would recommend you to get Naza Forte. But if you choose to get Honda, you have to wait at least 4 months to get the new stock. The interest rate for non-local car is around 2.7% or lower depending on your eligibility. From our experience, driving Naza Forte is much better and much smoother than Honda City. Most of our Naza/Kia customers are satisfied with this model and this something good to share with you.

      • thanks for the reply…do you have any office so i can meet up with u and discuss further more on this? i still havent made up my mind on what type of car i’ll be buying.

      • Shah, we can always meet up anywhere else and not necessarily at the showroom since you haven’t decided the model that you want to purchase. The best thing is for you to prepare your loan application documents and we can proceed to the next step. Call En Ihsan at 019-3559448 if you want to set an appointment.

  305. Hi,

    My salary for now is RM2100, no any commitment.

    I would like to get Hyundai i10 kappa or Suzuki Swift with 9 years loan.

    How much down payment that I needed to pay?

    And which car has better feedback?


    • Of course Suzuki Swift is much better and the price is higher. More customers would choose this model instead of Hyundai i10 and in fact, this model has a bigger space and its more comfortable. If you’re willing to spend more money on cars, this one would be recommended. However, based on your pay, you should have someone to be your guarantor if you’d like to purchase Suzuki Swift. Down payment should be 10% but for this model, it’s better to put 10% as it will increase your chance of getting loan approval.

      • Hi, my salary is RM2100. No any commitment. Would like to buy Suzuki Alto or Hyundai i10 Kappa. May I know which car is better? Am I eligible for the loan?
        Thank you!

      • Hi Sylvia, we only have few clients buying these two models but we’d recommend you to get Hyundai than Suzuki. Market for Hyundai is growing and we had experiences driving Hyundai i10 and it was a comfy car to drive.

  306. Hi,

    I am very interested to purchase Hyundai Tucson (Auto Standard).
    My neat salary is RM5000 and I think I can afford to pay monthly of RM1000 for that car with longer loan tenure.
    How much do I need to pay for downpayment?
    If I have not-so-good record with banks, does the chances getting slimmer?


    • Recommended amount of down payment is 10% and if you have a bad record with the banks, it’ll reduce your chance of getting the approval. However, please provide us your documents first and then we can proceed with the application. If you pay 10%, monthly should be around RM 1,32+/=

  307. Hi,
    Im very interested in buying a new Chevy Cruze 1.8 sport which is about rm100k on the road. Could you give me an outlook on how much would i be paying its loan a month and how much interest rate?Im thinking of paying a down payment about 10k and follow up the rest on loan. I just need to know the math for 9 years,7 years and 5 years loan in monthly payment.

    Maybe a good comparision between Kia Forte 1.6Ax and Chevy Cruze 1.8 Sport?
    Thank you,

    • To be honest with you, we haven’t had a chance of selling this model to anyone and the resell value for this model is very low thus we won’t recommend our client to get it. However, we have heard so many good stories and experiences from the owners of Kia Forte. So far, most of them has no complaint about it and you can actually get the monthly installment calculation at {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/} and please use 2.6% interest in your calculation.

  308. Hi, i would like to buy 3rd hand hyundai coupe
    -tuscani rm60000.my salary is around rm 2300plus comission.i have 1 personal Loan (rm11000) and 1 credit card.what would u suggest to get a loan from?

    • We’d recommend you any banks that would provide you with the best interest but most of the banks would give almost the same rate. If this is the case, you may want to choose the bank that you’re familiar with.

  309. Hi! I’m gonna buy a second car.Vios year 2010. Actual price of the car is 74k. balance is rm58,500 and loan wic i get is full loan wis is 63k. Roadtax and insurance around 1.7k., interest 3.5% public bank. Nowi’m searching for a low interest bank and my friend suggested for maybank and i’m still in confuse. I need to know ic bank can give me best interest rate. Apprecaited if u could help me. tq

    • Usually maybank would be the best choice but nowadays its getting harder to get a loan from them. You can always submit your application to many banks and you choose to get whichever one that is the lowest. If you choose to make a total loan of RM 58,500, the monthly payment is around 712, but if you buy a new one with RM 74k loan with 2.7% interest (or lower), you can get it for RM 851 with 0% down payment.

  310. Hello there..i’m plan to buy toyota caldina ZT 2.0 (full spec)..year made 2004 and register 2009 with RM93000 open price. My basic salary RM4000. How much I can get loan??? At the same time, someone offer unregistered caldina ZT 2.0, year made 2002 with RM 99,000. For this scenario, which one better and how about the interest rate for both option? Afford to pay RM10,000 downpayment.

    • Hi john, we are not a used car specialist and we’ve heard that the interest rate for unregistered vehicle is much more less than the second hand vehicle. We’d recommend you to contact any bank officers to get a confirmation. Thank you.

  311. Hi.I planning to buy kia forte 1.6sx. My basic salary is 2950.I got two car under my name. Peroduan Kelisa and Proton Wira. If i manage to buy forte, i’m planning to let go this Perodua Kelisa. My little brother currently use this Proton Wira. My other commitment is personal loan and credit card installment. Total commitment i need to pay basically is RM 608 (Kelisa was not included in this calculation)
    Wira =RM 208
    Personal Loan = RM 250
    Credit Card = RM 150

    My question is, do i able to buy forte, will bank approve my loan application?

    • Hi Deana, if you let go your Perodua Kelisa, yes you might able to get this forte. However, how much are you willing to pay for the down payment? We’d appreciate if you can contact us directly at 019-3559448 for more information.

  312. Hi! I’m interested to get Ford Fiesta. May i know what is the current market price and interest rate? Actually i’m working at one company which have a loan subsidy scheme which is i entitle about RM 45,000 or 75% of purchase price or loan quantum, whichever is lower. The interest rate subsidized by my Company is up to four percent (4%). I plan to pay down payment RM10k but not sure how the calculation and what is the monthly installment that i need to pay. Any idea?

  313. hi,I would like to get hyundai i10 kappa,my basic salary is RM1650+allowance RM100 not included overtime,and I have loan+credit under my name..is it possible for me to get full loan
    and my sister will be my guarantor..and how much is the interest for hyundai i10?

  314. hi,

    im interested in buying ford fiesta 1.4L. salary = 2300. no other commitments. in fact i just started working. is it possible to use offer letter, and whats the current interest rate now and which bank would u advice. thanx

    • Hi Ena, are you going to pay 10% down payment or less? The interest rate if you could find a guarantor should be around 2.7% or less depending on your eligibility. If you could have a guarantor, it would be make the application much smoother. Do you mind calling us at 019-3559448?

  315. Hi Mr. Admin,

    Aware that the price for FordFiesta LX 1.4L Manual is about rm69888. May i know what is the current interest rate for 5 years and 9 years? and also i want to know about after sales services for this model. is it easy to get the spare part and how about the services charges?

    • Hi, surprisingly there are many buyers for this model and we are pretty sure that the spare part can be easily found. We’d recommend you to do service tat the ford service center and the average services charge should be around RM200. Kindly call us if you’re interested to use our services.

  316. GooD morning sir,

    I would like to ask for your opinion.This coming June i would like to buy a Toyota Vios 1.5 Sportivo with down payment of 10thousand for 5 years.The same time i would like to tred in my old car Satria 1.3 manual.I bought that Satria on 2005 for 10year loan with Bank Rakyat.Now loan remain for 3 year more until 2015.My question is if i tred in my satria is it still value or i need to pay more to the bank,or any chance i can get extra money from Satria to be add more for my Vios down payment.Is it true with Maybank the interest for Vios will be 2.7% rate?

  317. Hi,
    My salary RM1100 and i don’t have any commitment, i wanna buy MYvi, i got my mum as guarantor salary around rm1000. can the bank approve my loan?

  318. hi..thanks for answer..and I wonder,what is the different with Hyundai i10 and inokom i10..thanks..

  319. hello,

    Saya bercadang hendak membeli first car saya. Buat masa nih pilihan saya antara inspira dan mazda 3. Saya ingin meminta pendapat, model yang mana patut saya pilih? Gaji bersih RM 3300 tiada komitment lain. Kalau boleh saya nak byr d/p around 15k dan sy ingin membyr around RM 900 per month utk duit kereta selama 9 tahun. So model apa yg encik cadang kan?

    • Mohd, if you get the lowest spec of Mazda 3, the monthly payment should be close to RM 1,000. The interest rate for Mazda 3 could be around 2.55% assuming your financial record is perfect. Pihak kami juga perlu mengetahui butiran lanjut tentang jenis kereta yang tuan minati supaya kami boleh memberikan nasihat yang lebih baik. Dengan itu, lebih baik jika tuan menghubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448 untuk mendapatkan khidmat nasihat kami.

  320. Hi..
    Sy ada loan kereta proton persona full setlement rm 35,000.ada loan personal bulanan
    Rm 3000.baki tgl rm 2300 lagi.saya berminat nak beli honda accord 2.4 tahun 2005 harga dlm rm 70,000. Nak trade in persona. Downpayment honda dlm 4k.gaji rm 3100 + ot (min $500) ada payslip. Ada income lain yg tiap2 bln bank in $1300.boleh ke? Klu nak trade in sy xnak pajak dekat use car.

  321. Hi.

    Saya bercadang untuk membeli Satria Neo (2006) dengan harga 35000. Adakah saya layak menerima loan kalau basic salary saya 1400 tanpa commitment lain?

  322. salam…saye nak tanye…basic salary saye 3000 kereta apa yg saya boleh pakai…saye ade kereta kancil bulanan 220 loan affin bank…boleh ke saye beli kereta lagi???saye cadang nak cari kereta besar contoh perdana…bulanan dalam berapa???

  323. kalau kereta baru kereta ape yg sesuai???…selain proton yg baru2…toyota ke honda ke…boleh ke???bulanan bwah 1k…boleh ke??

  324. hi,,

    saye zul saye bemint nk ambik honda ek,,harge around 40k..tp basic sye rm1400…lyk x sye membuat loan .???

  325. I would like to go for Swift 1.5GSX. Basic salary 4K, around 1K of commitment. working in private sector. How much is the lowest interest rate i can get, and how much loan can i go for?

    • Hi fatin, how long have you been working? We’d recommend you to pay 10% down payment for this model in order to get easier loan approval. The price is around RM 81,944 exclusive of any current promotion, and your monthly installment should be around RM 837 with an estimated interest of 2.6%. Kindly email us your documents if you are interested or you can set up an appointment with our representative at 019-3559448.

  326. Hi,

    i’m having my basic salary of 2.8k (my nett salary will be around 2.2k after deduct my housing loan and study loan). further i also as a guarantor to my youngest brother (for his myvi). I would like to buy a new car which is Ford Fiesta 1.4L Manual. Is it possible for me to get loan and please assist me with the following queries for the car I’m interested in:

    1.how much is the monthly instalment?
    2.what is the repayment period?
    3. what is the interest?
    4.do I need a guarantor?

  327. Hi, I am an expatriat with basic salary 4,5k work for 4,5 years in Malaysia. I am looking for a proton persona. Am I eligible to get loan without guarantor to buy persona with low or no DP?

  328. i wanna buy a BMW 328 ci (rm 70000 yr 2000/02) or maybe a 318 (50,000 yr 2000/02) will i be able to get full loan ? loan for maybe 7 years? what will the interest rate be ?

    my monthly income for the past 1 year is around 4000 – 10,000 (got bank statement) only thing is , I’m in the entertainment line/nightlife scene . i don’t have epf & socso. but i work for this company and they can provide me with a payslip. will that be enough ? I’ve got a GEN 2 under my name ( 2 1/2 years loan balance ) monthly rm 530 . pls advice me. no other commitment


    • We are not a used car dealer and we don’t really familiar with the interest rate. We’d advice you to speak with the used car seller and if your loan is below RM 100k, you can expect to get the interest to be around 3.8% and above.

  329. Hi Mr. Admin,

    Aware that the price for Forte SX 1.6 is about rm85600. May i know what is the current interest rate for 5 years and 9 years? and also i want to know about after sales services for this model. is it easy to get the spare part and how about the services charges?

    • Hi Suraya, many of our friends are Forte users and we haven’t heard any issue from them. This model is also a CKD model, which means locally manufactured. Finding the spare part wise should be an issue. The interest rate should be around 2.5%-2.6% depending on the bank’s approval. Kindly call us if you want to set an appointment.

  330. Hi. Im interested to purchase Kia Forte 1.6ex. My salary at the moment is 3k with no commitment. Planning to do d/p of 5k and 9 years loan. May I know whats the best interest rate and from which bank? And will my loan be approved?

    Thank you.

    • The interest rate could be as low as 2.55% but please note that we would submit the documents to multiple banks to ensure that you’re getting the lowest interest rate. Kindly contact us at 019-3559448 whenever you want to set an appointment.

  331. Do you deal with blacklist also?

  332. I am hotelier who getting the basic salary RM450 with service point that total salary around RM2400. I planning to purchase either MyviSE1.5 or Proton Saga Flx. I would like to get full loan and 9 years installment. May I know which bank was more easier to get the full loan and best interest rate? And how much should I to pay the installment for each month?

  333. saya income basic 2200…+ 1bulan bonus tetap tahunan + 2-4 bulan profit sharing tahunan… kalau nak ambik honda city 2004/vios 2004 around 50k lepas tak? bank mana yang sesuai?

  334. Im a 24yrs old,recently grduated..and currently im working on my first job for 2weeks and doesnt have any pyslip yet.. Offer letter stated rm2100 per month for my salary.. Im looking for 2nd hnd skoda octavia 1.8t rm28000, 2003,.. Hw could any chance for car loan approval?

  335. The lowest rate FOR PEUGEOT berapa ya?

  336. hye.i’m planning to buy mazda 3 2.0(solid color). my basic is 2700.i also have other allowances such as OT which monthly i can get around 4.8-5.5k (including basic).
    any advise?i went to the show room and the sales person require me to give dpyment 12k.
    one more thing, previously i interested to buy honda civic 2.0. now i dont know which one is suitable for me.in your opinion which is one better in term of economical, fuel consumption and etc?

    • Hye syafiq, in term of fuel consumption, it won’t have a big difference as the cubic capacity is the same, which is 2.0. However, in term of the maintenance cost, Honda would be much cheaper as compared to Mazda 3. All come down to your own preference and do note that you need to pay a high down payment is because of your low basic salary. The best thing we would suggest you to do is to submit your document first and let the bank decide whats the maximum loan you can get based on your eligibility.

      • thank you for your repy. i did asked the maintenance cost for mazda to the sales person, yes he admit the cost is a little bit higher than honda. but he mentioned, mazda will do servicing evry 10000km compare to honda 5000km.is it true?
        if possible i dont want to take any guarantor for my loan. is it possible?

  337. We cannot guarantee you whether you’ll have to provide the guarantor. Honda will give you 3 times free service up until 10,000km and 3 years warranty. If you are up for that, we can show you an example of Honda civic modification if you like.

  338. thank you. sure, you can email to me.

  339. berapa interest rate utk kereta sharan volkswagen?

  340. salam, nak tanya boleh?.. betul ka khabar skang ni memang susah nak buat loan kete?

    satu lagi..saya nak amik reconf fairlady..masalahnya dah 4 kedai saya suvey semua bagi waranty 2 bulan jer..tu yang pikir 4-5 kali nak beli..takda ke kedai yg dapat bagi sampai 3 tahun waranty?…

  341. Berapa interest rate untuk c200 tahun 2003 dan berapa tahun boleh loan gaji saya 4.9k +300 .loan boleh lepas ke untuk kereta dalam 85k bayar rumah rm 700

    • Hi ayu, pihak kami tidak arif tentang used cars dan kami saranakan agar saudari menghubungi pihak used cars untuk mendapatkan maklumat yang lebih tepat. Kami anggar interest rate akan berada dalam 3.8%-4.1%. Yes, anda layak untuk mendapatkan pinjaman sebanyak 85k dengan gaji tersebut.

  342. hi..saya pekerja swasta basic gaji 2250…sy ingin membeli kereta lebih dari 10 tahun..boleh saya membuat loan?

  343. Hi,

    I am interested to get a Ford Festa sports, priced at RM84888. I would like to pay RM25k for the downpayment. My nett disposable income is RM3.5k+ (after all necessary deductions, income tax, EPF, SOCSO etc) and I don’t have any commitment at the moment.

    I have some queries:

    1) What would be the lowest possible interest rate for the car?
    2) Would I be eligible to obtain the loan for maximum period of 9 years?
    3) Am I required to have a guarantor?
    4) Which bank should I apply for the loan for the lowest interest rate?
    5) What would be the maximum amount that can be loan for my car based on my current earning?

    • Hi there, sorry for the late response. The interest rate should be around 2.55% and yes, you are eligible to get the 9 yeas loan. You don’t need a guarantor and you can submit your documents to us and we’ll then submit your documents to different banks. After that, we’d choose any bank that would offer you the best interest rate. To answer your last question, we’d say it is about RM 115,000 and below. Give us a call if you are interested at 019-3559448.

  344. Hi I would like to ask..
    Currently My Basic + Fixed allowance + Subsidies around RM2200~2300.
    Every month will get average RM700 to RM1200 for OT. So Total is about RM3000 or RM3100+-.
    I have a car currently which need to pay monthly RM450 and still have 5years to go.
    Recently I just purchased a Condominium priced at RM480K and given 10% deposit.
    Im the borrower of the condo’s loan and get my sister as my guarantor as her income monthly is RM15K+-;
    So my Question is, my wife is going to buy a Toyota Vios and it costs about RM75k.
    Her monthly salary fixed RM1700(not including deduction of EPF yet)
    So my wife’s car loan can get approved if I become as her guarantor?
    I still can be her guarantor..?

    • Meng, how much down payment are you willing to make? You can do joint-income loan if you may. we can try to submit the loan for you if you are interested and we’ll see from there. Is it okay for you?

  345. Hi, If can i want to get full loan or RM72k. because i wanna keep more cash in case i want to get my part time degree course..
    Joint loan..? If just become her guarantor is not possible..? If joint loan confirm you can help me the loan..? how much max loan i can get if make joint loan.

    • Meng, it is really hard to answer your questions without having to look at your wife and your documents. we need your documents and submit em to the bank. For the guarantor part, guarantor and joint-income concept is almost the same. You may choose either one of them.

  346. Hi.. My friend told me his loan around rm70k from ambank (9years tenure) is 2.97%.
    he just bought his car last few days.. ist so high now..? i thought toyota cars should be around 2.6+-. if its so high.. i dont think its worth to change… what you can offer me..?

    • Hi Meng, as we have mentioned, the interest rate depends on your bank panels and your eligibility. We just sold one Vios with interest rate of 2.55% and we’d post the picture very soon. There’s a discount around RM 700 and free gifts include smart tag, touch and go, security tinted voucher, sand blasting, steering lock.

  347. Alright.. thanks for your prompt response. what bank offer such good interest rate..? please let me know if you can get this rate for me too so i can contact u asap.
    i would like to buy vios with zero downpayment. hopefully its not more than 2.7%.

  348. Hi,

    I intend to buy Civic 2.0 or 1.8SL (current model) and would like to find out how much you would take my current car which Proton Waja 1.6 (Auto) 2001 model? As for the d/pymt for Civic, how much minimum you can work out for me? This is beause im getting married at the end of this year so need cash and wont be able to put 10% d/pymt.I can maybe fork out Rm 4k for d/pymt.

    I would really appreciate ur assistance on this.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Hi shack, whats your basic salary? We’d recommend you to get the 1.8 version if you salary is less than RM 4k. Anyhow, we would like to speak to you directly through phone if you don’t mind. Give us a call at 019-3559448.