Car loans – Latest Interest Rate on 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Here’s the latest interest rate on new Perodua and Proton.

Model 5 years 7 years 9 years
Perodua Myvi 3.30% 3.40% 3.50%
Perodua Alza 3.65% 3.75% 3.85%
Proton Exora 3.30% 3.40% 3.50%
Proton Inspira 3.30% 3.40% 3.50%
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139 comments on “Car loans – Latest Interest Rate on 2011

  1. hi,

    the car loan rate is from which bank.

  2. Pls tell me which bank gave you the latest rates above for Proton Inspira. I am considering to buy the Inspira.

  3. Hi, i’ve been thinking of buying either Persona or Suzuki Alto. Which u think the best? Interest rate?


    • If you are thinking about market value of the car in the future, it would be better for you to get Persona. Let’s say you want to upgrade your car to a better model, most likely your Persona would give you better money value. Interest rate, of course , for imported cars are slightly cheaper than the local cars. Spare part and maintenance wise, again…owning Persona should be easier and cheaper.

  4. I’m thinking of buying myvi elegance MT or saga FL executive.which you think the best?

    • We would say it depends on your personal preferences. Proton Saga FL is much cheaper than the perodua myvi. In terms of size, proton has bigger and wider space. Proton Saga is now ready stock if you want to get it early and call me now at 019-3559448 if you want to know more about the differences.

  5. hi there,

    i’m interested in getting the Proton Saga FLX Executive (auto). May i know what is the best interest rate at the moment?

    • Hi,

      The launching date has not been confirmed yet, but the lowest rate for proton cars (local cars) is 3.2%. It also depends on your documents as it could be lower or higher. If you are interested to make a booking, please contact us at 019-3559448.

      • Thanks for your reply.

        My basic is RM2,600. No other commitment yet. What rate do you think i can get?
        I saw a thread today saying that the interest rate of one of the banks is just 2.2%. Is that possible?

        BTW, may I know what is your location?

    • Our location is at Puchong. Can you provide us the link to the low interest rate thread that you just mentioned? Even the lowest interest rate for a non-local cars is 2.7% at almost bank. It is impossible that the rate could be that low. In addition to that, Proton Inspira also has an interest rate promotion, which is 2.33% for 5 years, it still higher than 2.2%.

  6. Hi,

    I just want to know how about loan rate for 1 – 3 years loan??

  7. Hi,
    I am interested to buy a new myvi in aug, can i know the lowest interest rate given by the bank? Thanks.

  8. may i know the best interest for perodua viva? and which bank? i am considering viva for my second car. thanks

    • The lowest rate is at 2.9% and Maybank could be one of them. Do let us know which bank that you prefer and we can submit your documents to the banks as well. Then we can compare the rates between the banks. Contact us at 019-3559448 for booking.

  9. hi,
    I think to buy a new model 1.3 (A) Myvi, car prices around RM50,400. 3 Questions here:-
    1) May I have interest rate of each bank in Malaysia?eg, Maybank,PB…
    2) My current salary is RM3K, i will paid my downpayment around RM25K, think to install for 3 yrs, may i know the calculation on each month installment?
    3) Any prices and rate different if i buy it on coming Nov or Jan 2012?
    Thank you for your answer.

    • Hi, below is the answer for your questions:
      1) The current interest rate is very low at 2.9%
      2) The calculation will be around RM 766 with dpayment of RM 25k
      3) The price won’t change but the interest might.

      Let us know if you are interested to make a booking. Waiting period for myvi is around 2-3 Months depending on model. Early booking is recommended. Call us at 019-3559448.

  10. hi My,
    I think to buy a new model 1.3 (A) Myvi, car prices around RM47,400. And, i want to know the latest lowest interest rate for this model Myvi .
    Thanks for help.

  11. Hi My,
    The interest rate still same 2.9% if my down payment is RM 17,000?And, may i know the calculation on each month installment?

    Thanks for help

  12. The interest rate might be slightly lower around 2.8% but the bank will need to have a look at your documents to find out if you are eligible. With RM 17k amount of down payment, it could help the bank to lower the interest rate but it won’t go down that much. Call us at 019-3559448 if you are interested to get the Perodua Myvi.

  13. Hi My,
    I was planning to buy second car, either honda city or vios TRD. But i’m not sure which one is better. Can you advice? Thanks.

    • It’s a very hard decision to make if the prices are not stated. However, both models are fine and they have same engine capacity. The market value of these two models are about the same and if you’re getting the 2nd hand car, please make sure that the engine is running in a good condition. There must be a reason why people sell their cars and you need to find that reasons before you even buy. Test drive and do a lot of surveys. Goodluck

      • Hi,

        actually what i meant by second car is not the 2nd hand car.. i want to buy the new car but i don’t want to refinance the car that i have now.

        actually, i’m looking for a new car below RM 90, 000.00. I;m interested with either Mazda2 sedan, honda city, vios TRD, or kia forte.Can you give some opinion which one is the best in terms of all aspects? eg: fuel consumption, maintenance, value and etc,

      • Sorry for the confussion. In term of stocks availability, we do have Mazda 2, Naza Forte and Toyota Vios. If we don’t have the stock, waiting period is not that long depending on when you want to make the booking.

        In term of maintenance, toyota vios is the cheapest out all. In term of spare part, toyota is the easist to get and a bit cheaper. Maintenance will be cheaper for Toyota, Honda but not for Naza forte and Mazda 2.

        In term of reliability, we would suggest you to purchase Naza forte and many malaysians have purchased this model and so far we haven’t heard any bad news or stories about this model.

        Mazda 2 is the most expensive one we could tell, especially the maintenance. Anyhow, once you have made your decision, feel free to contact us again at 019-3559448.

  14. hi my,
    im just start working n my salary is 2k and dont have other comitment. so im thinking of new myvi se 1.5l zhs. may i know :
    1. interest rate for 7 years n 9 years
    2. minimum dowpayment
    3. monthly installment
    4. other loan shceme than bank islam gradhitz

  15. May i know the current interest rate for all cars that i mentioned above? any promotions available for mazda2?

  16. I want to buy Myvi 1.5 SE, the problem I’m having now is that the car dealer told me to get guarantor because downpayment 5% plus trade-in my old kancil. Now my Q is, if i trade in my old car n add on extra to make it 10% value of downpayment, do I still need guarantor?

    • Could please let us know your basic salary and are you permanent worker or contract? How long have you been working? Do you have any outstanding loan for your Perodua Kancil? If not, you probably have no problem. You can call us directly at 019-3559448. We have handled so many clients who are doing 0% down payment.

      • Basic: RM2400, permanent worker, almost 1 year, kancil fully paid.
        But 0% will be have higher interest, isn’t it?

      • Your basic is OK, you’re a permanent worker and you shouldn’t have this problem. Your kancil will cover the 10% downpayment hopefully. Kindly call us at 019-3559448. We have the best Perodua dealer here, kindly call us for his service.

  17. Hi.
    My bro just started working this month.He need a car as the job requires travelling locally.
    He is planning to get a car using the graduate scheme. What is the interest rate ? and the disadvantages of the scheme..?
    He will be getting his 1st pay slip end of this month..what type of car loan is suitable coz many banks need 3 months payslip which he doesnt have it yet..

    • Hi Liza, the only down side for the graduate scheme is that, the interest rate is higher. The good thing is your brother only need to give us the offer letter and no guarantee is needed. Plus he could do 0% under this scheme. The interest rate is now 2.9% for local cars and if you’re interested to deal with us, feel free to call us at 019-3559448 (Ihsan).

  18. Hi,
    I would like to buy a new Myvi 1.5 SE. Been working for 1 and a half year, basic RM2200 + RM500 allowance. Downpayment around RM5k, wish to do 7 yrs repayment. May i know how is the interest rate now?

    • Hi Yan,

      Model: Perodua Myvi 1.5 SE Multimedia (S)
      Price: RM 56,000
      Down Payment: RM 5,000
      Interest: 2.9%
      Tenure: 7 years
      Monthly: RM 730

      Feel free to call us at 019-3559448 if you’ve made your decision. Thanks.

  19. Hi,
    I want to buy the Saga FLX Executive. My basic is 2.5k and have no commitment so far. what is the monthly payment if i want to use the graduate scheme? Tq

    • hi man,
      Sorry for the late reply. Your calculation will be as follow:

      Model: Saga FLX Executive AT
      Price: RM 44,548
      Down payment: RM 0
      Interest: 3.2%
      Tenure: 9 years
      Monthly: RM 531

      Call me Ihsan at 019-3559448 for more information or if you want to set an appointment.

  20. Hi,
    I plan to have my first car on next year. I am interest to have car Model: Saga FLX Executive AT.
    my question is:
    1) I am Malaysian and currently working in S’pore, holding with S’pore PR. My monthly basis is SGD 3K and with commitment. Can i get loan from bank? What documents should i need to submit in practising ? (Cause i filling my Income tax return in S’pore but not in Malaysia.)
    2) I also intention to get loan around RM18,000.00 with 5 years term loan, how much the monthly installment?
    3) Would it be cause of i am not earn income in Malaysia, so the loan interest may higher then normal rate?

    Appreciated for your advice.


    • Hi Ivy,
      Where’s your location actually?
      The minimum loan is actually RM 20,00 and

      Model: Proton Saga FLX Exec AT (solid)
      Price : RM 44,548
      Downpayment: RM RM 24,548
      Interest : 2.9% (Approx)
      Tenure: 5 years
      Monthly: RM 382

      Kindly call me at 019-3559448 for booking. We can apply loan for you first and all you need to do is to send us documents through email.

      1. Copy of IC
      2. Copy of License
      3. Pay Slip (3 month)
      4. Bank statement (3 month)
      5. Give us your contact number, address and home phone number in the email.

  21. hi,
    i am nurse. a government servant. i wanted to buy Myvi SE 1.5L – Automatic OR Myvi EZi Premium -1300cc Automatic. I am planning to get a car using the graduate scheme or government scheme with 0% down payment. What is the interest rate ? and the disadvantages of the scheme..?

  22. Hai, my net salary is RM1200, i have been working for ten months, with downpayment of RM6,000,what car can i afford to buy?

    • Perodua viva, Perodua Myvi or Proton Saga will be your best options. Kindly contact us at 019-3559448 if you are interested in any of these models. If your loan is RM 40k, your monthly is around RM 467. So you may look at the car between RM 40-50k

  23. hello,
    i want to ask what is the latest rate for second hand car?for your information,i already booked satria neo 1.6 A model 2007 and the loan is in process. surprisingly i’ve told by banker that the rate is 3.8% and its a quite high. is there any choice for me to chooose other bank instead of public bank?

  24. Hi,
    I would like to buy nissan xtrail. Which bank offer the lowest interest? My down payment is 20k.
    Thank you in advance.

  25. I’ve a few questions as below:
    1. What’s the difference between Proton Saga FL and FLX? Which is the latest model?
    2. I intend to get a Proton Saga FLX Standard (CVT) (Metallic), loan around RM24K. May I know my monthly installment? Thank you.

    • The difference is just the CVT transmission and it’d be a smoother drive in the FLX. FLX model is the latest version of Proton Saga. The monthly installment calculation is as follows:

      Loan : RM 24,000
      Interest : 2.9%
      Monthly : RM 458 ( 5 years) and RM 391 (6 years).

      Kindly contact us. Stock ready depending on colors.

  26. Sorry, left out this:
    I intent to take a loan for about 5 or 6 years. Thank you.

  27. Hi,

    I am expatriate working in Malaysia since 2006. And interested to buy a 2nd hand viva 2008 – 2009 made. Which is the price is around 25000- 28000. I am maried, and my contract is until Aug 2013 and its usually renewed by my employer. My bank account in Malaysia is Maybank. My deposit will be around RM 7000 .My question are

    1. What requirement do I need to complete?
    2. Can I get a loan for about 3-4 years?
    3. Do you sell viva 2nd hand like my requirement above?

    thank you

    • It would be much better if you add extra money to buy the new version. Currently we have super low interest rate promotion for selected perodua viva. Btw interest for 2nd hand car is very high! You can apply 80% loan and loan less than 5 years. It would be much appreciated if you could call us directly at 019-3559448 so that we can explain to you in more detail.

  28. i wan to buy persona, with salary of 2K, deposit around 10K, wat is the interest? and which model is the best for persona? M line, B line or H line……persona have special offer? im working in gov sector….any promotion rate for that? thx……

    • We have a special offer for this model. Kindly contact us at 019-3559448 for more information on the promotion. There’s no special interest rate for government servant but you should be entitled to receive the rate of 2.9% which is the lowest in the market so far.

  29. Interested to get Inspira 1.8CVT RM84,999.Worked for 9 months with monthly salary 2.4k + 200 allowance.Downpayment 8k + car trade in (Wira 2002). If possible let me know how much I can get for trade in.So how would be the interest rate for the loan tenure for 7 years or 9 years?Commitments abt RM200 per month.

  30. I am planning of getting a Proton Persona so may I know:
    (a) what’s the pricing for Persona Base Line vs Medium-Line
    (b) what’re the main differences between these two
    (c) how much is the monthly installment if i were to pay RM20,000 or RM25,000 as downpayment – for 3 years repayment period. Thanks

    Note: Monthly gross salary RM4000

  31. hi may i know the Maybank Graduate Banking – EzyAuto Graduate Financing need to pay the downpayment ? i’m undergraduate in segi university college. if i wan to buy a forte 1.6 6 speed EX do i nid to pay any downpayment?

  32. I plan to buy a Kia Forte,may i know what is the lower interest rate for now(if i put 10,000 downpayment)?I’ll trade in a Proton New Saga 2008,no accident,how much can i trade in ?

  33. Hai, im working for 6 months with net salary RM1300, if i want to buy myvi elegance AT with RM 10 000 downpayment, can u give me any suggestion which bank i need to choose to get the lowest interest..n one thing.. i want to know is it have any price changes for next year for this car…tq

    • Hai akmal, the interest rate offer would be depending on the dealer’s bank panel and if you purchase with us, we can get the interest rate around 2.9%. That’s the average rate we have had obtained for our clients. One thing to note is that, the expected increase in price is for the 1.5 model variant, not 1.3 and the price for this model may not change. Give us a call at 019-3559448 (Ihsan) so we can have further discussion on this.

  34. hi, we plan to buy another new car.. our consideration is either Persona or Kia Forte.. I plan to take min number of years for installment. What is the best deal if we wish to let go the car later? … in terms of 2nd hand value, maintenance, interest rate etc….. persona n forte, are they in the same size segment?

    • Hi yuyu,
      Have you heard anything about the new Persona R? Rumors said it might replace the current persona model and if this is true, the market value for current model will be much lower. Naza Forte is a good choice for you but of course, the spare part would be slightly expensive than Persona but note that Naza Forte is CKD model which means it is built locally. So this would suggest that the spare part can be easily find and cheaper compared to any other CBU model. Interest rate for Naza forte is 2.7% and Persona is 2.9%. If you’re interested, please call our number at 019-3559448.

  35. hi, i plan to buy a 1.5 Myvi (Auto with GPS), around RM57K. As i plan to have 2012 year made car but the sales told me that it only can get it early mid of Feb 2012.
    Unfortunately, they also told me that price of Myvi 1.5 will increase 3K or 4K which up to RM60K++ in the beggining of year. It is real?
    If this is real, i better plan to buy a foreign car with RM65-70K, any others suggestion?

    Thank you.

  36. Hello,

    I’m an expatriate and is planning to buy Proton Gen 2.

    1. How much is the minimum downpayment?
    2. What are the requirements?

    Thank you.

  37. interest rate for toyota vios 2nd hand car

  38. i want to buy persona B-line (auto). what color you have? how much the monthly installment? any chance to get cheaper for next year?

    • The price is not likely to change but the interest rate is more likely to increase (but we don’t know when). Therefore, your monthly installment will increase respectively. Promotion will be less attractive because its in the beginning of the year and rarely we have promotion for new year stock. However, kindly call us to further discuss on the latest promotion we have.

  39. hi!
    i’m looking to buy a new car. model is honda insight or toyota prius, hybrid model..but before that i need to sell my old car, Hyundai Getz,1.3GL,Auto,”05,Black color. Can i trade in my car to buy new car without any downpayment? mean that i take full loan or mark-up loan for my new car? any dealer can use this trick?

  40. hi i would like to know around which month will have forte 1.6sx registered 2012?? and in this 2012 the downpayment for that is is it still 10%?? may i know the interest rate for 9 years?? thank you

    • The interest rate is still 2.7% on average. Some of our customers could get as low as 2.55% but it depends on the customer’s financial record/eligibility. In order to calculate the monthly installment, we need to know how much you’re willing to pay for the down payment. Kindly use our financial calculator at : {http://www.mybestcardealer.com/find-a-car/payment/}. Price exclusive of promotion is RM 85,800.

  41. hi,

    i’m planning to get a new car. maybe non-local. either vios or honda city. my salary RM4200 with allowance RM1800 with no other commitment. try to get loan for 70k to 80k. the question.. is it will effect my future house loan (plan to get one during car loan still active). home loan prefer 200k. any problem?

    thanks in advance

    • For sure it will affect your house loan application since your commitment is higher. We would suggest you to choose toyota vios instead of honda city at this moment. There’s no stock available for Honda city and you may have to wait at least 4-5 months. If you’re interested, kindly let us know by calling us at 019-3559448.

      • hi again,

        how much i have to spend on d/payment in order for me to pay monthly around rm900 for 5 or 6 years for the model vios 1.5G and current interest rate

        thanks again

  42. Basic RM 3,000 + petrol & parking allowances from company, no other commitment except credit card not always settle in full- Do you think it will affect the car loan?

    Do you have Hyundai i10 (I don’t mind a 2009 / 2010 model), repayment for about 84 months, and how much is the interest rate now?

  43. hi what is the interest rate for goverment staff? my sis working as staff nurse in gh planning to buy alza 1.5L GHP 9 yrs loan

  44. hi~ may i noe wat is the interest rate for forte EX 9 years? i will pay 10% downpayment..wat is the monthly installment and kl/selangor now oledi have 2012 forte??

    • Hi Linus, the interest rate could be around 2.55% to 2.7% depending on your eligibility. The average is around 2.6%. Yes, we do have 2012 stock and the monthly installment should be as follow:

      OTR: RM 79,499
      Down payment: RM 7,950
      Interest: 2.6%
      Years: 9 years
      Monthy: RM 817

  45. Hi, thinking of getting the Honda City sometime this year. Basic RM4900. Plan to place a RM20,000 d/payment. What’s the best rate I can get for a 7-yr repayment and how much is the monthly instalment? Thx!

    • Hi Jen, are you interested in the E or S spec? The price for E is RM 90,480 and for J is RM 85,480. If you pay RM 20k down payment, the interest rate should be around 2.55%-2.6% and monthly around RM 912 (J Spec) and RM 989 (E spec). Kindly please call us to set an appointment. We’d recommend you to make an early booking.

  46. Hi, I’m planing to buy a second hand Toyota Altis or Vios. How much is the lowest interest rate if i want to loan around 40K to 50K for 7yrs or 9yrs??

  47. Hi, intersted in proton exora bold D/P 20k 7years. lowest interest pls

    • Hye Zna, we’d need to submit your documents to the bank in order to get the real figure of the interest rate but based on the amount of d/payment and the years, it should be around 2.8+%. Kindly provide us the documents and we can apply the loan from a number of different banks. Call us at 019-3559448.

  48. Hi My,

    I am an expatriate working in Kuala Lumpur since 2010, i just renewed my contract for another 2 years and will do so after that as well. I am interested to buy a Proton Saga FL Standard. My basic salary is 6K and down payment is 15K. I would like to ask you whether I can get the installment for 5 years, if so, what is the annual interest rate and how much do I need to pay monthly?
    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hi Yuki, based on the details provided, yes you may be eligible. Actually the requirement for a non-citizen in order to apply for a loan is he/she must pay at least 20% down payment and the loan cannot be more than 5 years tenure. The interest rate for local car is around 2.8%-2.9% and kindly specify which variant you would to purchase. Is it Auto or Manual?

      Model: Proton Saga FLX CVT (AT) Standard
      OTR Price: 41,348
      Down payment: RM 15,000
      Interest: 2.9%
      Loan: 5 years
      Monthly: RM 503 /=

      Kindly give us a call if you want to set an appointment. Thanks

  49. Hi,

    I’m currently blacklisted and just made full settlement last week. Can I make loan by submitting discharge letter from bank?
    Plan for new exora bold CFE and 10% Dp. which bank can give lowest interest and how much monthly installment for 7 and 9 year. My basic salary RM3200 + allow RM480 and current have house loan commitment RM700/ month.
    Thanks and Regards

    • What’s the cause of your blacklist? Most probably you’d need a guarantor but we are not sure about that as we need to find out more about your case. Give us a call at 019-3559448 if you’re interested. We can try to apply the loan for you without a guarantor and we’ll see how it goes from that.

  50. hi Mybestcardealer.com, i am currently doing my Masters in Public University in Malaysia n i m planning to buy a new Persona or new Gen 2.So basically i am getting my monthly allowances about rm1000 every month n i am also working as a part time tutor in one of the tuition center in penang and i am earning about rm 1200 MONTHLY n my total income every month is around RM2200 N i am planning to put downpayment about rm4000.but the problem is that all the money i m getting by cash n i dont have pay slip.so wat i can do?

    • The only model available for Persona is the basic spec. Production for Gen2 has been discontinued. You may need to provide the documents as a proof to your monthly pay and the part time allowance. All of that is required by the bank and it would help you in getting the loan. Otherwise, guarantor is needed.

  51. Hi My,
    I am from Perak and still searching for a new car.My target is Proton Saga.My salary now is RM1.8K and no have any commitment.Can you tell me
    1. what the lowest rate for loan can I get and which bank is prefer?
    2.Which type of Proton Saga is suitable for me regarding with my salary?
    3.What about monthly rate need me to pay If i can pay 5% downpayment for the car?
    4.How much downpayment need to pay if I want to get monthly RM300 below for 9 years?
    5.I am from Perak,is it me available to deal with you to buy a car since your place at Puchong?

    I quite unknowlegeable about car,hope you can help me.Thank You

    • Hi Din, where’s your exact location in Perak? Are you willing to travel to meet us somewhere in KL or Selangor? We would recommend you to get the lowest spec of Proton Saga. The reason is that you may have an issue applying the loan as your salary does not meet the minimum requirement. You may also need to have a guarantor and can you provide them? Interest rate could be range from 2.9-3.0% in your case. You have to pay at least RM 15k in order to get the monthly payment of RM 307. If you are interested to deal with us, give us a call and we can talk about this in more details.

  52. hi bro..

    my dad is government pensioner..my dad want buy a new car.myvi 1.3..
    down payment he will pay on rm5k..salary my dad is rm 1k..can’t or nope he will get a new cars???

  53. HI Im an expat based in Lumut Perak, I plan to get either Myvi 1.3A ez or Myvi 1.3A ezi.
    Basic salary: 10k+

    1) What is the interest rate for 5yr loan? What is the lowest loan rate I can get? (If I pay more down payment)
    2) I have only got 2 month pay slips, any other documentation that I need? letter of employment etc? I just got my working visa (for 4 yrs)
    3) Which model has higher resale value, say if I plan to sell the car around July-Aug next year 2013?
    4) Is there stock available? What color?
    5) How long does the loan process take?

    • Hi Chong, here are the answers to your questions:
      1) Interest rate for local cars is from 2.85% (Probably around 2.8% for 5 years).
      2) We need the copy of your passport, visa, letter of employment, pay slip and bank statement if any.
      3) We would recommend you to get Myvi 1.3A Ez if you plan to resell in a year. The difference of resell value between both models won’t be any high and it would be better to get the model without additional accessories.
      4) Most of the stocks are available as we can get it from other Perodua dealership as well. White, silver, etc.
      5) Process wont take that long if your loan application is fine. Our showroom is in KL and we would appreciate if you can give us a call beforehand so that we can explain this in more details. (En. Ihsan 019-3559448)

      • Hi,
        For the letter of employment, do I need to state my salary earned? Per mth or annum?
        Or rather, what details are needed for the letter? To whom should be the letter be attentioned to?

      • Hi Chong, letter of employment should be the offer letter that you receive from your company that states your monthly salary and your other benefits (if any).

  54. hye bro:

    its me again bob
    ouh i see…so do u have any opinion to make my dad get a new cars..
    urm maybe my sis can help my dad to have a guarantor or any idea????

    • If your sister is working, then it shouldn’t be a problem. How much is she earning monthly? If the car is to be used by your dad, it would be better for the car to be under your dad’s name and your sister should be the guarantor.

  55. monthly my sis is rm1200..ouh my sis will be the guarantor for my dad…thanx bro…

  56. Bob, to tell you the truth, it is so hard to get a loan approval based on your dad’s condition and the guarantor’s basic pay. We would recommend you to take Viva instead and there’s also discount available for Perodua Viva.

  57. hi,

    i currently studying and receiving my study allowance 5k a month with commitment 1 gen2 monthly rm600 (5year) n credit card with balance 4k.. Currently i considering to have my 2nd car

    1-Interested Exora Bold Prime Auto Metallic. How much should i pay for dp to get monthly installment 800 per month for 9 year tenure and at what interest rate.

    2-I also considered Peugeot 3008, how much the best interest rate can i get for it.. and how much will i pay monthly with 10% dp


  58. Hi, I am J from Perak, I am looking for my 1st car, can you compare which car is better?Kia forte 1.6SX / Ford Fiesta / Honda City / Honda Jazz hybrid / Myvi 1.5 SE.
    My detail is as below:
    -working as gov servant for 6 months.
    -basic salary 2.2k+allowance 1k
    -downpayment target rm5-6k
    -looking for efficient, low maintenance, high resale value car

    • Hi J, Is your allowance fixed every month? We would recommend you not to get car that is priced above 70k otherwise you’d need to have a guarantor. We would recommend you to take vios J auto or Myvi 1.5 SE. Both of these models have the cheapest maintenance in term of gas consumptions and services. The resale value also is perfectly fine. Let us know if you are interested to purchase any of these models, we’d help you with it. You just need to pass your copy of IC, license, bank statements (3 months), pay slip (3 months). Call me at 019-3559448 for more info.

  59. Hi, I would like to enquire about Myvi 1.3 Premium SXi. I’m going to start working as a government servant early April(basic rm2200 plus allowance rm 1000). What is the monthly instalment for the car with 10% downpayment for commitment of 7 and 9 years. And what is the lowest interest rate I can get for that(with respected bank name).

    p/s: My mother is willing to be a guarantor since I dont have and pay slip for the last 3 months yet

    Thank you!

    • Hi Aw. In your case, guarantor would be much helpful in getting a low interest rate (average 2.85%). We can help you in getting this perodua myvi easily and we don’t think there is any issues here. All you need to do is to give us a call at 019-3559448 so that we can explain to you the next steps in more details.

      Monthly installment is listed here : { http://mybestcardealer.wordpress.com/perodua-promosi-2012/perodua-myvi-price-list/ }

      As of now, you can prepare your documents that include your ic, license, offer letter from your company and bank statement (if any). Your mom should provide a copy of her ic, license, pay slip 3 months and bank statements (3 months).

  60. hello i thinking to buy a new car between ford fiesta either 1.4 manual, 1.6 sedan or 1.6 sport.
    -may current basic salary is 3k+ working in singapore.
    -no commitment
    -downpayment target 7-10k
    -how about this car maintenance?

  61. hi,
    my mum ask me to get a new car since my old kelisa always break down. FYI, i’m currently a postgraduate student with tutor position (contract) in university. basic salary for the post is around Rm 1800+ plus Rm 600 allowance. With this, can i afford any car? and if so, what car it would be? i can provide a guarantor if needed. any suggestion?

  62. Based on your basic pay and contract status, we would recommend you to get a new viva, but if you are able to pay 10% down payment, you may be able to get a new Perodua Myvi 1.3. Let us know which model that you’re okay with and we’d explain to you the payment details. Call us at 019-3559448 (En Ihsan)

  63. Hi, I am meera from Perak, Im thinking of buying a new car.working as an engineer in a private sector.Im very much interested in buying a Honda city grade S, but im not sure if its a good decision for me. Can you suggest me any other better option??do i need guaranto for this??
    My detail is as below:
    -working in a private sector
    -basic salary 3.5K
    -downpayment target rm20k

    • Hi Meera, Honda City sounds okay for you. Or your options could be Naza forte, toyota vios, mazda 2 or ford fiesta. We would recommend you to get either Honda city or Toyota vios, they have better resell value. Toyota vios has a good gas consumption compared to other models. Let us know if you are interested to purchase it from us. Give us a call at 019-3559448 for more info on this.

      • If lets say im gona buy Honda City Grade S with downpayment of rm20k and loan for 9 years. What is the interest rate and hw much do i have to pay monthly??

  64. Meera, there’s a new honda city MMC that will be launched soon, and we don’t know if you notice about that. However, there’s still few stocks under production for the current version and kindly let us know which model that you are interested. The price for the new model has not yet confirmed but the booking is now available.

    • yea i noticed the new honda city MMC in your website but im very much interested with the existing Honda city Grade S (rm85XXX). How much do i hav to pay monthly if i were to buy this??

      • Hi meera, production of Honda city S has been discontinued, only type E that’s available. The price is around RM 90k with a discount of RM 500 and free tinted from Honda worth RM 2k+. We would recommend you to give us a call asap, the stock is very limited. Thanks.

  65. hi,
    after 2 years driving my mum car, i plan to buy new car(my 1st car) next year.maybe preve (medium spec) or car under 65k. i just bump into grad sheme info.is i’m qualified to apply the scheme if i’m already work for 2years? how about the downpayment? is there 0% for this scheme?

  66. Hi…i’m interested to buy myvi 1.3 (a)..my basic is 2,400..and may i know the lowest bank interest for d/ payment only rm2,000..can u calculate for me the monthly payment?…

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