Naza Forte Promotion

The new competitor of Honda City and Toyota Vios has revealed itself to the audience.  The unique name given is Naza Forte and if you haven’t heard about it, you must be surprised on its sporty design and the most importantly, the reasonable price that is offered.

Visit this website to get into Forte Car Showroom: http://www.forte.my/

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Maintainence

Here are the details:

P/s: Credit to paultan.org

Car Prices and Monthly Installment:

Model Specification Price Monthly (7 yrs) Monthly (9 yrs)
Forte 1.6 Ex (AT) RM 75,800 From RM 988 From RM 808
1.6 Sx (AT) RM 81,800 From RM 1,067 From RM 872
2.0 Sx RM 93,800 From RM 1,223 From RM 1,000

P/s: Monthly installment may vary depending on the rate of interest that is negotiable (3.1%-3.5% depending on buyers’ documents).


Naza Forte 1.6 Ex

  • Automatic Tranmission
  • Keyless Entry System
  • Anti lock Brake System(ABS)
  • Power Window
  • 15″ steel wheel with cover
  • Electronic Chromic Mirror(E.C.M)
  • Rear disc brake
  • Dual air bags & active head rest
  • Reverse Sensor
  • Front Fog Lamp
  • Radio/CD/MP3 with USB IPOD

Click here for more info on specifications:



NSR Motor Traders

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110 comments on “Naza Forte Promotion

  1. interested in this car but my salary is below $3000. $2400 + $300 allowance (private company).

    can i make joint-income loan with my wife ($5400 in total)? or is there any other alternative?

  2. Yes, sure you can. The joint income loan is the best way to solve your issue. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance or you want to make an appointment.

    Email: admin@mybestcardealer.com
    Website: http://mybestcardealer.com

  3. I want to trade in my avanza and buy this forte.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your interest.
      What is the outstanding balance of your Avanza?
      Which model of Naza Forte that you are interested in?

      P/s: Waiting period is approximately around 2-3 months depending on the color. Make sure you make an early booking so that you will not have to wait longer.


  4. want trade in my honda city yaer 2003,outstanding arround RM38… but having some problem on my gearbox how?

  5. My income is RM2250, afford to buy Forte with down payment 10%?

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      1. Are you working for a government agency?
      2. How long have you been working?
      3. Is that your basic salary?
      4. Do you have any other personal loans?

      If you want to make sure that you will get an easy loan approval, you need to find a guarantor.
      Minimum basic salary should be at least = (your new forte monthly installment x 3).
      If you have any other questions, feel free to contact En. Ihsan at 019-3559448.
      Thank you.

  6. Hi! I’m working in a private college. my nett salary is RM 2,920 ++, but I have a problem with my previous credit card (blacklisted already I think. I’ve no other bank commitment. How can I get a loan to purchase Forte?

    • Hi, are you sure that you are currently blacklisted? Fyi, the bank will reject your loan application immediately if your are one of them. We cannot do anything to help this kind of situation. Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause. But, if you still need help with anything, feel free to contact us again.


  7. I am interested to buy this car. My salary is only RM1800. The best solution is to combine my salary with my husband salary (Total salary combination = RM 5900++). However, my husband has some problem with his credit card before (1 year before). His name was not blacklisted but has a bad record with bank. So, do you any suggestion for this? FYI, my husband also have another source of income, i.e house rental about RM1200.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your inquiry. If the case was a year ago, and it has been settled by now, it should not be a problem. But, It would be great if you could pay 10% down payment to get a higher chance of loan approval (if possible). You can set an appointment with En. Ihsan at 019-3559448 if you are interested. You can bring all of the important documents for the car loan application and we’ll submit the documents. Afterward, we’ll see how it goes but it should not be a problem because your combine salary is high enough. Thanks

  8. I’m newly appointed as Lecturer in one of IPTA in the northen, i have been working for a month now. is it possible to get the full loan for 2.0 forte?

    • Sorry for the late reply,

      Please note that if this is your first job, you need to have a guarantor in order to get the loan. Also, you need to provide us your salary information if you would like to know whether or not you are eligible for the full loan.

      Thank you.

  9. Hi,

    I’m interest to buy this car, I’m an adult working foreigner, having salary of RM 2900++ (going to get increment soon… Hopefully:P), what is the procedure? is it possible for me to get a loan? Do you have any stock?

    Please email me for the detail. Thanks.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Can you please call En. Ihsan at 019-3559448? We need to know your current situation, status, type of job and amount of down payment that you want to make. Thank you for your cooperation.


  10. I have a 2 year old Persona B-Line..My loan repayment tenure is 5 years. Do you accept trade in? I’m interested on the 1.6 SX.

    • Hi,

      Yes, we do accept trade in and please provide us the loan settlement for your Persona. We just want to make sure that whether you need to pay extra money to get rid of it based on the current market value. If you are interested to purchase Naza Forte, feel free to contact En. Ihsan at 019-3559448 to make an early booking.

      Thank you

  11. Hi,

    My net salary is RM2700 (basic), working in private sector for 2 years. I’m still don’t have any bank commitment. Is it possible to get full loan for forte 1.6sx?

  12. I have a 2002 1.3EX Manual kembara fully paid. What sort of trade in value can I get. What is the interest rate if I want to take a 5 year loan. Looking at 1.6SX.

  13. 1.6 Sx..awesome!!!!…and think to trade-in

    August 2009 i bought new Vios E series with 9 years loan. and i pay rm870 per moth until right now..
    so, what is the best deal if i wanna trade in it?

    • Thank you for your inquiry.

      From our point of view, we’d definitely presume that the car loan balance is still high and you need to add some money to cover the difference between the loan balance and the low market value of the car. If you could provide us more information on your Toyota Vios loan balance, it would be helpful. And, you probably do want to pay more money just to get rid of the car.


  14. hi..i’m interested in 2.0sx…my basic salary is <4K. Is it possible for me to test drive the car? Where's the nearest show room in Puchong?

  15. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your information. Please call us directly to find out the current market value of your car at 019-3559448. We also can’t really answer your question whether you are eligible to apply for the loan without knowing how much commitment you are paying every month for your brother’s car. May us know which company/institution are you working for? Government? GLC or private?


    • Hi, i am paying my brother’s car installment around rm500…working in private sector..

      • hye…i have been working for private sector for almost two years…my basic salary RM2000…n my wife salary is RM1800..can i afford to make loan for kia forte RM75800 with 0 d/pymt..currently i didnt have commitment to any bank..roughly what is the monthly instalmt for this car..i really interested with kia forte..

      • Hi there,

        Thank you for your question. Based on your basic salary, we doubt that you can make a full loan. By and large, the best thing you could do is to apply for a joint-income loan with your wife. That’s the only way for you to increase the chance of getting the car loan. Using the assumption that your interest is 4% for 9 years loan and (0% d/payment), your monthly installment would not be more than RM 954. (The interest rate could be lower depending on your bank record). Contact me immediately to make a booking at 019-3559448.

  16. Hi,

    I’m a freelancer and owned an enterprise company (just open early this year). I’m interested with Forte 2.0sx. So, what are the requirements to apply the loan? And what is the main criteria(s) to make sure the bank can approve my loan? Do I need a guarantor?

  17. Hi, i’m interested in 1.6sx forte. I have a 2000 1.6 honda city exi-s .What sort of trade in value can I get. How much is the interest rate? Im working with the goverment and my nett salary is 2700/mth. I have no bank commitment.

  18. Hi,

    I have a satria model 1997. fully paid.
    Im interested in Forte 1.6 sx

    Basic salary is 2.8k
    Wife salary is 1.4k

    question is:

    1. should i use my own name to do the loan for the car? or do i still need to combine with wife salary? Do i get a full loan or need to do the downpayment?

    2. are you accepting trade in satria year 1997? If yes, what is the procedure? and i would like to transfer my ncb to that new Forte

    3. how long is the procedure? i mean, if let say u accepted my satria 97 – then for how long should i wait until receive the new car?

    • You might be able to apply the car loan without a guarantor/joint income if you pay down payment. If you need to get a full loan, which is not recommended, you may need to get joint-income loan with your wife. We do accept trade in and please provide us more info on your Satria. Transferring your insurance won’t be a problem. The procedure might take a while, perhaps a month depending on the color you’re planning to go for. If we are interested to take your Satria, we would wait till your new car is delivered.

      Feel free to contact us directly for more info at 019-3559448.

  19. Hi, currently I’m working in a private company with salary RM2500 (will get increment around December). No any other commitment with bank. I’m very keen to get a 1.6 sx. May I know do I eligible to apply for full loan?

    TQVM for your kind reply.

    • Hi sir,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Your basic salary may be adequate if you would like to pay 10% down payment. However, you need to provide a guarantor if you would like to apply for a full loan. The fact that you are working in a private company, which i don’t know exactly what the market cap is for the company, it’s harder for you to get a full loan. Providing a guarantor will be the best option for you. For now, there are no promotion for Kia Forte and we could not guarantee if there will be an end year promotion. The car is one of the hot selling cars in Malaysia and we don’t think that the promotion will be given out by Naza. Please let us know if you are interested to purchase the car or feel free to call En. Ihsan at 019-3559448.

      Thank you,

  20. hello, i’m woking in private sector (10 years already)and my salary around RM3500++. I’m interested with Forte 1.6SX + body kit. May I know do I eligible to apply for full loan?
    If not what can you suggest?

    • Hi Sir,

      What’s your exact basic salary and what’s the name of your company? You can email us the details at admin[@]mybestcardealer.com. (Please remove the [] ) Based on your case, taking joint-income loan with your wife/husband or finding guarantor would be the two best options. Kindly provide us your contact number as well and our Naza Representative will contact you asap. Thanks.

  21. Hi, I am interested with the 1.6sx model. My current income is 4k (full time 2.5k + part time 1.5k), I can pay 10% d.p.. What’s the best interest rate you can get for me if i need a 9 years loan?

    • Hi,
      Please send your documents and we’ll submit to the banks. We’ll see from there how low the bank could offer you the interest rate. If you have great financial records, you can get as low as 2.88%. Contact us now at 019-3559448.

    • Hi,
      Please send your documents and we’ll submit to the banks. We’ll see from there how low the bank could offer you the interest rate. If you have great financial records, you can get as low as 2.88%. Contact us now at 019-3559448.

  22. hi, i’m interested with 1.6sx..just working with government for 4 months with nett income rm3400k(basic + allowance)..can i get full loan and what is the interest rate?if i pay 10% d/p what is the interest rate?9 years loan..

  23. i’m salesman from bp..if anyone wan buy naza forte,plz call or msg me..low intrest below 3.1′/.

  24. Hi..

    I interested to buy naza forte 1.6 sx….
    I’m working at one of local bank in Malaysia..
    Basic salary RM2175 + allowance RM400
    I can pay 10% for D.P
    What’s the best interest rate you can get for me if i need a 9 years loan?
    Can I know where is the nearest car dealers from Shah Alam?
    But I would like to have plat number from KL

    • Hi, thank you for using our online services and sorry for the late response due to unforeseen event. Based on your basic salary information and the amount of downpayment, the bank would offer you around 2.8%-3.1%. Call me directly if you are interested at 019-3559448.

  25. hi im curious, what do you mean by full loan?

  26. Hi,

    Im interested in buying 2.0 model. with down payment rm5000. Is that possible?
    how much interest rate i can get for 9 years?I have a clean record wit bank.
    My basic salary rm 2800 + rm300(monthly confirmed allowance) = rm 3100.
    Plz advice.Thanks.

    • Hi sir, the interest rates may fall in between 2.8-3.2%. Based on your info, i dont think it will a problem for you to get a low interest rate on your loan. Call me directly if you are interested at 019-3559448. Selling naza forte is like selling a hot cake, make sure you make a booking if you re thinking of getting this car early

  27. haleo BRO…(BP) is JOHOR BATU PAHAT…YOU CAN CALL 0167352796..tq..for any infomasen

  28. Hi if i wanted to test drive this car do i need to make an appointment or i just go in to any showroom and i will get to test drive?

  29. is full loan for 1.6sx possible for private sector staff? whats the min salary required…..if combo salary 4k do u think its possible……so far clean financial record….

  30. Hello,
    Is there any discount if I would like to buy the Kia Forte 1.6SX with cash?

  31. Im interested buying 1.6SX. I just started my own business with my friends few months ago, so at the moment i just set my basic salary as RM2000 + travelling allowance RM500. Is it possible to get a loan? I planning to pay about 15% D/P.

    BTW, do you still accept trade in ’91 Nissan Sentra 1.6(M)? If yes, how much would it be?

    • Is your Nissan manufactured in 1991? Hmmm, I doubt that our used car panels will take that car but you can always appeal it. We’ll need to see the car in order to determine the market value. Based on your first question, it’s hard for bank to give you a loan approval if you don’t have a solid bank statements and other documents that indicate your business profit. Or as an alternative, you can provide a guarantor to increase the chance of loan approval. Call me at 019-3559448 if you are interested.

  32. my basic salary rm 2450 + 200 allowance = rm 2650. new worker almost 1 year already(private company) .i’ve interested forte 1.6 sx ^___^ if i want to get full loan is that must to provide guarantor ? and can use others option? similar like..i take loan for forte 2.0 but i bring home forte 1.6sx, does it click? i heard others dealer do that kinda… or if i pay 10% d’payment how much interest rate, mothhly re-payment for 9 years? i’ve got commitment with bank..join ASB n personal loan.so far clear record.tq

    • It depends, if you are trying to avoid from using a guarantor, the only alternative that you have is to apply the car loan through graduate scheme. The interest rate might be slightly higher. Based on your case, you need to provide a guarantor because you haven’t worked more than a year, and also you are working under private comp. Please call me directly at 019-3559448 as I need to explain to you in more details.

  33. hi..i live in ipoh..just went to nazakia showroom few days back asking for the loan of forte 1.6sx..they said cannot get 100% loan..btw i’m very interested with car+bodykit..can you arrange it?i work with da gov with salary of rm3400 (nett salary + allowances – EPF)..can i get full loan?

  34. Yeah, we can arrange it but we need to see your pay slips and other important documents. Since we only provide services within Selangor and KL areas only, you need to set an appointment with us somewhere in KL. The best thing we could suggest is to submit the documents via fax. Once loan is approved, we can discuss on the car accessories and everything else. Is it fine on your side? Call me directly if you are interested.

  35. hi,
    I’m intrested the naza forte 1.6 ex model. Currently im working in federal govt. and my nett salary is RM 2474.00 and my increament will to increase to RM 2544 for the 2011. So is it possible to get a full loan. What’s the interest rate for 9 years. At the moment i have a perodua kenari model 2002 and still have balance about RM 17757 to settle. Do you accept trade in? If u take what’s the value u going to take it. I don’t have loan commitment with other bank now besides my perodua kenari but i still pay my credit card which in total outstanding RM 4200 and monthly i pay the minimum amount of RM 200.00. Currently im working in Miri but im from Sabah. But i would prefer to buy in Sabah. One more thing where is location for the Naza showroom in Sabah? Hope u reply soon. Thank you.

  36. Hi, I have an Auto Myvi 2007, still have 3 years to repay the loan( around Rm22 K left). How much can I trade in? My salary is about RM3.6 k with one month contractual bonus in a MNC, currently i have other commitment such as house loan ( paying off RM900 per month) but I have clean record in both credit cards and my car loan. My company also subsidize the car loan interest up to RM 60k loan. I am planning to pay 15 to 20% down payment for a SX. Am I eligible for the loan?

    • Hi,

      Based on the information given, it should not be a problem. Please contact me directly if you are ready with the documents and we can submit the loan application immediately. You can reach me at 019-3559448.

  37. Hi,
    i’m interested in forte 1.6SX, working at private sector ( 2 years ) basic 2700 + claims or allowance ( average 1000 per month ) = total 3700 per month. my basic is going to increase soon.

    i do have commitment of housing loan with 907 every months but it only start after June 2014.

    it’s possible for me to secure the loan if i pay 10% down payment.
    hope hear from you soon. i have a plan to change car within this two months.

  38. Hi,
    Is this the 2011 edition with auto 6 speed transmission? im interested with the 2.0 sx 2011 edition. my gross salary is 5k per month (2.4k after tax and epf) and i dont have any commitment with bank yet. I can provide 1 guarantor working with government. Is it possible if im applying a full loan?

  39. Hi Ihsan, i’ve been seaching a new car urgently as im running new event job soon. Anyway, as my age only 22 this year, most of those dealers told me, i’m needed a guarantor, but that is troublesome. My basic salary is RM2k & work for public listed company for 2 years. Do got travel allowance to overseas but been paid in cash which is only “PLAIN PAPER” supporting docs for it. I don’t have any commitment with bank still. Is that possible to get it with full loan?

    • Hi Rachel! Good Evening. Yes, most of the dealers were right! You need to provide a guarantor in your case. The only reason is that your age is still young (recently graduated) and you may have or haven’t worked more than a year. These two reasons would require you to have a guarantor. Please contact me directly if you need more information and I would love to answer your questions.

  40. hi….i wud like to knw more abt the repayment for Naza Forte 1.6. I am working with an MNC for 6 yrs and earning RM18500 per annum including yearly bonuses. My wife is credit card blacklisted and cannot apply for loan. Am able to pay the 10% dp. Would it be possible to obtain a loan?

    • Salam Haris,

      Based on your salary info, it’d be hard for you to apply for a loan on Naza Forte. Basically, your monthly salary will be around, RM1,500, is that right? Even if you pay 10% down payment, the chance of you getting a loan approval is really low. The minimum basic salary is set to be around RM2,300-RM2,500. Please let us know if you have any other questions or if you would like to purchase any other models. Thank you for choosing us! Have a wonderful day!

  41. hi, i would like to ask, is it true that forte has come with 6 speed AT?
    the price there is for the 4 speed AT or 6 speed AT?

  42. I’m interested buying 1.6EX. My basic salary is RM2500.. Is it possible to get a loan? I planning to pay about Rm15,000 downpayment and I don’t have any loan commitment with bank.

    • Hi, thank you for using our online services. Based on the amount of down payment that you are willing to pay, you wont have any problem of getting the loan. But how long have you been working? Less than a year or more than a year?

      Naza Forte 1.6Ex
      Price: RM75,800
      D/payment: RM15,000
      Assuming interest rate: 2.7% for (9 years)
      Monthly installment: RM700

  43. Hi, i own a persona, still having 5 years installments to go.
    If to buy forte 1.6ex, do you think I can get the loan?
    My net salary is RM4300++.
    Current installment= Persona car loan + 2 balance transfers installment

    • It really depends though. If your credit score is excellent and you have enough saving, you should not have a problem. Contact our agent, En. Ihsan, if you need an assistance. He should be able to advice you on this matter. It would be better if you could send us your (loan application) documents for further review.

  44. generally the interest for forte is how many %?

    5 years — ??
    7 years — ??
    9 years — ??

  45. hye fren, im interesting to buy forte 1.6 sx, so how much is the deposit, montly payment, n so on.. can i get the full payment charges?
    and i need suggestion from u… that is if wan pay the montly payment is RM600, then how much i should pay for the deposit?? plz calculate it fpr 5/7/9 years..


  46. Is the 2011 edition available already? I’m interested to buy 1.6sx 2011 edition. What are the promotion for it?

  47. Hi,I’m Daphne.I’m interested of getting the Forte 1.6SX.My basic salary is Rm 3000 and a fix monthly allowance of Rm 1000.I had been working in this company for 1 year.Previously I was blacklisted as I was the 2nd guarantor but I cleared the debt and received the release letter from bank.So,I would like to apply for full loan.is there any possibilities for me to get full loan for the 1.6SX?Please advise me,thank you very much..

  48. Hi..I’m interested to get forte 1.6EX.My salary is Rm 2800.I would like to trade in my Hyundai Getz 1.4 year 2008.May I know how much can I trade in?and I would like to know where is Naza showroom near bangi or kajang?thank you.

  49. I can see people here…tend to provide my salary is this much….plus with my hubby/wife salary …income is 5000+ and so on. So obvious that is just the income. How about your expenses? commitment leh? Be prudent and dont brag. What I am trying to say is ….live according to your need….do not pursue high living if you can’t afford…end up cant pay up the monthly payment and end up car being jacked off!!! tak ingat dunia….

  50. Im in Johor Bahru. Im interested to get this car. But, is the showroom in Johor share the same info as per the above.? The price, the features, the specifications etc?? Is there anyone whom you can recommend i can meet in Johor?

  51. hi..

    Im thinking buying this car for my mum(Naza forte 1.6 SX).My mum is a pensioner frm goverment sector.His income every month around 3k and got a document as a proof of income.Can she make a loan?If yes what is the procedure?Need a downpayment?

  52. Hi, good day….

    I’m interested to get a perodua ALZA Premium (Purple or Black). My monthly income is 2,300.00 and I have been blacklisted. How can I go about it? Pls advice…

  53. Any offer for Forte 2.0 year end car…Please let me know asap.

  54. may i know the latest interest rate?

  55. salam….sy ada loan bank..sy berminat dgn kia forte 2.0..sy tggl di kuantan pahang..sy sudah jumpe dealer di tpt sy..skrang nie sy nk compare harga downpayment dgn yg kl punye..brape diskaun yg awk bleh bg??sy ada loan viva rm373 tiap bulan dan loan utk asb rm190 tiap bulan..gaji sy basic rm700 dan + insentif rm2000++ so total x kurang rm2000++ every month..tunang sy rm900++..di kuntan dealer ckp loan lpas utk forte 2.0..di tpt awk mcm mn?blh lulus ke tidak?sy dgr kl lg byk diskaun downpayment..

  56. hye my net salary only 2k.am i eligible to apply for this car loan?fyi i dunt have any personal loan..

  57. Im interested witk 1.6EX. Salary is 3.5++ let’s say I put downpayment bout 15%from the total car value…what is the monthly installment for 7 and 9 years? Need to do comparison. Maximum loan can go? What about maintenance wise? Competitive or reasonable?

    • Hi, Naza forte is perfectly fine. We have a lot of customers who had purchased naza forte from us. No complaints so far and in fact, one of our team owns one. Maximum loan you can go is 9 years.

      Payment details:
      15% down payment
      Price: RM 75,800
      Interest: 2.5%
      Monthly: 9 years (RM 688) and 7 years (RM 848)

      Give us a call at 019-3559448 whenever you have made up your mind. Thanks

  58. can i get full loan for kia forte??

  59. Hi My Car Naza Bestari 206, year 2009, can I trade in?
    I am still paying the 0% interest loan to Naza Credit. (12years installment period,now only 4th year).Yet, I am still enjoy the 0% interest loan.
    What is your suggestion,in order for me to get the best interest rate?
    I am thinking to trade in for forte or other Japanese car like Toyota /Nissan.
    Even will consider about second hand car too.
    Can you advise?
    Thanks so much..

  60. salam.. saya berminat dengan 1.6 ex gaji pokok RM1800 tp lepas ++ elaun semua sbulan 2k ++ tapi saya ada loan kereta viva bulanan RM322.00 dengan 1 sitos mtor hilang boleh dikatakan blacklist la saya ni.. agak2 saya boleh apply? sebab sbelum nie ade try apply kreta 2nd hand tp xlepas.. admin rasa boleh lulus? saya duduk area ampang..

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