Honda City For Sale 2010

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while that we have not mentioned about Honda City news and updates. The good news is, if you are thinking about buying this car now, you are probably lucky because the interest rate on this car has dropped a little from 3.25-3.50% to 2.9-3.25% (Updated on Jan 1/1/10). Although the Honda stock runs a bit slow these couple of months, we still get a pretty good number of buyers for this model. We believe that this is one of the top best selling cars in Malaysia and that’s one of the reasons why the buyers have to wait 2-3 months for their cars.

If you are interested to make a purchase, please follow these following steps:

1. Choose a model and color. (Grade S or E)

2. Find out how much down-payment you want to make. (At least RM3,000)

3. Calculate your monthly installment.

Click here: http://mybestcardealer.com/loan/loan.php

4. Make sure, your basic salary is at least RM 2,500 (Government employee) and RM 3,000 (Private employee) but preferably (above RM 3,000)

5. If your salary doesn’t meet the requirement, there are two alternatives. Find a guarantor or make a joint-income loan (if you are married).

6. Make sure, you make an early booking, every single day is counted.

7. Please allow 2-3 months of car delivery after your booking has been made.

8. Contact us if you need any further information.

Email: admin@mybestcardealer[dot]com


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50 comments on “Honda City For Sale 2010

  1. Salam, is interest rate 3.1 applies to City only? I am interested in other model..

    • It depends on the model of the car. May I know which model that you are interested in?

      P/s: If you need to talk to our Honda representative, simply send us your contact number at admin@mybestcardealer[dot]com and you will be contacted asap.


  2. Is the interest is same for the Bank Rakyat? (Government) How about 10 years tenure?

  3. Hi Sir,

    It would be around 3.8% and it’s only from Bank Rakyat.


  4. morning…………..saya ada myvi ezi tahun 2007,hutang masih ada 35,9xx.00,blh sy nk tred-in gn honda city model s?dan brapa dwnpymt sy perlu bayar?

    • Hi,

      Kami terima trade in dan kami akan cuba dapatkan harga pasaran kereta tersebut dan pihak kami khuatir jika pihak tuan/puan perlu membayar wang tambahan.
      Down payment bagi honda city adalah serendah RM3,000 dan ia juga masih bergantung kepada dokumen pihak tuan/puan.

      Sila hubungi En. Ihsan di 019-3559448 untuk maklumat segera.

      Terima kasih.

  5. wat is the loan rate now and the best discount ? i plan to get it be4 CNY, izzit possible ?

    • Hi,

      Certainly that’s impossible. Interest rate charged is negotiable and it depends on your loan period and the amount of down payment that you want to make.
      Feel free to contact En. Ihsan directly at 019-3559448 for further information.

      Thank you

  6. ok.no problem..thanks

  7. hi.
    last year i’ve book either white & black honda city because theres a rumours that the white color will be lauuched somwhere in feb (maybe CNY promo). But latest info they cannot promise for white color even until april & now need to decide before CNY to accept the black color before they open to others. fyi, i havent sign yet the loan which the rate at 3.25%. Advise asap pleaseeee..

  8. Hi,

    Thank you for your question.
    There are many things that should be considered. If you would like to have the car before CNY, you may want to take the black color one. However, if you really want the white color, you surely need to wait a bit longer. Remember that Honda Dealer has a inventory system where your car will be allocated to you once your booking has been made. You will get the car as soon as the new inventory comes in. We do not know which Honda dealer that you are dealing with and they must have reasonable explanations about this. In addition to that, overall car stocks availability at this moment of time are really, really and really slow and that’s why we could not promise anything to our customers.

    The interest rate charged to you is about right and it could be lower (negotiable) depending on your:

    1. Documents
    2. Amount of down payment
    3. Loan period

    Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks

  9. Hi,

    Do honda will release red color for this model?I’m quite interested with it.Thanks

  10. want to trade in my honda city but have some problem on gearbox
    how to sell?could you help me on this.

  11. HI GUYS,

    may I knw, how to entitle for the 2.8 interest rate for HONDA CITY (as showed in main page table ), is there certain amount of downpayment, or its a particular bank provider.

    • Hi,

      Good question, the more money you put in as a down payment, the higher chance you will get 2.8% interest rate. Each bank would also look at your documents, saving, credit/score report before charging you rate. We would recommend you to submit your document to us and we will try to find out the best rate for you. However, keep in mind that most of the bank will offer you rate of interests that are almost the same. The rate won’t change a lot if you pay less than 10% down payment, it could be 2.8%-3.0%.

      Thank you.

  12. what about car trade in?
    is it possible if i paid 8-9k downpayment. whereby my basic salary is below 2.5k?
    Please email me what kind of document i need to prepare.
    I own a company does this informations / document needs to be present?

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your interest.
      We do accept trade in and please kindly provide us the details of your cars.
      Note that you could also pay any amount of down-payment.
      If you own a company, it would be great if you could present those documents.


  13. Hi! Is there any promotion for civic? How long is the waiting period? What is ur dealer’s name? Tq

  14. Waht is the trade-in value for my Waja as below:

    - Year: June 2003
    - CC: 1.6
    - Engine: Mitsubishi (not Campro/CPS)
    - Colour : Aqua Blue
    - Registration : WKX 83XX

    I’m considering to purchase either City or Alza.


    • Hi,

      Thank you for your inquiry, can you provide us more info about outstanding balance of your car?
      We will contact you asap if any of our used car panels would like to purchase your car.
      Feel free to contact En. Ihsan for an instant reply.


  15. What is the trade-in value for my Waja as below:

    - Year: June 2003
    - CC: 1.6
    - Engine: Mitsubishi (not Campro/CPS)
    - Colour : Aqua Blue
    - Registration : WKX 83_ _

    I’m considering to purchase either City or Alza.





    • Hi,

      Pada waktu ini, kadar interest bagi Kereta Honda @ 9 tahun adalah 3.5%.
      Anggaran bayaran bulanan bagi:

      Model: Honda Civic
      Harga: RM114,980
      Interest: 3.5%
      Tempoh: 9 tahun
      Bayaran Muka: RM15,000

      Anggaran bayaran bulanan adalah: RM 1,217.35
      Jika tuan mempunyai sebarang persoalan, tuan boleh menghubungi En. Ihsan di 019-3559448 atau membalas komen ini.
      Terima kasih

  17. Hi, Im interested to buy honda city by trade with my current car Gen-2 manual 1.6 (Y2007)..my loan balances is about $38k..how much down payment need & monthly amount for 9 years tenure ? Please advise for both grade S and E. Thank you.

  18. salam..

    saya seorang pegawai kerajaan.
    berminat dengan honda city .
    berapa harga terkini yang paling murah?
    boleh tak buat 100 % loan dan bayar sehingga 10 tahun.
    basic gaji rm3000 +++

  19. hi,
    i am interest to buy a white honda city 2011. May i know when can see the photo of the car?

    • Hi, we are not too positive about when is the exact date, but we’ve heard that the white model would likely to come out this November. Added to this, there’s no sign that supports this rumors.

  20. okay
    saya berminat nak beli honda city full spec, dalam dua ke tiga bulan lagi atau tunggu 2011? mana yg lebih untung?
    interest bank paling rendah berapa ?
    mana showroom paling dekat kalau saya tinggal dikajang?
    trade in wira a/b tahun 2002 yg dah habis bayar berapa?


  21. Hai,

    I just want to know the interest rate for Honda City in this year…TQ

  22. Sy bekerja di sektor swasta >10tahun..basic rm3000..blh tak if sy nak plan utk downpayment yg paling kurang?maksimum year dan blh berikan anggaran monthly instalment?tq

  23. Hi..
    I just started work at private sector about 4 months++.. my salary: 3000++.. can I buy honda city with 0 payment.. or using graduate scheme perhaps? how much interest rate for graduate scheme? who should I contact for more info?

    • Private sector? Is that a GLC and what’s the name of your company? Based on your status, working less than a year, you need to have a guarantor. 0 down payment is not recommended in your case, it will lower the chance of you getting the loan approval. Please consult with our agent for more information on this matter.

  24. hye..

    promotion ni available lagi tak? dan kalau available macam mana saya nak apply ? tq

  25. Hi MBCD..

    i’am foreigners, married to Malaysian and i working at multinational company for 3rd year where’s basic salary around RM3200 pm (after tax and epf deduction). i need a car and feel city is suitable for me. i plan to draw 10k for down payment and get 9years loan. can you handle this?

    few question here?

    1) how much local bank will offer loan interest for foreigners like me?
    2) do i need my wife as guarantor? can i skip guarantor?
    4) already hd joiner property loan with my wife for our 1 unit condo and 1 unit under contruction terrace (will this effect my application?)
    5) my salary went to maybank but my saving at HSBC? will that make my application bit problem?

    please advice ya.. tks in advance..

    • Hi,

      Thank you for using our online services. Based on your condition, you need to pay 25% down payment and you won’t need a guarantor. However, you have to pay at least 15% down payment to apply for the loan based on your status. If you want to apply for 9 years tenure, you have to provide your employment contract letter. Interest would be based slightly higher than 2.65% if your documents look unattractive. Provide us both bank statements from the two banks, it wont be a problem.

  26. hi,
    am interested with City and trade with my Kelisa 2003 (fully paid). can you calculate for me city type S/E with 9years loan..

    • Salam Wanie,

      We are not able to check the trade value of your Kelisa without knowing the specific model of it. The model details can be found on the Car Grant. If you pay 10% down payment, with an interest rate of 2.7%, below is the monthly installment:

      E Spec : RM 85,480 (RM 885)
      S Spec : RM 90,480 (RM 937)

  27. Hi,
    Im a freshgrad and just started working last month..im interested to buy honda city type-e…my basic salary is rm4500 and im planning to pay rm8000 for downpayment…how much do i have to pay for monthly installment and do i need to have a guarantor for loan approval?

    thanks in advance for ur help…

    • Hi Rus Idayu, you have a very outstanding pay there, you don’t need to have a guarantor since you’re paying almost 10%. Your monthly installment should be around RM 949 for 9 years loan. Please note that the waiting period is about 2-3 months depending on colors. It would be great for you to make a booking and submit your documents to us asap. Where’s your location at?

  28. Hi. I’m interested to buy Honda City full spec, Working in a private sector and willing to pay a deposit of rm40k and bind for 5 years loan. How much is the monthly installment?

    • Hi, there’s no stock available for a new honda city due to flood that happened in Thailand (approx. a month ago) and the new stock will come in at least 3 months after your booking is made. Kindly choose a different model if you’re in rush.

  29. Hi! im interesed in buying a honda city 2010 model. could you please update about the best deal available? how about the trade in of the car. I have 2005 hyundai sonata 2.4 maroon color.. thanks

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