Honda City Promotion! Low Down Payment!

Honda City Promotion!

Two models are available: Type S and E.

Prices: Type S (RM84,980) and Type E (RM89,980)

Monthly installment:
(Updated 26th September 2009)

Grade E: RM 89,980
(D/payment RM3,000)
9 years: RM1,059.xx
7 years: RM1,281.xx
5 years: RM1,685.xx

Grade S: RM 84,980 (D/payment RM3,000)
9 years: RM998.xx
7 years: RM1,208.xx
5 years: RM1,588.xx

Free Gifts includes:

1. Full tank oil
2. Touch n Go card
3. Tinted Voucher RM 300
4. CD Case
5. Sand Blasting
6. Service Voucher
7. Towing Service
8. Steering lock
9. Road Tax Sticker
10. Car Shampoo
11. Waxing Sponge
12. Neck Pillow
13. Tire Wax
14. Blind spot mirror
15. Car Vacuum
16. Bodykit and spoiler sold at cost price

Call Ihsan at (019)-3559448 to find out more.

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71 comments on “Honda City Promotion! Low Down Payment!

  1. can i trade in my myvi se with new honda city..i used the car almost 2 years already..i still owe the bank indeed but i just want to know what i should know if im stick with the planning..tq

    • First of all, you have to know what is the outstanding balance of your Perodua Myvi.

      For example:
      Let’s say the current market value of your car is RM30,000 and your outstanding balance is RM32,000.

      Amount = Current market value – outstanding balance
      = RM 30,000 – RM32,000
      = – RM 2,000

      The negative sign would show you how much you need to pay/add in order to get rid of your car. If the amount is positive, that is the amount of money you will earn.


      Muhammad Nasri Abdul Malek

  2. Salam Faiz,

    Appreciate you to answer below quest:

    1. City2009 E grade: if want RM1000.00 for monthly installment, what is total DP?
    2. Which finance you apply? can we make 10Years car loan?
    3. Could I get car before end of Nov2009 if all processing for loan running smooth?
    4. is there any booking cost?


    • Wasalam,

      1) You need to pay RM 7,850 D/payment in order to make series of payment of RM1,000 each month for 9 years
      2) Any banks would probably give you the same interest rate. You may get 10 years loan if you are government worker but you are not encouraged to do so.
      3) There’s no stock available until December 2009 (You have to book as soon as possible though)
      4) Booking cost would be around RM2,000 to RM3,000. (It really depends)

      Muhammad Nasri Abdul Malek

  3. Salam semua. Aku nak minta pendapat korang. Skrg dalam kpala aku samada nak bli Honda City atau Waja CPS. Kalau honda, mmg agak mahal..sebab tax krajaan,tapi kualiti. Kalau waja plak, mmg murah byr bulan2 tp tak tau lg kualiti. Lebih2 lagi kalau nak trade in balik akan datang, hrga jtuh bbndg Honda. Tapi lagi, kalau compare balik dgn jumlah tax yg kita kene byr let say (Rm89000-Rm61000 = 28000), nak tanggung Rm28000 tax bulan2 bbndg kalau Rm28000 kita gunakan utk support maintenace cost utk waja, lebih kurang sama jer… Honda City plak save minyak, jadi duit bulan2 yg dapat save bbanding kalau pakai Waja pun boleh digunakan utk support jumlah tax tadi. Lebih2 lagi, sparepart Honda lg mahal dari Waja….So aku dah pening??? Otai2 yang dah lama bagi pandangan, bleh komen tak?? FYI, aku ni jenis yg suka pemanduan berhemah (tak suka rev sampai 5,6,7 rpm..hehe) and live in KL (town driving) Aku plan nak beli kereta ni utk pakai utk suatu jngkamasa panjang….kalau leh selagi tak accident teruk atau enjin tak jammed, pakai lagi keter tu… TQ.
    *Rm61000 = Harga Honda City di Langkawi (without tax)
    sumber: http://www.honda.com.my/allprices/

    • Hi Yie,

      There are many ways to think about your question but here’s one of them. We always encourage our customers to use this formula before they make any purchases which is A-S-P-E.

      1. Affordability
      2. Style
      3. Personal preference
      4. Effectiveness/efficiency

      The first one is the most important element. Affordability is not only related to the monthly installment that you have to pay but you also need to consider about the cost of maintenance, cost of gas/oil, the cost of insurance at the end of each fiscal year and etc. Rule of thumb: Make sure your monthly installment wouldn’t be more than 30% of your gross income.

      If you afford to have any of those two models, just think about the style/design of the cars. Compare them with your peers and definitely my own choice will be Honda City.

      At the end, you still need to buy something that’s gonna make you happy. It’s your choice, and you have to decide. Don’t rely on somebody else and buy the car because somebody told you this and that. You will regret one day.

      The last one is efficiency. Obviously the cars have their own qualities. If you take Waja 1.6L for example, it has a slightly larger engine from Honda City 1.5L. You may go faster with Waja. Waja handling is also tuned by Lotus and what about Honda? You would not really notice the differences. If you buy a Honda City, you would probably need to have your car services in specific workshop (honda service center) but waja, you can go to anywhere you want.

      Knowing the depreciation value/rate is also a good way of thinking about purchasing a car but you have mentioned that you want to use the car for a quite long period so you may not need to consider about this aspect. The rate of change on the market value for Honda and Proton would be totally different and buying a Honda would definitely be a good investment.

      It’s on you to decide which one is the best and right for you. Hope this would guide you in buying your dream car.

      Thank you,
      Muhammad Nasri Abdul Malek

  4. Oh..thanks for your comment Mr. Nasri…i very appreciate it…Making new perspective in my decision making now…=)

  5. Any idea how can i get city grade e – brown color before 21st Nov 2009. reason? will getting marry on that day. wanna make surprise to parents. potong queue other custs?

    DP: 3K, 9years

    appreciate your feedback moderator.

    thanks in advance.


    • There’s no way you can get the car that fast, you need to wait at least 2-3 months after your booking has been paid to get the car. We were hoping to help you getting your car before the date but unfortunately, there’s no way that we can help you.

      Contact our dealer if you are still interested to purchase any brands of car and we will try to make sure that the car will be available on time. Honda City is not a good choice for this time I believe. We are sorry.

      Happy Wedding Day in advance and have a nice day!


  6. Salam,

    I’ve some question here..

    1.) I’m a government servant. Is there any special promotion from banks for government staff now? Can you brief me some promotion you know? I dunno what is my specialty of being government officer when buying a car actually…hahaha..

    2.) I would like to buy the New Honda City E spec only next year. I heard that new color (taffeta white) is coming early next year. Is that true?

    3.) Where is your shop located actually? If i recommend my friend to buy a car through you, is there any gift/commision for me? Me and my friend are going to buy the Honda city together early next year. Any advise?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Wasalam,

      Thank you for your questions. Here are the answers for your questions:
      1) There’s no special promotion for the government employee. Let’s say you want to buy a Perodua car, NOT a Honda, as a government employee, you are eligible to make 10 years loan instead of 9 years loan (maximum).
      2) Honda dealers mentioned that the color are only made for Honda civic and Honda C-RV
      3) Location is at KL and you would definitely need to talk to our representative Ihsan if you are recommending other buyer to deal with us. You may want to nego with him directly.

      Thank you.

  7. Good Day Team ,

    I would like to enquire , On what basis you guys this promotion is valid, I have checked with Honda , they have clarified they do not give such a low downpayment amount.

    My question is 3K is the downpayment or the booking fees ?

    • Hi there,

      RM 3,000 is exactly the lowest amount of down payment that you can make. This promotion is given by the banks but NOT the honda dealers.

      Honda company will not give you a loan, they only provide you cars. It has nothing to do with Honda Company. I hope you can understand it and feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thank you.


  8. Salam again..

    1.) Serius meh..no special promo for gomen staff to buy the Honda City? I thought Maybank is going to give a step up plan to gomen staff..ie. 1st year pay cheap then gradually increase through out the year..ive come accross that promo somewhere..dont remember..i will check back..

    2.) Alamak..no white colour for city..hmmm..better wait for the NAP announcement before deciding to buy this car or not la..

    3.) Maybe later on i wil talk to Ihsan to nego..i dun want any commission..just change that to rebate for both of us is enough..hehehe

    thanx for replying..

  9. Hello for all…i plan to buy NHC before the end of this year. I noticed the major different between S and E specs is about the Paddle Shift that only available on E specs. My SA told me that from survey conducted from her customers, she found that seldom customer use the Paddle Shift feature during traveling. She advised me to buy S specs if I am not really concern about accessories or added cosmetics. Referring to the car review from various E specs owner, the fact is that the Paddle Shift is very useful during escaping corner in short time…and that will make saver fuel consumption rather than using D mode in gear. Some claimed that for long travel especially for uphill and downhill purpose, it is better to use S mode in gear for better FC. Is that true for all review facts??? I am in confuse now…… I hope any E specs owner can explain in details here for assisting me in making decision…… S or E, E or S…..huhu confuse for all time……… :cry: Thanks :D

  10. Is the price of this car going to increase/decrease after the bajet 2010 announcement of rm10000 imposed to open AP?

  11. No news yet? Maybe the price unchanged but the hire purchase interest rate going up again..hahaha..

  12. Yes sir,

    The interest rate has dropped to 3.1%-3.25% and we have posted the news on the link provided below:



  13. hi guys. this is not an FAQ posting. just wanna greet them especially Ihsan (their representative) who’s managed my Toyota Vios’s purchase on november 2009. Thanks bro. highly recommended seller since i gt my car in time and gt a lot of freebies too! and very trustworthy seller.

    love my car!

  14. Thank you for your words Mr. Epool, we appreciate it.

  15. salam, saya ada citra gs 2.0cc, tahun 2006, baki bank ada dalam rm54000 lagi, dlm kepala nk amik crv atau accord, berapa value keta saya yg pihak tuan boleh ambil.topup memang kena la tapi saya harap tak telalu banyak la.tq

  16. salam and morning….

    im respons to your answer (hafiz-myvi trade in), what should i do if i want to trade in my persona with the new honda city. i used my persona almost 2 years already.

  17. hye..let say i would like to have the the grade E city. the tenure is 9 yrs and the same amount of downpayment. is it that monthly instalments and gifts are still apllicable for 2010. can u get me the monthly installments if let say my down payment is rm5000.

    thank you

    • Hi,

      Here’s the detail:
      (Honda City Model Type E RM 90,480)
      Down Payment = RM 3,000
      Price = RM 90,480
      Interest = 4.00%
      Monthly = RM1,101.6

      Down Payment = RM 5,000
      Price = RM 90,480
      Interest = 4.00%
      Monthly = RM 1,076.4

      If you purchase any cars from us, you’ll definitely receive our free gifts. Visit our website for more info: http://mybestcardealer.com

  18. Hi,

    I’m seeking for the best interest rate for honda civic 1.8S (RM 114,980) for 9years.

    Could you please advice what is the market interest rate for 9 years loan period & which bank can provide the best deal.


    • Thank you for your inquiry. We always get this kind of question from our previous customers and all you can do is to submit your loan application documents to us and we’ll submit it to different banks. Which banks that offer you the lowest interest rates are the one that we’d choose. Different banks would typically charge different interest rates for each different person. Set an appointment with our sales executive at 019-3559448 and we’ll assist you with everything that you need.

      Take care Sara,

  19. was thnkng in between vios and city, whch make me so hard in decision especially in color…was liking the city design so much, anyway, there is no white color is available, whch tend to move me onward for vios taffeta white…what a waste…n i blif most of city fans been waiting for dis brand new color, js cant ustand y does dis color is nt available…stil putting hope on it n wiaitng for miracle, the launchin of new city taffeta white in msia market…

    • Hi there,

      You’re not the only who’s having the same problem in choosing either Honda City or Toyota City. In most cases, those people ended up buying Honda City with different color if they have more budget to spend on their cars. If you are interested to purchase a new white car anytime soon, you might have no other choice but to take Toyota Vios. :) Just let us know if you’ve made the decision and we’d love to assist you for the next steps. Thank you.

  20. hi,

    may i know any promotion for city? is it still remain same? Do you have any honda showroom in klang valley which still give this promotion.

    Thank you

  21. Honda city taffeta white is out! I will get my car next month.

  22. Its true? never heard honda city with color already out.Also dnt have in website…how u get information?

  23. PLZ!!!!check it for me…..end of this year i want 2 buy honda city….what do u think?or i just need wait for new facelift?

  24. Hi,

    i’m interested in the honda city type s auto and toyota vios j auto..if say i put a downpayment of rm8k or 10k how much is my montly installment for both cars?pls give a quoatation

  25. oh yea 4got, i’d like to take a 7 or 9 yr loan for both cars..pls provide me the quotation…it would really help in making my decision.tq

  26. hie..have the same question as buzz..interested to buy either toyota vios or honda city..but a little bit confused now on which one is better. u have mentioned above that Honda can only be service at certain service provider. how about vios then. What is your suggestion for me as well.Thank so much..

    • Please click on this link for more information on the monthly installment.


      There’s a difference of almost 10,000 between these two models. Both of them are relatively comparable, and they have many things in common. I have an experience of driving two Honda cars and I might give you bias statements. However, it will always come down to your preferences. In term of car maintenance, there’s no big difference between these two models. If you are willing to spend more money on cars, Honda City will be a great idea =).

  27. Salam,Ihsan
    Promotion w/low d.payment still remain? im from JB working in Singapore,interested to buy NHC. One more thing what is current market price proton wira SE auto 1.5 year 2006..

  28. Salam,En.Ihsan
    Promotion w/low d.payment still remain? im from JB working in Singapore,interested to buy NHC. One more thing what is current market price proton wira SE auto 1.5 year 2006..

  29. I wonder if buying a honda city E class what is the offer is given now? cause i saw the post up there on the top is for aug 08 so i think is long but wonder what is the offer for now? thanks in adv

    • Hi, there’s no standard promotion given by Honda but you can always nego with us if you are interested. If you are talking about the interest rate, we can try to get the lowest possible. Or if you want to pay less than 10% down payment, yes you can do that but bank will still look at your basic salary to determine if you are qualified. You can always call me at 019-3559448 if you need more explanation.

  30. looking to buy city Grade E with RM10k as downpayment. wats the best interest rate for now?
    From the honda official website, there is no special interest rate for City.

  31. im planning to get a new honda city-type E. want to trade in my inokom atos 2004- which has been fullly paid.wondering should i require to add in additional downpayment? how much my monthly repayment roughly? 9 year~thanks

  32. Hi, i urgently need a Honda City E Class. Do you have stock? Kindly reply ASAP, thanks

  33. have any promotion for honda car in 2011 july???

  34. Hi!
    I’m thinking of trading in my Peugeot 206 Naza Bestari 1.4 year 2006 car for a City Grade E. Can you advise what would be the payment detail?

  35. Hi
    I’m looking to trade in my Peugeot 206 Naza Bestari 2006 car for a Grade E Honda City. Can you advise me the payment details?

  36. hi! i’ve some enquiries here..
    i’m in the midst of planning to buy a new car. I plan to buy Preve or Honda City.
    let say I want my downpayment to be ~5k, 9 years, and monthly must around 700-900.
    And I’m looking to trade in my Myvi SE 2007, outstanding balance is around 28k.
    What can you suggest for me?
    Thanks in advance.

  37. Hello admin,
    saya nk tnya sket..
    sy dan isteri memiliki Proton pesona and Saga blm (both year 2009)…n kami decide untuk guna satu kereta sahaja memandangkan kami dah berkahwin…boleh ke trade in dua-dua kereta nih untuk beli kereta lain?kalau boleh, bagaimana caranya?

    • Hello jimmy, susah sikit kalau nak jual kedua-dua model tersebut. Kami pasti baki hutang kereta tersebut masih tinggi kerana kereta tersebut baru diguna pakai selama 3 tahun. Cuba check dahulu berapakah baki hutang kereta tersebut.

  38. Good evening.i wish to have a honda city in a lowest downpayment.currently I’m working in Singapore and I’m a Malaysian which my basic salary is 1300 dollars.so what I need to do?im really new to this business.i don’t know what i should do.do I need guarantor or what?and I have didn’t take any loan previously.your information much more appreciated.tq.


  39. hi admin

    I would like to know what is the latest interest rates for honda city. Most probably im planning to buy E spec on 2013. Will the rates may vary depends on year?

  40. Wish to trade in my 2010year avanza E spec (which i loan 50k at 3%interest for 9 years tenure)
    How much the monthly instalment for 9 years tenure would be if i trade it for the new city?
    can you count it for me thanks alot~

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